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  1. Thanks everyone. That is a great video George
  2. Hi Everyone, I store my ammo in metal ammo cans. I also include a desiccant bag in each can. God forbid, in a house fire, what happens?? Are there measures I should be considering to keep my family and first responders safe? Thank you, George
  3. Thank you @raz-0. i will check this out. I have also read that the Romeo1Pro was meant to be used with the regular xrays3 front sight and not the suppressor height sight for co-witnessing. If that is true, then my decision maybe getting easier. Regards, George
  4. @bhunted Thank you for the input. My vision situation at this time is being far sighted. I can see distance but I need glasses for anything arms length or closer. My last eye doctor visit resulted in a prescription for readers. But I work behind a computer and I have noticed over this past year my eye sight is getting worse so i will need to keep that in mind @kc17 which adapter plate did you use? I am looking at the Bopro M17 plate but I am first going to call SIG to see if my slide and the M17 slide have the same optic plate. If they do I am leaning towards the Holoson. i just need to find a new suppressor height front sight Lastly, I guess from SIG, I can go with the Romeo but I believe I lose my rear sight...unless I spring for the RXP slide w/ Romeo
  5. For sights, ideally I am going to put an optic on it. I have another thread regarding my P320 and going to an optic on that. I realize I have only been shooting for a year, but I need glasses to see things arms length or closer and I am having trouble with my P320 (it has XRay night sights) so I've decided to go into optics earlier than I planned. That said...it was my understanding that there are some aftermarket handguards that work with the S&W and Colt that give rail placement beyond the A2 sight and towards the barrel....they may not be floating as you point out. I want the handguard mainly to mount the a light....and i kinda like the look of the handguard extending out close to the end of the barrel. But I have no experience with the A2 sight set up versus flip up sights. I do plan on seeing what Reloaderz has available to rent so I can actually see the difference in sight set ups as well as grips, etc since I have never handled an AR. That was my approach when I bought the P320.....I rented a lot of handguns and went with what felt good in my hands and shot reasonably well for a beginner.
  6. Thank you again. From what I can tell, the way my slide works I will lose my rear sight as it is part of the cover plate. It looks like the Romeo1PRO may have incorporated a notch in the rear that would be used in conjunction with both the dot and the front sight in the event the dot fails.....so i guess that may lead me to the Romeo afterall. Gonna keep doing some reading because I dont want to lose my iron sights....I want them as back up/co-witness.
  7. Ofcourse no sooner do i reply, i see the following info on SIG' website. My particular model allows for the direct mounting of the Romeo1PRO as well as the Delta Point Pro. I am assuming I would need an adapter plate to mount others? George
  8. How do I find that out? My P320 is the XFull on SIGs website. SKU 320XF-9-BXR3-R2. I tried to figure that out from SIG's website Thank you, George
  9. Hi everyone, I started shooting a year ago when i purchased my first firearm...optics ready SIG P320 full size in 9mm. It has SIGs X-Ray front sight and the blacked out rear. I wanted to learn on iron sights before leaping into red dots. I wear glasses and without them I often struggle to gain focus on the front sight. I started thinking maybe I should migrate to red dot sooner and learn how to use it simply because of my eye sight. I can see distance no problem but focusing on anything arms length or shorter requires glasses. Would the red dot make my life easier here?? I know the SIGs are already set up for ROMEO and Leopold. I think I've read that Holoson makes the Romeo's for SIG, but I am not 100% on that, maybe someone here knows. I also know that there are adapter plates available but I am not sure for which brands. Can someone lead me to some info on which which brand dots I can get to work with the P320? Out of those that will work, which are the better ones? I was going to consider Trijicon, Venom, Holoson if adapters are available. Is adding a red dot something I can do myself, or is it better to have a gunsmith install it and get it dialed in? Lastly, I assume i will need to also add taller iron sights to my set up, correct as the red dot would make the current sights useless?? Thank you, George
  10. Thank you both. I found their websites and I will check them both out. George
  11. Hello everyone, Let me start by saying how much I appreciate this site and the people on here. My experience with firearms is limited but this site has been very very helpful. I currently own a SIG P320 in 9mm and have been shooting for about a year. I would like to add a rifle and I am considering the AR platform. My intention for use is target and home defense. I am leaning to the AR due to the vast support in being able to add accessories with ease. I also understand that this rifle comes with a lot of scrutiny in our wonderful republic. I want to buy rather than build. Perhaps if I go for a second down the road I will venture into building, but for now, I just want to learn and shoot. Based on my internet searching and reading, I keep running up the same 3 rifles.....S&W M&P15, Rugar AR556, and the Springfield Saint. So onto my questions: My budget....I would like to be between $700 - $900. Features I think I want: 16" barrel since I want to use for home defense.....can I do 18" or am I pushing it? Floating style hand guard to give me flexibility with accessories (M-LOK, Pictanny, etc) I want it chambered in 5.56/.223 for ease in finding ammo Which other brands should be on my radar? Should I consider buying used or is that a pile of trouble? What else should I be thinking about? I am in Bergen county and shoot mostly at Reloaderz in Wayne. I was hoping to make it over to Cherry Ridge this summer (I'd rather be outside) but that never happened. I was going to first see what Reloaderz has available to rent. Can you recommend a FFL that can help me with this in the Northern NJ area? Thank you for any help, guidance, and assistance! George
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