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  1. well, this sucks. sorry to hear. but let's move on to bigger and better.
  2. shooters connection has some good deals on belts. https://www.shootersconnectionstore.com/USPSA-Two-Piece-C1134.aspx
  3. I've seen in various places people commenting that some components are hard to find. Found a link that shop had heads, I shared link.
  4. I used to be able to text/email him and go from there.
  5. I currently use Ibeji heads when buying coated. He's local and a good guy. In my comped 9mm I only use FMJ so the coated is a no go for me. Once all of my stash of FMJ/plated heads are gone, I'll stick with coated.
  6. at this point beggars cant be picky. in stock are words you rarely see these days.
  7. found some heads online for those that are looking. never used them so i can't comment on quality or service. good luck. https://americanreloading.com/en/391-9mm-380-auto-355-356 https://americanreloading.com/en/394-45-cal-451-454
  8. barrel sold! thank you.
  9. JFC Funding Ask for Andrew 201-788-8514 Tell him Ronny referred you.
  10. i would not run steel cased ammo in my firearms.
  11. The mail in your area blows, constant issues. Many lost pieces of mail here.
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