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  1. I would want adjustable sights.
  2. For less than 1/2 the price of a Single Six, though, it is a good deal. Still, an older 3 screw Single Six that has not been modified is the ticket.... How do these compare to the Bearcat in price and quality?
  3. This might be the perfect kit gun. I wanted to get a Ruger LCRx, but this might be a good buy, instead. What is Ruger's warranty on this? I wonder if it will take the Single Six grips... 30 oz is a little on the heavy side, though. Maybe they can design a break top one, next.
  4. Those plans are most likely illegal too... Infant Gun Porn if I recall.
  5. The NRA is an organization of people that believe in their rights and freedoms. Its sentiment can only be destroyed from within. And, something else WILL take its place as long as there is a belief in freedom. Perhaps if it falls apart the NARA (The National Assault Rifle Association) will emerge... The NRA is only as good as its collective members, suck it up, Wayne... We need the Blue Flag Laws so that the President can deport progressive statists and send them to Cuba, Mexico, Venezuala, North Korea, and Iran without due process starting with Cuomo. Get more engaged if you are worried, but personally I wouldn't worry about this until more is released. The opponents would love uncertainty and dissension in the ranks.
  6. On Griz's defense, 1911s are not high on their list of guns being identified as ghost guns. They aren't evil AR15s and evil Glocks. I do disagree on the sentiment that you are innocent until proven guilty. That isn't necessarily the case in NJ.
  7. Or Leia floating through space and that lame-ass way Solo died at the hands of that little shit. Or, the pathetic way Luke was portrayed. I felt like the founding fathers were getting their history rewritten.
  8. There are any number of dirtbags and criminals arrested with other charges as well, but the ONE case that comes to mind is the one again by Bryan Aitkins. There was an Eagles player that was arrested and others with loaded guns with HP as well. That was tongue and cheek... Quite possibly however those laws should not put limits on citizens unless they are aware of them through a reasonable avenue, such as reading about NJ gun laws.
  9. It has nothing to do with fear mongering. It has to do with what is right and what is wrong and subjectively citizens being put into risk. I would hope that 95 percent of LEOs are decent and on on the up and up and would not want to destroy the lives of people for something like, say a 15 round magazine. I would hope 98% of attorneys would feel the same, and 100% of the robe-clad ones feeling the same. Instead, those laws should be enforced when someone is actually in the commission of a real crime, especially a violent crime, and found guilty. For example, if you go to the range and fire off 15 rounds as quickly as you can from one magazine, you should not face that jeopardy. However, if say you commit arm robbery and you are found guilty for armed robbery, then that same 15 round law should be tacked on. There is AlWAYS that fear for honest people if for two things only... mandatory sentencing without common sense applied AND the fact that the "crime" doesn't fit the sentence. Griz, it sounds like you are connected in some fashion to law enforcement. If so, even the laws that do apply, don't really apply to you and you don't face the same jeopardy as a general rule. You can point out examples where LEOs have, and I can point out examples where good people's lives were destroyed as well. As far as the OPs original comment... We the People are suppose to be made fearful by the legal system and the politicians. That is our determined relationship to the government. You should not have to question whether or not you are doing something that could make you a felon based on a technicality. However, in NJ, it behooves you to have that mindset in order to avoid pitfalls. Again, the key is that one interpretation/misinterpretation on either side, yours or the legal system, no matter how slight, and you are subject to unleashed hell. is this a reputable brand of epoxy, clearly secured, etc. and, yet a gangbanger that kills another one in Jersey City has about a 5-6 year jail sentence for murder doesn't even face the multiple possible gun charges.
  10. This I don't disagree with to some extent. However, he probably didn't put it in that DA's head that the magazine was considered a loaded gun. And, are those reasonable LEOs that unsophisticated that that that they would act unjustly upon that legal scholar and capitalist filling their heads with sugarplum fairies? And what if the state knows that the defendant doesn't have the resources the state does in pursuing this desired and just outcome?
  11. Yes, but what positive and beneficial results happened to the defendant in this case? What negative things happened to the legal system participants for going forward with this case?
  12. There is a lot in this. First, New Jersey as a rule does not function on common sense. There may be some LEOs and Attorney's out there that function that way, but it isn't the default setting. So, lets get that out of the way. Next, LEOs respond in part to laws on the books and case law. If you were an otherwise law-abiding citizen should you be arrested for having a loaded mag, or say a pocket knife, or maybe a loaded mag with hollow point ammunition in it, a sling shot out in the woods, or say a single round of hollow point ammunition on face value only? NO. There should be common sense. If you are an otherwise law-abiding citizen that gets pulled over for having your license plate covered partially, should be you prosecuted for having in your possession a 12 round magazine? NO. There should be common sense. However, in this State there is an aspect at least in part of an aggressive agenda and continued brainwashing. There are those that react and let those above them sort it out, etc. There is mandatory jail time and fines, etc. Nappen is a capitalist and a lawyer. I believe he is knowledgeable about the law. i believe that there were times when he has seen that ridiculous shit was thrown out and I believe that there were occasions when common sense didn't prevail and the mala prohibitas transgression and its sentence were unjust. Prosecutors and Judges are just attorneys. Do I need to say more? They could and have had agendas contrary to decency and common sense. Someone that is in a position to have a loaded magazine should have some common sense and discretion, especially in this place that doesn't recognize rights. But, if all of the bad luck and pieces come together one could find himself in a bad and expensive situation. Only criminals and undocumented voters are allowed loaded magazines in this state without being questioned. Take for example driving around with a cased and unloaded long-arm in this state with an FID in your possession. Unless you go where it is expressly prohibited, such as a school parking lot, etc. (without permission from the School board), then you are for all purposes legal to do so. However, try getting away with that at 11:30 at night when you are stopped for a brake light out and a LEO decides to peer into the back of your SUV with a flashlight and notices that oddly shaped case. Is he going to check it? Is he going to let you go after questioning you for 20 minutes and allowing you to you brandish your FID card? Might he take the card? Might he search every inch of your car and put himself and you in danger as you reside on the side of the road with loaded people driving around? Same analysis with the magazine. It certainly by itself is NOT a firearm. By that logic any part of a firearm could be considered a firearm. Lets play along, though. Why are you carrying a loaded magazine? Theoretically you have a reasonable reason and purpose. Say you are transporting your firearm from your home to place of business. You would be putting unnecessary wear and tear on mags loading and unloading and in particular you would be possibly damaging the ammunition in those mags with the loading and unloading process. It is time consuming and that ammo isn't rattling all around but safely contained in a magazine. And then there is the fact that just about ANY NJ law pertaining to firearams is vague enough that there is a "gottcha" built into it any time an overzealous Statist wants to exercise his power. And if for some reason his spider sense starts tingling you will wish you had stayed home that night. It all comes down to the fact that peaceful and law-abiding citizens should NOT BE examined and put through any of this by a common sense legal system, but yet there is always a risk. Unless you have a carry permit in this state all of the people living here are taking some risk if they have guns and bullets, and more visibility and attention brings more risk. Leos should not be allowed to act on case law, and it should ONLY be used internally by them to justify their common sense approach to given situations. And even responsibly and carefully crafted laws are open to interpretation. And in this State, we don't even have those by design.
  13. And when lots of workers were presumably in there and had access... And essentially during holy week no less... and in a country ravished with a lot of 7th century barbarians. But who could say... It's too bad that all of those art works and the building, and such couldn't have been sold and the profits used to help the statist poor before they were ruined. Since they were doing a lot of work, maybe much had been removed to other chambers. No casualties? Just a few firemen were hurt?
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