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  1. That is badass!..... how much are you into it?
  2. i would like to donate some money towards the operation....
  3. What do you guys use as far as cleaners and lubes? What do you guys think of froglube? my one friend swears by it thanks
  4. Is he still open? Tried looking him up a few months back
  5. ill have to dig it out.... i bought the one at lowes
  6. they collected tax on my gun safe..... where is this written in nj tax law?
  7. how much is it to get into the higher levels from life member? golden eagles? 2nd amendment task force? etc?
  8. Im currently watching the somali pirate takedown documentary in which that movie capt. phillips was made off of.... i have a few questions that someone might be able to answer... 1) are overseas freighters crewmen allowed to carry guns? 2) what are the laws regarding my njfid card and gun owning privledge into international waters (i would never nor do i plan on it etc)
  9. JaredC

    Sig Mosquito

    i got a mosquito and it is finicky unless you feed it the 40 gr cci mini mags.... it runs excellent with a full cleaning... i probably have 4500 rounds down mine and it runs great with cci mini mags and 50% with other ammo. its about 90% the size of a 226 and was the main reason that i bought it
  10. is this the one that comes in the 2 packacge with the magnifier?
  11. thanks..... you guys answered all my questions... the 15/30s just look bad ass
  12. so its a factory made 15 round to look like a 30 round.... now what kind of bullshit does having these get at a range? a dozen people coming up to you to check?
  13. What is the legality of 10/30 15/30 pmags? i have been seeing them more and more online and i think in the range unless those were 30 rounders.... are these 100% legal in nj? how do you make a illegal 30 round a legal 15 round? ffl needs to pin or plastic weld it?
  14. It all started at the sig sauer expermential .22lr handgun tests back in the summer of 05 when a few of the team sig guys field testing it outdoors. During the hot summer while shooting outdoors with ankle socks on the ejected hot minimag shells land on their ankles causing them to name the gun mosquito... instead of the sig p22
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