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  1. this. there are plenty of gun stores in the area with better prices who are not busy bodies.
  2. Do yourself a favor and remain a member of old bridge. you will find nothing that will meet your criteria in the "north". OB is for me is 45 minutes from the 07652. All the ranges mentioned cant measure to what OB has to offer.
  3. Glad the class worked out for you. Aaron is good people and a better teacher. The glock is comped right? What type of plated heads were you running and what powder? All you need to do know is work on the basics Aaron worked on and continue from there. I can help you out whenever our schedules agree. You can help yourself by chucking that wheel gun.
  4. i must have ate about 20lbs of mints in 3.5 years.
  5. Unless you are buying a true custom 1911 where you decide from the beginning what parts you want from top to bottom you won’t need to change anything. However if it’s off the shelf 1911 or a Range Officer like the OP has most people will change out some parts. There is a reason why places like brownells has so many different parts for sale. No one wants a stock gun.
  6. i agree and disagree. When I worked at a range as a RSO and sales, I regularly instructed many new shooters how to handle and shoot larger bore firearms. With proper instruction they were capable of safely shooting the firearms many times better than "seasoned" shooters.
  7. quality mags, new grips, sights, mag well, and a flgr. New bushing, new safety, trigger job, ammo.
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