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  1. That was my thought. Once a judge denies and it's challenged in a situation where there is no real reason to deny, that's when we will probably see activity.
  2. I am hearing rumblings that the NJ AG is going to sit tight and let the courts force this before changing anything. Not sure if that's accurate.
  3. I have brand new, still in packaging, Rock River Operator A2 Fixed Stock kit in BLACK that I don't need. It's MilSpec... It's a full size fixed stock. I have used these on many of my ARs over the years in lieu of a pinned stock. It's a full kit. They sell for $140. I am happy to sell it for $100 shipped. Posting it here as it's us NJ folks who are more likely to use them. I also have a second of the same model but in olive green. That one is not new in the bag, it was mounted but as no signs of any wear. Sat in a safe. If you need one in olive green, let me know. I will sell that one for $90 shipped. FEATURING SUPERIOR CHEEK WELD, INTEGRAL RIBBED RUBBER BUTTPAD, WATERTIGHT BATTERY STORAGE AND MULTIPLE SLING MOUNTS. PUSH-BUTTON RELEASE ALLOWS BUTTPAD TO SLIDE DOWN, PROVIDING ACCESS TO TWO O-RING SEALED BATTERY STORAGE TUBES. EACH WILL HOLD TWO AA OR THREE CR123 LITHIUM BATTERIES.INCLUDES STOCK WITH BUTTPAD, STANDARD RECEIVER EXTENSION, BUFFER AND SPRING.https://www.rockriverarms.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=category.display&category_ID=1376
  4. Sage advice... I haven't made any purchase yet. I am still trying to confirm what I am being told (which is that the Galil Ace 2 is not the same as what was specifically intended by "Galil Type" - the Galil Ace 2 is a completely different firearm, similar to the Colt AR-15 like variants that are not AR-15s) but I will admit I am still trying to do my homework and in the end it's not that important to have, but I was excited about the prospect of being able to own one.
  5. Going to call a few more tomorrow...
  6. Of course... I called another FFL and they said the Galil ACE 2 is fine (provided it's modified).
  7. There must also be a lot of liars out there... Several folks on another forum claimed to have owned them in NJ and said their FFLs did the compliance work. I don't get it...
  8. Well... I guess that's that. I called Shooters in LEH and they said it's banned by name. I was hopeful because I saw on some other sites that folks believed it to not be banned because it was branded as an "Ace" but Shooters says all Galils are banned (not just the original Galil), full stop. Wifey will be happy that the money isn't being spent!
  9. Interested in buying a Galil Ace 2. For New Jersey, as I believe the Galil Ace 2 is legal in NJ provided all the compliance work is performed, does anyone know how they "fix" the folding stock on the Galil so that it can't "fold." I know how the stock is pinned, as it's just a standard AR stock, but I am trying to understand how they actually fix the "folding" aspect of it. Does anyone on the forum, living in NJ, own a Galil Ace 2 who can comment? Thanks!
  10. So I heard they reintroduced a Bill to ban .50 How long do we think it will take to be signed into law? If I have a pistol permit that I can use in February, do you think I can buy a Desert Eagle and get in before the law? I believe the language allows owners of .50 firearms to keep them with a permitting fee. I would love to have a DE in the collection, though I know I won't use it much at the range due to ammo prices. Will they also ban sales of .50 AE ammo? That would stink...
  11. Even if you take it to a NJ FFL and have them ship it, all they are doing is "logging it in" that they took possession of it. That does not equate to deregistering. Your local PD (and the State permit system) will always have that serial number linked to you. You just have the transfer paperwork to show that you turned it over to an FFL and sold it. My sense is that if you decide to ship it yourself to an FFL out of state (using UPS overnight as FedEx changed their policy and non-FFLs cannot ship anymore), just retain all the paperwork, such as the sale transaction, the receiving FFL info, the UPS tracking / label info. Just my 2 cents...
  12. Love Shooters! I have a nice purchase history there... Thanks for the response. Bummer But thank you for checking!!!! Much appreciated.
  13. Curious of anyone here from NJ has a CZ SCORPION EVO 3 S1 CARBINE and how easy it was to have the compliance work done... The stock is both folding and collapsing. Would a NJ FFL be able to pin it so it neither folds nor collapses? Thanks https://cz-usa.com/product/cz-scorpion-evo-3-s1-carbine/
  14. MrAceJD

    HK SL8 thoughts?

    The HK SL8 is NJ compliant out of the box? https://hk-usa.com/hk-models/sl8/ It looks like it's fully NJ compliant out of the box.
  15. MrAceJD

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