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  1. Just wondering what are the go-to vendors for holsters for full-size pistols with accessories like a light/laser on the front rail?
  2. These biometric boxes are not really safes. I am less concerned with someone breaking in and stealing the whole box, as I am about kids or houseguests stumbling onto a weapon. You can have the most perfect safe in your drawer, it's useless if someone steals the whole drawer. We all know that. Hence I was less concerned with whether a small quick-access gunsafe was the penultimate permanent storage box, and more with a biometric safe that responds well and opens quickly and easily while providing enough of a deterrent to someone who stumbles onto it.
  3. Thanks I have a separate safe too, tho I am looking specifically for something to keep in a drawer that pops up on open, that I could do in the dark one-handed if need be. Good to know someone has good success with another brand. Do you have to swipe your finger, or just place it on the glass? I know those are two different available mechanisms..
  4. I understand there are MANY different implementations of biometric out there, home and residential, of varying qualities since biometrics were invented. I know some people have crap experiences, which is why other than THIS particular safe, those are irrelevant I am only interested if people had good/bad experiences with this particular biometric. (EDIT: or have had better experiences with a better biometric gunsafe!) As I said, this one has pushbutton and key entry as well, so the "dirty fingers" argument is sort of moot, I can pushbutton in just as with any other safe. At that point, the fact that the buttons are battery powered is the hinging factor. Speed of access is the same or better as non-biometric safes. I appreciate all the comments and feedback tho, gives me stuff to think about
  5. The link throws a 404 error, is there an updated one??
  6. Has anyone had any experience with this particular biometric safe? I am looking to pick one up or something very similar, top-open to be kept in a drawer. I like the idea of biometric for fast access but it also has pushbutton if your fingers are dirty as well as key-open as a last resort. I know most biometrics are pretty hit-or-miss, but this is one I have seen mostly positive reviews on. Just wondering if anyone here has one and what they think of it?
  7. If the price was a little tighter than $1327... I do give RTSP my business for range time and ammo, but a difference of $240 is not just $25-$40. I wish it were, I'd love to buy it from you. Any way to meet closer in the middle?
  8. http://www.gunbroker.com/Auction/ViewItem.aspx?Item=418632422 $1049.00 $0 shipping $0 tax $35 for my FFL (not including the $18 NJSP SBI, $2 per permit) It can be done, and the $242 I save goes towards a biometric lockbox. It may be few and far between, but I am not in any particular rush.
  9. I know.. I have to get the bank check today for the state police..
  10. As for the P220 Elite Stainless's weight, it clocks in at 39.1 oz, which is still LIGHTER than my Ruger Mark III Competition which comes in at 45 oz. Without doing more math, I am guessing 8 rounds of .45ACP weighs as much or slightly more than 10 rounds of .22LR, so in the end shooting the P220 SE weight-wize should feel really close to my Ruger. And yes, it's heavy, when I shoot 300 rounds through it at the range my shoulder does get sore (I don't know how competition guys do it one-handed!). But just on cost alone I won't be routinely putting 300 rounds through the Sig each visit to the range.
  11. I appreciate that concern but if the gun functioned properly and I'm still alive, I would chalk it up to the cost of being able to walk away. Not that I expect my local PD to take and keep the gun forever or return it broken, but what happens after I am still alive and breathing is sort of secondary
  12. Did some digging, apparently the P220 Elite comes in SAO, SA/DA, and DAK models.
  13. Why do I remember reading somewhere that the Match Elite was SAO...
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