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  1. Thank you all for the warm welcome!!!
  2. I know it isn't in NJ but worth mention is Firing Line in South Philly. Minutes from the WW Bridge, it's an old school range, nothing updated but the prices are decent and the staff are cool. $15 per person and $25 a box for 9mm and .45 (Don't know about other caliber prices) $100 a year gets you free admittance and $10 guest but you still have to buy ammo there. Here is the website http://www.firinglineinc.com/
  3. Mreed, I have been shooting at the Firing Line in South Philly. $15 a person and $25 a box for .45 and 9mm.
  4. Hello all, signed up a few months ago, finally saying hello from Bellmawr. Received my FID and 2 PTP in Jan. and since have purchased a Glock 21 and Sig Pro 2022 9mm for HD/target and have been having a great time shooting! Glad to be part of the forums and I look forward to learning from all you fine folks!
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