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  1. You are very welcome. I was not myself on Sunday and was dragging a** due to running the Top Gun match the day before so thanks to you and my squad mates for picking up the slack. ANY TIME I can be of help please contact me night or day. Happy 4th Mike D.
  2. Has anyone reloaded frangible bullets? I'm trying to calculate this thing and I'm getting confused. Its a 100 gr fn for 38 super but it is the size of a 155+ bullet
  3. What im asking is what courses are there. example: 5 to Glock, Glock M, Glock plates.
  4. Sunday night (jan 30) at Tenafly indoor there is a pratice match that will include steel challenge, NRA action (plate rack) and I think bulseye. They are open to all shooters and this is a tune up for the match coming in March where they will have four courses in one day.more info. from me if you needed any or show up at Tenafly about 5pm
  5. Shoot fast, Don't Miss, Have Fun

  6. Does anyone know witch of the Glock stages will be at the shore shot GSSF match?
  7. Yes you can use 2011. FYI, they have more guns for prizes then the flyer says!! plus some GT target stuff! With 40 shooters, everyone should get something good. Get in while you can !!. He is having a practice match next Sunday (5th Sunday) for all but the USPSA stages
  8. Check out these 2 tournaments. First is an indoor match at Tenafly pistol club tenafly club and the flyer they sent out (attached) The second is the previosly mentioned East Coast Top Gun (link included)TOP GUN MATCH
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