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  1. Just got my ballot, besides A. Colandro who else should NJ residents vote for?
  2. Wouldn't the supreme court justices realize its a constitutional challenge ???? How dumb does our AG think they are. I would think any case sent to SCOTUS involves the constitutionality of a law.
  3. question, If SCOTUS does not hear it can they kick it back to 3rd circuit for a do-over ?
  4. I always thought that the state preemption law prevents towns from adopting all these individual laws? Isn't this why we have won several suits about gun laws like jersey city and Paterson? If the state legalizes it I think it the towns will lose the battle as far as trying to ban it. I guess they can try zoning but that will be over ridden rather quickly.
  5. If the law is passed at the federal level than the federal govt. should provide a method for private FTF background checks that is accessible for free to all whom may want to use it. I'm in no way advocating for a background check, just saying if we loose.
  6. If there is a chance that we loose this battle at the national level it should be demanded that NICS be made available anyone requesting a background check for a private sale or purchase. Free of charge of course!
  7. Cops in NJ will NEVER support the 2A, it is their bread and butter once they retire. google any NJ based security firm or private detective agency and read the resumes, you will quickly see the pattern.
  8. https://www.nj.com/news/2019/03/nj-turnpike-authority-must-justify-increase-in-e-zpass-violation-fee-to-50-court-rules.html I wonder how we can use this decision to our favor?
  9. One would think with all the bullshit red flag law crap that if a family member can call and take your rights away why shouldn't they be allowed to vouch for you to get your rights.
  10. For any lawyers out there I have a question. i believe that the state claims that the info on who has gun permits regardless of the type that it is not public information to be released for OPRA / FOIA requests . I have been thinking and maybe this was addressed but wouldn't the fact that we are forced to submit our applications with 2 references negate the claim of "secrecy" or what ever lame excuse the state calls it. since they require people other than the applicant to know you have a permit shouldn't this information be defacto public information and thus be available through a OPRA request. how can in one breath they say its not public and then the next breath force us to make it public. anyone care to jump in on this.
  11. "hopefully" this awakens all the gun owners nationwide that the #1 topic for the left in 2020 is going to be your constitutional rights. states such as PA. who are about 1 vote away from becoming a NJ and many others better open their eyes. They are coming for everything and they better wake the f up.
  12. make sure you dont have any RF devices that are interfering with your key fob such as a remote weather station that uses RF to work. many of these use the same frequencies as the keys and are of a higher wattage.
  13. the rear sight is an LPA and the front sight is a taller one as the LPA changes the point of impact and it required a higher sight. the hammer is the MASS Driver hammer from apex I think to help with primer ignition,
  14. from listening to the press conference it sounds like it might have been another one of those background check failures. have to wait and see it again to confirm but apparently he had a felony conviction from 2104 so much for the nics check
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