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  1. Dave, how about a few pics of your work shop, I would think it is impressive?
  2. They must have updated their indoor range, it seems much newer than shore shot, and cleaner. The wife was much happier at Weshoot. Shore shot has a much better rifle and pistol sales counter, many more choices, got lucky a few weeks ago and picked up a Kimber at shore shot.
  3. Weshoot, shore shot was always so busy, thanks Dave, I will.
  4. Dave, sorry to hear an injury sidelined your health so much so that you had to sell your treasures. Memories, and pictures are a beautiful thing. Joined a local range here in Lakewood, need to get my feet wet first, so to speak. One day I’m sure I’ll get to CJRP. Marty
  5. If you ever feel the urge to show someone your collection of rifles, I’m 20 minutes away, I’ll bring the beer or Johnny Walker Blue. ;-)
  6. The one I picked up is a custom light weight, found it at shore shot in Lakewood. love the gun, more so than the shield plus, much easier to shoot than the shield. apply for multiple permits next time, for 2 bucks it’s worth having a few active, this way when the urge hits, you’re not waiting 4 months. Most places will hold the gun knowing you have active permits if you are in the 30 day wait period.
  7. Picked up an M&P Shield plus in 9mm, like it, trigger is nice and it’s a 10 round mag. Bought it for a HD gun, takes some practice getting use to a small polymer gun, you need to really pay attention to grip, trigger finger placement to be able to take advantage of the gun, was a bit frustrating at the start but I am growing to like it more and more. If a hammer fired is on your list, I would suggest a 1911, in what ever flavor round you like, have a colt in .45 acp, one of my favorite guns, handles very easily, shoots like a dream. Also just picked up a Kimber custom LW in 9mm, I see this one becoming my favorite pistol, being use to the colt already this was an easy purchase, shoots very soft, extremely accurate and a ton of fun. The Kimber will be under your 1k budget
  8. Submitted my NICS for a Kimber Saturday morning at 11:30 am, got my call this morning Monday at 10am when the gun store opened. Doubtful I was the first Saturday NICS submitted
  9. Place was packed! Still only waited 7 minutes.
  10. The wife and I also joined Weshoot, pretty much the same story as you and your wife, shore shot was always super busy and my wife felt it was a bit dirty, not to mention now you have to sign a piece of paper (waiting list) just to be let in. The guys at Weshoot are all very nice and helpful, if you are alone in there the SRO doesn’t hesitate to offer help and advice, I have not once had to wait longer than 5 minutes for a lane. Weekends are also fine, no waiting for a lane with a membership. Maybe we will run into you and your wife one day.
  11. Silly me to think I could join a forum to learn and understand firearms in NJ with helpful polite adults, what was I thinking. Oh, I forgot... This is New Jersey. Keeping it Legal, good luck with your pellet guns, raz-0 is more than willing to help you with your questions.
  12. And you wonder why new gun owners frown from participating on this forum, or maybe you don’t. Let’s start off the reply with a sarcastic slam, instead of explaining the law which obviously you know like the back of your hand, and I evidently misunderstood it. Either way, again I find myself sorry for trying to participate.
  13. This is a good read on pellet and BB guns in NJ. If it is a pistol, looks like it stays in Delaware, unless you plan on somehow transferring it to NJ with a P2P. https://madisonnjlaw.com/pellet-bb-guns-and-airsoft-guns-in-new-jersey/
  14. Definitely try out the Walther before buying, my wife fell in love with the M&P 380 EZ, she is very small with small hands, the M&P was much easier for her to manipulate. She also wanted a .22 once I told her how much the .380 ammo was and that once she went through tho 1k rounds I bought for her she was on her own. She tried the Walther .22 but ultimately felt the Ruger SR22 was a better fit for her, she loves that gun also. The Ruger 10/22 is an awesome rifle, everyone should own one, it’s a ton of fun to shoot and doesn’t break the bank to go through a couple hundred rounds.
  15. What handgun are you looking at for your first purchase? You may want to raise the bar a bit and look at handguns in the $400-$800 range unless you’re looking for a small .22. Have you gone to a range to try out a few pistols? You can buy something online just to get it home and hate it. I would suggest the first purchase be from a local gun shop unless you have shot the pistol before you order it. Every hand guns feels different, I love the look of the CZ Rami but when I handled one in a store, the trigger was terrible, felt like it took 10 lbs of pressure to pull it. Wanted a Beretta Tomcat, looked for a small gun in a small caliber to keep around the house, handled one in the store and for the life of me I couldn’t see the sights. Don’t just buy a handgun blind, you may not like it one bit.
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