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  1. depends on the match venue. OB for example can do up to 100yds, while other clubs have the capacity to go further. Its you choice on what to run either dot or a scope with magnification. run what you currently own and go from there. a 1x6 scope is the current happy medium.
  2. I reload and shoot 124's with a few 115's here and there. The recoil is not an issue and very accurate out g17, and 2 2011's.
  3. Friends don't let friends buy a 930/940
  4. It's a nice gun, have you looked at others with a full dustcover and a rail? or are you all in on the guncrafter? I think bullzeyenj a member here might have one.
  5. It all depends on what division you are running. Tactical Division allows red dots Limited can have a 1x? scope with BUIS Open any magnified scope and back up red dot sights.
  6. I have a M2. It runs all day with whatever i put in it. If you can get one do it. Buy once cry once. Practice, practice, practice your reloads. If you can load faster and consistently more than others, that is where you will save time. Shotgun is the hardest skill to master. Loading 2/4 takes practice, a lot of practice. Weak hand or strong hand? Then there is shell caddies with so many choices and options it can be confusing. If there is a match, go to it. You'll see many different setups and everyone will be more than happy to show and fondle their gear. I'm not a expert or a top dog, just sharing what I know. There are others here who shoot more regularly and can chime in.
  7. I would run with whatever you have and get a feel for the matches. You could get new upper for your rifle if you dont want to run the piston upper. Mods are a personal matter, choose what works for you. Arredondo and I think Lancer make a magwell to ease in mag loading. (I have the arredondo and stopped using it) https://www.arredondoaccessories.com/product/ar-magwell/ https://lancer-systems.com/product/adaptive-magwell/ The rifle I use is a JP-15 with a 18" med weight barrel. At the time it was the "setup" to get. It's a little heavy but not unbearable. Have a 1x6 scope, bad lever, extended mag release, and sling mounts. If I was to do it again, I'd get either a 14.5 or a 16 inch light weight barrel. Really don't need a medium barrel. Ultimately you want your gear to work and be reliable. Last thing you want is going up to the line to shoot with doubts on your gear. The real monster in 3gun is the shotgun. Old Bridge used to run matches several times a year, but not in a while. Quinton in South Jersey have matches going on, and if you are willing to drive there are matches in PA all the time.
  8. The only issue I've encountered with reloads at public ranges were usually smoke related. Moly heads and titegroup produce a lot of smoke. Same for lead and clays. Other than that no issue. I bring my reloads in shave kit bags.
  9. There are few matches being held as of late. I remember the range in deep south jersey hosting matches but I'm not so sure now. Your best bet is to look out of state like Bob said at Easton, Topton, and Ontelaunee. All ranges that are relatively close. http://toptonfga.com/taps-uspsa/ https://www.efga.net/3-gun/ https://ontelaunee.org/3-gun/
  10. ronhonda


    this. While i'm not a revolver guy, Dave O is the best around. He is also good with Beretta's, other S&W's and now Ruger. Also Paramus has everything except a good gunsmith.
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