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  1. All 22LR ammo is dirty. Nature of the round.  Some are just disgusting, i.e. Remington "Thunder Turds (Thunderbolt)" as an example.  I know shooters that will not deviate from a certain round no matter what.  For me, if not shooting CCI Mini Mags, then I will use Federal Champion 525 Value Pack. I have not had respectable results with Winchester products, either.  Be it M-22s, triple number packs (222, 333, 555) or Wildcats.

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  2. PC9 is a typical Ruger beast. Heavy for its size.  Get an aftermarket 10/22 case for it (see Amazon), and shoot it.  No brake required.  Slap an RDS on it and your good out to 100 meters easily.

  3. 5 hours ago, Peter Goldwing said:

    Lets talk handguns only.

    You cannot buy one in Fl and take possession of it here in FL. This is Federal Law which applies to all states. You have to have the gun delivered to your state to a dealer that has a Federal Firearms License. THAT dealer has to comply with Federal and State Laws. In your case he shouldn't hand you a gun you purchased in FL till you will show him proof of NJ residence along with a NJ permit  allowing you to acquire a gun. 

    The only way you can legally obtain a gun without a permit to purchase is thru inheritance after YOUR PARENT passed away.

    If  those guns were purchased without you having  valid at least A DOZEN FPID you did that illegally as NJ laws are concerned. ( i think you need one permit to purchase one gun)

    I look into these laws very closely since I travel a lot thru beautiful USA.

    Next Summer I plan a trip to Alaska and I cannot  legally buy a gun in there even thou I have a CCW here in FL and Alaska recognizes my permit.  I only can ship one in there.




    Residency requirements are different state to state, and even the Federal BATF residency requirements are different.  One needs to review those rules when making statements.

    FL does not care about NJ laws period.  You cannot use a NJ P2P out of state.  Yes, by Federal law you cannot purchase a handgun out of your state of residency.  But what defines residency in State or Federal BATF regulations is what counts.

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  4. Yes, SASS is shot once a month (third Sunday) at Shongum Sportsmens Assn in Mansfield, not far from Succasunna.  However, NJ gun laws are such than quite frankly leave everything in Texas, and just visit with family.  To simplify the issue, unless somebody goes with you to the range, stays with you, and supplies you their equipment, the pitfalls are too great and NJ may end up to be your permanent home.                     

    FYI, all NJ firearms are treated the same.  Makes no difference, if it shoots a projectile it's a firearm, including Cap and Ball, even BB guns and pellet guns. Sorry, dude.

  5. You did not offend me, and if I was a little too strong, I apologize.  Just when I see shooters feeding cheap Russian or Chinese ammo into a quality firearm they just shelled out big bucks for, not to mention NJ's stupid requirements, pushes my button.  If you had a Russian or Chinese rifle I would not mention a word. They enjoy that stuff. But, fine precision handguns need to be taken care of.  They are hard to come by in NJ.

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  6. You spent a good sum of money for a quality handgun, and now want to shoot cheap crap ammo in it. Good luck with that.  Tell me, if you owned a Vette, 'Tang, or similar car, would you stop and fill it at those "Sonny" gas stations?  I think not.  Quality 9MM ammo is available if you shop.  I just saw Remington 9MM brass 115 FMJ range buckets on sale for $60 for 350 rounds, before using a buying discount that brought it down to $51, delivered. Keep looking, deals are out there.

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