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  1. We are supplying snacks and beverages for the class and also it is a lot of prep work for the class on our part as well.
  2. That pays for finger printing, the photos, and all the paperwork. you then need to pay the fee to the state of Utah for the application for the permit. You can read more about the class at concealedcarryusa.us .
  3. Ok guys my shop is hosting a Utah CCW class on March 20th, which is a Thursday at 6pm. The class is $115 dollars and it provides everything you need to send to Utah for your permit application. People who would like to signup for the class can send me a PM with there full name, address, and a good contact number or call the shop M-F between 9-6pm. People must pay for the class before hand. You can walk into our shop and pay any method you wish or you can call and do credit card over the phone and I can email you a paid invoice receipt which you must bring with you the night of to show paid for. If any questions about the class or anything else feel free to call or PM me. Hope to see some of you there!
  4. For any questions regarding firearms or pricing for firearms, please call the shop and ask to speak to derek, he is in charge of the firearms division. Feel free to email him as well for faster replies, Thanks! [email protected]
  5. The reason we do not is we are not a licensed gunsmith and do not want to take responsibility for taking apart and putting back together. There are tons of little parts that can be lost/broke and the insurance purposes as well. If we are not licensed to take apart and put back together and if something catastrophic went wrong with the gun due to us putting it together wrong it would be a nightmare.
  6. Sorry guys the shop has been crazy busy. Lots of people want there motorcycle work done NOW since bike week is just a short while away. FFL fees are $35 for any transfer + $15 for NICS. Yes sometimes it is alot easier to just give the shop a call, unfortunately I don't always have the free time I would love to have to be able to chat on the forums. Anyway I will make sure i speak to everyone that I was talking to today and get everything straightened up! Thanks for being patient.
  7. Just want to say thanks to the people on the board who I have already met and had the pleasure of working with and for their great feedback!, and hopefully get to meet more of you and see your toys that we all love so much! I know its a few weeks in but hopefully everyone will have a great 2014 and meet all there firearms goals for the year! Any questions or anything about any of my shops services please feel free to give me a call anytime!
  8. Hey guys , sorry I have been sick the past few days and just laying in bed not at the computer =/ , so anyway let me do some follow up. Polak for a short bed truck , basic bed liner under the rail we charge $495 but there is alot of options like the UV top coat and the contractors cut and others ! Give me a call and I can tell you the specifics for your truck. Thebeard PM incoming. Ewc88 are the rims chrome or aluminum, we can def do the work for you thou!
  9. sav7 thank you very much for the feedback, as it is greatly appreciated! Hope to do more work with you one day!, and hope to meet some more njgunforums members!
  10. blksheep to be completely honest and without trying to bash rhino liner they are nothing alike. LineX is sprayed into the bed hot and really glues and seals to the bed properly so nothing gets underneath. Its so strong and durable its unbelievable. If you come into our shop we actually sprayed Line-X on to those little cheap Styrofoam coolers you get at like home depot for like 3 dollars and it strengthens it soo much my big ass can stand on it !
  11. I only have one goal and that is to be able to hit a target out to 1 mile . Me and my friends currently shoot out to 1500 yards rather consistently and I would love to be able to reach that other 260 yards! Oh and i guess get more ammo because you can never have enough ammo right !?! Jeremy @ GsdCoatings.com 732-722-2955
  12. worn_holster Yes we can do serialized parts of the firearms like barrels or receivers, the old website doesnt have accurate information because of how outdated it was. the problem was we could not store firearms because we did not have our FFL. Alec.mc. its approximately 1-2 mills so its extremely thin and wont have any effect on covering up serial numbers or tolerances for the gun. Jeremy @ GsdCoatings.com 732-722-295
  13. Yes sorry i forgot to add the website to my sig. Our mailing address is Keyport NJ but we are basically located in Laurence Harbor which is just 2 miles down the highway. Now we are having a new website built and it will be up soon with somewhat of a price list and pictures and all that. On the old site it does say we dont have our FFL yet BUT WE DO HAVE IT. We became official the first week of december. You can see we are listed on Gunbroker.com as well. Jeremy @ GsdCoatings.com 732-722-2955
  14. Hey everyone! This is our first post as we are new to the boards and just want to introduce our shop. We are a central NJ based shop that does Certified Cerakote applications, we are also a licensed FFL. Our shop we do a little bit of everything , we have the firearms side, we also do custom and industrial powder coating, sandblasting, ceramic work, and Line-X spray in bed liners. If anyone has any questions please feel free to reply , send a PM , or give the shop a call! Hope to be in contact with everyone , and chat it up on here as well as I am a forum junkie! Jeremy @ GsdCoatings 732-722-2955
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