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  1. Go with Nappen, he is known for his work in weapons law. Go for the best when its your rights FOREVER on the line.
  2. Thank you both, I was not really expecting a reply this late at night. Thank God for the nightowls.
  3. I sold one in Great shape about 10 years ago for the same price, it was my brothers and he only shoty a few boxes of shells with it.
  4. What documentation will I need to trade a pistol for a rifle in NJ, buyer has pistol permits with matching DL but I am not sure if there any other forms I may need. Where can the forms be downloaded from?? I thought I saw a link here to get them from.
  5. I do have both day time training and nightime training certificates both issued here in NJ from a well known gun shop. I have some things working out and will post when I get more info, seems SOME sherrifs officers in PA do issue to NJ residents. As I have lots of time off during the week I am going to try to hit up some of the more lenient ones and see what I can come up with. I will let you all know.
  6. I currently have a Florida Non-Resident Carry permit and was recently told that PA will not recognize this as an acceptable permit where they did in the past. Are there any counties in PA that give NJ residents Out-Of State carry permits?? Other than Utah what other permits would allow for carrying in PA?? Thanks for the help.
  7. Welcome aboard, Also TR here and a member of CJRPC.
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