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  1. That's OK, those "truckloads" are phenomenal guns. A Shield with an Apex kit is a beautiful thing. Factor that in to the price, though, and compare to a 2.0 that largely doesn't need one. I would love a Shield 2.0 Performance Center with a 4" barrel. And some prefer the less grippy older Shields.
  2. Petition to recall Gov. Gavin Newsom Beating All Expectations... Some peop;le oppose tyranny. https://www.oann.com/petition-to-recall-gov-gavin-newsom-beating-all-expectations/ The comments after the article are interesting as well.
  3. Can't Trump ask China as a favor to investigate him? Maye the Kalifornians can start a recall inquiry until it can be determined what Newsome did wrong. He is a Democrat and a politician and a white male so that is a given. Time to listen to his phone conversations.
  4. Well for starters, AVB, those children are products of a predominantly Leftist society that controls the discourse, the media, and effects things like the family structure and socio-economic mobility and opportunity, etc. When a society creates a feel-good, all-students-left-behind (due to Government interference), no personal responbility environment (the gun is the problem), and then tells children that everyone deserves this and that and then these children grow up as entitled, and then they see that the actual world, economics, and such doesn't match the world view that they have been spoon-fed from infancy, and then couple all of that largely "progressive-ladened" baggage with excessive violence in the media and video games, and a inbred lack of concentration and attention span, also caused in part by all of the toxins ingested in the body through medications and actual food, and you might perceive an unhealthy younger population. And even with all of that crap our children have to contend with, a majority of them still turn out to be functioning individuals in our society. Lastly, there is a deep loneliness among the youth that are caught up so much with their electronic gadgets that a sense of humanity and reality is missing from them. A very small percentage are unable to cope and go on to do horrific things, and many of them are involved with drugs and illegal activities as a means of further coping. The grand all-encompassing and benign state that you buy into is not the answer. Humans need family and humans need a higher sense of purpose (religion?) to guide them in their actions. The government should not be the safety net in our socieity. The PEOPLE in communities should be that safety net for those that truly need it. Ronald Reagan grew as a person and learned this lesson moving away from progressivism to a more sustainable and beneficial conservativism that learns from past mistakes. it's time for you to blossom, AVB. Here is a quote from pop culture.. Search your feelings... you can't do this. I feel the conflict within you. Let go of your hate. We have to teach our youth through strong family and community example to be strong, resourceful, and compassionate. Nobody owes you anything, and life is not fair. And, the government is NOT The answer. This progressive nonsense has been going on for the last 50 years or more and does not work. Things are NOT better. Joe Biden's government is not the answer.
  5. Maybe so but the people you seem to support (Democrats) are really NWO, Marxist, Statists and there is NOTHING compatible with them and a Democratic Republic and/or a free society. They are calling for MORE control than even "strict" socialism. Concentrated power in any form is dangerous. Just about all of the incumbants in Washington ... those same said "Socialist" Democrats (see above) and the Republicans (Democrats) are not working toward self-government and limited-government with checks and balances like the Constituitonalists (Middle-of-the-Road) are doing. The trajectory and agenda in Washington is to "fundamentally" change the relationship of the individual to his or her government. In many ways there needs to be a few safe guards, however, they should largely be out of the realm of the federal government for sure. By the way, that melt-down in 2008 was caused by inbred government and private institutions. It was brought on purposefully by Government interference in private industry that started in Clinton era, or maybe in Bush Senior's Administration. Private businesses were strong-armed into providing loans to those that were not capable of paying them to receive votes and appease a base. However, at the very top the whole thing, just like the easy credit card debt and school loans, those have been targeted as well to cause financial harm. There was NO coincidence that the collapse happened right before the election. The incompetent and corrupt incumbants in Washington do not represent the people and have no moral compass and in general, they have too much, and should not be given more power. In closing, the dishonest media is pushing the country further Left. It is time the pendulum swings back, AVB.
  6. There is absolutely nothing wrong with Aluminum Alloy frames as long as you realize that the stress adds up. However a light double or triple-butted chromoly frame may lose some of the energy when riding, but the ride is sweet with that spring in the frame. I agree, just ride. I love riding in the autumn when the leaves are changing and there is a slight chill. I imagine that hunters would be able to find Pizza Bob. My Marin is a a titanium gray. I also have a vintage Rockhopper, and I would love to get a Trek 750 Hybrid. I would also like to find a nice Trek Singletrack 950 or 970.
