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  1. I meant to say I never trim to length on my pistol brass, sorry.
  2. you pretty much got it, The one thing I do for most of the calibers I load for is to use a separate crimp die on the last step. prime, powder, seat than crimp. I find it extremely hard to get consistent repetitive loads trying to seat and crimp in the same step.and if your crimp starts before your fully seated you will shave off some lead. I've been using same brass for many years no sizing or anything just shoot load shoot load.
  3. Am I the first one to post about this travesty or am I not finding where the thread is ?
  4. If your in Manalapan your only a few miles from Earle weapon storage. https://forums.radioreference.com/military-monitoring-forum/212156-new-naval-weapons-station-earle-380-p25-system.html
  5. Ok, than DEA, turn off your grow lights.
  6. If you live near a military base and they migrated over to the 380 mhz trunk systems this may be the cause of a door opener acting erratic, most garage door openers are assigned frequencies in the upper 300 mhz military band, many bases have been switching over. I replaced a 30 year old craftsman last week due to a similar issue, I live near Picatinny arsenal and they are using a 380 mhz trunk system., some DEA frequency's are in the lower 400 govt band as well as postal inspectors. are the cars tinted out that stop near your house?
  7. yawn.................sept 11th, no updates on ANJRPC yet,
  8. https://www.nj.com/gloucester-county/index.ssf/2018/09/accused_home_invasion_killer_was_free_as_he_awaite.html Here's one for murphy " Following that arrest, Superior Court Judge M. Christine Allen-Jackson denied a prosecution motion for pre-trial detention, according to court records, and permitted Oswald's release with a set of conditions limiting his movements and requiring regular reporting to court officials." Hey murphy, how about start here with shameing you A-hole How about a "Name and Shame" thread be started to continue this.
  9. I dont hunt but i do spend time outdoors so i know how dangerous and unpredictable bears are, when i lived up in lake tamarack my house backed up to watershed land, there were bears all the time. that being said I think that the hunters just need to adapt and maybe this might be a good thing. What the hunters can do is to have party's invade the state lands days before the hunt and drive all the bears onto private land and hunt them there. what do think?
  10. March? my 25 yrs service credit is march, I guess I'll be out of here by than. Just like the Purpura case, let them drag it out and out and out.
  11. so from the day the law was signed until today or until it goes into effect how many of our legally purchased and owned magazines have been used by us ( law abiding citizens) to COMMIT crimes? How many kids have been mowed down in homerooms across the state ? One would think that if these devices are as bad as the enemy says wouldn't one think they would have been removed from our hands a long time ago rather than allow us to handle them. this kind of shows that their law is only punitive for us republicans, constitutionalists , origanalists , patriots or what ever you wish to be called.
  12. called congressman Hudsons office today asking for an update and they are as frustrated as much as we are, The swamp is to blame.
  13. sept 5th, anything?
  14. I did not know about this one, very important but only 1st circuit. anyone have info on this. https://www.ammoland.com/2018/09/saf-joined-by-other-pro-gun-groups-in-filing-amicus-brief-in-mass-gun-ban-case/#axzz5Q5ZOo5pX
  15. even if you dont get them back you should at least get to smash them so they dont become the "property" of some cop there. We all know how that works in the early 80's I had a local cop take my ammo and beer , I was old enough but cop was a douc&$. I went to PD next day and told them to give them back, the empty beer bottles were in the garbage can behind the desk and the cop had to go to his car to get me MY ammo. this was in a southern bergen county town.