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  1. Leaving for the Pic in about 10 mins. I'm wearing a tan T-shirt with a green AR15 and the words "Anywhere and Everywhere" the front.
  2. Look for a bunch of guys wearing pro-2A T-shirts/hats. I'll be the fat guy wearing a tan-colored "Anywhere, Anytime" T-shirt.
  3. BTT. Just a reminder that tomorrow's the date. I hope to see some NJ Gun Forum members at the Pic tomorrow evening.
  4. Word! Thank you. BTT!! One week away. I'm looking forward to next Thursday.
  5. I agree that CCW is probably an unattainable goal, unless it was part of a deal with Sweeney to give him his DL endorsement or 10-round mag limit. But that has never stopped me from supporting those who want to make it a primary issue. This sounds like a subject that is best discussed over a beer. See you the Thursday after next? ;-)
  6. Did a search on "Fiamingo" and went back one year. No details on any sins. It is very clear that he is a persona non-grata here in the forums. Please provide a link to the thread that details how many children he raped. Seriously, unless he committed some heinous crime, we need to stick together and not fight amongst ourselves.
  7. I get it. I would not be participating if the situation was reversed. We are looking for a coordinator in the North. If someone wants to take the lead and coordinate something up North, they would have our full support.
  8. Not wanting to hijack my own thread, but what did FF do? All I know is that he was asked to step down as President of the NJ2AS.
  9. FJF is not involved with this. This is a grass-roots effort to build relationships between members who are not officers in the organization. Many people (like myself) are not inclined to go somewhere to sit in a folding chair and listen to speakers who preach to the choir. I'd rather have a beer and talk at a bar. That is all this is.
  10. Thanks. I already picked up enough .30-06 from Georgia Arms. Jack's price is much better. I'll be using him next time. Still looking for a source for 7.62x39 and 7.62x54.
  11. Thanks. I'll check them out. ETA: Black hills does not manufacture the 3 cartridges I am looking for. Georgia arms is out of stock on the Russian ammo. Still looking...
  12. Thanks for the recommendation, but CMP resells NATO Garand .30-06. I need match quality standard .30-06. Aim Surplus resells major brand-name manufacturers. To be clear: I am not looking for a small business who sells ammo. I am looking for a small business like Freedom Munitions who manufactures and sells their own ammo. Thanks
  13. I prefer to support small businesses whenever possible. I buy most of my ammo from Freedom Munitions. But, FM does not make 7.62x39, 7.62x54, or .30-06 ammo. Any recommendations for a small ammo manufacturer who produces those rounds? Thanks
  14. 99 views and not one reply?
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