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  1. For the financial experts, What happens to the economy when this is finally lifted for good?
  2. whats a good cleaner to use on a granite headstone that wont damage it. thanks
  3. I would have thought that the NJ gun organizations ( yea I know , conspicuous by their absence ) would have started a program like the Florida/Utah permit classes so that we can have our packets ready to submit that day should this case go in Americas favor. The NJ gun groups need to consolidate and be ready for this, don't wait or this will be a cluster funk . They need to start planning a legal response now should this go in favor of the constitution and the state refuse to follow as we know they will. Be prepared.
  4. “No, the Second Amendment is exceptional not because it is uniquely oppressed or imperiled, but rather because it is singularly capable of causing harm,” Wynn wrote. I would say the ability of uneducated people to vote causes far more harm to the public and the United States than the second amendment could ever imagined in a liberals wildest LSD induced hallucination.
  5. https://www.nj.com/hudson/2021/07/secaucus-police-arrest-man-with-loaded-gun-at-hotel.html misleading headlines? the entire story needs to be known: #1 was this guy a prohibited person #2 did he consent to a search # 3 was he engaged in criminal activity or a suspect in a crime The fact that a person is carrying a gun doesn't make them criminals,
  6. I hope that stores are opened up along the borders of WVA just like the firework stores just over into PA. I guess mailorder will also be tax free, Targetsports are you listening. Time for a move
  7. possibly because the gas pumper moved on to another job?
  8. I get all my prescription Wiley x from Framesdirect.com 4 pairs so far, 2 polarized sunglasses 1 yellow for shooting and a pair of yellowish blue light blockers to drive at night, these help with all the assholes who put those LED light bars and high intensity headlights on their cars, they are either the Saint or Valor models. they are very comfortable and I find myself having to touch them to make sure I have them on as they are very light weight.
  9. ok thanks , more traffic for rt10. soon they will need elevated highways all over the state.
  10. went to stop in at a gun store on rt10 in east hanover, was on the east bound side in the Pine Tree Plaza. found that the mall parking lot is fenced off and mall looks abonded. they always had a good selection of used .22s, anyone know what happened to them.
  11. https://www.ammoland.com/2021/06/firearms-policy-coalition-challenges-massachusetts-handgun-ban/#axzz6xJ8BVDHq Still wondering where are the NJ 2A organizations, When do we see this challenged in NJ.
  12. This is where we can make a change IF the opposition party actually wanted it changed. ANYONE can register as non-declared for the primary, If we were organized we could pick a local race to attack, ALL conservatives could primary as democrats and attempt to oust the incumbent, this is the ONLY way in NJ you will change things. because of the RINO establishment it is probably more advantageous to challenge a democrat in a primary than to try and pick a republican. This primary is a perfect example. we got a RINO so even if he does beat murphy things will stay the same.
  13. It's the only gun related supporter I heard from, Nothing from the NJ NRA affiliates, Shouldn't have to search anywhere for it. There probably in bed with the "establishment" RINOs here hoping for something in return.
  14. got an email from RTSP range, they said to vote for Rizzo. I'm glad that a NJ gun organization has finally spoken up. I will not be voting for any RINOs .
  15. They are probably the ones who "hacked" the system to create the crisis, IP address of hacker was probably 192.168.1600 Pennsylvania ave.
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