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  1. 26 million nics checks, I hope they understand the consequences of an incorrect vote. This could be their first and last purchase if we lose.
  2. 750 is nothing for this. Gianni Pirelli , Morristown, Verona is a doctor who does this. It is not a free ride to a letter, You will be evaluated.
  3. Has anyone or any organization scrutinized the 2A history for trumps picks for the replacement , five females so far.
  4. https://www.nj.com/politics/2020/09/new-budget-deal-kills-murphy-plans-to-raise-nj-taxes-on-cigarettes-firearms-but-hits-corporations-millionaires.html I think its a trick.
  5. anyone know the current time from application to issuance for state police sussex. I know the sgt there is good but he's relying on Trenton to process them.
  6. and somebody is already hitting the concrete overhang at Clinton.
  7. And Murphy's second state shut down hasn't even gone into effect yet. can't imagine what MVC will be like then. If you listen carefully to him the second state shutdown is just a few weeks to a month away.
  8. https://www.ammoland.com/2020/09/nra-supports-retired-law-enforcement-officers-right-carry/#axzz6XMUY2eaC So this is the case the nra and the nj affiliate takes on. defending the people who dont defend us. how about they try for everyones rights
  9. https://www.ammoland.com/2020/09/defense-distributed-demand-injunction-against-nj-ag-in-3d-printing-censorship-case/#axzz6X5PwR7QQ not sure if this is new to this, the Nj bullshit piles up so fast its hard to keep track.
  10. see how many were committed by career criminals and see about connecting the criminal to the judge who gave insufficient sentences
  11. Friend said he got a new change of address FID and it was different, No info on back of card. My guess is that murphy will force all of us to "upgrade" for 100 bucks
  12. I go in person to my guy, the reason to purchase metals like gold and silver is basically to protect ( hide ) your assets from the govt, potential ex wifes lawyers and the like. hopefully silver keeps going up. what any man should be doing from the day they get married is to buy metals when the price is right. so in case your wife goes postal none of that silver of gold is any account. everytime you go get grocerys you take out an extra 20 or 40 and buy a 10oz bar of silver when you get enough. it adds up over time. the second thing a man should do is never get married, its an old worn out tradition that only screws the men. kind of like a dinning room in your house when we all eat in the TV room.
  13. What it might do as well is to give other out of state vendors who are concerned about this guy trying to enforce NJ's unconstitutional laws on them into finally telling him to kiss their ass.
  14. Miranda is basically your 5th amendment
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