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  1. My local pd told me they just handed in all of the July apps to the detective in charge to review and do backgrounds. The issue now is that he’s on vacation. After that it goes to the chief then off to the courts. I am at 1 month now. I’m sure this will be a several month process.
  2. Anyone else's PD require you to get more training beyond the regular classes? Or is it just Randolph that requires it?
  3. Jack. Did Randolph push back on your paperwork ? Did you hear all apps are on hold ? I can’t believe that the gfh course which is less stringent then the reloaderz course is allowed and not the reloaderz. Makes no sense.
  4. Certain townships require an nra course. Randolph is one of those townships. I was told the NRA first step 5 hour class at reloaderz qualifies. So I paid for this class but now it’s sold out until the end of august.
  5. My township wants me to supply this form to them which reloaderz is saying they cannot provide
  6. Jack we have to live in these towns lol. I don’t want to be that guy that sued his own local pd.
  7. It’s Randolph. Hopefully we get supplemental forms from reloaderz.
  8. My local PD just told me "its all on hold" (all carry applicants) until they get further clarification on the requirements They reiterated that they need use of force, safe handling and the NJSA 2C:39-6j which they feel all of these courses that are going around may not be acceptable
  9. OK, the PD is not accepting my reloaderz qual because they want an additional form stating the specifics of the test...7-10-15-25 I will contact Reloaderz now for the form
  10. Anyone who took the class at reloaderz have any issues? My local PD is now telling me that that is not enough to qualify and that I need: Items 1 and 3 which are the substantially equivalent training per NJSA 2C:39-6j and safe handling course Makes no sense since that Is what I thought Reloaderz provided and I submitted to the PD
  11. Day 11 here and my references have not been contacted yet. Morris county.
  12. Totally agree golf. Out of 15 in my class only 2 passed and 13 had to retake it. 1 person disqualified because he fired without even a target up. I guess a nervous trigger but everyone was supposed to be holstered and then I heard a shot and the rso disqualified him rightfully so.
  13. My local pd only wanted 1 original mental health, 1 notarized letter of firearm ownership and they made a copy of my drivers license and passport
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