  7. I have a Marin Bear Valley.
  8. Is anybody a fan of vintage chromoly steel butted mountain bikes or hybrids, either in stock or comfort-bike setup?
  9. No idea, or spinning? There is a difference, though slightly, how he is perceived from that.
  10. Good job. A well-written response. Sometimes when I am in my truck the factory radio resets to NPR. When I listen to this I have to laugh because after just this one soundbite of nonsense I can see how my own brother's head gets filled with the gobblygook, and the programming is everywhere not just NPR. What's a left-leaning individual to do? With all of that how can they be held responsible? At one point in time AVB even invited me to sit down for a drink with him. I will give him kudos for his passion. At least he has good taste in chew toys for his dog (and he has a dog)(can't be all bad). I am completely open to HONEST debate, however, someone with AVB's intellect cannot be that uneducated with some of the things he says. Therefore I find him dishonest and sneaky, cherry-picking facts, etc. and spinning things, and just like Jenny, I have his number. If you are right and he actually does it in a well-meaning manner, and to his credit he has never presented himself other than a Progresssive (if I can categorize him that way) person (meaning he doesn't hide his beliefs), then I will concede, but I really don't think this is so. He knows exactly what he is doing. And, if you think it is all sincere, take the personal attacks against Trump. Maybe he personally knows Trump and there is bad blood as he mentioned from Real Estate deals, etc.. Trump is certainly no angel, but he is doing right by America at the moment. When AVB personally attacks him he isn't making his case, he is showing derangement. And, with all the fear he has, why was there no remote concern with Obama and his excesses, abuses, and scandals? Even with the media in the tank, they couldn't be completely hidden. Again, I don't know AVB personally, but I perceive him as sneaky and dishonest with the threads and thread titles he starts and the things he chooses to write about in them I believe he is trying to make his views seem reasonable. I'm not comparing AVB to Biden, but It is sort of like this... Would you treat Biden differently if you met him and viewed him as a whimsical, well-meaning older, bumbling gentleman with some impediments to his mental clarity (as long as he didn't touch your daughter), or would you treat him differently if you saw him as calculating, dishonest and creepy individual above the law, hypocritcal and dangerous to personal freedoms. Maybe that is how AVB sees Trump... but where are the facts, AVB? That is how Biden is seen by many. And, I am sorry, but I don't see you as truthful. I hear what you say about Greenday. He doesn't seem to have any malice and just says what he believes, though misguided. He seems to always be respectful and not get too much into the weeds. In the things he writes, though, he seems to be developing as a progressive and being more outspoken. Remember, facts Greenday, facts. He is getting more outspoken, and to your point that is OK, however he needs to be called on his BS. By the way, I disagree, AVB drops his crap and runs off because he only has personal attacks and no facts. I keep forgetting that both of these individuals are products of the propaganda media and facts and reason matter very little and AVB and Greenday don't see themselves as responsible for the Leftist, NWO crap that is being dumped on us all.
  11. If AVB was honest I would agree with you, but he is NOT honest and twists things, etc. Additionally, he is trying to push his views and agenda on me. I don't care if he wants to turn his guns in, register them, etc. or if he gives his significant other the ability to turn him in, and if he wants to buy only one gun a month. Leave me alone, Joe and AVB. And you should think about the radicals such as Giffords that you associate with. By the way, Greenday, do you agree with AVB?
  12. Talk about mentally deficient. Where is the Social Security official.
  13. Yes, they will flourish and prosper and new products will emerge and on and on. So you want them to be accountable to the dishonest Statists in Washington and the Corrupt media?
  14. Thank you for your brilliancy addressing this, I don't know what to say... Idiocy review continued: Yes, it is best to provide the undeserving and mistrustful government with more information and power over the people. And your statist government would decide this? How would that be distinguished between those unable and those who get aid from others? And by the way, how would temporary assistance be recognized. Busy body, Statist. Again, who would decide this nonsense? Perhaps, instead if a background check cannot be completed in (3) days, issue the victim of the government and bureacracy ANY free firearm under $2000 of his or her choice. Perhaps let them select two, instead, from the buyback bin. So who are these fugitives from justice? Trump supporters? Again, it would be so hard and complicated and costly to get them with all you agree with that it wouldn't matter that you agreed or not.. Yes, lets make criminals of the state and send a SWAT team at 5 in the morning and murder them in cold blood. Lets keep records so we can round them up when we feel like and without due process. And how would you safeguard indiiduals against abuse of this? And through due process how will the firearms NOT be damaged and returned to the individual? And what will be the penalty for state officials that don't follow through accordingly? Didn't Hitler and a few other unbearable and inhuman creatures enact this very thing on the people? Didn't it lead to gun confiscation? Certainly was the end of the world for a few disarmed individuals and their families packed into train cars. Perhaps that enforcement should be done before passing ANY more laws. Maybe we can tax the gun owners and use that money to setup a system? Neither YOU nor BIDEN should be in charge of anything beyond cutting your own fingernails when long. Someone plesae contact the Social Security Office.
  15. Wouldn't sueing be a means to this? Riddle me that, Batbrain, and of course you agree. Anything but the actual humans that commit the crimes, as its not their fault, but ours, the president, and the gun manufacturers. Dipshit, what do you think that would do to the gun companies, what with all the POS slip-and-fall lawyers and corrupt judges and brainwashed citizenry? Of course you to because it won't matter if all the gun companies are out of business. And by the way, batbrain, what is an assault weapon? I want my korean issued M1 Garande that I cannot purchase and a Saiga or two.. LOL. There aren't that many to worry about, anyway. They were lost in lots of boating accidents. You are such a moron. Bite the bullet and take your losses. They are too dangerous, anyway. Maybe you should pay some extra taxes to pay yourself back. Again, a complete idiot. Focus on punishing the individual, law-abiding citizen with something of NO CONSEQUENCE. And, all of that nonsense would in effect register, etc. I'm not Biden, but what if I think you should only have 3 guns total. Turn the rest in and buy them back with your own taxes. MORON. You are as dumb as Biden. Here is what I think Joe Biden meant... He wants to get rid of guns and this is just a key part of his plans. Anyone that supports Biden is against America. BINGO. Troll's R Us
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