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  1. DWX Can't wait to see a DWX in the wild. Personally i think it has the potential to be a game changer in the shooting sports. Sub $2k for the gun, mags are like $60, both seem like a homerun to me.
  2. I'm pretty confident Anthony will have the new range open ASAP.
  3. Back from the dead! Taking any reasonable offers.
  4. Back from the dead! Taking any reasonable offers.
  5. I would consider a 1911 in 9mm. get a Rock Island and after you break it in, get whatever mods you want and youre gtg. https://armscor.com/firearms/ria/rock-series/rock-ultra-fs-9mm/ Or if you want to spend a bit more and still be relatively inexpensive; https://www.shootersconnectionstore.com/BUL-1911-Trophy-Classic-9mm-Stainless-Steel-P5615.aspx
  6. Came late to this thread, but I niceto know that raz, HE, and I have VERY similar taste in bands. Ive seen the majority of the shows you guy mentioned. Saw Manson at the Stone Pony, Clutch and High on Fire at the Cricket Club, SOD at Maxwell's, and many, many more. My group of concert friends and I mainly went to the city so Roseland, Webster Hall, The Academy, Hammerstein, Palladium, and Limelight were are main venues. Seeing Rollins Band at the Limelight summer of '91 was a treat. I have a bunch of stubs from all the shows. Fortunate to have seen all the bands I like at least twice in small local venues. I miss those days.
  7. this. measure the head and compare it to the plated stuff you use. will need to readjust dies with new heads.
  8. i reload 40 but im in north jersey.
  9. this. there are plenty of gun stores in the area with better prices who are not busy bodies.
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