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  1. wow....be carful of those that speak this way ya'all.....think what it reminds you of
  2. Never said that not hung up on it..... I don't think you are reading my post completely just trying to find some chink in the "armor" to debate with. No displaying a firearm in a confrontation is not a good idea to me...your post on precautions basically proves my point that using your brain is your best defense.....I never thought I would have this much back in forth from the solid logic I expressed but hey its a discussion forum so I get it....carry on I feel like a fighter taking on all comers....
  3. Man its tiresome to always have to say there are exceptions.....but that what you offered are..... exceptions....most crime that people normally encounter ....and you and I both know it....isn't the type the type you just offered up. Normally I get hit with this type of arguments by people of the Liberal persuasion. They offer up dramatic examples that are far from the norm to try and put you in your place....oh yea....yes there are exceptions.... did I cover that?
  4. Say Que? Are you one of those posters that feel they are so respected they don't have to make any sense...... . Come on you know you patted yourself on the back after that ingenious post didn't you. I'll ummmm stop "flipping out" now.
  5. Point taken with your analogy of running....nice post.... the best posts are the ones that get you to think...good work
  6. The best way to keep you and your family outside the home is with your brain and choices you make....most of the time "bad" things happen in "bad" areas at bewitching hours...I know there are exceptions but you get it. People that are victims of crime outside the home often have made unfortunate choices as to were they were at and what time of day they were there. Fair? of course not....is there random crime? of course but these are usually criminals wanting to take something from you.....Not someone running up to you to assault your family and run off with your wife and daughter...I mean for the most part you can agree right? If someone holds you up are you gonna give up your twenty dollar bill or draw a gun I mean really think about it. I would actually like to have the ability to carry but as I said countless times only draw a firearm when all hope is lost such as someone running off with your family. Am I uncomfortable carrying a firearm no because I have my head straight about this serious subject. Again think of the aftermath of a shooting and how much is out of your hands ....scary stuff. If you read my post I said I feel using a firearm is the worst form of self defense because afterwards you will be defending your self for years against lawyers and courts. I would use a gun only after every other option is exhausted such as running, kicking in the crotch, mace (mace is sold at hardware stores so im thinking its legal but ill look into it) just like I said...To hell with being Macho I need to be here for my family and shooting someone is a bad way of doing that. In my home if I can get my family out of course I will this isn't some movie.....but If I cant God help you. Read my post from the start I didn't misrepresent myself you misread or took liberties with very clear points..... but points different then your own and I guess the forum which did strike a nerve ( I know I know arrogant term). This is big boy stuff again not a movie...I am not saying anyone in here would be careless with a firearm but some responses I get....I dunno maybe it just me. Also one last point I do not believe in carrying a firearm, hoping the sight will scare someone off....If I make the very serious determination to draw a gun its because im ready to use it. Its not me screaming at you.... its my words....they are screaming at you for a reason.....otherwise you would of laughed and moved on...right?
  7. What did I "give" lol I mean seriously. And my mistake but to me it did seem that you came off as some kinda arbiter. Was it me or were you a little put off that I had a different opinion then the majority. I get it..... its being part of the big herd saying NJ sux......... I mean it may be at least a little bit part of the problem but nah nevermind
  8. wow how do you respond to such a post. I wonder if anyone else thought that's what I was going for. Damn I just wanted to join in, you guys always so unfriendly to the new guy? Or am I a special case. Beeee nice .
  9. Wait I was just told that term was arrogant? Again i'm just a new fella trying to throw my 2 cents in. Peace brothers I meant no harm. I understand some people are prone to let little things get under their skin I just forget it sometime. I agree jersey sux can we be friends?
  10. sorry I used such harsh insulting language I'll definitely tone it down a little thanks for the advice.
  11. You definitely seem manly I agree no doubt about that, as you said being manly just must be the way you roll as for us others hell I'll run before I shoot any day I know I know you are shaking your head in disgust but hell being manly isn't for everyone.
  12. and I quote "obvious you have been brainwashed" opps my bad? care to elaborate? or....
  13. wait what? maybe i'm slow but can I have an explanation? It seems I disagreed with just about every post on this topic so yea I'm confused or maybe you didn't mean to quote me if so my mistake.
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