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  1. whats the secret to becoming a premier member, I can't find a link anywhere. I see thats a requirement to post items for sale now. Thanks
  2. if you have a radio scanner that picks up the 225-380 mhz AM band you can listen to them, refueling and chasing away intruders.
  3. The central committee comrades in trenton have already reviewed the document and have deemed it worthless to gun owners in the PRNJ. the lawyers fees are paid by us the taxpayers so they dont care.. as far as 100k is concerned the state wastes that much in the first 1/1000th of a second at the start of each business day. look for this document to change or be buried in some more red tape very shortly.
  4. I went to phantom fireworks in Delaware water gap this AM. stocked up on everything. buy one get one.
  5. I agree, a win is a win no matter how tiny. one important item is the part about answering yes to that psychiatrist question, it tells investigating agency exactly what the applicant needs to produce. no more no less. sorry I cant find my thumb drive with the guide right this second to quote it. one thing to remember this is just a guide. depending which way the wind blows will determine how it is rewritten and how often.
  6. thanks for the replies, the patrol can kiss my .............
  7. NFA should counter sue , civil rights of NJ purchasers are being violated . 2A, shall not be infringed
  8. https://www.nj.com/politics/2019/06/nj-sues-nevada-gun-dealer-that-shipped-banned-100-round-magazine-to-undercover-agents.html well lets see where this goes, a company selling a perfectly legal item on their end to nj . wheres the crime?
  9. I want to get a air gun so I can practice more and the sig M17 looks like a good practice one., I have a Beeman P-1 in .20 cal but its only a single shot barrel break type. what is a good store to buy an air gun on the free side of the river. I'll probably be going next weekend and will be picking up all my fireworks too. thanks
  10. My son wanted to buy me a beer for fathers day so we went into the new Weiss liquor store in Randolph, He's only 15 ( I'm 56 ) so obviously I was buying it. At the register when I went to pay the kid asked me for my ID? so I showed him NJ DL and he proceeded to scan it into some device, I took it away from him and asked what he was doing and he said its company policy? He couldn't even tell me what, where or who was collecting the data. I explained to him that their is nobody on planet earth that needs to know what I'm buying and went to bar on rt 10 and got my beer. Now I don't drink and the last time I actually made an adult beverage purchase in NJ was probably somewhere around 2006/7 time frame. Is this something new. CVS tried the same shit when I was purchasing an Amazon card for 300 bucks, store policy they tell me to scan DL. I think we all know where this is going and what the data will be used for and who will have access to it, just like cell phones tracking your every move. all that data will be discoverable to the prosecutor when you get in trouble just like plate readers are. Sorry fed's, I'm not going to make it easy for you. FYI
  11. I'm about 3.5 miles as the crow fly's and a hill in between my house and Howard Blvd, unless there is some kind of an acoustic phenomenon in play I think its closer. can't seem to find any obvious range on google earth anywhere, only place I can think of is the county concrete facility., I wonder if they built a private range in there?
  12. Anyone know of an outdoor range near Mine Hill or Kenvil area, I can hear shots being fired most of the day and was wonder where this is coming from. is it public, private or a cop range. thanks
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