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  1. December 2nd is right around the corner for the NYstate case.
  2. I guess the laws that protect gun manufacturers mean nothing. anyone know how the court voted or is this something we never find out.
  3. " insurance products that may serve to encourage the improper use of firearms," what is improper about using a gun to defend yourself and how does this encourage it? Using his perverted theory wouldn't car insurance fall into the same category or flood insurance, the availability of flood insurance encourages morons to build in flood prone areas. I cant believe this has not been brought before a court .
  4. .22 caliber, its for revolvers to ream to SAMMI specifications. if you have a revolver with tight chambers this is the tool you need, you just need a tap handle and cutting oil. My 617 -6 went from being able to shoot two cylinders before being unable to hand eject the brass to several hundred.
  5. are you sure that port is turned on, you might have to log into your switch (manifold thing ) and turn that port on. since you say your adding a device that port may never have been provisioned (turned on ) try switching a known good port with that one and see if the connected device works. that the quickest way to check.
  6. not sure what you mean on bolt pattern, it's a picatinny rail mount.
  7. Simmons prohunter 2-6 x32 with Weaver S&W revolver mount and scope mounts 100 dollars
  8. Clymer .22lr revolver chamber reamer. 60.00 dollars used on 10 chambers on a S&W 617 If you own a 617 10 shot this is the tool you need to ease the extraction, no more mallets . you only need a tap handle for it, easy to use, it bottoms out when its done cutting. makes the 617 fun to shoot.
  9. burris ff3 3 moa w picatinny mount asking 200 dollars
  10. So tomorrow is OCT 1st, what is a good website to watch to see if SCOTUS hears the case in December.
  11. https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2019/09/18/white-house-doj-gun-control-proposal-includes-universal-background-checks/ looks like some form of background check is being thrown out there, If America got U.S. Reciprocity that was real included in this and the background check was FREE and available to all through an easy APP and the record of the sale was destroyed except for your hard copy , that would be the only way I think it might pass. Not that I want it but in NJ were screwed right now anyway so we may as well get something out of it.
  12. https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2019/09/18/report-colt-to-cease-ar-15-production-for-the-civilian-market/ I guess they are going to try to capture the law enforcement market. They may as well stop all sales as I will never support a company that surrenders to the enemy . Not like they make anything today that's worth a shit but they were trying to get back into the revolver scene.
  13. Drone attacks on US soil by the enemy, We better pass stricter gun control asap.
  14. I found out the hard way going to flatbrook, I called someone at F&G to inquire about this since I wanted to shoot and obviously there was no construction going on at that time, no construction equipment on site. I was told that at flatbrook it is being extended to 100 yards and is being made more "center fire" friendly. I questioned that statement and that is what they said about flatbrook. I don"t know how to interpret that response . could it be that since Flatbrook is in a national park away from any houses? could it mean for park rangers only? who knows. I dont like the fact that they closed the only 2 NNJ .22 ranges at the same time.
  15. I'm looking for an old single shot.22 lr along the lines of the remington 514 or similar or if you have seen any at any of the gun stores thanks
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