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  1. If you think the Third Circuit Court is going to spank NJ for stepping on 2A, keep dreaming. Ain't gonna happen.
  2. Being a past NJ Governor is a dead end job. Nobody goes anywhere after. Just look at the past occupants. "Moonbeam" has not realized it yet. Still on some kind of "Obummer" high I guess.
  3. Yeah, remember the saying, "Only the good die young". Written for a reason. Something like "A watched pot never boils".
  4. Will do Mrs. P. Open an account at ActiveJunky. If you get a reference from a ActiveJunky Member and use it to open an account you both get a cash back bonus after you meet the terms. You then sign on to ActiveJunky then select the vendor you wish to buy from. A new window opens with that vendor, sign in and order. Rebate percentages vary by vendor. You will get an email when you your order is validated. Rebates are posted to your ActiveJunky Account and payable quarterly to a PayPal account or by check. Just bought giftcards using last quarter's rebate. Got three cards coming at $62.21 each using rebate.
  5. He's picking battles. I agree with Smokin '50. If he is not careful midterms could be a disaster and then he's a 2 year lame duck.
  6. Stay away from gun store commandos, they know bupkis. Ask here first. There are a few gun stores who will steer you in the right direction. Either they post on here, or we will point you toward them. Pinky sminky test BS again.
  7. Cannot be more truthful. Back when I shot IDPA in the nineties his observations about LEO could not be more correct. Always find them on the bottom of the leader board and never to be seen again. Always taught to keep firearm pointed at target, loaded or not. Yes, in exactly the situation described.
  8. That's it Meguiar's ultimate black plastic restorer. Could not think of the name of the stuff.
  9. Get the stuff to restore the black bumpers on cars. Did it to the Ruger boat paddle stocks I have. Turned out great. Took all the oxidation off the Zytel.
  10. Get a Wilson Combat SP101 Trigger Spring Kit and a tube of FLITZ and q-tips and have at it. She'll kiss you in the moonlight! https://www.midwayusa.com/product/1004158679/wilson-combat-custom-tune-spring-kit-ruger-sp101
  11. Try a 'Tang convertible next time. I get them when the price is right when I go to FL.
  12. I got screwed during Florio's ban years ago. Citizen one day felon the next. So certain items are permanent residents of a free state. Likely to get a few new cousins in the near future.
  13. Real NJ hunters left that site a while ago,went over to the other one, where freedom is alive and well. Only thing left at NJH are the wannabes and mods from the newspaper that own it controlling the agenda.
  14. Clays all day, multiple days. In fact just back from the Gunshine state and several days at different ranges. Quail Creek Plantation now added to the list with the OK Corral Gun Club. Still waiting for the Palm Beach County Shooting Sports Park to open, should be soon. Need to get a FL address. Need some more $78 R/T airline tix. Local club every Thursday Evening followed by burgers and brew at the firehouse social club. How long? Until the ammo runs out! Outdoor range at least the whole day, any week day.
  15. Get your application into your PD ASAP. They more than likely have a handout telling you what steps have to be completed and when. This part takes the longest and get it done before Murphy changes anything, At the same time you can go the training route as mentioned above, but I would consider taking the firearm portion of the Hunter's Ed course given free by the NJ Department of Fish Game and Wildlife. Check their website for dates and times. I am willing to bet the Hunter's Ed course will be a qualifier when Murphy changes gun ownership regulations, Maybe not, time will tell, but having completed the course and now offerings early in the year is not a bad option.