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  1. All 22LR ammo is dirty. Nature of the round. Some are just disgusting, i.e. Remington "Thunder Turds (Thunderbolt)" as an example. I know shooters that will not deviate from a certain round no matter what. For me, if not shooting CCI Mini Mags, then I will use Federal Champion 525 Value Pack. I have not had respectable results with Winchester products, either. Be it M-22s, triple number packs (222, 333, 555) or Wildcats.
  2. Oxy/Acetylene garbage bag with dyed powder Destructive device?
  3. And without Elon Musk, what do you know! Hooray!
  4. So your are now known as the "$249 Man"? Only $5,999,571 left to go. Heal well my friend.
  5. I'll celebrate when the doc and rescue divers get out. While great news, the rescue is not yet over. Pray for those whose put themselves in harms way for others. True heroes.
  6. PC9 is a typical Ruger beast. Heavy for its size. Get an aftermarket 10/22 case for it (see Amazon), and shoot it. No brake required. Slap an RDS on it and your good out to 100 meters easily.
  7. Residency requirements are different state to state, and even the Federal BATF residency requirements are different. One needs to review those rules when making statements. FL does not care about NJ laws period. You cannot use a NJ P2P out of state. Yes, by Federal law you cannot purchase a handgun out of your state of residency. But what defines residency in State or Federal BATF regulations is what counts.
  8. The Gadsden always flies beneath Old Glory. The Signal Cannon comes out also. Winchester 1898 Signal Cannon 10 gauge blank with a half ounce charge of black powder.
  9. For replica Winchester signaling cannons www.thecannonstore.com
  10. Instinct L, very nice O/U reasonably priced. Krdshrk, look at Joel Etchen website in western PA. They will ship. Good pricing and selection.
  11. Good Luck with your NJ endeavors. If I ever get to visit family in Hewitt I'll give you a hollar.
  12. Walt is a good guy. Straight arrow. In fact the P320 was delivered the day before the fire. Yeah, case a little smoked but it was OK. Sorry to miss this, family thingy that day, damn.
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