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  1. Gun mag warehouse has Walther PDP full size 10 rounders for about $40 a piece. I ordered 10 of them for mine when I get it in.
  2. Well I use Target Sports USA, all they require is a valid FID. So far they've sent me everything I need.
  3. Hey all, I was wondering if it was legal to buy JHP/self defense rounds rounds online. Thanks!
  4. I have the prime membership from target sports USA. You get free shipping with no minimums. I’ve had it since November and basically paid off the membership already.
  5. TSUSA ships REALLY fast I’ve ordered over 1000 rounds from them and they seem to get there in 2 days.
  6. I just paid under $100 for 250 rounds of blazer. I’m a new firearm owner and this is the best deal I could locate. They gave me an additional discount and free shipping because I’m a prime member. The packaging was discreet and came in tact. I will be using them indefinitely.
  7. I signed up for target sports USA Prime membership I ordered Tuesday night and I am getting my first delivery today. I will update on packaging
  8. Great I would recommend getting as much training as you can
  9. I love the union hill gun club. It’s a great range with 24/7 privileges. It’s got 2 different ranges for both handguns and rifles/shotguns.
  10. Anyone use True Shot Gun Club? Their prices seem pretty solid.
  11. Hey all, im looking to stock up on ammo 9mm in particular I was wondering which online retailers had the best price/reliability. Seems like a lot of ammo is around the same price as my local FFL. Just wondering what the forum thinks. Thanks!
  12. Hey all, I just wanted to say that I recently made my first Firearm purchase from Legend Firearms and I had a great experience. I first met the owner, IRA in August after I applied for my Firearms ID and I had a bunch of questions for him. He had a busy store and knew I wasn't going to make a purchase that day but he still took about 15 minutes with me to answer all my questions regarding purchasing firearms and all the laws regarding NJ etc... I went back a few times before purchasing my Firearm to buy accessories. Their store hours are great and the staff is very welcoming. Prices seemed reasonable given the current market rate. I'd highly recommend anyone who needs an FFL to check them out.
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