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  1. Couldn't be a better way than all of this to fundamentally change the relationship of the individual and the govnernment.
  2. The awesome place, or its government? You wouldn't be an unfactual, emotionally unstable axe-wielding, leftist anti-gunner listening to NPR would you? Oh, wait, this isn't the First Amendment Lounge... Better listen to JackDaWack! No? Then Welcome!
  3. Liberty vs. Tyranny... Thanks NJ 2AS and President Trump! Is NICs going to be up?
  4. It is nice to have a real American in the Oval Office for a change.
  5. Schumer should return to his district to oversee it all.
  6. Tickets will be jacked up for the Kennedy Center and only limousine liberals will be able to attend. Additionally, Milk and Bread will be about $12 per gallon and loaf. And the Federal Government will be part owner of ALL non-essential businesses.
  7. Instead of offering me free shit to renew my months-away membership and sending out mailer after mailer and keeping the US Postal System afloat, why not buy some air time and get some adds out in the People's Republik. Oh, that's right, they can't because the media is controlled by the Leftist, Globalist, Statists with tyranny on their mind.
  8. This is a perfect illustration of governmental tyranny. Who would have thought it would happen in NJ? Where is ABC-TDS's outrage? And by the stroke of an anti-Constitutionalist's pen... Doesn't this discriminate toward and affect the poor, protected anti-gun, liberal class from waiting til the last minute to defend its sorry ass by seeking some instruments of freedom and protection?
  9. That's only in a Constitutional Democratic Republic. Go to PA.
  10. Charges dropped against Roosevelt Twyne most likely due to lawful, concerned public outcry... https://bearingarms.com/cam-e/2020/03/13/criminal-charges-dismissed-roosevelt-twyne/ Have charges been brought against Roselle Park?
  11. Hiking, Walking the Dogs, Spring cleaning, and pulling ticks off the dogs.
  12. Lets consider this overzealous elitist and his newest proposal in light of the State's encroachment on the Bill of Rights... Lets take a poll and see how many being released are Democrats, just for shits and giggles. Personal Safety be damned. https://www.nj.com/politics/2020/01/nj-reforms-new-social-justice-laws-as-murphy-takes-action-on-martin-luther-king-day.html
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