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  1. Underdog


    It is an Anderson Rail that appears to use "proprietary" Picatinny rails.
  2. Underdog

    Rough Rider Revolver

    I don't know about the quality of these single-action rimfires, but they seem to be a reasonably good deal. A 6 plus inch barreled one is on sale, too: Heritage Mfg Rough Rider Small Bore Single .22LR 4.75" Blued, Antiqued US Flag Pattern Grips - R22B4GOLDUSA And, for about $30 more you can get a .22WMR cylinder for it as well. I wish I had the cash to spend and permit. I am feeling patriotic. In one of the reviews, the owner changed the grip to a worn patina. I like it for a cheap plinker and training gun.
  3. Earlier this week California's Liberal Anti-Personal Freedom Activists and their oathbreaking minions have started to confiscate personal property as the storm troopers were sent out to harass a citizen in San Diego. Thank God the man is not in New Jersey or he would be behind bars and his life would be over. I am surprised they didn't search his house or that a SWAT team wasn't sent out. I guess they felt safe with four peace officers. I wonder if those illegally confiscated guns will wind up at the border. I hope that this doesn't embolden NJ Oathbreakers. Joel Persinger from GunGuy TV attempts to shed light on the transgressions:
  4. Underdog

    Glock Gen 6

    But Sig for example seems to be hurting in the quality control department. That will hurt them. Take Beretta for example... they ran on their government contract and didn't worry about innovation. Now that the 92 is out, they will be floundering around trying to get market shares. They Nano and all of those other guns never really took off. They waited too long and really didn't listen to the customers. That is why Ruger does relatively well. They just put out as much variety as they can. Ruger's problem is that other than their 22 legacies, they really make a lot of quality crap. Bad triggers, etc. They deliver the innovation, but they never quite get it right in many ways.
  5. Underdog

    Glock Gen 6

    They might still have the market, but Glock is losing shares. They are slow to move on trends of what their customers are looking for. It is true they have expanded and all, but their overall market share (footprint) is smaller due to all of the competition. They put out a good product, but so do many others. They need more than just their Golden Name. The fanboy base is still there, but it is shrinking as new people are branching out. If there were equivalent models to Glocks in say Smith & Wesson M&P, then I would rather have the Smith. For example, now that the Smith Triggers are better, I would much rather have a S&W M&P 2.0 Compact than a Glock 19 GEN whatever. It has better ergonomics, arguably I feel a better tirgger, better stock sights, stainless slide, Metal support in the frame, solid audible reset, and did I mention ergonomics. Perhaps its only negative for me is the hinged trigger. But I don't like the Glock trigger, either. And, I can use and deal with both. Oh, and the new ones don't have that spongy trigger and the reset is on par with the Glock. I imagine you could do this kind of analysis with other brands, I'm just not as familiar. Glocks are special, albiet soul-less pistols. And they have paved the way for others, but competition is coming on strong... Perhaps good for us by providing choices, but bad for the King. The King in the past has only seemed to adapt when it needed to. In my opinion Glock could have won the US military contract, easily, if it wasn't based on politics, and if Glock had been flexible enough to give what its customers truly wanted. Why on Earth would Glock limit its two new shiny stars to that silvery finish? Unless they wanted to sell a ton and then release black-slided models later on which the fanboys will just have to have? It doesn't make sense unless the new finish is cheaper to implement, or that much better (which I doubt). Glock only innovates when its hand is somewhat forced. True, it can, though. But it will have less impact as it loses more market shares to others.
  6. Underdog

    Glock Gen 6

    So do I, when it is an OPTION. Glock likes to force its hand too much. It wouldn't have come out with the 43x and 48 if it wasn't hurting by the other single-stack 9s.
  7. Underdog


    Rail is not M lok or Key Mod. It has a Picatinny Rail on top of the rail and threaded smallish screws on the sides. What attaches to them. I want to attach a Picatinny rail to them. I don't know the brand of the rail. It looks like a quad, but with the Picatinny rail only on the top.
  8. The NY Slimes must have some alterior motive. Nothing good comes from that Liberal Rag.
  9. Underdog

    Pelosi makes veiled threat to gun rights

    it will be hard for Trump to get elected when liberals and dead people seem to vote more than once on any given election. Ballots are found in automobiles, etc.
  10. Underdog

    Glock Gen 6

    Well, i hope they lose that flashy slide in the 43X and 48. I say no more shitty, plastic sites, a full rail as pointed out above, the option of rough texture or not... The Glock Gen 6 will be a Smith & Wesson M&P 3.0.
  11. Underdog

    Ruger LCRx

    I was thinking about getting the 9mm version and the 22 version with the external hammer.
  12. Underdog


    carbine-length rifle
  13. If i sell my bow and this is still for sale, I will buy.  

  14. I will take the generic grip and stock and buffer tube if they will work with a carbine length rifle and if they are milspec. If you are in northwestern NJ, I can pick them up some time this weekend. Joe
  15. Underdog


    I assume that foregrips are legal unless they are vertical handgrips? Do they attach to the rail directly, or do you have to have a Picatinny Rail screwed in to attach them to? Thanks!

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