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  1. https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2019/09/18/white-house-doj-gun-control-proposal-includes-universal-background-checks/ looks like some form of background check is being thrown out there, If America got U.S. Reciprocity that was real included in this and the background check was FREE and available to all through an easy APP and the record of the sale was destroyed except for your hard copy , that would be the only way I think it might pass. Not that I want it but in NJ were screwed right now anyway so we may as well get something out of it.
  2. https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2019/09/18/report-colt-to-cease-ar-15-production-for-the-civilian-market/ I guess they are going to try to capture the law enforcement market. They may as well stop all sales as I will never support a company that surrenders to the enemy . Not like they make anything today that's worth a shit but they were trying to get back into the revolver scene.
  3. Drone attacks on US soil by the enemy, We better pass stricter gun control asap.
  4. I found out the hard way going to flatbrook, I called someone at F&G to inquire about this since I wanted to shoot and obviously there was no construction going on at that time, no construction equipment on site. I was told that at flatbrook it is being extended to 100 yards and is being made more "center fire" friendly. I questioned that statement and that is what they said about flatbrook. I don"t know how to interpret that response . could it be that since Flatbrook is in a national park away from any houses? could it mean for park rangers only? who knows. I dont like the fact that they closed the only 2 NNJ .22 ranges at the same time.
  5. I'm looking for an old single shot.22 lr along the lines of the remington 514 or similar or if you have seen any at any of the gun stores thanks
  6. Should this be a favorable decision does anyone know if the NJ NRA affiliate prepared lawsuits to hand to the AG's office to force them to comply. We know they will not go down easy, our next ten moves should have already been planned and prepared.
  7. samsung s8 it is telling me error code EX145 goggle says its some kind of database error
  8. https://www.foxnews.com/politics/terrorist-watchlist-ruled-unconstitutional-after-lawsuit-by-muslim-us-citizens " are significant, and that they have a right to due process when their constitutional rights are infringed." I wonder if this will carry over to due process of red flag laws? "
  9. Any reason this site no longer works on a samsung phone site seemed like it was down yessterday and when it came back it would not load properly on my phone
  10. FYI, the .22 range at Flatbrook Roy WMA will be closed until spring of 2020, I am told that it is being lengthened to 100 yds as well as other improvements. I hope they build the benches with benchrest shooters in mind as .22 shooters far outnumber the number of Fudds that use it. Isolated shooting benches would be nice, This would eliminate all the shaking and pounding the Fudds do while ramming the ball down on the blackpowder and shaking the entire bench. also I hope they are designed around the average height of people. The current benches at Flatbrook and Clinton were designed around a race of people who must have stood 8 feet tall and had belly's the size of beach balls.
  11. oct 7th is the next session so it wont be before that.
  12. so no date available yet? October is coming soon. where would it be posted first, does anyone know the link.
  13. This should be a wake up call for any NJ gun owner to use extreme caution as to who knows your hobby, sport or what ever you call it. You need to find a safe storage place for all your "safe queens" , family heirlooms, and other collectible guns. start building hiding places . leave your 1 home defense gun out but hide the rest. You can be assured that if your collection of Colt SAA's or that Colt Walker you got buried in your safe will be destroyed if seized by the stasi. an event can happen anytime, don't kid your self especially if you have kids in a school system. make plans with a trusted gun owning friend, I have a plan with mine, we have each others shed lock combinations and in the event I ever had to remove mine at any hour of the day I can just drive to his house , lock them in his shed and he will do the rest. The NJ NRA affiliate should devise and disseminate a legal plan of action for NJ gun owners immediately . Now do we have to wait for a case to happen before a SCOTUS complaint.
  14. what is the legal definition of a supressor, both federal and nj. is it a certain noise level attenuation .
  15. Ginsburg having tests in sloan kettering in NYC thursday
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