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  1. Totally agree with this, I have guy’s that work in my company that if you took away their cell phones they would cry. They almost live in an alter reality with their face buried in their phones, and computer games. One guy who is one of the worst started talking about a girlfriend, his coworkers asked him if she was human.
  2. Redeye65

    New here...

    Lol, there is a lot of that going around lately. Welcome aboard. What was your first hand gun purchase? Mine was a Beretta, from there it’s been all a blur.
  3. If any of the cars are decent you can also donate the vehicle, I used the American heart association once, they show up with a flat bead, remove the car and give you a receipt that you use as a deduction on income tax. If I remember my deduction was for $4,800.
  4. Have a place in Calabash NC, 7 miles north of the SC boarder, far enough away from Myrtle to avoid the influx of tourists during the summer and close enough to enjoy all Myrtle has to offer. For dining take a ride into Muriel’s Inlet, it’s the seafood capitol of SC, the have a marsh walk that’s pretty cool, food is awesome there. Calabash NC is the seafood capitol of NC, in Little River NC there is a bunch of inter coastal restaurants you can walk to once parked, it’s a great way to kill an afternoon. When looking for a retirement place there really isn’t a bad location down there, obviously there are bad locations but they are easy to spot, homeowner insurance is where they get you, if you are within 7 miles of the ocean insurance is crazy high, you need to carry homeowner and wind and hail insurance, if outside the 7 miles those costs are much better, I’m outside the 7 miles and I still pay 2800 a year, without the wind and hail insurance (it’s optional) if a hurricane comes through you are screwed. A second home in SC charges you a big number for property tax, a friend bought in SC recently and is paying 4600 a year, once it becomes the primary residence that number is like 1000 a year, in NC I pay 1400 a year and when I hit 65 it gets cut in half, NC taxes your pension if you have one, SC does not.
  5. Noooo, Sammy C shouldn’t be blamed for anything…… ;-)
  6. The soprano was impressive, the orchestra didn’t drown her out.
  7. Around 12 months back I signed up on GB, they did not ask for anything like you have to go through. BTW https://www.shootersnj.com/products/rifles-iwi-us-xb16-859735005916-2950 In stock
  8. https://www.midwayusa.com/ltd/product?pid=839447
  9. Now the question is, which RD are you going with?
  10. Agreed, who cares, you’re getting a new pistol!!! Just bizarre you went through all that. I have a PDP with a Leupold DPP mounted for you to compare to that brandie new Beretta when you mount a RD, let’s hit a range! Lol
  11. That’s the confusing part, I was under the same assumption that the RDO came out last summer, but Beretta is saying the RDO model sent to them had been discontinued 2 years ago.
  12. I wasn’t aware the RDO was available 2 years ago.
  13. The pistol you sent to them was the RDO model? Discontinued 2 years ago? They are sending a new pistol? Sweet! I love my 92x performance, the sights are sweet. NonRDO.
  14. I don’t reload, don’t know even if this is a good price. Passing it along. https://capitalcartridge.com/primers/?goal=0_e342665a2c-8a056a2508-372359680&mc_cid=8a056a2508&mc_eid=6ad86cc8ff
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