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  1. Thanks all for the replies. I recently attended a basic Firearm home safety course through ROC Training. Definitely learned a lot, but it was a "hands off" class so to speak. I plan on being a member of the Union Hill Gun Club once I... actually... you know can legally purchase a gun! But I was told I can take individual lessons there they will bring out any firearm I want to try so I thought that was cool. I plan on doing a basic pistol shooting course when I can some time as well as some individual lessons. I am in the market for a Range bag/case I already know what case I want to transport my firearm in but I am having difficulty settling on a case for ammo, eyes, ears etc.... I heard Pelican cases are great, what do you all think?
  2. I did the same thing. I submitted my check just before 30 days of my first application. I thought you would pay when you got approved but I was wrong. Good news is I dropped off my check earlier this week and they deposited it according to my bank website. So now I guess its just the waiting game....
  3. Just went to the PD to drop off my whopping 7 dollar check. They are saying it’s going to take 5 months from the date of finger prints being taken. Is there anything that can be done about this as this is unreasonable.
  4. Thanks! I may have made a mistake: I thought payment was due after approval not during the process I will be writing two checks today for the FID and handgun permit.
  5. I’m hearing conflicting reports of whether or not to contact the local PD after 30 days or so. Does anyone have any advice here?
  6. Thank you so much for the replies! I plan on joining Union Hill Gun Club in Monroe once I actually get my firearm (these approval times are insane). I’ve signed up for the NRA home gun course it through ROC training at UHGC. That course does not require a firearm and seems to have a lot of good knowledge for first time gun owners. It will also get me more exposure to the club.
  7. Hi all, hopefully I will be a new gun owner before the end of the year I was wondering what additional gear I would need in addition to my hand gun. I bought a gun safe, but I’m not sure what other logistics I would need other than ammo. Any suggestions would be great. Thanks!
  8. Hey thanks for the post. I am currently looking at the S&W M&P 9mm or the Beretta 92fs. I am leaning towards to the S&W. 9mm is probably what I will shoot exclusively as I feel the most comfortable with that caliber. I’ll check out what CZ has to offer.
  9. Hi Thanks for the reply! A quick question though: one of my references is a former NJ resident that currently lives in VA. Will that be a problem regarding background check?
  10. Hey all, Been browsing the forum for a little while now so I decided to post. I live in Manalapan, and I just applied for FID card and my status is as follows: 8/10/21 Application Submitted 8/10/21 2 References Submitted 8/28/21 Finger Printed via IdentoGo Is there anything else I should be doing regarding getting my FID and handgun permit? My local FFL said I should have gotten 3 permits but I only requested one. (Lesson learned, I'm kicking myself now) Does anyone know if Manalapan moves fast or slow? Thank you for taking the time out to read this!
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