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  1. https://www.ammoland.com/2020/01/declaratory-judgment-sought-in-njs-carry-permit-scheme-violates-full-faith-credit/#axzz6BEbFXP3D anyone familiar with this one. never heard of it yet
  2. ameritron al811h ham radio amplfier original owner 600.00 wellbrook HF magnetic loop receive antenna 100.00
  3. I have been utilizing the family tree and historical data available to me to try and calculate that date and come up with an average life expectancy for myself. I need to know when to start selling my guns and ammo so my family doesn't throw them in trash. My SS concern came up when a former co-worker said there is some kind of reduction in benefits since we will be collect state pensions. also if I continue to work once collecting what is my income limit. thanks
  4. Do any members have suggestions on where to get accurate SS advise. over the holidays visiting the relatives each one has their own ideas and theories which may work for them but have me confused. I need a SS expert to advise me on collecting. I'm still a few years away but want to start preparing. Thanks
  5. wasn't this fight already fought to SCOTUS, something about a wedding cake in Colorado?
  6. so did anything happen yet, are we still waiting.
  7. https://www.nj.com/news/2019/12/gun-dealers-accused-of-selling-high-capacity-magazines-in-nj-are-sued-by-state.html Grewal suing florida store for selling rifle magazines to NJ detective. I find it interesting that he is requesting sales data back to 2014. Also it is time for these free states to start fighting back, first thing I can think of is to immediately stop recognizing NJ drivers licenses, Since driving is not a right and NJ is now issuing drivers licenses to criminal aliens they should require anyone operating a vehicle within their state in which the operators state issues criminal aliens a license to first obtain an non-resident drivers license. deny all driver reciprocity to any such state.
  8. From the discussions on 101.5 this morning it seems the reasons that doctors are not writing exemptions is that the state commissioner of health is grilling them on the matter. So rather than stand up for their profession they are kowtowing to the system probably to keep the target off their back. It makes sense as to why they are not signing waivers. on another note I welcome these parents to the once exclusive club previously held by gun owners in NJ who were targeted by these same communists. what group will these tyrants target next? Does anyone think that this might be a wake up to everyone who pays taxes in NJ . yea, I didn't think so.
  9. https://www.ammoland.com/2019/12/gun-law-in-puerto-rico-to-respect-the-second-amendment-as-of-1-january-2020/#axzz68IDCFuen looks like Puerto Rico is going to have more constitutional rights than us and their not even a state.
  10. Anyone know of a doctor anywhere in NJ that will sign off on this new law that is about to be passed My BIL,s kid get very sick , brain swelling and other major problems. You would think that their doctors would sign off on this but they wont which makes me think the state is threatening these doctors somehow. anyone familiar with this situation, this is not for religious issues. Thanks
  11. The sad part is that there will be gun owners throughout the U.S. who vote for him believing that he will not take away their trap guns or turkey guns. after all nobody needs an AR-15 with a 100 clip action to hunt. BTW, and speaking of FUDDS, have any of the candidates dressed up in hunting clothes yet pretending to be 2A supporters and heading out into the fields chasing some upland birds?
  12. I believe you are correct. Bloomberg's entry into the race, The phony impeachment which is designed to sideline warren and sanders are all a play to open up the nomination for hillary clinton. Its time for AG Barr to reopen the clinton e-mail crimes and lock her up!
  13. So if this is the case do the other 2A cases get heard? supposedly waiting in the wings based on this outcome. I dont remember what they are called now as they are constantly changing. Also, what stops NYC from just changing the law right back to unconstitutional status.
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