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  1. so 2 months from cashed check to issuing, that's not good for anyone waiting. I just saw that my check was cashed on friday so I hope its not the end of march for mine.
  2. whats the status on the insurance requirement, was that addressed or still in a holding pattern for the PI
  3. how did we lose on the public transportation hubs? how are people who rely on buses and trains supposed to carry. will this be addressed in PI
  4. was this the case challenging the insurance requirement?
  5. Although Cai comes off looking like she is a high school age intern for a law firm keep in mind #1 she is employed by the state of nj so thats where she gets her marching orders from #2 she was ordered to defend a law that was written in direct defiance to carefully thought out SC decision which she knows is a losing proposition. #3 the only reason she is coming off looking the way she does is because a leftist activist judge is not hearing the case.
  6. HOME ABOUT NEWS REPORTS & PUBLIC HEARINGS CONTACT US Today's SCI The SCI is an independent fact-finding agency whose mission is to investigate waste, fraud and abuse of government tax dollars. It is empowered to monitor and assess the threat posed by organized crime and to recommend new laws and other systemic remedies to protect the integrity of the governmental process on behalf of the citizens of New Jersey. The Commission is required by law to pursue these investigations beyond the sphere of political influence or favoritism. The law requires the SCI's findings to be made public through written reports and/or public hearings. Over the course of more than 50 years since the Commission's establishment in 1968, it has conducted more than 120 investigations. The Commission's work has saved taxpayers millions of dollars and has been the catalyst for numerous important statutory, regulatory and administrative reforms bolstering the integrity of government at all levels. ABOUT THE SCI we should should tips to the SCI about the waste of our tax dollars in this case
  7. 7 job postings on civil service website for Assistant AG's now
  8. 160 days, at morris court now PD says they sent it nov 22 so i guess im stuck waiting.
  9. 61 days at court and check not cashed? I tried to enlist the help of my legislatures and senator to just have them inquire of the court the process and was surprised none wanted to touch it? I left astonished as they all claim to be big pro2a supporters. next time they ask for money I'll bring this up with them.
  10. not sure whats going on in morris county, seems typical no accountability for govt employees. If courts are taken out of the process I have to wonder if it would be faster to reapply at PD, start from scratch? did anyone call the morris court and give their name and ask where they are in the cue and did it have a negative affect or positive. were they able to give you a number?
  11. anyone have any insight as to why Morris county has practically come to a halt? are any of our gun groups looking into this. On Anthony's podcast he mentions someone at ANJRPC who started facebook pages for each county, does anyone know of this facebook page for morris?
  12. At what point can our side start to sue for financial damages, lawyer fee's and all that we know that murphy will not stop at attacking the constitution and there will certainly be a "carry killer bill 2.0" coming. when can they be held personally liable for civil rights violations. for example the cop that subdued that guy in Minnesota was sued civilly for violating someones civil rights. If murphy continues to act outside the law as well as any other public official at what point are they vulnerable.
  13. so whats next ? cause NJ will probably try same shit
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