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  1. Looking to sell the following 40s&w ammo 5 boxes Remington180gr MC $200 5 boxes American Eagle 155gr FMJ $200 1000 Federal Premium LE ammo 180gr Hydra-Shok JHP $1100 Buyer must have a DL and FID with matching name, address, etc must be willing to met in the 07652 area. The 1st "I'll take it", with clarification of which they want gets the sale. Thanks for looking.
  2. I'm in the same boat. I might have a substantial amount of mags living in PA until further notice. Also still cheaper than what most retailers were charging in the past.
  3. honestly why bother when you can buy them shortly from magpul. With a MSRP of 17.95 I'm sure it could be found for less. https://magpul.com/what-s-new/pmag-10-30-ar-m4-gen-m3.html
  4. they have a lifetime warranty they'll replace them.
  5. And with the price being roughly the same now, Pmags for the win.
  6. The Hexmags are fine especially when i got them at cost. But I would have rather have Pmags or Lancers as they are a superior mag.
  7. this, and most places charged $20+
  8. New mags coming soon for us in banned states. https://magpul.com/firearm-accessories/pmags/ar15-m4-m16/pmag-10-30-ar-m4-gen-m3.html
  9. ronhonda

    Staccato C2

    looks great, congrats.
  10. allegedly, ready aim fire in PA has 8lb jugs if Varget for about $228. pick up only. allegedly.
  11. ronhonda

    Staccato C2

    here, they have 54 in stock of 9mm 126 length standard mags STI gen 2 http://www.1911store.com/sti2011magazine-1.aspx here, they have 54 in stock of 9mm 126 length standard mags STI gen 2 http://www.1911store.com/sti2011magazine-1.aspx
  12. ronhonda

    Staccato C2

    you don't need one! Mags are not cheap. These might be what you want in NJ. https://mbxextreme.com/index.php?page=Magazines_10Round
  13. terrible to see, yet surprised it doesn't happen more often. It was frightening to see how bad some people's gun handling skills are. Ive seen many AD's from when I was a rso.
  14. If going from bolt open, 10 rounds not a problem. Closed bolt, never 100% seating the mag.
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