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  1. Target Sports Ammo+ day for members, one day sale. Ammo, pistol, rifle, primer, shot shell, some other items also.
  2. Anyone else embarrassed to say how much they spent?
  3. Weshoot is not as busy and cleaner, it passed the wife test compared to shore shot.
  4. Are there shooting benches at the rifle range? I have a case of 20g #8 shot I could bring but sadly no shotgun to go with it anymore, would it be possible to borrow a 20g shotgun? Sorry for all the questions.
  5. David, checking out the new web site, like it. Question though, when choosing available in store everything is listed as online only, glitch?
  6. Are steel targets allowed on the rifle range?
  7. You’re in for a treat, those platinum blades were some of the best ever made.
  8. Picked up a Lever very recently, Dajonga (David) was kind enough to relieve me of my cash, was pleasantly surprised when the NICS came back next day. David, have you had a chance to try the razor blades? Hope she gave you the envelope…
  9. The link you posted brings you to a mil dot scope, is that the reticle you have? This may help explain it a bit.
  10. The new republic is nice stuff, so far no failures and I have gone through 1k of 9mm, 500 rounds of .45, some .357 and a few boxes of .380. Sent TSUSA an email asking if any plans to produce 7.62x39 and reply was, it’s in the works.
  11. I think High Exposure really gave the best advise, figure out what you want out of the optic, what you want it to do and go from there. I only mount the LPVO when I’m in NC and shooting out at 300 yards, when it’s home and for self defense it’s my Holosun green dot mounted. My 30-30 lever has a Leopold 1.5-4x mounted on it and that would suit you well also, but that is a dedicated deer rifle, which didn’t need high magnification.
  12. You just answered your own question, LPVO.. The MP is going to be a red dot with magnification. Does it need to be an LPVO? So many nice scopes out there that will work just fine.
  13. To be honest, I’m thinking of putting the MP on the AR and shedding the LPVO weight, it is that noticeable, the etched MP I can acquire easily and don’t feel the need for BUIS if the battery fails, it also has the shake awake feature.
  14. The MP with the horseshoe and chevron is very quick to acquire, as is the LPVO. For me, the MP and LPVO are quicker and easier to acquire simply because there is more there than just a dot.
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