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  1. Looking to purchase a 4" gp100 if anyone can point me in the right direction.
  2. Price adjustment time.. Last one!! First I'll take it gets it Happy Sunday! 1 case PMC Bronze 7.62x39 500rds $350 now $300 SPF 1 box PMC 45acp 50rds $30 now $25 Sold 4 boxes Aguila 223 200rds $120 now $100 Sold 5 boxes PPU m193 100rds $60 now $50 Sold 2 boxes Federal 9mm 115 grain 200rds $90 now $80 Sold
  3. Looking to sell the following ammo. Must have FID and id matching address 1 box Federal 525rds (sold)
  4. I'm heading out of town on Wednesday evening. Can you pick up before then?
  5. Tula 45acp 230gr FMJ- 100rds Sold Remington Golden Saber 380acp Brass Jacketed Hollow Point, 102 Grain, 940 fps, 23rds $20 Winchester Super X Game Load 20 Gauge Ammunition 2.75" #7.5 Lead 7/8 Ounce XU207 75rds $30 7.62x54R 60rds Sold First "Ill take it get it" Must have matching FID and DL pick up in Saddle Brook
  6. Bump $125 Looking to move this asap. Using funds for another project.
  7. $150 would like it gone by the weekend if possible I sold my 40 no longer needed Must have a NJ FID and NJ DL (with matching address to the FID) Pick up in Saddle Brook. I might be able to meet up depending on location. The first "Ill take It, Gets It!!
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