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  1. Sorry, no. You should have told me on Sunday. You really expect this old codger to retain something you told me 4 weeks ago????
  2. The only thing I remember about Carbondale, PA is The Peanut Bar - early 70's
  3. Are the armored trucks greater than 26K pounds GVWR? You only need a CDL if the GVWR exceeds that (class 7). Adios, Pizza Bob
  4. Pizza Bob

    Zev OZ9 With Threaded Barrel

    Bottom feeders.....meh!
  5. You sound like you are doing this via hard copy. The entire process can now be done on-line - except for fingerprinting and actually picking up your permit(s). Go here... https://www.njportal.com/NJSP/FARS and follow the directions. Adios, Pizza Bob
  6. Thanks for the kind words Stu (although the part about me buying a Glock is a bold-faced lie). That Glock was about the only thing I shot well yesterday - but at least the Ruger appears to be debugged and is shooting 100% - too bad the same can't be said about the guy pulling the trigger. Adios, Pizza Bob
  7. That is strictly S&W - not sure if it is still on the newer ones, this one dates to 2005.
  8. It's not a class....it's a disease
  9. Paul: That makes sense. I guess since there are only so many states that require the fired case, it makes them easy to pick off the shelf at Smith for shipping. Adios, Pizza Bob OP: One last try - how about a 5" 625 - the most fun you can have with a revolver - you'll want to sell all those .357's after you shoot a .45 ACP revolver. LOL PB
  10. OP- Here's an option that will probably be easier to find and give you a stainless gun with a 5" barrel, a fluted cylinder, interchangeable front sight (gold bead standard), is cut for moon clips and is chambered for .357 mag: A 627-5 PC. Here's mine... These have been produced for some time now and if you look hard enough, you can probably find one for about what you'd pay for the unicorn you're looking for - plus you get one additional shot. LOL. Adios, Pizza Bob
  11. You are probably correct, but I've never seen a feature code attached to a product number. There is a separate listing of all the feature codes on the box label. I posted the question on the S&W Forum, and thus far there are no responses. Adios, Pizza Bob
  12. Welcome to the forum. Not disparaging your choice of firearm, but I am curious as to what you are going to do with it should you find one - which is doubtful. Looking at the SCSW 4th Edition, they list it as 104098FC, and I have no idea what the FC stands for, but it goes on to say that it is "reported to be a 7-shot". The "reported to be" tells me that they have never seen or handled one "in the flesh". To desire a model as esoteric as that tells me that, maybe, you are a collector? If not, then your choice is even more curious. If you just like that combination of features, one of the five inch Talo 3-5-7 editions would probably be easier to find, although they lack the fluted cylinder and FO front sight of the model you list. They also have the internal lock, that the model you want lacks. So enlighten us as to the enigma of your first post. Adios, Pizza Bob
  13. Welcome to the forum. You have a PM. Adios, Pizza Bob
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