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  1. Sounds reasonable, it's just a pain to do all that paperwork, signatures, notary, etc., all over again. Plus, who knows that could change in parallel that could create further complexities that are unforeseen. I will sit tight with my one pistol permit while the universe stabilizes. Doing a brand new application to add a pistol is silly in terms of complexity. We have valid permits. Other counties simply add based on quals. At least that's what folks are posting, I can't confirm. Seems unnecessary. So this means that if someone has a catastrophic failure of their pistol and the manufacturer has to replace it, which means a new purchase permit, you have to reapply for a new PTC. Seems overkill...
  2. For anyone in Monmouth County. Just a heads up for anyone wanting to add a pistol to their PTC issued by Monmouth. Apparently the new Judge who is working on PTC application, Judge Oxley, wants any additions to a permit to be done via a brand new PTC application. So, no easy amendment. Not worth the hassle from where I sit, but in case anyone is thinking it's easy to add a pistol, it is NOT easy to add... Not in Monmouth... I am kind of bummed as when I did my quals the range insisted on only one qualification because it was at the time when the NJSP issued guidance suggesting that you only needed to qual with one firearm. The range wouldn't accommodate more than one per training session because they had a good faith belief that it was not necessary to do more... Bummer.
  3. Any validity to the rumor that Monmouth County is going to rescind its restrictions?
  4. I am in the low 100's, I think. Is the Number Mon 205-2022, with 205 being the application number? I have not heard anything since receiving a copy of the letter from the Prosecutor's office about a month ago saying I was compliant.
  5. I believe the proposed legislation also has a requirement that there be an interview with the Chief of Police. Seems like a benign request although depending on volume, not sure how disruptive it will be to their calendar. I do wonder though as to whether the seemingly high volume of pending applications will be kicked back if this legislation passes before the permits are issued under the old rules?
  6. I feel like I am one of two people here from Monmouth County. Anyone have any updates on experience with Monmouth? I know that a batch of letters from the Prosecutor's office were sent out as a cc, which were directed to judiciary, on certain applicants appearing to be compliant with the statutory requirements. Anyone have anything other in terms of updates?
  7. Anyone know if Sig will be releasing 10-round magazines for the new XTEN any time soon? I would love to buy one, I am in NJ, and I see no mention of 10-round mags anywhere...
  8. I am in Monmouth County. My money order was cashed as of today. Could have been cashed over the last week or so as I don't check daily. My fingerprints were done on 7/22. Application went in about a week prior... Has anyone else in Monmouth County seen movement with judiciary, apart from the person who received on appeal?
  9. Why does it sound like Monmouth County is attempting to set the high bar on restrictions (assuming all this is accurate)? Shouldn't the goal be consistency across the State? Afterall, it's a STATE permit...
  10. Sounds like Monmouth County changed the Judge responsible for reviewing carry permit applications. Not sure what this means but I think it at least suggests that the Judge who was allegedly refusing to advance applications isn't part of the process anymore. Not confirmed.
  11. Anyone know if any hazmat shippers in central NJ that will ship hazmat as a service? Trying to figure out how to ship some primers. Thanks.
  12. Seeing as UPS just today changed their policy to prohibit non-FFLs from shipping any firearm and will only now accept firearms via pick-up from an authorized shipper, I need to ship via USPS to an FFL (they literally changed the policy today, as I went to drop off at a hub and was told a memo hit this morning and they couldn't accept). I read the USPS regs, but I am looking for feedback from anyone on the drop off experience at USPS. With UPS, I used to bring the box in, show a copy of the receiving FFL for verification, and that was it. Is there special paperwork for USPS for a rifle or do I simply verbally indicate the box contains a rifle and show the receiving FFL just like UPS? Thanks for any feedback.
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