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  1. Bump, still up for grabs. Last sale fell through but still going for $100
  2. Moving out of state soon, trying to downsize my collection. Shot maybe 30 rounds through it, comes with 2 mags. Selling the whole thing for $100. First one to comment "I'll take it" gets it. I live near Morristown, willing to drive to any FFL within an hour or so 
  3. I've got a box of 25 shells from when I used to shoot in the desert, but I can't use 'em here in the indoor ranges. They're Federal #9 in 2 3/4. I honestly just wanna clear them out for space but if anyone has some .22LR they're willing to part with I'd be glad to take some I'm in Morris county, around Morristown. Stay warm out there
  4. I've got 2 boxes of 20 Hornady Critical Defense rounds in .45 auto that I'm not using. Both boxes are full. Willing to sell or trade for 9mm/.38 special/.357. I'm located in Morris county by Morristown, but willing to travel within reason to meet at FFL
  5. Forgot I had these from before I moved here last year. 40 rounds total, Hornady Critical Defense hollow points. Live near Morristown. First to comment "I'll take it" gets it
  6. Awesome, thanks! Wasn't sure if ammo was legal to post about in the first place
  7. Hey folks, I'm new to NJ and the forum so I apologize if this isn't the place to ask. I used to have a 45 auto 1911 I sold before moving here. Today while going through my ammo box I noticed I still have 2 20 round Hornady hollow point boxes, but nothing to use them with. Am I allowed to sell or trade these? If so, does anyone want them? If not, where can I dispose of them? I'm in Northern NJ, Morris County. I have an FID already as well.
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