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  1. 18Steel

    Ammo for sale cheap

    I’ll take the 40 as per our conversation. Thanks
  2. 18Steel


    Payment sent thanks
  3. 18Steel

    WTS Hankook Dynapro 275/55/20 Take offs

    Tires are sold. Please delete
  4. 18Steel

    WTS Hankook Dynapro 275/55/20 Take offs

    Thanks fellas. Good price for good people on the forum.
  5. 4 like new take off Hankook Dynapro 275/55/20. Tires were taken off a new F150 when it left the dealership. No holes, no plugs like new less than 500 miles on them. 12/32nds on each tire which is same as factory new. That is not dirt on the tires, just residue/lube form wheel removal. $450 http://i1347.photobucket.com/albums/p709/18Steel/EF083DD4-1679-4512-85CF-B92342A4ADDC_zpspmkyrmih.jpg
  6. I’ll take one. Pm coming
  7. 18Steel

    FS: Box of IPSC Targets

    Damn it x 2
  8. F him and his crooked sleezy smile. After he got elected I realized how far NJ has sunk and my time here will be short.
  9. http://www.sbproductsinc.com/ If governor Monty Burns allows something like this to happen, would this make our AR’s legal until someone with half a brain gets elected.

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