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  1. Baldwin was ONE of the directors, and in charge of making the area safe by that virtue. It was reported that this was NOT the first firearm incident on that set. That would tend to lead to a negligent homicide. The one that provided the "cleared" weapon to him should also be considered for this as well. And you are right, if it was Alec's brother, I would have felt bad for him. Do you think Alec Baldwin would be calling for mercy if someone else had done it? Imagine if the Trumpster accidentally pulled the trigger. I bet he would have been fired. The story isn't complete. We don't have all the facts, and the media by and large cannot be trusted to provide all of the facts OR even get to the bottom of all of this. However, ONLY the jury that should be setup would be in a position to make that decision. This lesson that this does point out and reinforce is that one second of carelessness or complacence can be distastrous. One person hurt, One Person dead, A son without a mother, a husband without a wife, and I presume parents without a child and siblings without a sister, etc. And a man, no matter what a piece he is, no matter whether he is criminally or personally held responsibile, jail time or all of his wealth, etc. he will have to live with the fact that he has taken someone else's life. Sadness as with any of these types of stories. Some might find Jon Schneider's commentary interesting.
  2. Any Anti-Gun Actors and support people with those views should NOT particpate in any movies that use firearms, even prop guns. REAL firearms and ammunition should not be used, especially by spoiled, dumb-ass, liberal, hypocrital actors. Something about the Baldwin story just doesn't add up, however, a charge of wreckless manslaughter comes to mind. Wasn't the first incidence and some say that the firearm belonged to Baldwin personally.
  3. An ultra-Left, Marxist national agenda and blueprint for gun control. Fellow Patriots should be aware of this collaboration to disarm WE THE PEOPLE... https://denveraccord.org/
  4. Underdog


    The Single State of the Earth already has plans of going after it as soon as they lock in the $600 1 cent money movement circumspection and establish their own electronic bartering system.
  5. Underdog

    Ruger Mini-14

    You might be able to find a Saiga 223 if you can get past its detractors.
  6. And don't forget the Niña, Pinta and Santa Maria... Happy sailing, Zabu!
  7. NY, NJ, PA, and CT are planning on sharing firearm related information with each other. Isn't that what the ATF is suppose to be taking care of? There also seems to be a connection with firearms as a health epidemic.
  8. What, no CZ? NO M&P 2.0 Pistol?
  9. First, you apply for more permits. Then you responsibly seek firearm training on your own without government mandating it.
  10. Maybe not the best steels, but I am fond of both the Kershaw Blur and Leek.
  11. A Ruger Six Series, and in particular a Speed Six is a durable thing of beauty. In particular, I like the 9mm version and the Postal Inspector variety, but the run of the mill shooter rocks.
  12. Throw the dice... If you have an FID card you are also allowed to drive around with an unloaded long gun that is secured and transported properly as long as you don't take it where it isn't allowed, such as a school parking lot, etc. . Additionally, that would also not be advised, as some peace officers and some DAs make up their own laws, and are supported by said judges that do the same and are conditioned and put in place by those with an agenda. However, if you commit a violent crime, you probably won't even be charged with a firearm's offense. Go figure. The moral is to bring a revolver with no magazines.
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