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  1. https://store.stevesgunz.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=3&products_id=10 It has been installed now for 5 months, shoot that rifle pretty much every weekend, hasn’t loosened up yet, works with the factory front sight. Polished up the internals, a lot of tooling marks left behind, a light coat of grease and she is sweet. Great deal you found, bought mine at the oaks gun show at the end of the last day and cost was something like $560 out the door. I bought the blued version, your deal was even better.
  2. Best money I ever spent, shoot my Rossi all the time, went with the shorter barrel, installed a peep sight, my old eyes needed it.
  3. My AR is the least shot of my rifles, ever consider an AK? Woohoo, what a hoot to shoot that rifle, it’s at the range every other weekend, or, what about an M1 Garand, very satisfying to ring steel with iron sights from a 50-80 year old rifle.
  4. Do a search for, guided deer hunts in the state you like. A bunch pop up. Not cheap. wish I could be of more help.
  5. My hunting experience only spans 3 years, but have been lucky that I have family in up state NY with hunting land, in those 3 years I have gotten a deer 2 out of three trips. We sit in blinds and most of the time it is a long boring day. The deer move at certain times, dawn and dusk, most of the day you are looking for movement that may or may not be a deer. I did a lot of reading before my first hunt, there are many ways to hunt, most are tailored to the type of animal you are after, next know what type of land you are hunting on, wide open space will allow you to go with a long range rifle/cartridge, wooded land would benefit more from a lever rifle where your shot is no more than 150 yards. A good backpack is a must, water proof clothing is a must, water resistant clothing is great if it’s sunny, if it rains it will absorb the water eventually and it gets heavy. Range finder, good knife are a must, there are many things to bring, just start reading and I’m also sure more here will chime in with much better information than I can give with my limited knowledge. I can say the backpack gets heavy if you pack a bunch of unnecessary items. pick up some straps to attach to the deer when you drag it out of the woods, they help tremendously, first deer no straps and man it’s a struggle. When you gut the deer be sure not to nick the stomach, whooha what an odor, bring nitril gloves. Like I said, I am lucky, my cousin is grizzly Adam’s, the type of guy that hunts everything anywhere and is a great patient teacher when it comes to hunting. Best thing is to read and ask questions. My first deer I got, it took 30 minutes for my heart to stop pounding from the rush of adrenaline.
  6. I should say, I bought this ammo in July of 2022, maybe their QC was lacking then.
  7. Bought 500 rounds, shot 200, every mag had at least two rounds that sounded like a squib, with very noticeable velocity/recoil differences in almost each round. Four boxes in I kept saying, ehh it was a fluke, but it kept happening, never shot the remaining 300 rounds. If they work for you, that’s great.. maybe I had a bad batch, I duno. The remaining 300 rounds I was telling a buddy of mine about and he had the same reaction as you, told me I was out of my mind, he shot them in an old beater pistol he had and said the same thing as I did.
  8. You couldn’t pay me to shoot that ammo. Inconsistent loads, every trigger pull ya prayed it wasn’t a Squib.
  9. Missed this last show, went to the two before though, Friday and Saturday are hard to find a deal, Sunday they would rather make a couple of bucks rather than pack it up. Picked up a Rossi lever on Sunday, 50 off marked price, waived the NIC cost, cash got it for 619 all in. A lot of crappy ammo for cheap, last show I went to there was BPS ammo everywhere for cheap, had shot 500 rounds of it few months before and it was a nightmare, no two rounds were loaded to the same spec, scary stuff. If you are looking for oddball stuff and parts you can browse all day long, all in all it’s enjoyable to window shop. First show I went with a pocket full of cash and came home with one Browning mag.
  10. Wish you would have posted this before Christmas.
  11. I have been very happy with the 9mm Ruger backpacker, tac driver and doesn’t loose zero.
  12. Stopped in there this morning at 8am, place was packed, line for ammo was 25 deep, plenty of guns on the shelf, picked up a few items. The way people were spending I wouldn’t be surprised if the store is empty by Monday.
  13. If it is, that’s a lot of cash for just a range, would have to assume it includes the business. Not sure what to think of that.
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