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  1. Northeast Target and Shooting Supply right here in NJ. Good pricing and fast shipping. Very good once fired brass quality. You can always go over to Brian Enos forum, Competition shooters are always offering up brass for sale. Monmouth Reloading is another.
  2. Rarely do MZ "blow up". This fool committed one of three simple rule violations. Too much powder charge or wrong powder i.e. smokless, I see it all too frequently especially with the pellets, one more for more speed,etc., failure to firmly seat the projectile and charge in the barrel. Yes, if loosely packed or not at all your in big trouble. Lastly, some type of barrel obstruction be it an obstruction before loading or multiple or wrong projectiles, something that did not belong. Ramrods left in the barrel most likely get blown out in pieces. Learn the basics and they are as safe or safer than cartridges.
  3. What are the traffic laws for the street you live on. Many have weight limit restrictions to keep truck traffic to busier routes. Many drivers will ignore signs because LE is lax in enforcement. Get town council to pass weight restriction limit on your street.
  4. Early reports say no threat to US mainland but Jose battered shorelines to get another hit. Caribbean not so lucky. One Euro model show Jose and Maria doing a dance off coast before it ends. Mariachi requests anyone?
  5. Somebody be dead in a week. But if she dies, she dies.
  6. Nick Here's Stihl list of models of what blade type fits on each unit. FS90 was a very popular unit that worked very well. https://www.stihlusa.com/WebContent/CMSFileLibrary/downloads/Cutting-Heads-and-Blades-Selection-Chart.pdf
  7. More like a can of Bush's Grilling Beans and a Coors Lite Silver Bullet with this crowd.
  8. Tri-blades work great with weeds and thick grasses where the stalks are not "tree" like, just thick and green. Tri-blade does not get all entangled. Saw type blades will. Another thing to think about. Be prepared to do this in long sleeve shirts, pants, gloves, hat, and some type of face shield. That shredded crap goes everywhere. Learn to identify poison ivy, oak, and sumac or it will be a hell of a following week at work. (get Tecnu on Amazon by the quart), I am now hearing if you wash with Dawn as soon as your done it works as well Tecnu, have not tried it yet. Remember it gets all over the tools too! BTDTGTTS
  9. Pavers sounds good to me. Use what you got. Just lay out a plan so you don't run short. For me, I have a 's' ton of field stones from stone rows, so that's what I used.
  10. White list? As opposed to........................
  11. Just what's marked on the lower is necessary. SN and buyers info most important from your point of view. Otherwise, form goes nowhere, so meh!
  12. Krdshrk, for scrub bush get a weed wacker that will take different trimmers and heads. Also consider handlebars when cutting brush, The Stihl FS91 takes trimmer heads as well as different metal blades for brush. Do not use a chainsaw on brush, you'll dull the chain in record speed and your back will thank you later, For me Stihl has been the answer to woodlot projects. Dealers everywhere for parts in a hurry, lots of aftermarket availability. When you look at US Forest Service and well as professional loggers and tree arborists, they always have a Stihl in their hands, got to be a reason.
  13. "Boehner-lite", the biggest problem with getting $hit done in the HR. Time for a change. With their majority in the House they should be steamrolling over the Dumbocrats. NO, always looking behind, instead of just moving forward.
  14. No problems, ordered, delivered, repeat.
  15. Yes, definitely made in '65. These models still have a safety recall about carrying on a loaded chamber. Curious to know if this unit was changed or still original. They still do the conversions and are supposed to return the original parts back to the owner. You can change back on your own if you like, See Ruger's website for details. Originals have a pretty good value at the moment. Nice find BTW. Good Luck with it. I enjoy mine http://www.ruger.com/pdf/handleWithCare.pdf http://www.ruger.com/pdf/emptyChamber.pdf http://www.ruger.com/pdf/safetyOfferAd.pdf