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  1. just got all the ingredients for their Cuban rice and beans recipe on their web site
  2. one of the phenomenons growing out of the Chinese corona virus that I have been observing is what I call and should be called is the "murphy line". These are lines of people getting to places to conduct business, make purchases, try to get a service well in advance of the business actually opening so they can be first in line. Similar to people camping out at MVC offices I see this now at banks. For people who must conduct financial business in person and on a regular basis I have run into this. went to try to deposit some checks yesterday a a TD bank in late morning and line was way too long for me to waste my time so I thought I would get to the bank this morning, bank window opens at 9:30 so I got here at 9am with my coffee and sandwich and I was already the 6th car in line. Knowing that TD bank specializes in slow motion even for a simple transaction I just drove by and will try again monday when I'm getting paid to wait in line.
  3. All that is going to do is to move the crowd from the safety of the DMV parking lot to the streets and highways, this will be causing accidents with out a doubt. will also now require a ton of OT for the cops that will have to direct traffic and chase the peasants away. Mark my words, there will be horror story's Monday morning. listen to 101.5 for the play by play. this ass hole has to be the most incompetent governor that has ever been elected to office, maybe that kook in Michigan is .01% more.
  4. My update, for a new driver. Camped out at Randolph, went to scope it out last night at 6pm, there was already a line. went home got my daughter and got in line. and was number 11. wife and I shared overnight watch, she went from midnight to 4 am, I came at 4 am to take over and place looked like a food line in the old soviet union. place was supposed to open at 8am, of course the lady came out and said the computers were overloaded, well who would of thought of something like that happening especially at a nj DMV finally opened door about 10 minutes later and would not let parents in. Since I did my homework I had her overloaded with enough points of ID, was able to watch her progress through snot covered windows and she gave me thumbs up on her ID check so I knew it was just a waiting game now. well what do you know, computers stop after she had picture taken and had to wait about 20 minutes for "the guy" to come over and hit ctrl/alt/del or what ever magic to bring them back to life. biggest issue my daughter told me was that since these are 17 yo kids they were filling out form incorrectly since parents were not able to assist causing them to be recycled behind the next person. things I noted. Make sure your ID documents are correct, they really checked them , If you can get someone to get you the form BA-208 I think was the number get one and make sure it is correct. once again thank you phil for the free nj camping experience,
  5. Absolutely correct , If you listen to what the ass hole governor is saying he is about to impose all new restrictions everywhere. All nj's should bend over and get ready he is about to institute round 2 of shut downs and delay openings. and to this date nobody followed through with with any lawsuits from any businesses to force him to show his science as why this continues. he knows he's not up for re-election till next year so he doesn't give a rats ass about anyone's business. The WMA's were recently shut down because they involve guns and shooting thats the bottom line.
  6. My guess that center fire is allowed at all is because the rebuild utilized federal money taken from hunters via taxes, That was a condition and was the only way NJ would probably qualify for the funds. There was no ballistic considerations at all. just a SWAG on my part. anyone who knows how the state works with any kind of grant money knows that once the grant faucet is stopped so does the project. I'll bet that the funds used to rebuild these ranges amounts to 1 or 2 % of the total grant with the rest going into the general fund.
  7. https://www.nj.com/coronavirus/2020/07/state-wildlife-areas-temporarily-close-due-to-coronavirus-furloughs.html maybe this will answer your question, governor ASS HOLE shut them down again. whats that saying the Marxists have about never let a good disaster go to waste. anyone not yet convinced to find an out of state range should be by now.
  8. https://www.nj.com/coronavirus/2020/07/what-gov-murphy-just-suggested-as-mvc-agencies-reopened-in-nj-with-long-lines.html in typical leftist fashion the ASS HOLE blames it on the people waiting in line and not his own incompetence. Hey phil , dont you friggin think if those people could have done it online they would have.
  9. murphys mvc, Randolph office 5:00 am this morning and had to be at least 200 cars there already, yesterday a trooper directing traffic for a tree cutting company at around 9:30 am told me he thought mvc was closed as there were around 600 cars. just another from our ASS HOLE governor. trying his best to make us like the old soviet union, and succeeding at it.
  10. A Message To The RTSP Community We would like to reach out during this difficult and uncertain time to express our gratitude and appreciation for all of you. COVID-19 is affecting all of us on both a personal and professional level, and while we cannot be at the range together at this time, we know that the RTSP family remains strong. To all of our members, we are committed to ensuring your status at RTSP is not affected by the current state of events. All memberships will be paused as of March 21st and compensatory time will be added to your membership based on the duration of our closure. In addition, to show our appreciation for your unwavering support, we are adding another additional month to all of your annual memberships. For any new members looking to join online, your membership will not begin until the day we re-open and you too will receive an added month to your annual membership. Though we have only been closed for a matter of days, we already miss the sights and sounds of RTSP; the smell of gunpowder from weeknight drills, the expression of joy on the face of a first time shooter, and the endless banter of members and friends who have been with us since we were a 4 man, 9 port operation, almost 10 years ago. These are the everyday details that make RTSP the home that it has become. So know this: our closure is only temporary, and when we return, the 2nd Amendment community will be stronger than ever. In the meantime, we encourage you to stay healthy and stay home when possible. Our doors are closed, but we are available via email or social media to answer any of your questions. We appreciate all of the messages of support that we have received, and we will continue to check-in with you all throughout this shut-down. Be well and see you soon. Rick, Brad & Peter I sure hope they don't consider this an opening. 2.5 hour wait for a member, not acceptable. how about a year at no cost when they really open.
  11. Has anyone ever used those cans of freon available at stores to charge your cars AC any brand name recommendations , doing this on a 2006 toyota , dont want to soend a million. system currently works, just not cold enough. dealer told me 2-3 years ago might be a tiny leak. thanks
  12. This guy guessed pretty close, Oh wait that was me.
  13. Morris county is perfect check PM for phone#
  14. im looking for at least 1000 small rifle , magnum or regular, equal trade for 1000 federal large pistol
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