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  1. https://www.breitbart.com/crime/2023/09/25/pennsylvania-state-police-trooper-involuntary-commits-ex-girlfriend/ exact reason these unconstitutional red flag laws need to be done away with. trooper should be ..........
  2. https://abcnews.go.com/Politics/sen-bob-menendez-indicted-gifts-gold-bars-car/story?id=103407936 I'm sure AG garland will throw the book at him.
  3. so I sold my car and was paid cash, what is the limit on depositing cash in a bank before a red flag is sent up? I thought it used to be 10k but I thought the commies in power lowered it
  4. Has anything official come out yet ( 8/21/2023 ) on what we have to do if you already qualified and need to do a new course? Now I'm hearing that if you qualified prior to July 18th 2023 all you need is updated use of force class. does anyone have any official update? thanks
  5. My annual search for GOOD firewood in the morris county area, looking for consistent size and clean. thanks
  6. To date, Is there any clarification as to who has to re-qual and what ranges previous quals are being accepted?
  7. I still dont know how "Shooters" can put out a statement that they checked wtih the SP and their quals are OK , A friend took his quals there and they only went out to 15 yds, so how can the SP say theres was OK but Gun for Hire is not? I hope its not a money grab by the ranges? something fishy
  8. Still as clear as muddy water, If Shooters quals are good than most of the other ranges ( Gun for hire, RTSP etc ) should also be good, Right? we need an independent source for the truth and not from the range owners who only want to self promote their "holster draw" classes. I'm gonna wait this one out and see what happens, I can't believe that NJ is going to use offensive (attacking) training like shooting in kneeling position and hiding behind barricade. probably most SD shooting your not going to have time to aim let alone kneel and perform other calisthenics.
  9. thanks for all the responses, I have tinnitus, vertigo and GERD often and that's what I'm looking to get covered.
  10. is anyone familiar as to where to start exploring applying for VA disability benefits.
  11. they are laying the ground work for a system hack and all of our personal data to include references wil be available to all left wing commie groups.
  12. can a document be unlaminated? my PD laminated after i signed it.
  13. where is the 2nd circuit case in NY ? what stage is it at. is there any date set for anything? when is the scotus going to step in. anyone know anything thanks
  14. So if they do have "gun" sniffing dogs lets all start bringing in a little powder and spent primers in and spreading it all over and maybe drip a little hoppes solvent around. wait, does anyone normal go to willowbrook anymore cept' for gang bangers and other low lifes?
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