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  1. Just a reminder that, despite the controversy this generated, it is on as planned tonight. Hope to see some of you there. Adios, Pizza Bob
  2. This is at the discretion of your CLEO. If they will extend them, it is for an additional 90 days - actually 180 days from date of issue. Good luck. Adios, Pizza Bob
  3. I may be a goy, but I can read a calendar. LOL
  4. Check your optics and mounts first. If all appears tight, take it off and shoot with irons to see if you get the same result - then chase your barrel demon. Adios, Pizza Bob
  5. Yom Kippur ends on the evening of the 19th - you're GTG
  6. She is right - 100%. I started this thread as a forum PSA and it really didn't invite comment or response. We have held this same event at least four times over the past several years, at the same place, with zero pushback and much gratitude from the attendees for the chance to get together FTF and swap stories and, perhaps, gain a little knowledge. Go; Don't go - I don't give a rat's ass anymore. This forum has transitioned into something I don't even recognize. I thought we were better than this. Apparently I was wrong. We'll be there Wednesday whether you will or not. I would hope that the more civil among you choose to join us. I'm done with this thread. Adios, Pizza Bob @cagefighter - as long as people want to stick around. The store closes at 9:30, but since we'll be outside that really doesn't matter. In the past we've kept these open-ended with people coming and going throughout. I would say 8 PM at a minimum. PB
  7. I apologize for my snarky reply and I rescind my dis-invitation - this would be an excellent topic to discuss. I think the impetus for Starbucks response falls under the heading of things the gun community can do, but probably shouldn't. As Sgt Toadette pointed out, they were pushed into a corner by a bunch of yahoo's in Texas that decided to open carry AR15's into a Starbucks - just because they could. Poor judgement that reflected badly on the community as a whole. It is not like Starbucks is trying to subvert our 2A rights like Dick's is - it was just a business decision. I certainly would not be comfortable walking into a Starbucks with my granddaughters, when there are people that are already displaying a penchant for bad judgement in attendance. Sorry to hear about your, apparent, inability to afford underwear. Please join us - commando or not. "Great" isn't necessary - "Your Highness" will do. Adios, Pizza Bob
  8. Title gives you the basics. We have been doing this for several years now and have always had a good time. It’s an opportunity to sit down with like-minded people and BS about guns and related topics. Turn-out in past years has been anywhere from 5 to 10 people, so not a huge event – just conversational fun. The title gives you the when; here’s the where: Starbucks Hopewell Crossing Shopping Center Route 31 North & Denow Road Pennington, NJ This is approximately one mile north of the I-295 and State Route 31 interchange. There is a light at Denow road – go through that light on 31 and take the first right after the light (not the jug-handle), which takes you into the north end of the Starbucks parking lot. This will be held outside – rain or shine (there is cover). Your principals are Golf Battery, Sgt. Toadette and myself, Pizza Bob. Maggie the Wonder Dog will also be there. I only ask that you patronize the business (although since Philly, I guess that’s no longer required – LOL) since they put up with us. Hope to see you there – feel free to invite your shooting friends or those interested in getting into the hobby. Adios, Pizza Bob
  9. You one CRAAZEEE dude
  10. Are these trainees also prospective voters?
  11. Amazon
  12. The only place I have even seen the Black Ice holster is in Blade Tech's ads. Since they have restructured their line-up it isn't even offered anymore. Go with the Classic OWB... https://blade-tech.com/products/classic-owb?rq=mk_sig~md_p226r&variant=6067386646556 It now comes with both types of belt attachments - the Tec-Lok and the ASR. I favor the ASR for IDPA and the Tec-Lok for USPSA or any discipline where over/under competition belts are allowed. Adios, Pizza Bob
  13. GRIZ - I think we agree on things far more than disagree. My thoughts were based on the OP's declaration that this was to be a HD gun. I envision that as someone who has never had a gun before, going out and buying what the counter guy is pushing that day, firing maybe a box of shells through it and then it goes in a drawer, never to see the light of day again. The OP at least is soliciting opinions and actually setting themselves up to be an informed consumer and make a wise purchase. I pointed out that a revolver would be a great range gun and by that I meant should be used only for that purpose until reasonable competence is obtained and then maybe be pressed into service as a HD weapon. Few people are willing to put in the time, nor are there many competent revolver instructors about, so recommending a bottom-feeder just makes more sense. I hope that the OP sticks around and keeps us filled in on both his and his wife's progress in this regard. They need to know that there is no right or wrong answer - it is only what works for them - and they seem to be working toward that. Adios, Pizza Bob
  14. IIRC you said that you are in Somerset. I'm not sure if they are accepting new members at this time (Krdshrk can let you know) but Somerset County Fish & Game Protective Association is probably close by and they have an indoor range. Adios, Pizza Bob
  15. Let me just say this about a revolver: First, GRIZ is 100% correct in his advice to stay away from buying a J-frame (small frame S&W) - a lot of gun store commandos are going to push you in that direction. Second: If this is to be used as a home defense weapon, I'd stay away from revolvers all together. To those that know me or my postings, that may seem counter-intuitive. Here's my reasoning: The double action pull of a revolver is not only heavy, but long - and DA is how it should be used in a defensive situation. To use it in single action mode, in a defensive situation, is to invite a negligent discharge and the possible ensuing lawsuit. The adrenaline is running high in this situation and the SA PULL of a revolver is pretty light (if it isn't you've bought the wrong revolver - LOL), just too easy to apply more pressure than intended on the trigger. As a range only gun, at least initially, the revolver is fine, and if you master using DA with the revolver (I'm still trying) just about everything else is easy to shoot. But to start off with one as a HD weapon is not a good idea in my opinion. I think the people steering you toward a 9 mm semi-auto are on the right track, but that still leaves a myriad of choices to be made. Follow Mrs. Peel's advice and attend one of the get-togethers and you'll be able to try many different guns at minimal cost. Good luck. Adios, Pizza Bob