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  1. I have a case of Federal Premium LE ammo 180gr Hydra-Shok JHP However I'm in North Jersey in 07652.
  2. Bio from the article "Aaron Tang is a law professor at UC Davis and a former clerk for Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor" right here is your answer.
  3. Know where your ammo hits. 45acp SWC are king! Also being able to hit the pin when laying down is crucial. Pin tops for .22's?
  4. I was fortunate to work with Jimmy for 3+ years. He did many great things there.
  5. You know, there are other places that offer a long range course. https://shootersacademy.com/ I have not taken his course but I know that he is a great instructor.
  6. WTS the following 2 items, posting here 1st before Enos and other places. Both are new never installed. Lancer Cabon Fiber rifle stock. Fixed A2 length $95 shipped J.Kenny Auto loading lifter for a Benelli M2 $175 shipped ( will also fit a M1, M3, M4 as per the company)SOLD 1st "I'll take it wins!
  7. have any more pics of the presses?
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