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  1. revenger

    Pistol Pemit Changes

    doesnt look like anything changed to me. sb212 state police check sp066 mental health 10 yrs residency on sp066 reference letters always there, mine are sent every time birth certificate might be if theres no DL sounds like the same old to me ,since the inception of the permit process. am i missing anything?
  2. https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2019/01/10/five-republicans-join-democrat-push-criminalize-private-gun-sales/ says republican Chris Smith from NJ suppoprts this shit. time to start calling him and tell him hes done.
  3. looks like Hudson reintroduced his bill, dont have a link right now. I read it on the PAFAO website.
  4. any idea if theres any chance of re-filing lawsuits that we have lost in the past such as the 30 day law, the FID process as a whole. with the 3rd circuit flipping I would think we could, by we I mean the NJ NRA affiliates. anyone know if this is possible.
  5. I keep getting a pop up that states, ( "Important information " I accept ) on my phone when I go to this site, anyone know what this is. its like a virus or malware that wants me to click on "accept" Is this being generated by this site for a reason? anyone know wtf this is.
  6. OK, I read the qualification forms and I think I'm good 1. Club I belong to RTSP on their list of clubs 2. Marksmanship DD-214 expert of course 3 FPID card yes 4. Citizen yes 5. age yes Do you just drive out their with these documents or is more required.
  7. revenger

    Mance vs. Whittaker

    I guess it would depend how the Federal regulations are rewritten if we win. I think most of those interstate sale laws will have to redone and I can see us being able to buy anywhere in the US, Now NJ might try to require us fill out a p2p (register) but that would be after the fact and who would care if a p2p application took 2 years at that point, I think federal law would trump state laws on this and as long as you pass your NICS your good.
  8. revenger

    Mance vs. Whittaker

    I think it will be like buying ammo in another state, unless there is a waiting period other states dont care about seeing my FPID for ammo, . other states aren't going to give a crap about a nj purchase permit as long as they are following federal law and what ever that may be if we win this. I wonder how it will affect private FTF sales of handguns.
  9. revenger

    Mance vs. Whittaker

    https://www.ammoland.com/2018/12/supreme-court-brief-supporting-2a-challenges-federal-handgun-sales-ban/#axzz5apbbrCEe Ammoland just posted it. This will eliminate all of NJ's crap, Of course NJ will try and stop us.
  10. My wife currently thinks my guns are only worth about 75.00 dollars for the rifle and 100 for the pistol, there is no way in hell I would tell her the true value of ALL of them. than depending on the marriage years from now ( she keeps talking about living here , NJ ) I certainly dont want her to know. along with the silver bars, coins and gold that can not be traced to me as an asset if that day ever comes. Oh, and a treasure map as to what walls to open up. I would rather loose them after that inevitable date than to a scum bag lawyer. I will let a trusted friend know and if my kids dont want them I'll will them to someone who would take care and oil them on a regular basis. One request I have is if I am buried in NJ I am to be laid out with a shoulder holster and a loaded gun for protection in the after life and as a snub to the state on NJ that I will be carrying forever regardless of the laws when that happens.
  11. revenger

    Mance vs. Whittaker

    that would probably still be true for now until those fights are won but as long as it is not illegal where you purchased it, you would just have to make it NJ compliant as we do with long guns. mag limit and such.
  12. Has anyone heard any rumors on this one going to SCOTUS, this is the interstate purchase of handguns. This would be a major victory for states like ours, It would eliminate the whole permit process and all the bullshit that goes along with it. Follow the laws of what ever state your in.
  13. revenger

    ANJRPC SCOTUS Carry Lawsuit

    Two outcomes on this, either we win or the country loses. were not asking for anything more than what is guaranteed by the Constitution. If we lose than every single left communist state will mirror NJ's laws verbatim and the country will be at war in short order. I like to use Washington state as an example, when I lived there in the 80's it was one of about 5 states that had right to carry. check the time lapse on one of the carry maps. Look at it today. we would go shooting off Weyerhauser logging roads almost ANYWHERE, carry practically anywhere. any guns at the Puyullep gun show it was a shooters heaven.
  14. " But in an act of mass defiance, New Jersey residents refuse to comply." Should say: But in an act of patriotism , New Jersey residents follow the United States Constitution.
  15. revenger

    Good 22LR Revolver

    I got a 4" 617 10 shot as a companion to my 625JM and 625PC. its a good gun once you fix all the issues that S&W quality control missed. If you get a new one make sure to bring a bore light with you and check it out thoroughly. some things you will not find out untill you shoot it. If you order a new one ask the dealer to get 5 and pick the best one. not sure if dealers do this. first thing to check, make sure the forcing cone is correct and that even is one, Than check the barrel to frame alignment. bring a steel straight edge for this. if it passes all visual checks than check for lead spitting and empty ejecting, The following are the tools I purchased from brownells to make mine a fun shooter. 11 degree forcing cone cutter and polishing tool. .22 revolver SAMMI chamber reamer power custom ball detent kit for "pumping" in double action. spring kit of your choosing, I opted for the Jerry M kit and use a 12lb rebound spring. apex mass driver hammer to help ignite .22rf power custom extra length firing pin. S&W trigger and hammer shim kit. power custom oversize cylinder stop (be careful fitting this) to remove the slop. oh, and lots of internal polishing to remove the grit from everything. Trigger pull is now a reliable 8lb and fairly smooth. My goal was to try and make this 617 as good as my late 50's K-22, that is what I used as a standard for comparison.

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