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  1. I think you can get a 5-shot Ruger SP101 or a 3" LCR/LCRx in 9mm as well. The SP101 would need new grips.
  2. That is Awesome! Can't post this enough! FUDDs be damned.
  3. Czech-made should be some nice quality. Waiting for you review!
  4. Easy and quick to reload and half the price of 38s to shoot. For someone that enjoys revolvers it is a Win/Win. And, it allows for Ammo consolidation. Still, there is NOTHING wrong with a S&W Model 625 or older flavor, and anyone with 1911s would be remiss without a revolver in .45 ACP. Additionally, no collection would be complete without at least one variety of .357 double-action revolver. But, a 9mm is quite sweet! "That's a nice plastic fantastic, but I got a wheel gun!" - Elmer Fudd
  5. That would be pretty cool and good enough for combat accuracy, however, the 9mm accuracy would suffer slightly, just as with the Ruger Blackhawk dual cylinder version.
  6. On the flip side, can be loaded quickly. I would imagine that it wouldn't need a moon clip, but the shells would have to be knocked out individually. Not quite as forceful as a .357, but more recoil than a semi-auto. My favorite rendition is the Ruger Speed Six in 9mm. These can sometimes be found on Gunbroker.
  7. This is a pretty sweet Czech-made revolver...
  8. It should be hammer-fired if it is an EZ version and it probably has a very nice trigger. Not sure if I could get past the grip safety, though, but there will certainly be a niche for this, especially older people and people lacking strength to rack the slide. I would certainly like to try one at a range, though, and might get it over the standard Shield. 4"? And, can put a light, etc... I'd have to say I like it. Christmas for the wife? Let's see what Julie has to say... And... Rock Island's new Czech-made 9mm revolver looks pretty interesting, too.
  9. I would say the best "value" in a handgun for someone on a budget would be the S&W M&P 2.0 Compact. It IS the Glock alternative with better ergonomics and iron sights and a decent trigger. The Beretta 92 is a fine gun, but would be more suitable for big hands and the slide safety, not my favorite.... For a first and second handgun, I would probably stick with two that have the same action. If you go the Glock route the 17 would be a fine choice, but as pointed out, many prefer the Glock 19 size (which is the same as the M&P 2.0 Compact) and would still be plenty viable as a home-defense handgun and the additional mag size of the 17 cannot be utilized in NJ, anyway. A full-size M&P 2.0 might be nice, too, with a 4.2" barrel, but I would prefer a 2.0 Compact. As PB pointed out, a 9mm revolver might be an interesting second choice if you want a different action (and because 9mm is a lot cheaper than alternatives). Perhaps my favorite is the venerable Ruger Speed Six in 9mm for a revolver. I am not familiar with newer SIG semi-autos, but I prefer the lower bore axis on the Glocks and M&Ps than older examples I have handled of that well-made brand. A 229 is a nice gun. A CZ in any flavor would be a fine gun, but a Glock for parts practicality, home gunsmithing, etc. just makes more sense. And, the alternate striker from S&W (an American company) has a lot of aftermarket accessories, too. Since you are limited to 10 rounds in the Republik, you may at least want to checkout a Glock 47 (thin Glock 19) and an M&P 2.0 Shield might be interesting. The sky is the limit and caliber choice should be considered as well. For me, 9mm makes the most sense. Everyone is giving you an opinion of what they like, so I will give you mine. I would ask for 3 permits instead of 2 and pay the extra $2 and get something in .22LR besides my other two choices. I would seriously consider getting two copies of the same gun, two Glock 19s for example, or a 19 and a 17(or 26), or an M&P 2.0 9mm and a 2.0 Compact for my range and defensive pistol. My choice would be two M&P 2.0 Compacts, one with a 4" barrel and one with a 3.6" barrel. Sometimes you can get the safety version (NOT the Massachusetts Trigger) at a cheaper price. I've even found the 15-round version cheaper than the 10-round version AND buying two 10-round magazines. Even though a gunsmith could modify to 10 most vendors will not ship to NJ. Why? To me feels better in the hand and is a better value than a Glock. Use the savings to get mags, a safe, etc.. Both share the SAME magazines, win win, both have the same operation, win, win... The hinge trigger isn't my personal favorite, but it still feels better than the rough Glock one, and the nice ergonomics and grippy surface are a win. ONLY thing with M&P is it is more difficult to upgrade the sights. By the way, welcome and good luck. My choice for a 22LR would be a Ruger Mark IV 22/45 or 22/45 Lite, although any Ruger Mark II or IV would fit the bill. Or even a Mark III, but I would get some aftermarket parts to make it more like a Mark II. Grabagun is a good outlet with quick shipping, etc. Gun.deals and Gunbroker.com are good ways to find online pricing. https://grabagun.com/smith-and-wesson-mp9-m2-0-cmpct-9mm-10-1-4-fs.html https://grabagun.com/ruger-mkiv-22-45-22lr-5-5-bl-sy.html
  10. The Korai Kitchen on Summit Ave has a nice Bangladesh Buffet and is pretty good, interesting, and quick... You must like Curry. Spice Spirit on Bergen Street is pretty good, too.
  11. Picked up an HP Stream with a 14" screen on Black Friday for my father and he seems to love it. All he needs and it is light weight and the price was right. I actually like it and might have to get one myself.
  12. Can only imagine the poor, socio-economic conditions that that knife was in before it decided to go on a rampage. More missionary work afoot. Thoughts and prayers go out to the victims.
  13. Again, it is pretty much Trump and the American people against all of the Washington Statists and their walking dead horde. Trump's side has the resources and the brains. The Democrats keep poking the Grizzly Bear. Trump is not done as long as the people are behind him.
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