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  1. awesome! i love that it works great with bulk ammo. all the reports i read from the p22 are that it is picky with ammo. much like alot of the .22lr guns. i hate spending 10 bucks or more on 100rds of .22lr. kinda defeats the purpose
  2. well since you already have 2 45s i would suggest maybe going for another 9mm. usp is more than reliable enough for HD. nothing worse than having a bunch of guns that cost a fortune to shoot. I tend to like the springfield xdms better than glocks. they are more comfortable to me, they are just as reliable if not more reliable, and they have a grip angle similar to a 1911. I was looking into the the ppq myself a few months ago. very nice gun. Only thing that stopped me from getting it was the mag release. thats something i couldnt get past. pretty sure the p22 is same way so that might not bother you. i would say do an XDM. could never go wrong with a 357 magnum too though. if you didnt know, a 357 magnum can also shoot 38 special rounds. 357 magnum is good for home defense and the 38 special rounds are cheaper for range shooting
  3. i had a bunch of home depot giftcards and bought a safe from them. its a 14 gun i believe made by sentry. im happy with it
  4. the model isnt stamped on the barrel someplace?
  5. i ususally buy my ammo at dicks. they tend to have sales all of the time and carry good range ammo. for .40s&w i normally get their remington umc, blazer aluminum, or sellier and bellot. sellier and bellot is actually one of my favorite cheap ammo. its generally around $16 for a box of 40 and is pretty darn accurate. the umc is my second choice when its on sale. blazer they usually carry the 165gr for pretty cheap too. just gotta see what your range rules are though. Some ranges wont let you shoot the blazer aluminum cased ammo. buying online can be cheaper if you buy alot of ammo at once. otherwise, by time you add on shipping costs, your at the same price as dicks anyway
  6. my first gun was a remington 597. now many years later and many guns later, i still have it and its still a blast to shoot. it is semi auto but it served me very well for my first gun. they are really accurate right out of the box. can never go wrong with a 10/22 either
  7. definately gonna add this to my collection. all reviews i read say it likes the bulk ammo
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