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  1. antennaweb.org has a lot of info and a guide for your zip code..I learned a lot there.
  2. Im looking to dump my current cable provider and want to go to basic TV..with all the internet stuff and the little time we watch actual TV its not worth the price...Has anyone done this and can give some suggestions on what they used and any tips or tricks??? TIA
  3. Wasn't she outside the walls when they arrived in the old house window....Carl saw her and she vanished...makes sense she saw Rick hide it since she likes to roam outside.
  4. She's a bute...not a bad price. .I collect Ithaca SKBs O/U's. ..always liked the Beretta also
  5. I can guest u in at Hutton Hill. ..check out their website and let me know
  6. I would love some Venison if you have extra....Also I have lots of oil if anybody needs it for bait....at least 5 to 10 of those 5 gallon jugs.
  7. Just to clarify..AZ NR can still carry in the car in PA?..just not CCW on person due to AG not reciprocating anymore with AZ and others.
  8. 19.99 Jacket.. Use click thru on NJGF so they get credit. http://www.midwayusa.com/product/939318415/midwayusa-mens-softshell-fleece-jacket-polyester-woodland-green-and-realtree-xtra-camo?cm_vc=ProductFinding
  9. I've been meaning to swing by there... I was dating a girl in Shamong and ment to get by there when I was creeping by her house. I fired her so not up there as much but i still need to go by there next time up 206.
  10. I am done with this Asshat...I gave him another shot and hes attitude as a business owner is beyond wrong.. I have 1 gun to pick that's been there for a while and DONE with him..
  11. Man Nick..new Rifle and Crossbow? ...The Axis is sweet..my brother killed his first Black Buck with the .308.
  12. No Gold Match Bullseye...I wish I knew more these. I bought this with my exs Alimony payment for spite.
  13. I have no idea....the original owner mentioned small frame Witness mags....any help would be appreciated. Want to shoot IDPA in 9mm soon.
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