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  1. Finally heard from M&M Tactical on stippling my Beretta PX4 Storm, no go, Glock and Sig only.
  2. Enjoy the day with family all, Happy Thanksgiving
  3. Checked out M&M Facebook page, they do some nice work, just inquired about doing my PX4 Compact Carry, hope they can do a Beretta, Thanks for the info.
  4. Bacon if it’s an eggs over with taters type of breakfast. Pork roll if it’s an egg sandwich morning. Sausage is left for, sausage, peppers and onion sandwiches for dinner. Not into breakfast sausage.
  5. Welcome aboard, I’ll be walking around upstate ny in two weeks with a 30-30 lever. Like most of us.
  6. Toss a small table cloth over it and put a vase with flowers on top if you need to hide it. https://rhinosafe.com/longhorn-nightstand-with-handgun-safe-lns2618-25h-x-20w-x-18d-home-office-end-table-40-min/
  7. This was going to be my suggestion, the PDP is is one of the best shooting pistols I own, and was my first pistol with a red dot. The PDP- F has a 3.5 inch barrel version for the wife if she is looking for a smaller pistol.
  8. Shooters in little egg harbor had a few last time I looked. But you’re going to need to drive that hour and a half.
  9. My wife also suffers from the same complaint about kick on pistols, she is 4’ 11” and has very tiny hands, although she can drive tacks with my Colt 1911 in 45acp, she doesn’t enjoy it, even though the single stack fits her hand well. I have a 38 captain special, she likes the small revolver, likes the 38 special round, but doesn’t like cocking the hammer, and double action is to strong a pull for her, grrr… She primarily shoots her M&P 380 EZ, small pistol but with a bit of kick, she will run 3-4 mags through it and say she had enough due to the kick. Today I took her to the range and her first question was, did you bring my Ruger .22, ahh back to the no kick, didn’t bring the Ruger but had her try my Beretta PX4 Storm compact Carry, explaining that it has less kick than her .380 EZ even though it’s a 9mm, she laughed. I installed the Langdon trigger job in a bag and the transfer bar, what a trigger pull it has now, so smooth. After 3 mags she says to me, ohh, I like this. The rotating barrel absorbs some of the recoil turning it into a very soft shooter, on par or less than her .380, at 27oz it’s not a deal breaker for my wife, soft shooting with a great trigger, finally I get a smile out of her. I know it’s not a revolver, but if your wife is anything like mine, you’re going to spend a bunch of money on hand guns to get a scrunched nose and a “I don’t like it”. Your wife is welcome to try it out, if you make it down to Weshoot in Lakewood some Sunday, send a PM and I can meet you there. Good Luck…
  10. Was gifted a couple bottles of this scotch, almost fell off my chair when I looked it up. Break it out on special occasions. https://www.johnniewalker.com/en-us/our-whisky/core-range/johnnie-walker-king-george-v/ If you’re a scotch drinker and have the opportunity to try it or buy it, don’t hesitate, it really is that good.
  11. Midway has the primary arms micro dot on sale for $140 and free shipping. https://www.midwayusa.com/product/1023394130?pid=633863
  12. And they loaded and unloaded the shot gun if you went a second round.
  13. They gave you 3 clay, one at a time. The state gun I used was an over/under Remington 12 gauge, with a reload if you missed the first two. The young kids there they let take a few more shots with a 20 gauge pump so dad had ample time to video the experience. It really was more about safety and an enjoyable morning. I hit the first clay and the instructor said, ok you’re good, he then verified I engaged the safety and I was done, never got to pull the trigger twice.
  14. Took the course last year, after you complete the online test you print out a voucher that you bring to the field test (assuming you passed), the state has shotguns there or you can bring your own. The field test took all of 5 minutes, hit the clay don’t hit the clay, state shotgun had a safety, engage the safety, you pass. They give you a green voucher, take it to Dicks or any license agent and get your permit, bow and shotgun takes longer, don’t think you can do both on the same day, they split up the two groups, hardest part was finding an open slot to take the field test, had to drive 70 miles for an open slot.
  15. I never check mine since I printed it the first time I got the e FID and took a picture of it, but just did now. I applied for 3 p2p the second week of august and was approved the end of September, My e FID has no experation and no renewal fee attached.
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