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  1. You need to rehab for any joint injury if you want it to return to 100% functionality. As a shooter, that's rather important to me. The fragment of bone to which the ligament is attached need to be reattached using titanium inserts and screws. The thumb is a rather important digit, try living without it - not fun. Adios, Pizza Bob
  2. It doesn't take much heat to make it pliable. He used hot water and started molding it by hand until he deemed it cool enough to the touch to directly mold to my wrist/hand (it was warm!). It may not be Kydex per se, but a very close thermoset plastic relative - looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, etc. Adios, Pizza Bob
  3. I broke the thumb of my dominant hand on 6/8 playing pool. Yes, that's what I said: playing pool. I was breaking and hooked my thumb on my pocket, hyper-extending it and the ligament broke the bone. Had it surgically repaired on 6/18 (I'm now part titanium) and have been in various thumb-immobilizing devices ever since. Yesterday I went to the therapist who will be rehabbing my thumb (starting 7/16) and he custom formed a splint made out of, you guessed it, Kydex. Held in place by two Velcro strips, which make it easier to remove for showering. I think I'll have about four weeks of therapy, once we commence, and will probably be back at the pool table long before they will allow me to shoot guns again. The therapist does take hobbies and pastimes into consideration and he was interested to learn of holsters made of the same material as he used for splints. My summer competition season is pretty well shot - if you'll forgive the pun. At least my senior pool league team finished first in the league, undefeated with a perfect 20-0 record. We play other senior centers around central NJ. I may pop up at a match just to spectate, when I get to missing it too much - otherwise I should be back shooting in the fall. Adios, Pizza Bob
  4. Chris - How about laser engraving? I think you can duplicate just about any electronic file so the sky is the limit as to what you could have engraved, as long as the part would fit in the engraver's machine. Adios, Pizza Bob
  5. The reference and employer requirements on the STS-033 are probably the most abused pieces of information garnered from that form. This is as a result of having 500+ municipalities that issue permits and FPID's and their individual interpretation of how they are supposed to use the information gained. The employer requirement is to be used for employment verification ONLY. It is not to be used as a defacto reference, nor should the reason for the inquiry ever be disclosed. The questionnaires that some PD's send out to references likewise should not disclose the reason. These are for character reference purposes. The legality of the such letters or questionnaires is questionable. They may be considered an illegal additional requirement or form. My township stopped using them and I understand it was as a result of being contacted by the State AG. Here is the language in the Administrative Code that bears on the privacy of your application and, by my interpretation, means the fact that firearm permits are involved should never be disclosed because they are breeching confidentiality in violation of NJAC 13:54-1.15, which states: Any background investigation conducted by the chief of police, the Superintendent or the county prosecutor, of any applicant for a permit, firearms identification card license, or registration, in accordance with the requirements of this chapter, is not a public record and shall not be disclosed to any person not authorized by law or this chapter to have access to such investigation, including the applicant. Any application for a permit, firearms identification card, or license, and any document reflecting the issuance or denial of such permit, firearms identification card, or license, and any permit, firearms identification card, license, certification, certificate, form of register, or registration statement, maintained by any State or municipal governmental agency, is not a public record and shall not be disclosed to any person not authorized by law or this chapter to have access to such documentation, including the applicant, except on the request of persons acting in their governmental capacities for purposes of the administration of justice. IANAL Adios, Pizza Bob
  6. I knew Steve pretty well. He used to post on here under the moniker of Cave Diver. This is a real shock and my heart goes out to him. Adios, Pizza Bob
  7. I feel your pain....literally Not bursitis, hyper-extension of the thumb caused the ligament to break the bone at the base of the first joint. Had surgery last Monday (6/18) - prognosis is good, but I don't know when I'll get back to shooting. I would recommend my doctor to you, but it is a bit far for you. He is with TOG (Trenton Orthopedics Group) which is part of the Rothman Institute. Just to allay your fears, he knows that I shoot - my original visit to him was because of a shooting related pain and it seems to matter not. His name is Aita (he is their hand and wrist specialist), but I'm sure that you will be able to find someone locally. I will probably start PT in about two weeks. Good luck. Adios, Pizza Bob
  8. Buy once, cry once. Blade Tech makes fine products. I think the "Signature" line replaces the "Revolution" line and, like that line, is an injection molded polymer. Spring for the extra bucks and get the Classic, which is a thermo-molded polymer (Kydek). Save money by not getting the DOH attachment - unless you have hips like a woman. As for the belt attachment method - if this is going on the belt that holds up your pants, get the ASR as it allows you to "bridge" belt keepers for optimum holster position. If this is going on an over/under comp belt system (not allowed for IDPA) get the Tek-Lok attachment. Adios, Pizza Bob
  9. Did you guys check out this thread? Adios, Pizza Bob
  10. Not to take away from this thread, but for those of you that find you really enjoy yourself at this type of event, I'd suggest you check out IDPA or USPSA or both. If the bug bites you really badly you can shoot a match every weekend with only minor travel (<90 minutes). Just thought I'd throw this out there for your consideration. Adios, Pizza Bob
  11. I gotta slightly disagree with you there GRIZ - you aren't taking into account the B/C gap which accounts for the perception and reality of revolvers being louder. OP - the difference in noise is negligible - in fact it's a non-factor as you should be wearing adequate hearing protection anytime you shoot. Don't base your decision on noise. Adios, Pizza Bob
  12. Fish nut - That's called auditory exclusion
  13. Yes, that's it. They have auctions weekly, but gun auctions happen whenever they have enough to make it interesting. This was made up from three estates and it has been probably three or four months since the last one. On June 23, they are auctioning BDR Cobra that was owned by one of the estates from the gun auction. Gorgeous car, silver with a red stripe and interior and an aluminum 427. Adios, Pizza Bob You've got that 100% correct.
  14. From the context of his posts, I'm going to assume that the OP is new to guns and shooting. NJGF had some of the best answers/advice, but I'll add that everybody should own at least one revolver (some of us own a few more than that). Adios, Pizza Bob