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  1. This just made my whole week. I thought the Phuc Long Haley AK Reload video was funny, this one had me in tears. Thanks for posting this!
  2. My Daughter loves Purple, my Son loves snow, it the 15-18" is right, I'll let you know - TM
  3. IWI Tavor X95 being released to civilian market, along with 300Blk conversion kits.... (Drops mic and walks off stage-right)
  4. I will get to the ammo in a second... A lot can be said about the various 2nd Amendment groups within the state of NJ, along with those on a national level. In a perfect world they would join forces, put aside differences, and strive to move NJ to be more in line with the rest of the country in regards to 2nd Amendment rights & freedoms. But whether or not you agree with any particular groups tactics or methods, these are the people who are fighting our battles for us. NJ2AS is running a "matching donation" event till January 2nd, 2016. This was sent out as an email blast which can be seen below. Depending on your caliber of choice three boxes of ammo is roughly $30 to $45 (re-loaders aside). Instead of spending that money on more ammo, this should be viewed as an opportunity to help further the cause of a 2nd Amendment group in NJ. And with matching donations, your giving twice the assistance. I have "put your money where your mouth is" by making a $45 donation, and I ask of you to do the same. New Jersey Gun Forums could be a powerful force if we could stand together. I am hoping this is a start. The Email from NJ2AS is pasted below: ================================ 2015 has been an excited year of activism for the NJ2AS. We are quickly becoming known as the "Pit Bulls" for the Second Amendment in NJ and rightfully so. Instead of shifting blame and pointing the finger we are attacking the problem and standing up for our rights without compromise. Locally and nationally people are recognizing our activism but we need your help and support to continue to defend our civil rights. Unlike the unAmericans who hate our freedoms and rights we do not have billionaires like Soros and Bloomberg funding our campaigns. The attacks against us will get worse in 2016 so that is why I need your help. The ability to continue and expand our activism and programs rely solely on your donations. A group of generous donors have agreed to match your donation till January 2, 2016! This is an incredible opportunity and I hope we can depend on your support to make 2016 even more amazing! Also, anyone who makes a $150+ donation will receive a signed copy of Brian Aitken's book, The Blue Tent Sky, AND a signed copy of Alan Gottlieb's book, Shooting Blanks: Facts Don't Matter to the Gun Ban Crowd. This offer is only available to the first 20 donors. You can donate by clicking the DONATE tab at the top right corner of this e-mail or by visiting: http://NJ2AS.com/Donate I hope I can count on you for your support! Sincerely, Alexander Roubian NJ2AS President ================================ Thank you for reading this and your consideration - Tactical Monkey
  5. I believe they have had a change in management/ownership. I received a call from them 2 weeks ago, clarifying a transfer I did through them back in February.... Luckily I had the name and FFL number of the receiver of the transfers in my own personal records. So they are open as of a few weeks ago.
  6. dman - Nice Rifle! However, with all due respect if you can't handle a little constructive criticism of your rifle build, then an internet forum is not the place for you to post it. To make matters worse your comment above is not only completely unfounded, but also WAY off base (intended). Their are keyboard commando's, and there are SME's. While it can be difficult at times to decipher between the two, in this instance you may have your wires crossed (also intended). Myself along with many, many, others on this forum can vouch for the quality and craftsmanship of Shane's work. Just something to think about. Good Luck with your new rifle, should be a real shooter.
  7. Just re-read and noticed you have the 18" Tavor. In that case, the "TMF" is not as good of an option. They do make a Scout version designed around the 18", but the options for mountable lights are limited and it casts an even greater shadow from the barrel and muzzlebrake. Sorry I missed that detail on the first pass.
  8. This could arguably be the greatest gun related picture on the interweb... We should all strive to have your courage in the face of (wife) adversary. Well done Sir.
  9. Do not overlook Gear Head Works "TMF". While it does not extend the length of the foregrip, it can accept a 1" diameter light and has cut-outs for tape switches, as well as it will take various bolt on rails. Having the light at an integrated 6 o'clock position frees up rail space that could be used for other goodies. The only concern is the 12 o'clock shadow created from the muzzle device. I think it's the best design out there, but that's also because I don't own a single piece of key mod gear. If I already had a ton of keymod accessories that might change my opinion. They are hard to find in-stock but he is always making more. http://shop.gearheadworks.com/product.sc?productId=9&categoryId=2
  10. Updated: Shooter's range RTSP updated info Bob's Little Sport Shop price and requirements update CJRP price update SJSC price update Thanks to those who contributed.
  11. IMO I don't know if you can classify it as doubt free - even with a letter from the ATF. Their are always ways to seek compliance within existing laws when tip toe-ing the edges (ie, most ARs in this state), but this strikes me as the greatest attention whoring device you can put on a NJ complaint legal rifle. Granted I've never shot it, so it may very well have a practical application I am overlooking but from a legality stand point I would not want to be the "test case" in NJ, nor face a reversal of policy by the ATF and be out $500. I will stick with my money spent on a G trigger, money spent on training and ammo with said trigger, and being able to rattle off .14's when practical. I've already been accused of having a happy switch, I don't actually need one
  12. This. I had a lot of trigger time with the G trigger in my 17, and it is a large improvement over the stock trigger. Is it expensive? yes. Is it worth it? I'd say yes. IMO it's the single best upgrade to the SCAR line of rifles, followed closely by the Magpul selector set, and then the extended rail (depending on your shooting style).
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