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  1. The Skeletool is larger than the Juice, and it is probably the largest I would pocket carry and not throw in a pack, glove compartment, carry on a belt, etc. I like the Rebar because it has a saw and an awl used when camping, hunting, etc. It is a backup to a larger saw and a larger knife. I like to carry the Skeletool when wandering about, but when in the woods, I prefer the Rebar or Supertool 300.
  2. What are your favorite Multitools and why? Specifically I would want a multi-tool that has a knife, saw, pliers, awl, and bottle and can opener and some screw drivers (or a driver). Additional things that would be great are one-handed opening and locking capabilities (at least for the blades). I have included my choices (I am a Leatherman fan), but would like additional thoughts on Gerbers, etc. For... My choices: EDC pocket carry: Leatherman Skeletool EDC carry in holster or bag: Leatherman Supertool 300 or Rebar EDC in the woods: Leatherman Supertool or Rebar SHTF: Leatherman Supertool, Surge, or Rebar TSA Travel: Style PS I like the Swiss Army One-Handed Trekker and the Ranger as well, but I really want a tool that locks. My favorite tool is the Rebar but I think I might like a Signal if I had one.
  3. What size barrel? I assume all Hunter's are stainless...
  4. All of Karl's videos are awesome. Check out this video as well... Other sites besides Karl's Tactical Rifleman that I recommend are Vigilance Elite with Shawn Ryan (some crazy shit) and John Lowell and his Warrior Poet Society. Do you guys have any other sites you recommend?
  5. I was waiting for the Democrat Socialists to dump a big pile of snow in the middle of the night when everybody was sleeping.
  6. Has anybody seen Daisy Red Ryders in stock, anywhere? Or something similar... Looking for a couple.
  7. This is an interesting video on 9mm carbines.
  8. Thoughts... Yeah, if the idiots GIVEN power in this country think the American people are going to let this happen. It's too bad that Americans don't stand unified against this continuing tyranny.
  9. Maybe the Dictator will shutdown the State for the week.
  10. I love this handgun... I wish it was easier to get magazines for these.
  11. Green Beret Thoughts! Karl Rocks! I want that jeep. The Grey Bearded Green Beret is awesome, too!
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