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  1. They don’t list ammo online, you have to walk in.
  2. Just purchased #4 buck Saturday at shooters in south Jersey.
  3. The deceased did on his death bed in front of family, there may also have been some sort of documentation stating this also, so far it looks like there are 16 in line for inheritance, some things like beneficiaries on accounts are cut and dry, but there is property and other accounts no one is listed on, which will be grouped into the estate and distributed equally among the 16. Some of the 16 may never be found, lawyer is collecting as much info from the family we can provide to start the skip trace. Absolutely
  4. My wife's cousin recently passed away, he was an FID card holder and has two handguns, he has no immediate family only first cousins and left no will! My wife's brother is the executor of the estate and does not posses an FID card. So far he has found in the house a Smith&Wesson model 36 38 special and is still looking for a Colt 1911 commander, he did find paperwork for the .38 purchased sometime in the late 70's early 80's, to me it looks legit, purchased from an FFL, the Colt I do not know about yet, he has not found the pistol or the paper work. I searched the web but did not come up with any results for this type of scenario. My questions are, is it possible to have the pistols transferred to my wife or myself? Or, do we need to hand them in to the local PD? The .38 found is pristine, I would assume when found the Colt will be also, would hate to have to loose them. Thanks for any help.
  5. Purchased a 10-22 this morning, shop said it’s taking 14-15 days for the NICS check.
  6. If you sell a rifle while living in NJ to someone in a free state do you need to go through an FFL being in NJ? Say, selling to someone in South Carolina? And the rifle originally being purchased in NJ.
  7. The message you get if you call the brick pd is 6 months wait. So frustrating.
  8. I play around also a bit. made a nice pile on novavax, flu vaccine. doubled my investment so far with, spirit airline. trippled my investment with virgin galactic. buy and sell fastenal when it drops to the 20’s, always good for a few bucks. picked up some apple stock when it split.
  9. Which town is this in? I would imagine a meeting with the chief would be needed.
  10. Looked like she only put her foot down once to catch her balance, impressive. Only thing that could have made that video better was if she wore a bikini. Same here in my neighborhood, we don't see any kids playing out side, when my nephew whines about not having the latest and greatest what ever, I remind him of the two toys I had growing up, a bike and a stickball bat, thank god the other kids on my street had tennis balls.
  11. Just submitted application for 3 p2p today, will let you know the wait time in Brick township. Anyone reading this, when the guys here tell you to buy a gun safe that can hold twice the amount of firearms you think you will buy, they are lying to you! Buy a safe that can hold 4x the firearms you think you will buy. LOL.....
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