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  1. There is too much at stake. Perhaps the only way to save the Republic is to have these corrupt, evil, and foolish politicians removed from office legally and nonviolently and their unlawful actions and corruption brought out. A free people need to be educated and engaged. Our fellow citizens need to be made to understand the tyranny that is afoot.
  2. The Globalist, Statist, Marxists and their media are exerting tyrannical pressure at every level from the sham impeachment to dismissing all of the Bill of Rights to crushing taxes and dependence... as they whittle away at our Constitution and freedom becomes tyranny. This is why, Greenday, the Constitution cannot be "living and breathing" That document that limits the power of the government over the citizien cannot be interpretted in whatever way fits for the moment by those with an agenda.
  3. Underdog

    PSA 9 Dagger

    Palmetto State Armory is releasing essentially their version of the Glock 19 GEN3, as the Glock Patent has expired for the GEN3. It seems like a quality-made firearm with steel sights and a hinged trigger like the S&W M&Ps. However, it is completely interchangeable with Glock parts and a Glock trigger can be installed. It's grippy with an undercut and some slightly different eronomics than the 19. The QUALITY base model with stainless steel, nylon molding, etc. will be $299 and the one that has red dot compatiblity, raised sights, and a threaded barrel will be about $100 more. It will work with Glock parts, aftermarket parts, holsters, etc.. Looks like it will be an awesome deal at $299. I am a big fan of the GEN3 Glocks. This will certainly be a contender in the budget field for someone looking for defensive handgun. March/April... PSA not only wants to be involve with ARs, but also handguns.
  4. I am sure that a phone call to Amazon will refund money. Shame, I was looking forward to the knife. Even though it is an awesome knife and loved by many, especially the carbon steel variety, I'm not sure if I would pay full price for one, and if I did, I would probably opt for the Carbon Steel one. I would have thought Amazon would screen its vendors, better. I will be very cautious ordering from a 3rd party in the future.
  5. If your order comes in please update. Maybe we will get some cheap Chinese knockoffs. Looks like a scam.
  6. Both good and have pluses and minuses. The stainless will still spark a fire with a ferrocerium rod so there is that. But stainless won't make a spark with a piece of flint. The carbon steel is easier to sharpen, especially on the fly. The stainless will hold an edge longer, but is harder to sharpen, especially in the field. And, the stainless is more rust-resistant and won't require as much maintenance, especially if you are going to toss it in a kit somewhere and leave it. As far as which is better, I would have picked up one of each if they were the same price. If you are a bushcrafter, then the allure of full-tang carbon steel would be appealing. If you have a practical approach, and/or if you live in wet conditions and/or near the ocean, or if you are going out in snow, etc. then maybe the stainless would shine. For me the price is what caught my interest... Ten dollars more than a Campanion, thicker blade, more versatile carry, better design of grips, indestructable handle (for the most part), it is a no brainer. And, I like the nicer blade contour. Is it thee knife, no. It is a tool and it works well. I think you would be happy with either one, especially at $25. Other than the blade thickness a standard Mora Campanion for around $16 will do quite a bit, too. I like the grip of the Garberg much better, though, and I like the newer versatile sheath system.
  7. I felt the same. I thought maybe they were phasing this knife out because of the less popular Molle system until the leather version went on sale for $29.99. Maybe the stainless isn't that popular? Or, maybe they are redesigning this knife. My ONLY complaint with it is that there isn't too much to stop your hand from slipping onto the blade, however, this knife was not made for thrusting forward with it. To me these are great stash knives and that is why I am completely fine with the stainless version. However, if they carbon steel version goes on sale, I would pickup one or two of those as well. I still like the Campanion and think it is a perfect backpup knive.
  8. I wanted to see what the bot has it at today and I saw that the leather sheath version is on sale/clearance? now.
  9. I just clicked the Link out of curiousity and its $27.99. That's crazy. Anyway, it is definitely a step up from the awesome $18 approx. Campanion. For $10 more you are getting one heck of a knife, even the stainless with the Molle sheath. If I didn't have to pay my range dues this month, I would pickup a couple more.
  10. Still climbing this morning. Interestesting how Amazon pricing works just from that one link above. Maybe the $25.99 was an accident?
  11. Wow, it is no longer at $25.99. It is at $63.26. That deal went quickly.
  12. This is stainless steel and NOT a high carbon knife, but you can toss it somewhere with little maintenance and it is an awesome little knife. This is a great deal for a full-tang Mora I would rather have the high carbon steel version with the leather sheath but I will get 2-3 of these and put in the truck, etc. Good in salt air and snow! $26 dollars and Prime! https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01I1GITMA/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  13. Actually, I had a 22 conversion and sold it because I never used it. I had always wanted to get a dedicated lower to use with it and would have if we didn't live in the Republik with the permits and all that BS. It worked pretty well, but it had to have the correct ammo that worked with it. In the end I sold it, as the M&P 22s were much more "useable". I know it was an easy thing to swap out the slides, but I just didn't and consequently it never went to the range. Having a dedicated 22, IMHO, though costly, is not much more than a conversion kit, anyway, and a better route. And it uses the same size mags as the G19/23 so it is better for training and will go in the mag holders, etc., and not to mention that it is probably much more reliable than the conversion kits. My only thing is that either is much lighter than the real deal. Perhaps weights could be added somehow to the G44 to make it feel like a G19 (but then there is the recoil and on and on). I would like to see a video comparing it to the M&P 22 Compact and 22 full-size, which are both awesome. If it has the same trigger as the gen 5 Compacts, then it probably has a nicer trigger than the M&Ps... The plus of a conversion kit is that with a Glock 23 and a conversion barrel (or two) you can have 3 or 4 calibers with one gun.
  14. Has anybody discovered the G44 in .22LR G19 Gen 5 sized, yet? Maybe it needed a steel/polymer slide, but it appears to be very cheap looking and the slide looks a little narrower. It will take standard Glock sights but I'd be careful wit the polymer slide. One interesting thing, for training though, is that the 10-round magazines are the exact same size as G19 mags which would be nice for training. It is at least 1/2 pound lighter than the G19 and it can be dry fired. The Trigger is very similar to the 9mm Glock and it has a nice trigger break. The Trigger is a little over 5 pounds, I would guess. It seems that this would be a good choice for new shooters. I am not sure if Greenday could handle the recoil, though. Seems super reliable and would be perfect to carry out in the woods (where applicable). I want one. Grabagun has them for $350.
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