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  1. im thinking maybe recess the drill bit pins a little to be sure...i think they are to high just incase he is not hot enough???
  2. i can only find one guy locally here in rural west tn he has a 110 tig welder will this be enough to weld these? will it make any kind of penetration? inside the hole is a drill bit end
  3. oh dam sorry brain fart
  4. sorry wrong section was trying to delete video wont let me was checking on if this is good
  5. EAST TN is where all the new jersey/new york liberals moved...no thanks....my only neighbors are goats out here....lol....and two militia less than half mile away we shoot with the local sherriff at his 100 yard lot...lol
  6. come on to TN bro....we could use a few more yankees....lol
  7. jesus glad your ok but dam...i'll tell you from experience....i was ground zero during hurrican sandy point pleasant....watch yout shit close...by the second day i had a neighbor stealing our bbq to cook on...stole the lighter fluid charcoal everything...theft will start within 2 days praying for you guys...
  8. the side of a cutting wheel on a dremel easy peasy easy to drill in the notch easier to clean up IMO
  9. im watching this now live .. YOU WATCHING? .these nervy loud mouthed liberals think they can yell and scream and run peoples lives Glen...they come from their home states after they been run into the ground...and piss on the southern folks....i just posted on their facebook...NOT ONE INCH!....DONT GIVE THESE LIBERALS ONE INCH!....THEIR PROPERTY TAX ISNT WORTH IT!
  10. this is what happens when liberals take over east tennessee.....this is why i didnt move there....I WANT TO BE FAR AWAY FROM THESE DISGUSTING PEOPLE!....THEY ARE TAKING TENNESSEE AND SHI%^TING ALL OVER IT!!!!!!!!!!! DONT MOVE TO EAST TN IF YOU ARE CONSERVATIVE ! THEY THINK THEY CAN MOVE ANYWHERE AND CHANGE IT!
  11. TOUGH ONE GLEN....TOUGH ONE FOR SURE....its the politics that ruined NJ....but you are right....they don't want to change....what liberals do is ignore the oppression...then when it gets bad...they bring their cancer to free states...im already seing the change here in TN and im backwoods rural....these people ruin it everywhere they go....its got to stop!...we have got to let them know they are not welcome here!...my own family makes me cringe!....seriously cringe! they hate guns,hate trump, and when you mention anything patriotic like the constitution they giggle
  12. im subscribed to jersey nick moto on youtube hes a jersey guy moving out here in the next year lots of jersey people in clarksville area its only 1 hour west of nashville to the minute
  13. i agree...the prick shoulda kept his mouth shut i stepped away from him for years however he is still NJ and his songs reflect alot of what we grew up with...funny how the liberals take everything good and sh&t on its face as for wp22 im outside clarksville which is very cheap still...if anyone needs help finding property or rent im here...free of charge im in a little town called erin TN..im in the country bout 4 miles from town its totally rural...you are all welocme to put an rv here for few weeks look around....i'll run a cord for electricity
  14. id be lying if i said i havent choked up the last few months playing this... i can smell the jersey air riding down ocean ave on my bike
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