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  1. Thanks so much for the help! I let it soak overnight. Have it a few taps with a non marring hammer, and all as well! Thanks again!!! Saved me a fortune!
  2. I’ve tried some penetrating oil. Haven’t tried a good soak though. I’ll pick this up and give it a shot. Thanks! Colt says they do not repair “legacy” products. Yes, I’ve seen this. I know how to remove the cylinder, but it is unable to spin. I’ll try the penetrating oil trick.
  3. The cylinder simply will not spin freely (or all all). You can’t cock the hammer because the cylinder is completely frozen. I can’t even remove the cylinder completely from the gun because the cylinder is locked into a position such that it cannot clear the frame for removal. I can tilt the cylinder out, for reload, but even once unlocked, it’s just totally frozen in place. Thanks Pizza Bob, I’ll him a call!
  4. Hi everyone, I have a 1972 Colt Python 6” that I consider an heirloom piece. The gun probably hasn’t been shot since 1975, and the cylinder will not spin. I’ve called Colt and they recommended a company that will happily charge me $1,400 to take a look at it. Can anyone recommend a competent smith who could solve what may be a very simple mechanical issue? Thanks!
  5. I've been to BH a few times. I've never had a problem with a RO, or with the rules at the range. I have however had "issues" with attitudes at the front desk each and every time I've been there. I'm a business owner, with multiple locations. No matter what is going on in my personal life, I always make sure my customers are greeted with an enthusiastic smile. In fact, I'm frequently told by customers that's what sets me apart, and that's why they keep coming back. As stated, I've no issues with ROs or range rules, but my experiences with a couple of different people at the point of sale actually prompted me to search far and wide to sidestep BH when it came time to purchase my last handgun. In fact, BH was actually the cheapest... but I just couldn't rationalize handing someone a pile of my hard-earned cash, and feeling dirty doing it. I ended up buying from another NJGF vendor, and enjoyed the experience very much. I know I would not have felt the same way had I gone the BH route. Also, now that RTSP is open, I no longer need BH as a range either. Again, just the process of purchasing range time, and targets isn't what it should be from an customer service perspective. As to why I never lodged a complaint... I mean, when you're already dealing with an owner, what's the point? That's part of the burden of being in a family business. Everyone must be held equally accountable to each and every customer. I don't mean to bash on BH here, but when you're either confronted by a rude or pushy man/woman who consistently treats a paying customer like an afterthought... why keep going? Anyway, that's my 2cents.
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