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  1. Since you most likely cannot concealed carry in the Republik and you want something with less recoil, you most likely are looking at a semi-auto compact or full-size handgun in 9 mm. I would say your best value would be an M&P 2.0 Full-size or Compact w/ either a 4.25", 4" or 3.6" barrel. My choice would be the 4" Compact for your first gun, but my favorite is the 3.6" Compact. The M9A3 that was suggested would be quite nice as well if you are OK w/ Double-action/Single Action instead of Striker Fired. A Glock 19 would be a great choice as well, or its big brother the Glock 17. A CZ variety would also be a good choice, but the Glocks and Smiths are simpler. For optics ready I might consider a Performance Center M&P 9. Other calibers to consider would be .380, .38, .357, .40, and .45 ACP. They are all more expensive to shoot. If you were considering a nice beginner gun check out Slav Guns Youtube channel and the review of the M&P 380 EZ. A 1911 in 9mm might be an awesome and viable alternative as well, but the Strikers are easier to manipulate. .40 and .45 ACP would not be the best choice for a beginner not wanting too much recoil. Other considerations might be the striker fired CZ, A Sig Sauer such as a 226 or 229, A GP100 (if you want .38/.357). A Glock 48 might be a nice 10-rounder. Keep in mind that this won't be the last handgun you purchase. My short list would include: M&P 2.0 full size, or Compact, OR Glock 19 or 17. But there are so many choices. You really need to go and try some different ones. https://grabagun.com/smith-and-wesson-mp9-m2-0-cmpct-9mm-10-1-4-fs.html The Glock 34 you were interested in would be a fine choice. I prefer the 19, instead, though. And the Ruger Mark IV would be a fun shooter, but not as good a choice for most for defense due to reliability and ammo selecltions l
  2. I'm applying for permits tomorrow even though I am not interested in a handgun right now.There needs to be a class action filed. Incompetent , corrupt, conniving, colluding statists. There needs to be accountability. Fudds be damned.
  3. They have no problem printing out tickets, state tax forms, etc.
  4. The law-abiding and peaceful Sheeple will just bend over to the unconstitutional and unjust tyranny.
  5. I am a fan of the show as well. The characters are done very well.
  6. This is what happens when the morons in this state vote for Socialist and Statists who just won't leave decent, law-abiding Americans alone. And it just shows the disdain and contempt that they have for the poor slobs that they want to force us all to become. Take away the natural right that is reinforced against tyranny by the Constitution and leave the most poor among us unable to defend themselves from the very animals that the elite continue to allow to wander among us as their lawyer friends get rich. And lets continue the zero tolerance conditioning as we make good, subservient, wussified tax-slaves. Thank you all you shitheads in NJ. I guess you know us useful idiots will try to comply. Maybe the State should come up with a shithead surcharge, instead, to help pay down its interest on the interest of the interest of the money that it hasn't stolen or pissed away and still owes for the collectivist paradise it dangers over the mAsses as soft and fluffy toilet paper.
  7. It never stops. It is such a heavy weight to think about the people that lost their lives, and then to be saddened and then kicked by an oppressive media and government that wants to leave us even more defenseless against these animals.
  8. SARCO might have some spare parts.
  9. The Smith & Wesson 2.0 Compacts are awesome. I think Smith should release a 2.0 version of the venerable 9C with both sleeves for 2.0 Compact mags and the full size. I would prefer it to be teh same slide length as the older one with the 3.5" barrel, but would be just as happy with one the same length as the 3.6 version of the 2.0 Compact. I really like the versatility of being able to use the three different size magazines as well as many aftermarket products, and I believe that the older M&P doesn't really reach its potential until it has an APEX trigger installed and something like a Hyve +3 extension plate. That plate makes it pretty awesome because it gives the 9C essentially the same grip length as the new 2.0s or a Glock 19. And, although it is slightly longer in the front of the grip, it is actually shorter than the 2.0s in the rear, which makes it nice for concealment. And, of course the 9C could utilize the flush grip plate with or without some pinky extensions and the use of the full-size magazines. And, just as with the other M&Ps, maybe newer 9C stock might have an updated trigger in it which would largely alleviate an Apex trigger unless you want a more Glock-like style trigger. And, as far as breaking down, the M&Ps are almost as easy as Glocks, except for the need to remove the rear sight. I really like the Hyve products. They work nicely on the Glock 43 and M&P Shield. I am not a fan of the slippery texture or the gaudy colors or the emblem. It is not quite as bad as the Lone Wolf one, but... And, I wonder if Hyve could make aluminum sleeve adapters for the magazines that actually bolt on and attach securely. The M&P 9C is a perfectly balanced handgun and loses all of that top-heavy awkwardness with the use of the pricey Hyve Extension. It really makes a completely new gun. It is perfect, no. Might rattle a little, etc., and for free America it would give 15 rounds on tap. Some would find that the 9C would still have some problem with dropping mags freely and/or reloading and pinching your fingers, etc. but it really is neat and an upgraded version of the 9C, would be nice. And there still isn't a viable way to use 2.0 Compact mags in the 9C as X-grip and others have not stepped up to the plate. Lastly, for those carrying, they may not want the awesome grip texture on the newer M&P versions and might find the venerable 9C just the ticket. I think the 9C in this configuration does circles around the Glock 26. it would be cool if Hyve made aluminum grip sleeves that bolt onto the magazines for Glocks and M&Ps that would enable the smaller guns to utilize the larger mags. As a side note, the Hyve +3 extenders work with ONLY the 12-round 9C magazines and a 2.0 Compact Mag Block 15 to 10 to give you a 10-round Kompliant NJ magazine.
  10. There is actually too much play with the safety/bolt release and that is the problem. Ruger has no fix. I am wondering if some kind of spacer might help.
  11. My Uncle just bought a Lite and it rattles a lot. It seems to be the mag release/safety. Any thoughts?
  12. I got rid of one of the first SIG 1911-22 a while back. It functioned flawlessly and I liked it a lot, but I had some misgivings about its quality and long-term durability. Not sure about their quality, now. Probably should have kept it. You may not want the reduced size, but I would check out a Browning. It is kinda like a Commander-size at the range.
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