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  1. I will see you there & looking forward to it !! Thanks, Paul
  2. I know it's last minute but is anyone interested in going Today Sat ? I could get there around 11:30 with a thrower, lic, extra clays, loaner 12ga pump, a pumpkin, & stay until whenever. Areas of fog between 7am and 10am. Otherwise, partly sunny, high near 53. Calm wind. (Compared to the rain forecast they are calling for all day Sunday, which is highly disappointing).
  3. Good luck for tomorrow but if it's rescheduled to Sunday Dec 10th Im in that day and can bring a thrower, license, & extra boxes of clays. Thanks, Paul
  4. https://rumble.com/v17m9f1-xfiles-prediction-of-what-is-happenign-right-now.html Found this 2016 episode interesting based on current events (and maybe even a few more to come)... Makes you wonder if it's all planned ahead of time or just excellent storytelling.
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