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  1. https://www.nj.com/news/2020/12/smith-wesson-sues-nj-after-state-demands-advertising-info.html I didnt see this anywhere , the is from dec of 2020, anyone else see it
  2. With the continuing ammo shortage as well as the reloading component shortage and with no end in sight probably for a very very long time especially with the dissolution of any opposition to the communist left in the country what is to become of the shooting ranges. Once all the ammo/components we hoarded is out or too dangerously low levels and the inability for anyone to include ranges and gun stores to replenish their stocks what is the future of shooting ranges that rely on range usage to survive. If nobody has any ammo to shoot and the only available ammo is trading like silver and gold what are they going to do. I personally think it's time for the ammo industry to step up, all I have been hearing from them is excuses. if this is not the correct thread please move.
  3. We blew our chance in Trumps first 2 years because of the nevertrumpers like Paul Ryan, The democrats will make no such error nor will they take any chances in the midterm elections. They will implement everything in the first 2 years. Hopefully the free states do not comply with any new laws.
  4. Left to Right 1 a few pin fire rounds 2 30-06 blank SL-54 3 7.62 training round for recoiless rifle Lake City 4 wooden bullet headstamp ROL 43 berdan primed (the O has an arrow in the middle) 5 .50 cal spotting round recoiless rifle
  5. not sure if this is already posted https://www.ammoland.com/2020/11/nj-appellate-court-rules-that-falsification-of-gun-permit-form-must-be-made-knowing/#axzz6dhyKGiPQ wonder what it means for infamous questions
  6. i shoot the Kolibri .22's all the time. I also bought a Beeman P1 .20 cal and shoot that everywhere I go, the only issue is my arm gets tirem from cocking it.
  7. I didn't say it was a U.S. problem , you added U.S. to your reply . I was a problem and it was an example I gave.
  8. I often wonder this when reading about the holocaust and other humanitarian genocides and the boiling frog fable comes to mind.
  9. One only needs to read and understand history as to know what will change, The question is how far are we going to allow it to change. How many times do we allow history to repeat its self before we, the American people take a decisive stance. We are in "chapter 1" of the Fall of the American Empire, sadly we all know what is in chapter 2 and subsequent chapters that will make up this history lesson that will be studied ad nauseam with countless thesis's being written fifty or a hundred years from now and those debating it will all ask the exact same questions we ask now about events in our history fifty or a hundred years ago, " Why didn't they do anything" " Why didn't they fight back" I often wonder this when reading about the holocaust and other humanitarian genocides and the boiling frog fable comes to mind.
  10. been waiting for permits from sussex barracks, got email saying all was approved but have not got call yet from barracks., could these be online permits and how would I know. has anyone used an online permit yet? thanks
  11. back about 20 years or so i learned a super valuable lesson about asking a douche to act in a civil manner. Had a scum bag neighbor, requested something very simple of him about noise coming from his property. well that made it 10 times worse for me and I had to sell my house and move because "legally" I had no recourse. Move forward to today, I have a similar situation, this time I know the rules of engagement only this time the scum bag has no friggin idea of where all the problems he is encountering are coming from. Funny story about the first douche was that they utilized a 900mhz cordless phone and came in loud and clear on my scanner, lots of good intel to act on, I was always one step ahead of his antics. some people are just scumbags and need to be dealt with in covert manners or you might bring more misery to yourself if not handled correctly.
  12. sprinkle abrasive carbide powder on the windshield wiper blades, squish a blueberry or similar thing on windshield directly in front of drivers line of sight. driver gets in car, drives down street ....... driver notices windshield is dirty .....driver pushes windshield squirter to clean window. FYI brownells sells the powder
  13. problem seemed to be the main fuse block under the hood was completely corroded under it. changed fuse block and will see if that was it.
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