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  1. "Large, unfriendly dogs in locked room. Room will NOT be shown. Here are photos and dimensions."" Is it against the law to inquire about ones political affiliations before you sell your house to them? I guess it could work both ways... keep the neighborhood safe OR punish your neighbor...
  2. Does your wife have her own safe?
  3. You might want to stock up on Jersey-Legal pocket knives, instead. Maybe a good Multitool. Keep them in the box, though, and sharp.
  4. In NJ YOU could have had a 19 and it would have met the 15-round magazine size until the Progressives that are weak on VIOLENT CRIMINALS decided to continue to harrass law-abiding Americans, instead. But, additionally, it is generally thought of as more versatile as easier to conceal, etc. I personally prefer the subjective feel and balance of the 19 over the 17. I would imagine you cannot go wrong with either. Plus the 19 will also take 17 round magazines where the Constitution means something, and if you move to a more free place, then you will already have practice with a more concealable firearm and own one. I prefer shooting the full size M&P over the Compacts but like them all none the less. A 9mm revolver might also be fun if you can find one. You could probably get two S&W M&Ps for the price of one of those other guns you own/mentioned. The thin Glock 19... I forget the number, might also be a nice investment. Have you handled a Beretta 92 variety?
  5. In a word, if you want a "striker fired" handgun and you aren't interested in a Glock, and in particular a Glock 19 GEN 3, then you should REALLY check out a S&W M&P 2.0 of whatever flavor you want. In particular, I would check out the 4.0 or 3.6" Compacts. Another option would be to get a second copy of whatever gun you own now that you like, striker-fired or not. Also, when getting permits it would be silly to pickup just one... Even if that is your plan. A nice 22LR or something else could come up at a good price and permits can be renewed and are good for 6 months. Another thought would be to pick one up for the Mrs. that SHE likes.
  6. Underdog

    Staccato XL

    Has anyone had the opportunity to try the Staccato 2011 XL in 9mm?
  7. I want my son to get away from his video games.
  8. Thank you for the offer. If you were closer, I would take you up on it but I am too far away in north-western NJ. I would have provided you with some ammo.
  9. Perhaps JB Weld Marine Weld will work...
  10. I have located a nice 14 foot row boat, however, it is aluminum and has a leak that needs to be repaired. Has anyone repaired an aluminum boat? I assume that a 14-foot Row Boat doesn't fit one of the exemptions as it is not a rowing skull and needs to be registered and/or titled in NJ, even if it isn't going to have a motor. Eventually, I would like to get a small trolling motor for it. Does anybody have any info?
  11. In North-West NJ and looking for about a 10 foot Row Boat, or something to do a little fishing with.
  12. What the hell is the AFT? And how much money is in the "Infastructure" spending spree for Democrat Gun Control?
  13. Oh, that's right. This is a forum focused on guns... Welcome.
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