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  1. You haven't lived till you have tried Haggis. Now that is a "pudding" extraordinaire.
  2. Broke down out of state at a convention. Ended up taking public transportation to as close to home as I could get. Had wife pick me up (we had a new baby at the time), took truck and flatbed trailer and picked up car, hauled it backed home to local garage for repair. Too long a story for here. Needless to say you do what you have to do with the resources you have.
  3. NO, 6 plus 1 is........... Pumps unlimited, hence for me a better HD choice.
  4. Doubt it. There are people who have had direct threats and injuries been denied. You get a NJ CCW when you are dead, a politician, or buy serious political influence.
  5. It's a gun show held about 3-4 times a year at the Greater Phila Expo Center in Oaks, PA. It's run by Eagle Gun Shows. They promote shows all over SE PA. See their web site for more info. http://www.eagleshows.com/
  6. JHM Signs Alpha, NJ near Phillipsburg, NJ Custom made truck wraps. For simple 4 color lettering with logos, etc PM me an idea of what it looks like and I can get you a quote from a small shop who does landscaping trucks and equipment and the like, very nice work.
  7. NJOA and Sweeney have been AH buddies for a long time. He throws them a hunting bone and they love him.
  8. Well, surprise, surprise, surprise! DADN at today's committee meeting. Only to reappear in some other form at a later date. Who at Rutgers got to them and kicked this to the curb. It certainly was not Kean who got it stopped. Remember the bill's sponsor is the guy who with Corzine gave you one handgun a month law!
  9. When the crime statistics come out and crime is up for the first time in years, guess who is going to get blamed. So you'll be told only the Dumbocrats can solve crime, vote for them. Then more do nothing laws. It's all about power and control. End of society and NJ is forthcoming.
  10. Stupid right? Gander Mountain used to pull a similar deal. Order the case, $10 heavy item charge. Or the equivalent in case quantity, no heavy item charge. FYI, the Memorial Day Sale starts tomorrow, 5/18/17 at Cabelas.
  11. Single Stage press and start with the 45-70. It's a straight walled cartridge easier to begin with, Bottle necks can be rough to learn on. Cabelas has 15% off all Hornady reloading for Memorial Day.
  12. The Memorial Day sale flyer has been released. If they repeat last year, sign up now for daily online specials. Flyers should be in the mail beginning tomorrow, 5/16/17 Sale starts on the 18th continues through the 31th. http://www.cabelas.com/custserv/custserv.jsp?pageName=RetailStoreFlyers
  13. After wishing the wife HMD, called up my favorite PIAs and wished them HMD as well. Some are a real bunch mothers. Other than that just another marketing holiday to buy shit you don't need and cannot afford.
  14. But, there are bunch of small ranges in your neighborhood with cheap memberships.
  15. Any Ar15 that imitates a Stag 3G. Easiest way to explain it. 18" barrel w/rifle gas system 15" hanguard Stock, grip, optic your choice. Optic could be iron, rds, or low power (up to 6X) fixed or variable. Running a carbine style AR15 would work, just limited in certain areas but not a deal breaker.