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  1. Up to 2" easy, 1.5" and under great, 1" and under marvelous, 1/2" or less WOW, go shoot BR. '
  2. Only way I buy from Cabelas anymore. Don't forget to use the ActiveJunky portal for more savings, along with the Cabelas Visa Card for points. Use ActiveJunky rebates to buy more Cabelas Gift Cards, even more savings. As DD says, vendor GTG.
  3. Didn't help NYers. NJ Dumbocrats do not care. If 15 worked before, 5 will now, in their minds. If we have SA at all.
  4. IMHO, not legal. What's the purpose anyway? They can look you up easily enough. The whole reference thing is a ploy to restrict or slow down ownership. Even the letter to employer is BS. I once was called to Inhuman Resources, manager asked what I wanted a handgun for. Both him and PD got an ear full.
  5. At 21 your not mature enough to drink, or smoke. However at 18 you are mature enough to marry, enter into a legal binding contract, vote for elected office including President. TY eff'dup NJ.
  6. Don't buy something and then decide to change things. Just wasting money. Build it. What are you looking for? Basic carbine? Get a S&W M&P, or a Ruger AR-556.
  7. My youngest just got the call today, yea Sunday, from the Hope Barracks for his FID, come on down. Just under 3 months.
  8. Been using the Alangator Tri Mag holder for years. Put an extended mag release on and it's the closest to 30 rounds in NJ anyone is going to get, unless you banana clip the 15 rounders.
  9. Thanks for the info. Got an email from him soliciting help for their booth at the State Fair at Sussex County Fairgrounds in early August. Hey, it's more than I've ever seen. Time to take whatever help we get cause we are in a bad place this fall.
  10. Not that bad. Passed over here (DWG) about 7PM. No major problems.
  11. They look great Louu. AR500 plate will outlast any standard pistol round at greater than 15 yards. Only the magnums or hand cannons will leave a mark (357, 41, 44, etc.)
  12. What are you looking for. Freezer has 11 racks of back ribs and 5 boston butts at the moment. Still have a brisket or two. Sorry, all the smoked cheese is gone till fall (never lasts this long) However, got the whey for fresh mozzarella, just waiting for the peppers and tomatoes to ripen. Need a basket of blue crabs and a bag of dry sea scallops or a bushel of Louisiana mud bugs (crawfish) so we can "pinch some tail, and bite some head". What else? Today was national hot dog day, but I don't eat lips and aholes. .
  13. There ya go, another deal for ya!
  14. It's a new handgun world, and Glock's still standing on the dock. Last to join the single stack party, last to the innovation movement. Basically a one hit wonder.
  15. Remember shipping is part off the deal also www.targetsportsusa.com $199.80 to your door. www.sgammo.com $198.80 also. Order two cases $195.80/ea. Both are paperwork free.