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  1. I'm confused. If his property was seized by the Monmouth County sheriff's department (as per the lawyer's letter), why is he seeking redress from the Mercer county prosecutor. Not too impressed with the lawyer's letter either. Adios, Pizza Bob
  2. The charge is for the Non-Criminal Background check. Since this is your son's initial application he will have to pay for the fingerprinting which includes the background check. Once he has his FPID anytime he applies for permits (once he's 21) he'll have to pay also. Adios, Pizza Bob
  3. I can't imagine that a gun set-up for SWC's (assume like H&G 68's) would not feed ball. Although if it is set-up for bullseye, you may want to change the recoil spring first. I used to shoot IPSC with Les back in the mid-80's. Adios, Pizza Bob
  4. Congrats on your retirement - it has been 10 years for me. Not many responses to your query. Ever consider participating in any of the current gun games to fill your time and satisfy your shooting needs? CJRPC has USPSA and various steel matches. Somerset has IDPA. Just a thought. Adios, Pizza Bob
  5. While I realize that aesthetics play a big part in firearm selection, when it comes to 9 mm revolvers you really don't have much choice if you want a full-sized gun. The 986 and 929 are about the only game in town. Wider selection with short-barreled guns, again with the 986 and the Ruger LCR / LCRX - and in the secondary market: S&W 940 & 547 and Ruger SP101. If you handload, you can have a .38 or .357 converted with an additional cylinder, but then you need to handload so that you can incorporate .357 diameter bullets, although .355" will give OK accuracy out of a barrel meant for .355" bullets. And if expense is no object, there's always the Korth. So if the tapered underlug is a dealbreaker, I'd say that you are SOL. For USPSA and ICORE I'll be switching to a 9 mm 929 as soon as I get it back from my gunsmith, who is performing some extensive modifications to the gun. Adios, Pizza Bob
  6. Yes, three presentation cases and two guns.
  7. Being the resident revolver geek, I would be remiss if I didn't say your second gun should be a wheel gun. And, if you really must have the second be a 9 mm, then look at a S&W 986 or come out and play with the big boys with a 929. Welcome to the forum. Adios, Pizza Bob
  8. I posted about these when I first won the auction. With the use of a Multiple Purchase Exemption I was able to pick them both up on Tuesday. Here is the back story – earlier this year I acquired a Sports South Heritage Model 25-10. It came to me in this presentation case… Knowing that the case did not match the gun I did some research and found that this was a presentation case for a 1988 Iditarod Commemorative Model 629-1. These were commissioned by the Alaska Continental Bank and were given as premiums to those bank customers that purchased a $10K CD. The bank contracted with S&W for a run of 1000 and both the presentation case and the barrel are so marked… However, the bank went under before the whole contract was fulfilled and only 545 were made. These all carried the special serial prefix AKI (Alaska Iditarod) and numbered 0001 thru 0545. Now having the presentation case, but no gun, it became routine for me, when perusing the various sites that I use to populate my collection, to include a search for “Iditarod”. Recently this returned a result of a consecutively numbered pair, on which I bid and which I won… These number in the 0150 range. Here’s some additional pictures. Enjoy. Adios, Pizza Bob
  9. Those were my thoughts as well. Just wanted to see what the consensus was on the board. Thanks. Pizza Bob
  10. We all know that, as far as purchasing, BB & pellet guns are treated the same as real firearms. Does the same apply to the use of same? Or is that up to individual municipalities? I'm speaking of an instance where someone is shoooting a BB gun in their backyard, in close proximity to other residences. Not exactly handling the gun safely either, but let's discount that and just concentrate on the core question. What say you? Adios, Pizza Bob
  11. S&W Model 29 - .44 Russian / .44 Special / .44 Magnum S&W Model 27 - .38 Short Colt / .38 Long Colt / .38 Special / .357 Magnum S&W Model 16-4 - .32 ACP / .32 S&W. / .32 S&W Long / .32 H&R Magnum T/C Contender - Just about any caliber Adios, Pizza Bob
  12. I'm of the opinion that we ought to just ban Walmarts. It would be at least as effective as anything the left has attempted.. Adios, Pizza Bob
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