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  1. https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/nj-gov-changes-state-law-so-nurses-other-medical-professionals-can-perform-abortions/ "No argument that NJ would lose in some court....eventually. But there's nothing to prevent NJ legislators from enacting restrictions and NJ judges from enforcing them while they work their way through the courts, right?" Correct, just like Murphy is changing laws in anticipation of a supreme court ruling on abortion. Texas crafted a law that bans abortion that seems to go around the SC roe v wade decision. Make it so anyone can charge a doctor / clinic for violating Texas law, What clinic or dr. is going to take that chance. Murphy and the commies are up to something with this change. keep an eye on it. The only real difference is one of these topics is a real constitutional right and one is a created one. https://www.ammoland.com/2021/10/what-the-supreme-court-wont-do-for-our-right-to-bear-arms/#axzz7A21femoC this ammoland article doesn't make me feel too good about the whole thing either.
  2. https://www.breitbart.com/entertainment/2021/10/21/alec-baldwin-accidentally-shot-and-killed-female-cinematographer-injured-director-on-movie-set/ safety rules dont apply to these elites. my question is, who owned the gun and was it legally transferred to baldwin. if that even matters to this crowd since gun laws are only for us.
  3. I think I mentioned this in another post but I feel the organizations who do the Florida/Utah permit classes should have switched over to NJ permit classes, Get everyones packet all ready except dated and we should all submit them the first day of the decision
  4. anyone know of a place with FFg blackpowder and #11 caps
  5. there are 2 people on planet earth that should know you have a gun, you and the person you got it from. if you are skilled enough to build your own than that reduces the the number to 1
  6. https://www.newsmax.com/newsfront/amy-coney-barrett-scotus-perception/2021/09/13/id/1036104/ This article kind of concerns me when a SC justice publicly announces that she is concerned about the public perception of the court. Kind of scary if you ask me, does this mean she will take "public perception" into account when making a decision based on the constitution? The public perception is that 40+ states allow right to carry and many of them constitutional carry.
  7. https://www.newsmax.com/newsfront/supreme-court-in-person/2021/09/08/id/1035528/ Will this have any bearing on how the Nov 3rd case will be. will it be live streamed.
  8. "My other concern is that states like NY, NJ will just ignore the ruling and change nothing. They learned that the Bill of Rights can be ignored." The above statement is exactly why we need a SINGLE 2a organization fighting for us on the potential outcome of this case. Obviously we dont count on the NRA or its state affiliates for anything as they have no positive history on this matter. The 2A orgs in the state should have already started a strategy to fight the state if this case is positive in our favor because the state under the current communist dictatorship will not comply with that order and will throw every obstacle in the way. We have to have our permit applications ready on that day to submit and The class action lawsuits will have to ready to submit with the first denial. this is what I think should be happening NOW: 1. 2A groups in NJ start a NJ CCW permit class just like the Florida/ Utah classes, fingerprints, pictures, notary's and what ever else is needed and have packets ready to drop off on day 1. 2. Start the law suits against the state/ SP colonel/governor, local towns/mayors/police chiefs and judges, get them prepared now ready for filing on day 1.
  9. https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2021/08/20/steve-daines-demands-accountability-for-82-billion-in-u-s-military-equipment-seized-by-taliban/ The left wing communists in control of DC right now are responsible for leaving 82 billion dollars worth of arms unsecured. They preach to us about locking your gun up in a safe so it doesn't pop up and shoot anyone any THEY allow 82 billion dollars worth of arms to be captured by the enemy to be used against us. Maybe the commies are going to try and have the taliban take our guns away here in the US so what better way to arm them for the job.
  10. https://www.newsmax.com/newsfront/department-of-justice-missouri-gun-law-challenge/2021/08/18/id/1032873/ DOJ is claiming that this law violates the supremacy clause of the constitution. My question is how can they have it both ways. If the DOJ is correct in their theory than wouldn't NJ's laws also violate it as well using their theory. NJ is violating the constitution on the 2A so where is the DOJ to our rescue.
  11. This has probably been asked before but, Can I use my ez pass between family cars. does it just go by the ez pass or is it tied to your license plate. I dont always use the same car and I only use the parkway 4-5 times a year and if you noticed they removed all exact change lanes, only have 1 toll for people paying to force you to by a product so you dont have to wait 20-30 minutes in line . I'm not looking for a lawyers response just a practical response. thanks
  12. For the financial experts, What happens to the economy when this is finally lifted for good?
  13. whats a good cleaner to use on a granite headstone that wont damage it. thanks
  14. I would have thought that the NJ gun organizations ( yea I know , conspicuous by their absence ) would have started a program like the Florida/Utah permit classes so that we can have our packets ready to submit that day should this case go in Americas favor. The NJ gun groups need to consolidate and be ready for this, don't wait or this will be a cluster funk . They need to start planning a legal response now should this go in favor of the constitution and the state refuse to follow as we know they will. Be prepared.
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