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  1. Orion Jewelers in Pennington. Artist owned, many original pieces. Adios, Pizza Bob
  2. Illegal to use NICS for anything but firearms. They are going to have to build their own database. Adios, Pizza Bob
  3. This is why separation of church and state is a good thing. You shouldn't have to choose and the church should not put you in the position of having to do so. Adios, Pizza Bob
  4. We interrupt this thread to bring you an important PSA... http://www.lung.org/about-us/blog/2016/07/popcorn-lung-risk-ecigs.html?referrer=https://www.google.com/ Just make sure that whatever you're inhaling does not contain this. That is all. Adios, Pizza Bob
  5. I've already said: .45 ACP
  6. That would be 686's up to and including 686-5. I'd recommend a 686-4 or 5. The 66 would be the 66-8. Good hunting. Adios, Pizza Bob
  7. While this laudable, I find it laughable that the LEO giving this seminar had the hutzpah to stand before this crowd and say the following, “The only person that’s going to save your life is you.” Easily said, but a little difficult to execute given that the state has co-opted our right to self-defense. What are we supposed to do? Throw hymnals at them and pray? Those are the only options that I see. Here's the article: http://www.fox29.com/news/active-shooter-response-training-at-gloucester-township-church Adios, Pizza Bob
  8. I don't know what you consider "reasonable" or where you are located, but you may want to contact Robin here... http://www.orionjewelrystudio.com/ Adios, Pizza Bob
  9. Sure. The reason for the different designation is the possibility of lead build-up in the ports of the compensator when used with lead bullets. The other barrel extension isn't a compensator, just a muzzle cap. I believe that you should be able to use plated or coated bullets with the comp - maybe even cast lead if they are hard cast. The problem would most likely arise with swaged, pure lead bullets, as would be found in .45 Colt cowboy loads. Adios, Pizza Bob
  10. Not that I'm supporting it, but the .45 GAP was developed so that the front to back dimension of the grip was shorter, thus accommodating smaller hands. And you left out a state, our neighbor PA, although I think they have since dropped it. Adios, Pizza Bob
  11. Aside from the Blocks - Sig 239, 229,226, 1911, S&W M&P Steyr M357 A1,I'm sure there are many I've missed. @JimB1 - It's not just the measuring and stretching, but the fact that since they aren't straight-walled pistol cases, carbide dies cannot be used, meaning the cases must be lubed - PITA, even with One Shot. Adios, Pizza Bob
  12. 357 Sig, can it come back? Where did it go? Should I go down and look in my safe to make sure it's still there. These threads kind of remind me of the Mark Twain quote, "The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated.” Great caliber - PITA to reload, but a terrific SD round. Adios, Pizza Bob
  13. Yes I do and I love it. Actually the SS is rarer than the G8. There were actually fewer SS's made, total - over the four years they were produced - than the production of G8's for just the 2008 model year (appx 12K 2008 G8's vs, 11K 2014,15,16,17 SS's) and I'm not sure of the 2009 G8 production numbers. I had a 2009 G8 GT that I traded for my 2017 SS. The G8 GT was only available with an automatic, you had to go for the G8 GXP to get a manual. My SS is a manual 6-speed (Tremec 6060) and I love this car. While the G8 was available in three trim levels (G8 base V6 & G8 GT for 2008 / G8 GXP added for 2009) The SS only came one way - completely loaded. Only options were the choice of transmission, a sunroof and a full-size spare. Adios, Pizza Bob
  14. Right...