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  1. wnging in the street to....i think it would be real effective livestreamed
  2. they will ban assault rifles and probably regulate mags to 5 rounds experts are saying
  3. 82flh


    ITS PRETTY CLEAR i decided to not move back to NJ...my trump hating family begging to be vaxxed and propagated by CNN well....i treaded myself and said F it!......lol i used red shoe dye for the wood I BOUGHT (2) AT 750 EACH FREE SHIPPING FROM EXILE ARMORY IN alABAMA.....THIS WOULD BE WHAT? 50 YEARS IN PRISON IN NJ?......LOL
  4. 82flh


    HAD A PHILLY CHEESTEAK DOWN THE ROAD....it was beef submerged in Worcestershire sauce with american cheese from the wrapper.....
  5. 82flh


    displaced texan.. they got pork roll out there? i miss the shit......lol rural middle TN cant find it...cant find broccoli rabe, ricotta cheese sucks out here...lol and half and half for coffee....good luck with that...no good crusty bread either...just that wonder bread shit
  6. 82flh


    nj is a one party state. republicans are paid fakes in that state.....that other ass hat citarelli....he was a poser fake republican i emailed his office about removing all the unconstitutinal gun laws.. bring in conceal caqrry ..no reponse...he was a fake...no better than murphy...he picks the small battle to please the republican base..like masks ..but caves to the mob .and they are stupid enough to not see
  7. 82flh


    displaced texan....scroll over the list of videos at new jersey spotlight news...as you scroll over each video its all people getting jabbed...its creepy to look man full blown propaganda...i guess that smith mundt propaganda act obama renewed....its working....NJ people look patheitc when you see them on the news....dam shame...give me chills sometimes the amount of willing obdience
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