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  1. ronhonda

    Who would you like to actually meet

    i would like to meet @ronhonda of 2008-2010 and discuss a few things.
  2. ronhonda

    WTS a few items

    Gobble to the top! Make me an offer on any of the items listed.
  3. ronhonda

    WTS a few items

  4. ronhonda

    WTS a few items

    Bump and open to offers on all the items, go! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. ronhonda

    WTS a few items

    Still available and I’m in Paramus close to you..........: Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk1911 mags still available Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. ronhonda

    WTS a few items

    Pm inbound Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. ronhonda

    WTS a few items

  8. ronhonda

    WTS a few items

    Bolt carrier SPF
  9. ronhonda

    WTS a few items

    No problem. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. ronhonda

    WTS a few items

    more pics
  11. WTS several items, shipping included for most items or FTF in Paramus or Ramsey. 1st ill take it or PM gets the item. Paypal discreet gift preferred or cash if FTF. No trades just want to get rid of the stuff. All items priced to sell if Pic not posted, ask and I provide one. MFT mag Coupler (2) $25 C Products basepad (2) for a magpul AR mag $12 VTAC light mount for AR$15 Briely Benelli M2 Crio Breech Buster IC $50 AR-10 trigger and safety $20 Dawson Precision rear glock sight adjustable with fiber inserts $55 Blackhawk Single point sling adapter $7 Butler scope covers model #'s 20010 & #30090 $10 Rubber City Armory (RCA) Low Mass competition BCG NIB $125 AR Grips Hogue (3X) $10 each Magpul rail covers $20 for all Magpul rail sections (3) $30 Mesa Tactical Benelli M2 6 rd shell carrier $60 VTAC light mount $15 Magpul rear BUIS $25 Bladetech AR 15 single mag pouch paddle $15 Bladetech single mag pouch for a glock 21/21SF with teklok $15 STI 2011 DVC mag well (very light wear) $70 Lone wolf threaded barrel (LWD-2240TH) for a G22 NIB $100 Carver Custom Comp for a G22/24/35 (40S&W) NIB $70 Carver Custom mag well for a small frame Glock with a brass insert $70 Safariland Mag pouch clip mount (2) #71-2-2 NIB $25 RRA fixed AR stock with tube $25 plus shipping Magpul CTR stock (pinned) with spring and buffer $50 plus shipping JP adjustable gas block with rail NIB (unsure of diameter) $50 STI 2011 mag well with pin $45 SOLD Ghost Glock connectors rocket and ultimate $15 each or $25 for both Guide rod and cap for a bull barrel 1911/2011 $25 Redfield Rebel Bino's 8X42 NIB $50 plus shipping Picatinny offset rail mount $5 VLTOR Picatinny Flashlight holder $15 Glock factory night sights $30 Black Rain Carbine buffer 3oz NIB $15 1911 8rd mags 3 Brownells NIB and 1 used Pachmayr $55 Versa Pod Mod 71 Bipod #150-071 $60 plus shipping Safariland Outer Belt size 42 $15 Caldwell AR Brass Catcher with 2 spare mounts NIB $30 plus shipping CED 7000 AIRSOFT timer NIB $60 SLR Adjustable Gas Block clamp on(.936) #SA9-CM and rifle length gas tube NIB $90
  12. Used to listen religiously from the middle 80's until his transformation into hollywood Howie. He became everything he would rip apart. His recent comments in favor of the Alex Jones banning on social media cemented the fact that he is a douche. Regardless I appreciate his support of the 2nd.
  13. ronhonda

    NJGF Private Shoot @ RTSP

    Pending date I’m in.
  14. ronhonda

    IDPA & USPSA Area Matches

    i think the matches all are still on the same schedule. There are a few matches in NY if you choose to attend that are not on the list.

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