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  1. I miss a good old fly window.
  2. Redeye65

    NICs Question

    When the transfer is complete and your paperwork is dated when you pick up the pistol.
  3. Just my luck, Midway lists it as discontinued, and not available anywhere I can find.
  4. Thanks, this on looks promising.
  5. Yes, there was a plug that limited it to two rounds. Took it out. I will look for it.
  6. Now I’m getting myself even more confused. The Beretta 1301 Tactical is a gas-operated, semi-automatic 12 gauge chambered for 2¾- and 3-inch shells. It has a tubular magazine with a 5+1 capacity using 2¾-inch shells (or 4+1 with 3-inch shells). with the extension tube and 2 3/4 inch shells I’m over the 6 round limit, with 3 inch shells I’m not. what shell size is taken into consideration when determine magazine size in nj? My god, all I want to do is put a light on it.
  7. Still learning the rules about an “other” and if I understand correct this CZ https://cz-usa.com/product/cz-scorpion-evo-3-s1-pistol-w-flash-can-folding-brace/ would be illegal unless the folding brace was pinned? Assuming it meets 922(r) requirements. Or, it isn’t even an “other” because CZ calls it a hand gun? If someone had a class on how to figure all this out, I would sign up, so frustrating because I can build or repair pretty much anything except firearms.
  8. Is adding the MXT extension tube to a 1301 legal, it adds two rounds which would make the capacity 6+1, does the +1 count as a round or is it just what you can fit in the tube which would be 6. Want to add a flash light and it seems like the MXT extension is the easiest way to get there. Thanks, Marty
  9. Posted at opticsplanet. The products from Federal Premium American Eagle Rifle 223 / 5.56 Ammo which you'll find placed on this page are currently discontinued models and are now not available for purchase.
  10. LMAO! I was thinking the same thing, also said to myself, bet they can get .45 auto.
  11. I ran into this same issue about 6 months ago, no one had any stock for 3-4 weeks then all at once everyone had them in stock.
  12. When I applied for three P2P I paid right then and there, acknowledgement said, $6 forwarded. I assume to my LPD.
  13. Not in Union Neo, but you will not find a shortage of fellow 2a friends around this forum. Welcome.
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