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  1. @Ray~ I've got my eyes set on the cz sp-01 phantom... have yet to shoot it but it felt great in my hands and loved how it points. Luckily I live on base housing that's off base lol, or else i'd have to store it in the armory on base which is a firearm owners nightmare. @Krdshrk~ Yeah I sure lucked out to get on the 17's... i'd hate to be on the c-5's How does he like flying the 135? I love how they look.
  2. I've been stationed in Jersey for about a year and a half now and for the most part it's not a whole lot different from cali(where i'm from). I applied for my FPID/P2P in June and got the call yesterday to go pick it up today It took a total of 41 days for North Hanover township pd. Had no problems with them at all. I've browsed thru the forums for quite some time now and I can honestly say that i'd be lost without ya'll. My hat goes off to you guys. Hopefully soon I can put this permit to use
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