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  1. Is NJ2AS the NJ standard bearer for 2A rights in NJ? what is their plan in the event of a SCOTUS win. I'm guessing by the timeline on the original post that this group is a secret brotherhood, if they want people to go maybe they should have made a better attempt to get people to go, 3 days notice is not much. I have 1 question if someone attending can ask: will the gun groups in NJ transition from Florida / Utah permit classes to NJ classes if we win?
  2. Newsmax story said that there might be 2 opinions posted on monday, didn't say which ones
  3. I think it would be better if we concentrated our efforts on the "what if" . Is the NJ 2A community prepared for a victory, have any of the NJ 2A organizations prepared a strategy to fight the inevitable fight ahead should the ruling be in our favor. are any of the groups that do the Florida / Utah permit classes prepared to do a NJ one? Where is the ANJRPC, I have not read anything from them on this matter.
  4. https://www.newsmax.com/newsfront/nj-police-pot-drugs/2022/04/15/id/1065947/ I dont think your going to get too many normal cops using weed, the ones that will are the ones where the standards have been lowered to attract a certain group.
  5. they are trying to run the clock down on Clarence Thomas
  6. So, would a win in the 5th circuit mean that for example if NJ passed a no online ammo law that businesses in the 5 circuit can tell NJ to go to hell and ship to us?
  7. something I just found out if you plan on switching, USAA said I had to go to this "Carco" rep and have pictures and a report done by March 12th started out as no big deal, went to the local one and had both cars done, took about 30 min total. about 10 or 12 days later i get an envelope in the the mail to call "urgent" scary looking message. so I call up and find out that in NJ ( The devils armpit ) it has to be within 8 days of the new policy going into effect. so I was too fast. So no big deal ...... I go back and explain it to the guy, he does it again yet this time nobody seems to have it, so if USAA doesn't tell me tomorrow that it has to be done again I have to go to another place. I feel the guy F'd it up as he didn't seem technologically savvy if you know what I mean. So beware, pics and report have to be within 8 days.
  8. it sucked, drop off in the short term parking, no parking available, people parking everywhere could barely fit through. pick up was even worse, had to go for 11:30 pm pick up, roads around arrivals closed gigantic cluster F , even worse was trying to explain to my wife where to meet me. never again.
  9. anyone know how to drop off people at newark airport terminal C I'm not an airport guy, I have to go there every 15 years or so I dont know the rules thanks
  10. thanks for the reply's I went with USAA
  11. Does anyone have any experience with USAA as a car and homeowner insurance, also any experience with Progressive. thanks
  12. Has anyone renewed their Utah non resident permit recently. I just got a letter and they want you to watch a video and they want a copy of your own home state permit IF YOUR STATE HONORS THE UTAH PERMIT , Is this new or am i misreading this. what happen since we dont have CCW in nj.
  13. i'm sure all the pro2a gun orgs. in NJ have their appeals to the SCOTUS already prepared should any of this pass, stop worrying.
  14. Im looking for a true gunsmith, not an AR assembler. I want some custom metal work on a smith and wesson revolver. Morris County are if any thanks.
  15. Of course they will, Just wondering if the first folks to take advantage of it will be the criminals that cops shoot while they are committing their crimes
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