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  1. The OP didn't ask about an AOW or pistol - actually was not specific enough with the question. I did not want people thinking that adding a vertical foregrip to their AR long gun was illegal. That is all
  2. This topic seemed apropos for National Women's History Month, and one I deemed worthy for my one-post return. This forum used to be a hotbed of competition information and interest. Even the forum's owner was heavily into competition, until he became a father. Kind of sad to see that the interest no longer seems to be there, save for a few hearty souls. What prompted me to make this one-time post is an experience I had yesterday and would love to see repeated often, in the future. I shot in a small IDPA match yesterday at Blue Ridge Cherry Valley in Sciota, PA (froze my ass off, but had a good time). As I said, it was a small match - total of 35 participants shooting 7 stages. What was unique was that slightly more than 25% of the shooters were women - I have never experienced that large a turnout (at a tier 1 match) of female shooters, and it was heartening. This sport - not just competition, but firearms in general - needs more female participation at all levels. I have been shooting competition for more than a decade and while we always had one or two women come out to shoot, I had never seen that large a turnout (percentagewise). I don't know how many female participants there are on this forum, but I would encourage them to get out there and participate in some form of structured shooting. Likewise to the spouses and significant others of the male participants of this board. We need factions from across the spectrum of the general population if we are to survive the liberal full-court press to, literally, do away with the 2A. Adios, Pizza Bob
  3. I have a friend who is a new gun owner / shooter and he has just discovered that he is right-handed but left eye dominant. Which leads me to ask these questions. I know that theoretically, with iron sights on a handgun, you are supposed to sight with both eyes open (I've never been able to do that - but let's assume that he can). If both eyes are open, does it matter which eye is dominant regardless of which hand is dominant. With an optic, long gun or handgun, does it matter if you are sighting with your dominant eye if the optic was sighted in using your non-dominant eye. IOW - right handed bolt-action rifle with a scope that was sighted using the non-dominant eye (right in this case). Never had to deal with these issues as I'm right/right. When I shot IPSC in the 80's, the club president was right handed, left eye dominant and was a double A shooter. Thanks for any input from those in the know. Adios, Pizza Bob
  4. What is this "printing" that is referred to? These are e-permits, there is no printing until one is executed at an FFL, at which point they print out the transaction for your records. There is no paper back-up at the local PD that I know of. Once you pay for the permits at your local PD they become executable. I would imagine that it is little more than a keystroke to indicate to the NJSP that permits have been paid for. I can see your point if your local PD tends to "drag their feet" on all things firearm related, but mine does not, so I return to my original premise. Adios, Pizza Bob PS: Have since applied for four more permits and a Multiple Purchase Exemption - it'll be interesting to see if the inclusion of the MPE mucks up the works as badly as it did when they were all hard copy.
  5. There are some good things that happened in 2020 - this purchase being one of them. My S&W Revolver collection is all post war, but this is the oldest S&W revolver I own... It is a 1949 S&W .38/44 Outdoorsman. The .38 refers to the caliber - .38 S&W Special - and the 44 to the frame size. These were the precursors to the .357 Magnum although they kept these in the line long after the .357 came out (ca 1936). It is a hot-loaded .38 Special very much akin to today's .38 +P. This one has some special touches. It is equipped with King Gun Sight Company front and rear sights and the hammer has been reconfigured. The stocks are Keith Brown target stocks checkered in the Roper pattern. Not sure that they'll stay on this gun, but maybe. Keith Brown is not even taking orders any more and the only way to buy his stocks is through a broker. There are about three iconic grip makers still alive and Keith Brown is at the top of that list. The other two are the Culinas and Craig Spegel - I just talked to Craig yesterday and got on his wait list - he is currently back-logged for three years. Glad for the year to go out on a high note. Adios, Pizza Bob
  6. I know where there is a fine one at a good price. Interested? PM me. Adios, Pizza Bob
  7. I saw that - just slightly out of reach financially. I'm afraid that this is about as close as I'll come to owning one of Elmer's guns... Model 29-3 Elmer Keith Commemorative Deluxe Edition (one of the first 100). Beyond the standard model this has further gold embellishments and real ivory stocks. But thanks for thinking of me. Adios, Pizza Bob
  8. The point is that if it is legal to possess in the home (it is), it is legal to use it for defensive purposes in the home.
  9. Last time I was there they were just limiting the number of people in the store at any one time.
  10. Unfortunately, this is happening in CA. ANJRPC and or CNJFO need to institute a similar suit in NJ or, at the least, file an amicus curiae in the CA case. Adios, Pizza Bob
  11. No disrespect to the Cobalt, but it isn't even close to the SS. Thanks to Stu, I'll write this off to Hanlon's Razor. LOL.
  12. I e-mailed the NJSP / FIU about this "glitch". It'll be interesting to see if they respond and what they say.
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