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  1. You asked for an expert, here you go... http://www.radomski.us/njhp/major.htm Adios, Pizza Bob
  2. Or losing 40 years....but that ain't gonna happen either.
  3. Chris, Really glad to hear how well it worked out for you. I know that you spoke of Tenafly, but you may want to consider Shongum, near Hackettstown, also. It happens on the first Saturday of the month. I shot it this past weekend (not well - maybe I should employ Aaron?). Ronny was there also. Hope our paths cross in the future. Adios, Pizza Bob
  4. Yes it is hanging in there. There will be a match on 07/13 starting at noon. In order to increase the number of participants, there will be an unofficial division for 1911's - any caliber, but restricted to eight rounds total, (7+1 to start) and mags loaded with 8 rounds on your belt. Here is the ICORE web page for LPRGC https://lprgc.org/?page_id=3417 July's match will consist of the ICORE Postal match, found here... http://icore.org/postal/ICORE_IPM_2019.pdf Plus a "fun" stage. To give you an idea, last month's fun stage consisted of three paper targets, interspersed with three pepper poppers, a plate rack bracketed by two more paper targets and then two, yes two, Texas stars. A nice late start, so you can sleep in. With the addition of 1911's it will give you an opportunity to try it out before investing in a revolver - everyone needs at least one revolver. LPRGC is within a stone's throw from where the Oaks Gun Show is held. Hope to see you there. Adios. Pizza Bob
  5. About ten years ago I ran across a rather interesting revolver - a S&W Model 544. I'd never heard of it before, but I bought it because: 1) It was an N-frame; 2) It had a 5" barrel (a favorite of mine); 3) It was chambered in a caliber that started with a "4"; and finally 5) I couldn't pass up the price. This was the gun only, but that was fine by me as I bought it as a shooter. The 544 is the Texas Wagon Train and Sesquicentennial (1836 to 1986) Commemorative. There were approximately 4800 of them manufactured. This gun was significant not just because of the events commemorated, or the not common barrel length, but also because of the caliber: .44 Winchester Center Fire (WCF), better known by its black powder appellation the .44-40 (.44 being the nominal bullet diameter - actual .427" - and the 40 standing for the standard loading of 40 grains of black powder. This is the first, and AFAIK only, post-war gun made by S&W in that caliber. As I did my research, I found out that these came with a nice basswood case with a detailed inscription on the lid. Again - of little matter to me as I intended to shoot it and paid a "shooter" price for the gun. I think it made it to the range once, and then back into the safe. In my new incarnation as a S&W collector, all of a sudden that case, or more to the point the lack of the case, became important to me. Most collectors will tell you that generally commemorative guns usually are not more valuable than the non-commemorative counterparts - so when I buy a commemorative I look to pick it up for the same money or less, than I would if it weren't a commemorative. There is no non-commemorative counterpart to the 544 and it generally brings a little more than a regular N-frame, in any standard caliber, when it is complete with the presentation case. So off I go in search of the correct presentation case. I found one on eBay. It had some scuff marks and scratches, but beggars can't be choosers. The problem was the seller wanted stupid money for it, but there was a "make an offer" option - which I did, based on what the standard S&W mahogany presentation cases were selling for. The offer was declined. I waited a month or so (this had already been listed for about 4 months - you'd think the seller would have had a clue) and went back and sweetened the deal a little. This offer was also declined. I thought I'd let them stew for a while. Last week I checked to see if it was still for sale - it was, and at the same stupid money. But lo and behold, there was another one listed, and this one was in pristine condition. It was also overpriced, but not to the degree the first one was, and it, too, had a "make an offer" option. So I did - a little higher than what I had offered on the other case, but this one was in much better condition. My offer was declined. This time I contacted the seller and asked them how big they thought their market was for a case that was made for a very specific gun and which originally came with that gun. Also pointed out what you could buy a regular S&W presentation case for, which was not restricted to a particular gun. Within two minutes of my sending the message, he accepted my offer. LOL. Without further delay, here is the case... and here it is with the 544 ensconced... Have a happy fourth of July. Adios, Pizza Bob ADDENDUM: The above was the resolution of the "gun with no case" dilemma, but I have another, not so easy dilemma - that is the "case without a gun". I am looking for a 1981 S&W 629-1 Iditarod Commemorative revolver - just the gun. If you should run across one in your travels, PM me here. Thanks folks. PB
  6. Millennial anti-theft device...
  7. How about some photos of rifles and handguns chambered for the same caliber? I'll start... Marlin 1894 chambered in .44 Mag/.44 Spl While I have any number of .44's to pair with this, I think my S&W Heritage Series 24-5 is most appropriate to go with a lever gun... Next we go modern with a 9 mm Ruger PCC.. While, again, I have more than a few 9 mm's, in keeping with the "modern" theme, here is my only piece of "tactical tupperware", a Steyr M9 A1... And finally, an interesting pairing. A Cooper 57M LVT in .17 HMR (1 of 40 made with a maple stock)... And my latest S&W acquisition, a Model 647, only made for two years... OK, let's see what you have. Adios, Pizza Bob
  8. I would imagine that most of us know that the most cost effective way to ship a handgun to an FFL in another state for delivery to an individual, is through an FFL in the state of origin. Since FFL's can ship handguns via the USPS and individuals are restricted to using a common carrier like UPS or FedEx - which require next day or second day. My question is that when an FFL accepts a gun for shipment, do they have to enter it in their bound book? Adios, Pizza Bob
  9. Heck, I did that on Rt 31 while messing with a ZL1 Camaro
  10. Bry@n is good people. Tell him PB says hi.
  11. Yes Maks has, as have I, and others that have responded to this thread. Is there a question?
  12. The best pizza in Delaware is Grotto Pizza at the Delaware shore - of course it had its origins in NE PA.
  13. Thanks, but I bought some custom 18" wheels that fit over the calipers, for my dedicated snows (Yokohama Ice Guards) at all four corners. I really liked my G8, and at the time the A/T was fine in a work car since I was in traffic much of the time. Since I'm retired, I opted for the M/T in the SS. Also have a M/T in my fun car (below). My SS is my EDD, for those nice sunny weekends I use this... By the river between Trenton and Lambertville. Adios, Pizza Bob
  14. Yes...Old... New... I was going to use the 18" Pontiac wheels to run dedicated snows on the SS, but the Pontiac wheels do not fit over the Brembo Calipers! Adios, Pizza Bob
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