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  1. F him and his crooked sleezy smile. After he got elected I realized how far NJ has sunk and my time here will be short.
  2. http://www.sbproductsinc.com/ If governor Monty Burns allows something like this to happen, would this make our AR’s legal until someone with half a brain gets elected.
  3. Got mine today.
  4. I have one on a knock on around ar and for the money it's great. I like the that you change colors of the reticle and the 3x mag. The recticle is alittle big but besides that I think it's well worth the the money.
  5. https://www.slickguns.com/product/burris-ar-536-5x36-sight-24509-after-code-save10-opt-out-free-return Just ordere the 536, came to 250ish shipped w free fast fire 3. Figured why not
  6. Grabbed this and some red army 7.62 at .20 a round. Thanks for heads up
  7. I have a Aimpoint pro and Aimpoint h-1 I may part with.
  8. Happy Thanksgiving! Lol
  9. I have them and love them. Well made and worth the money over the other levers. The one on my .308 (DPMS PROFILE) I'm not as satisfied. Figment is a little loose for some reason, it I think it is more of a gun issue.
  10. Mods please close no longer needed.
  11. I have a unique set of skills
  12. Looking to change things around on one of my rifles and need a Trx barrel nut wrench to change the rail. Would like to get it off without ruining it. Thanks in advance
  13. So sorry for your loss. Prayers to you and your family
  14. Just got 2 $100 checks today from Remington. Glad they made good.
  15. Bump for a great faucet. trades welcome