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  1. It seems that you don't need a trailer under 2500 pounds to be titled in NJ, ONLY registered. In that case, that might be why there is no Title for the trailer. AND the registration might not have occured for many years and might have been in a glove compartment with the vehicle that had been used to tow the trailer 15 years ago or so and long lost. IF the plates are there can the long-lost registration be pulled up and/or used with a notarized bill of sale?
  2. A friend of mine is giving me a free 16 foot sailboat and trailer. I have been trying to get in touch with the DMV for the last 2-3 days and have had hold times of 2-3 hours at a clip with of course no answer. I see a line about a 1/2 mile at my local DMV and have been told that people are waiting out overnight to get in the DMV. I certainly wouldn't want to do that unless I had all of my "i"s dotted and my "t"s crossed before showing up. I am not sure what documentation I will be receiving, however, the boat was owned by my friend's parent for the last 20 years but has not been used, maybe for the last 15. I believe that there is a title that can be signed over to me. It seems I would have to pay a registration based on size, weight, and how old it is. I would also hav eto pay a $60 registration transfer fee. Since the boat is a gift I am not sure what they would charge for "sales tax". However, the title for the trailer cannot seem to be located. I would assume that the trailer has been registered. Can my friend use the death certificate and apply for a duplicate title, if it is in the system? Then would I have to pay the "sales tax" and register it over to me, just as the boat itself... an additional $60 plus. Can the executor of the will do something? I have also seen that without the title there as some kind of "12 point" most likely time-consuming and costly method for me to get the trailer. Can anybody shed light on what it would take without the Corona Virus DMV inefficiency and/or steps I can take. It seems I have to complete an OS/SS (universal Title) for each? Or just the trailer. It seems I might have to pay to have a title search done and/or notary fees and additional fees and list in in the local newspaper, etc.. The info I find online is confusing to say the least and I cannot get a hold of someone that can help me. Additionally, the sailboat comes with a couple of trolling motors. Do their use make a difference, etc. Additionally, there seem to be penalties for not getting it done right away. Boat-Blues NO BOAT FOR YOU. NO BICYCLE FOR YOU. Thanks for any advice given.
  3. Unidentified Suspect Seen Defacing NYC Mural To Read 'Orange Lives Matter'
  4. ONLY a new gunowner that doesn’t' have any ammo reserves should consider supporting Dickheads.
  5. What an awesome idea... I wouldn't mind getting one of these rifles. Henry Repeating Arms‘ “Guns for Great Causes” program is issuing a “call to arms” to put an end to childhood cancer for good in honor of two-year-old Ethan Shaw–and if you’d like to join Ethan’s Army, all you need to do is open your heart and your gun case to a limited edition Henry “Ethan’s Army” Edition Golden Boy lever-action rifle. Henry designed and produced 88 beautiful collectible lever-action .22s to benefit the Shaw family; they’re available now through Henry Repeating Arms’ website and the first in the series, ETHANSARMY01, is currently up for auction on Gunbroker.com. All proceeds from the sales of the “Ethan’s Army” rifles will be presented to the Shaw family. https://freedomslodge.com/henry-designs-donates-88-rifles-for-cancer-stricken-toddler/?trk_msg=DR3GR4J8J30KT1M18L4KRF9M7S&trk_contact=LG9H1QI5VD3VG1HCR6R4D0HRL8&trk_sid=IKPC8F971V1CMUQ1FGAV18VT04 Prayers sent to Ethan.
  6. Murphy can't even get the DMV right and he is given all those additional burdens.
  7. A police car was at the Newton office turning people away.
  8. Thanks. But I am looking for about a mountain bike 17" or smaller.
  9. Get a newer Ranch MIni. The older ones were problematic. But why not get an AR15? And.. a Ruger 10/22.
  10. Kid's Birthday this month and there are NO bikes anywhere to be had... Bike shop said won't be getting new bikes in until at least December. Used bike market has dried up and the few that are still available are problematic and/or way overpriced. More Wuhan fallout. I guess everyone is riding these days!
  11. Build on your kit as you see fit. Griz's answer was perfect. And let someone know where you are going... Better yet, find a buddy.
  12. Hiking Gear Thoughts... Minimal kit: Pocket Knife Water Bottle Sanitary Wipes Whistle Disposable Poncho Extended Kit Ideas (not too much wilderness in NJ that you couldn't hike out of) that could keep you going if you get hurt or have inconvenient camping in more remote areas of US... Leatherman or Swiss Army Knife, I prefer Leatherman Rebar over the Swiss Army Victorinox Ranger Grip tool or SAK One-handed Trekker... tool should have a saw, awl, can opener, knife... file and plyers are a plus Folding Pocket Knife... I like the value of the Kershaw Blur Optional, Bahco Laplander folding saw and/or Mora knife of your choice... Mora Companion HD in carbon steel. The premium choice would be the Mora Garberg and midrange I would consider the Condor Terrasaur. Budget would be a Mora Craftline 511. (2) BIC Lighters wrapped w/ 1" Gorilla Tape 3/8" or preferably a 1/2" by 5" or 6" fire steel (wrap end with duct tape to hold onto and use for fire tinder) Surefire starters and/or some fatwood (or cotton balls rolled in petroleum jelly) Stanley Adventure Cook Set or the Stanley French Press Cook Set and GSI stainless cup Nalgene water bottle or stainless (I prefer stainless single wall stainless nalgene) (insulated might be nice in winter to keep it from freezing) Titanium Spork FrogTogg Poncho (or single-use one) Beanie and gloves (colder weather) Cell Phone and extra charger and/or solar charger Whistle Grayl Geopress Water Purifyer Lightweight tarp, preferably orange and preferably square 7', 8', or 9', an orange emercency blanket will do 30 foot paracord ridgeline and (3) 6' parahord hanks 50 or 100' of #36 tarred bankline Decent headlamp w/ extra set of batteries... waterproof and a small pen light (2-3) cotton bandanas and/or a Shemagh or Sniper Veil Compass (my choice would be a Suunto MC2 Global) 1" roll of duct tape, prefer Gorilla Brand Cloth Needle and/or tick remover Sun Screen and Bug Spray Pack to carry all of the gear.... Like Osprey Stratos, Fjallraven Kaipack, Mystery Ranch, or the like Extra socks and/or extra layer of clothes or a warm layer and wind breaker Maybe a small first-aid kit with burn medicine, Advil, Benadryl, moleskin Toilet Paper / Wipes Baseball Cap 2-3 drum liners 55 gallon Waterproof bag Esbit Stove and tablets, Alcohol stove w/ fuel, etc. Firearm Additional clothes depending on season, etc. Electrolyte packets and some food Notebook and paper
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