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  1. While I have never had need (thank goodness) I did see Needleman testify before the senate judiciary committee once, and he impressed the hell out of me. Really sharp, had a terrific command of the facts, articulate. IIRC, he used to own a gun store, then was a LEO and then became an attorney. I have him programmed into my phone, should there ever be a need. Adios, Pizza Bob
  2. Not only no longer in business, but gone entirely. I believe that there is now a Nissan dealer in that location. Somebody from up that way correct me if I'm wrong. The OP lives in a great township for firearms. Not sure how the virus will affect things, but under normal conditions they have always made the 30 days for me. Just remember that the 90 day extension is at the discretion of the CLEO of the issuing authority and not all grant it automatically - some not at all, some with hoops to jump through and some just rubber stamp it. Adios, Pizza Bob
  3. You are probably correct. Just my addled senior brain conflating FARS & NICS. Too many damn acronyms, or as I like to say: TMDA. SNAFU Adios, Pizza Bob
  4. FARS is open. I just applied for some purchase permits (big surprise) and everything is functional. Adios, Pizza Bob
  5. Anybody here old enough to remember when Second Chance body armor came to the market? They made an offer to any LEO who wore their armor and survived being shot, and subsequently smoked the perpetrator a free Model 29 S&W. I believe that it was the DOJ that put a stop to this because they said it was too much like bounty hunting. LOL. Be safe. Be healthy. Adios, Pizza Bob
  6. Some guns prefer larger diameter bullets. A couple thousandths of an inch will not harm the gun and may increase the accuracy - depends on what the actual barrel measures. Coated bullets are terrific - even more so for use on indoor ranges. Reduces the amount of smoke and airborne (atomized) lead. Greater lubricity than jacketed bullets (usually attain slightly higher velocities with the coated bullets). Cost usually falls slightly higher than cast bullets but lower than jacketed. I have been using them for a number of years now - makes cleaning the gun easier too - no leading. My friends and I have used Ibejiheads, Bayou, Roger's Bullets (in King of Prussia, PA) and factory Federal Syn Tech. Adios, Pizza Bob
  7. I believe that he is relatively newly elected and he appears to be a realist. There was a piece on the news last night that said that he was concerned about all the first time firearm buyers that crises like the covid-19 bring out. To that end, he is partnering with the NRA and sponsoring an on-line firearms safety course. It is tonight (3/25) and it is free. It is accessed through the sheriff's facebook page... https://www.facebook.com/events/bucks-county-sheriffs-office/live-online-firearms-safety-course/561780078020118/ Here's an elected official that is concerned about keeping the public safe - not by the tyrannical usurping of our 2A rights, but by actually doing something positive. Adios, Pizza Bob
  8. Look at Garrett Industries. They make leather--lined Kydex, the best of both worlds. They may not have your gun listed, but you can call and talk to them. They are most accommodating and their product is excellent (not cheap, but quality seldom is). Adios, Pizza Bob
  9. Zene: Regardless of the state of residence of the purchaser, any firearm transaction is processed through the protocol of the state where the transaction takes place. In PA that would be PICS. Both PA and NJ are POC (point of contact) states which means there is a "middleman" between the dealer and the FBI NICS system. In the case of PA and NJ that would be the state police. Adios, Pizza Bob
  10. Five-shot built on the L-frame. Weighs about 18 oz. Model 296 Someday I may let you fondle it, if you promise not to drool on it. Adios, Pizza Bob
  11. I shoot them equally poorly
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