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  1. Registered Vlad I am an A not an M. I think I registered wrong
  2. It is a half an inch bigger though! I will deal with the occasional failure to perform for the extra half inch in length. lol With the 1250fps stuff it is reliable, the 1145s it is mostly reliable. The loading port is noticably bigger when compared to a 3500. I do agree that the 3000 is the way to go though.
  3. what is with all of the hype on the M3000? Doesn't the M3500 deserve any love?
  4. I was only kidding Vlad. I will take the little one sledding and enjoy the day
  5. I need to make pew pews too. Maybe I will go on my day off and pew pew till I feel I pew pewed enough. Vlad made me use a vacation day for nothing!
  6. When did everyone become so soft? 19 years ago we would shoot in the snow and just call it a lost brass match!
  7. I am still among the living. Can't you tell from all of my activity on the forum. I have been posting like a madman!
  8. Six months since I shot! Time to dust off the cobwebs.
  9. Shoot both and compare. The recoil impulse is different for both. The longer slide seems to take longer to cycle but is still faster than you can pull the trigger.
  10. Brian B

    Old p220

    That is what makes it cool. Good luck finding magazines for it.
  11. Slugs will probably eventually break the welds for the hanger, especially if engaged at less than 50 yards. I would use the gong for the slugs I have the same rifle gong and am completely happy with it for rifle. Has probably almost 1000 hits on one side and is barely marked.
  12. I was surprised by the results again. I am now residing in the DogHouse because I left after 7 and got home after 8. Thanks Jim! Thanks Jimmy! Lol
  13. Steel with a hole in it is meant to be mounted with a bolt and tension spring to an end cap atop a 2x4. This will ring like a bell if set up this way. The steel with a mounting hook will ring slightly but also have a loud smack in most cases. Steel type and size is a difference. The top mounted plate is reversible and should last longer but I have GT target static mount plates that have thousands of rounds on them with little wear. Either will work great for pistol but don't depend on the steel to confirm the hit visually or audibly. Brian
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