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  1. I don't know why we ( NJ gun organizations ) have not yet filed a lawsuit on "duty to inform" A clear violation of the constitution 5th and probably 4th. Maybe this guys lawyer will and get that charge dropped. what other right do you need to inform a law enforcement officer of. are you required to identify as a republican or democrat during an encounter, and by the way, what constitutes an encounter. voluntary? involuntary? time to get this one knocked down. come on ANJRPC stop waiting for court decisions and go on the attack.
  2. https://revolver.news/2024/04/deep-state-bird-flu-wellness-blog/ looking more and more like the bird flu to control the outcome of the election
  3. https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2024/04/26/breaking-news-fda-says-bird-flu-discovered-in-grocery-store-milk/ Could be this it ? what is the uniparty going to use to muck up the elections?
  4. the communists are laying the groundwork for a november disaster, they will stop at nothing to keep themselves in power. indictments, disease, terrorism, assassination who knows what angle they are planning. what would biden do if the electrical infrastructure went down on november 4th and voting booths dont work? are the communists planning martial law to take our guns away? pay attention to the little hints that they are throwing out to the public, mark my words something is coming.
  5. I hope you are correct but if you have been paying attention to all the lower court decisions from the left wing circuits we are not doing so good and the communists know this. while we sit back and wait and wait and wait for a favorable 3rd circuit decision on the mag limits and sensitive places the anti-american legislators around the country, even in what was once considered 100% pro gun states are passing laws with contempt for the Bruen decision knowing that they are only playing out the clock until they get a favorable ( activist ) supreme court again. which can be as early as this november. I believe the 3rd circuit will not rule on our cases until after the election and we all know why..
  6. the lower courts across the country are all colluding with each other against the citizens. they are just buying time by doing this expecting a sweep in november. if you have been following these AWB / magazine cases across the country you will see that we are losing at these levels and depending if they can hold out and win in november then forget about everything. the US will turn into a country similar to Ireland / North Ireland. There will be us and there will be them. red states and blue states . the division created by them will grow and look like Belfast in the 70's. we will be fighting the crown again.
  7. so murphy wastes over a half million bucks and now the taxpayers are on the hook for it. plus all the AG's salaries and lawyers.
  8. There are not really any long range portable radios, VHF 144 mhz up to around 160 mhz would be your best bet. for ham frequencies you would have to get a license 144-148 mhz as far as reliability, that comes with a price. all commercial radios require programming software and knowledge. 2 meter ham would be your best bet, icom, kenwood.
  9. well, it looks like she dropped out. commies must be putting plan "B" into effect.
  10. so what our attorneys need to do is when a gun free zone is reported to them by us they need to send a registered letter, signature required to the business owner/corporation stockholders requesting the type of armed security they provide, the name of their insurance carrier, the detailed action plan they have in place in the event of a mass shooting so the customers know who would be liable should they not allow an individual the ability to defend themselves we need to have our form letter advising the business what legal actions will be takin against them should you be injured and they failed to defend you..
  11. probably not, we just sit back and wait for other cases to meander through the system. always on defense never offence. ANJRPC, where are you. "a lawsuit a day" should be your motto
  12. people, you have about a month left to change your party affiliation to undeclared, this way you can vote as democrat in the primary and against tammy murphy. don't worry about not voting for a republican in NJ, Trump is going to be the opposition to biden anyway and i cant think of a single republican who is actually worth supporting. your primary vote will be better spent voting against murphy. since the end of WW2 our country has sacrificed tens of thousands of american soldiers in the fight against communism, Korea, Vietnam, Grenada and dozens of other little sh!thole countries around the world. now you can do your part and use your 1 "bullet" (vote) at the polls this June to defend us against communism.
  13. I keep my AR-15's loaded with 5.56 ammo not to exercise the springs in the magazines but as a deterrent , the same as the United States keeping nukes locked and loaded.
  14. https://nj.gov/governor/news/news/562024/approved/20240304a.shtml It seems our king is not in favor of hugh taxes as long as they are not on guns. he also would like exemptions for low income motorists? did he consider the "peoples" ability to pay a 100% increase to have a constitutional right, an amount which is currently in question.
  15. So, Lavrentiy Beria (merrick garland) want to fight voter ID law? https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2024/03/05/attorney-general-merrick-garland-vows-to-fight-voter-id-laws-disadvantage-minorities/ OK, so now red state governors need to follow suit and stop ID laws for firearm purchases. It is clearly established that the 2A IS a constitutional RIGHT that shall not be infringed.. If this is fought to the SCOTUS than SAF, FPC, GOA and the nra (if their still relevant ) need to make it clear that if there is no ID for voting than there is no ID for 2A in any shape or form. And leftist's, just so you know, More carnage can be dealt to the republic at a voting booth than at any "mass shooting" anywhere.
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