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  1. The source that I read it from doesn't seem to be up anymore. Maybe it was removed, or maybe it is untrue.
  2. If it is true and its the same John Roberts that was on Epstein's logs? It is no wonder that Schumer rubber-stamped a "conservative" Chief Justice if there are those kind of tentacles. Does anybody feel that there might be a compromising effect, here? If it is verified that he was on the log list it would appear that he is too compromised to go on and maybe Trump should appoint someone else...
  3. This should be an interesting debate on a gun forum, especially because of the details and the grey area. Both sides have valid points.
  4. We have always had to be vigilant, but the buffer is eviscerating. A couple of generations of "progressive" education and unbridled purposeful immigration to change our American identity and this is what it has come to. Dependence on a tyrannical government is not a good thing and the deck is stacked as the government is stacked with traitors of the people. A major disruption in our daily lives could come easily and leave a vacuum for the organized and funded statists to march on. Even If the POTUS and the SCOTUS can slow it down, there is still an inevitability of the coming future that will be written as Trump won't be there forever, just as the opportunist Christy has left and the collectivist statists have taken over. Coming from this corrupt shithole of undemocracy (NJ) we are lacking a perspective of other areas of our nation that are at least a generation behind with the ramblings of unconstitutional gun control and their agenda to create a terrain in which the people CANNOT stand up for their freedom and to the aggressive and coordinate designs, propaganda, and machinations of those that would chose to rule without checks and balances. Under the current trajectory one of two things will happen, either a civil war OR a neutered and disarmed Slave State seems to be inevitable. In either one, this nation and its people will suffer and a brilliant rendition of a people seeking to live as free as possible by limiting the power of the government will fade. What amazes me is how people can blindly follow this ruling class and their media and the agenda being put on us without critical thinking and looking at the big picture and how slight changes have big affects in the future and what the decisions now hold for that future.
  5. I will maintain my membership but will not contribute anything additional. What is interesting is that this full-on gun agenda is being pushed just as OUR NRA organization is having trouble. Coincidence?
  6. Not familiar with the 40S&W flavor. Post how you like the X-grips.
  7. This movie will cause bloodshed. The progressive shipdits need very little to egg their sorry, mob-fed, emotional asses on to violence and rage.
  8. The big problem that I see is that these people who are probably anti-social withdraw even more and there probably wouldn't be anybody nearby them to recognize this. It is an interesting point about those labeled as "mentally ill" not being violent.
  9. Finally! Anyone with an original S&W M&P 9C will love these new grip sleeve mag extenders that work with the new 2.0 size magazines. This is part of an extremely versatile package... a 9C with Apex trigger and these grip extenders and with the full-size ones as well and you are getting the compact 3.5" barrel with three different mag sizes. In the Republik you cannot fully take advantage but the 2.0 but in real American you would have the option of 12 round, 15, round, or 17 round magazines instead of the 10-rounders. The 9C with the 2.0 Compact length is very ergonomic and balanced and feels like the 2.0 3.6 model and doesn't have any of that awkwardness of the original. For me this grip length is perfect and I prefer it over the full-size grip length. If you have a 9C get and a 10-round 2.0 Compact Magazine! The +3 round Hyve adapter for original 9C and 5 round 2.0 Magblok limiter for the 2.0 mags installed in it comes in at 10 rounds for the venerable 9C and although costly works well and leaves mag shorter at rear for easier concealment though the front is longer than that of standard 2.0 mag. This is a much cheaper alternative. It will be even better if S&W releases.a 2.0 (12-round) version of the 9C with either the 3.5 or 3.6 length barrel, or even a 4.0 barrel length...Good things! Options are good. It is that good! https://gunmagwarehouse.com/x-grip-smith-wesson-m-p-compact-m2-0-9mm-40-s-w-magazine-grip-adapter.html Additionally, since they released the full-size adapters to convert the 2.0 to the full size magazines I wish they came out with a 2.0 (15-round) Compact length full size with teh 4.25" barrel. In that configuration one could then stock up on ONE magazine the 2.0 Compact Magazine and use it in all three sizes, the 9C, 2.0 Compact, and Full Size.... But, there really isn't that much difference in the 2.0 4.25 full size the the 2.0 4.0" compact size guns.
  10. Fit and finish of Ruger Wrangler is very nice. Can't wait to take the kids out.
  11. Might be nice to accessorize those grips with a Wrangler. I like customization and sometimes it is necessary. A .357 Magnum with wooden, smallish grips is not too much fun to shoot, but with Hogue overmolded ones, etc. it makes a big difference. For smallish hands a thin grip on a CZ 75 might make a difference. A lot of times stock sights are not so great and upgrades make a difference. I would agree that functionality is key to making changes, although looks play a role. If you are going to make a change improve the form and function in one fell swoop. If I was a collector, I would tend to keep things original.
  12. You need to be careful when you find a bat in your home, and in particular your bedroom. It is is a very small chance, but a bat in your home can be rabid, and can land on you when you are sleeping without your knowledge. They are relatively harmless otherwise, though creepy, and just like humans, they don't like to be disturbed when they are sleeping.
  13. I wasn't thinking about her response, but rather the idea and repercussions behind the outages. Christie's bridge nonsense came to mind. Louis Lerner's IRS scandal as well...
  14. I read a couple of articles but she seemed to sum it up better. Not familiar with her at all and got a chuckle out of her name as well. When I did a search on outages, her video popped up, and Kalifornia seemed to fit as well. I actually thought if anybody reacted when I posted this, it would be Ray.
  15. So, do you guys think this will be coming to a theatre near you?
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