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  1. im sure they will be changing the COE'S shortly so I saved the current form to a thumb drive and printed out many copies. Doing this will come in handy in case you ever have to store your guns for safe keeping and away from folks who intend to harm you during a nasty divorce or if your kids friends mommy creates a false public alarm. All my friends have owned all of our guns long before this stupid law was signed so if we trade among ourselfs nobody needs to know.
  2. I have a Energy Kinetics System 2000 boiler, gas fired hot water base board and it also produces my hot water into a 40 gal storage tank It triggers a burner lockout every year around this time when we get high heat 90+ degrees and high humidity. It does this several times during the summer and than works fine for the rest of the year. cant be sure if its just a coincidence it just only happens in the summer on these kind of days. it did it during the last heat wave as well. Any System 2K experts out there or anyone withan idea what might be causing this. Thanks
  3. So nice to finally see this scumbag interrogated. Why cant we have representatives like Gowdey, Gommert, Issa. NJ has the disgraced watson-coleman there, what a disgrace she is to the USA. This is the best TV I have seen in a long time, We can only hope when Hillary is in the hot seat with her oxygen tank and doctors and walker she is grilled as well.
  4. any updates on hearing, figured it would be over by now. cant find anything anywhere
  5. ill second TargetsportsUSA .22 prices cant be beat. I'm on a case a month program, they just want a scan of your FID now, on the order form you can request unmarked over package. They must send it out the door as soon as I hit the "place order" button as it it here in a day or two.
  6. another one is the oath of office, their voting record on anti-gun bills is all the evidence needed to charge them. 41:3-1. False swearing, affirmation of declaration; perjury If any person shall willfully and corruptly swear, affirm or declare falsely, in or by any oath, affirmation, declaration or affidavit, required to be made or taken by any statute of this state, or necessary or proper to be made, taken or used in any court of this state, or for any lawful purpose whatever, such person shall be deemed guilty of perjury and punished accordingly. 41:1-2. Persons required to take oath of allegiance The governor for the time being of this state, and every person who shall be appointed or elected to any office, legislative, executive or judicial, under the authority of this state, or to any office in the militia thereof, and every counselor, solicitor and attorney at law, shall, before he enters upon the execution of his trust, office or duty, take and subscribe the oath of allegiance prescribed by section 41:1-1 of this title. 41:1-1. Oath of allegiance; form Every person who is or shall be required by law to give assurance of fidelity and attachment to the Government of this State shall take the following oath of allegiance: "I, , do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of the State of New Jersey, and that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same and to the Governments established in the United States and in this State, under the authority of the people So help me God." If its a law than ENFORCE IT. NRA / ARPCNJ how about it. get voting record on these recently enacted bills and file complaints in Trenton.
  7. they NRA/ARPCNJ should not limit the lawsuits to these recently enacted laws, since Heller and MacDonald most of NJ laws are invalidated especially the militia thing. We should attack them on many different fronts. Some of my suggestions to add are: 1. possession any where is illegal except for THEIR exceptions. 2. Many of the questions on STS-033 to include the entire process. a. "do you suffer from any defects.........." ADA violation b. " are you member of any organization.......... " basically the democrat party in NJ how many of the scumbag politicians in NJ lied on this question and not denied. c. Have you ever been treated or observed by.............., again ADA violation, if you were prohibited because of this you will not pass NICS and will show up on STS-066 this is the big one because so many people unnecessarily admit this when they didnt have to. 3 . The requirement to answer on the forms which may inadvertently cause a denial, 5th amendment violation , how about you provide your name and DL # and THEY do the investigation. if something comes back you merely have to explain it. A lot more can be added.
  8. ok thanks
  9. Are we allowed to order AR uppers on line even if they need to be pinned or something. any restrictions ?
  10. why hasn't this been challanged just as the 15 round limit is now being challenged? seems exactly the same to me
  11. I have to agree with NJGF, the mags have the value of freedom, life , liberty and the pursuit of happiness. therefore priceless
  12. I'm sure the retired cops have follow whatever the laws are of the state they are in. The ones I work with can not carry hollow points. I will try to locate the info at work today so I can quote it. not even active LEO can have a banned weapon, from time to time you read story's of cops getting caught with such odious pieces of weapons of war.
  13. what would the value be of 10+ round mags in NJ be for the purpose of establishing a market value, in case the state relents and is going to compensate owners for their property. I have 6 P-mags that I would like 100k a piece for, this way NJ can fund my move out of this shithole state. since the market decides the value lets start trading our mags , you buy mine for 600k and ill buy yours for 600k we will therefore establish a market value, ill get a receipt book from staples for proof.
  14. Im sure they are already in their think tank to remedy their law as quick as a lighting strike if an injunction is granted Granted, yea like our rights are granted.
  15. Another disturbing violation of the 4th amendment that not too many people are aware of is the permanent storage of and the utilization of data collected by ALPR ( automatic license plate readers ) . without a warrant these private companies have distributed these readers to the police for god knows what reason. without being charged with any crime or under investigation for any wrong doing ALL of our plates are recorded and stored with GPS co-ordinates for future use. I have also seen screen shots of vehicles captured by this. this information will be available to the highest bidder or for the most nefarious reasons, Of course they will say its for the children. for example your plate can be entered into this system and it WILL show every camera you drove past. date time and all that. I just got stopped the other day by one of these traps because it said my plate was not registered, I had issued reg and insurance so as far as im concerned it was an unlawful stop. thats the reason the cop gave when i asked him why he stopped me. I just happened to be on my way to the range as i am usually always enroute to some place to shoot so I had some of my stuff with me. all legal of course. watch out for these things the ones on the cop cars are obvious but the ones place at entrances to locations (shooting ranges )and such could pose a problem for those of us that are always going to or coming from a range. THEY KNOW WHERE YOU HAVE BEEN LEGALLY TRAVELLING.