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  1. https://www.ammoland.com/2018/11/six-un-armed-off-duty-police-inside-bar-during-thousand-oaks-shooting/#axzz5WPhw0pws Ammoland now reporting there were 6 UNARMED off duty heros in the bar at the time. wonder why, getting shitfaced and didn't want to carry, department policy? well never know
  2. Another one for the "Murphy name and shame" Judges name, home address so house can be picketed
  3. I just cant believe some of the posters on this thread trying to defend ginsberg, It's no wonder why we are where we are in NJ with respect to the constitutional freedoms enjoyed in most of America. over the course of over 250 years countless Americans have given their lives defending the United States and all the reasons we still exist for the most part as we begun. These fifth columnists like ginsberg can up and leave any time they want and go to their favorite communist country any god damn time they want but to try and force (legislate from the bench ) their Un-American views on the entire country goes against everything that was fought for. I keep getting this image in my mind of General George Patton slapping all of you apologists or the scene in the Godfather when the Don slaps Johnny Fontaine and tells him to act like a man. When innocent people die because of liberal decisions from the courts it is no different than if those justices committed the crime themselves. There is zero compromise in a war, UNCONDITIONAL SURRENDER for the enemy Thats it, you overtake the enemy position regroup and prepare for a counter attack. I for one could care less how she goes the sooner the better for the ENTIRE country not just for me. I sure glad I didn't serve with the REMF's that are here defending her. For those who share my views I salute you for those who don't you will eventually get what you wish, I'll be on the outside of the fence looking in. Veterans day is this sunday people, go visit a cemetery, find a fallen vet and salute them and tell them you will continue the battle in the war against tyranny for them. Grow a set folks, the pen she wields is much more dangerous than any weapon conceived by man.
  4. Another question came up with my wife during this discussion, what about if the sale took place in one of NJ's (UEZ) urban enterprise zone's with a 3 % sales tax. will the state adjust for that?
  5. why buy ammo there anyway with all the online places, Targetsports is cheaper than any dicks sale only a phone call away and 2-3 day shipping, free most of time
  6. https://www.ammoland.com/2018/11/first-circuit-rules-there-is-no-right-to-bear-arms-outside-the-home/#axzz5W1ilyw00 From ammoland, so what is happening is the frustration that the left has and the lower courts are going to go against every carry case in the US. this is the lefts payback for Kavanaugh, A vacancy couldn't open up soon enough.
  7. So, what about the case by case? can this be broken down into a simpler form, yea we lost but where are we. I cant make heads or tails of this.
  8. retail stores need to do more as well, many ranges have no political information available for patrons to see. at my local indoor range I see many 1st time shooters who haven't a clue as to the politics of guns in NJ. How about we start seeing some factual info being posted in all NJ's gun stores. replace some pics with current NJ politicians on pic below
  9. recently had a Brownells order sit at the post office in Dover (morris co ) for over a week. tracking had them sign it in and it just sat there for a week, no one could explain where it was or when it would be delivered. got into a shouting match with the ass holes. not surprised at all.
  10. I just read instruction form that was included and it states in bold it must be done at law enforcement agency, does GFH qualify somehow? I would think there aren't too many cops who know how to roll prints anymore,
  11. any updates on where to get card done, just got my florida renewal and they want their print form filled out. Ok, fingerprint card is for out of state + $42.00 can this get done at one of the gun for hire CCw classes?
  12. It is amazing how many gun owners are still not aware of this law. a fudd at work was recently talking about a rifle purchase and I told him about the law, He had no idea. I think dealers should assist in informing gun owners about important changes though they might have financial motives for not doing so. Eventually some law will be passed due to an uninformed clientele and will hurt them financially and by that time permanently.