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  1. In the video I shared, it was from the burring in the stainless steel slide that was causing the problem. Wouldn't it cause the same problem with the Apex drop in parts?
  2. Thanks guys! I have found a video explaining how this part works and how to fix the issue. I feel that I could probably do it myself. Since this pistols purpose is IDPA and not just for the range, i would rather not. I was planning on cerekoting the slide black at some point, anyways. I will deal with it until then, see if it gets any better, and have the APEX part installed at time of color changing. Thank you guys for such quick responses! Here is the video: https://youtu.be/Grwxd16TcUM
  3. What purpose does this piece serve? I just picked up a 5" 9mm M2.0 and the trigger feels pretty gritty. I never had or shot the 1.0 to compare it to. I've heard it was a big improvement and I figured worse comes to worse, Apex. But after fondling the trigger here and there for 2 days, I don't think it would be fixed by a new trigger. It seems that as the hook at the end of the trigger bar rides across that button I get the gritty feeling. With a light, I can kind of see it happening as I press the trigger. Is this normal or is something bent? I still consider myself new to firearms.
  4. They all look awesome, man. I"m picking my M2.0 up today, hopefully. You feel the 10-8 sights are better? I'm gonna rock with the factory trigger for a while. It is supposed to be a lot better than the last. I want to shoot the apex and feel the difference. Lastly, do you have any original Pro Series back straps left? I want one for my FDE 2.0
  5. I'm not running anything yet. I was looking at Speed Shooter Specialties but I wasn't sure what base plates would work.
  6. The point of this pistol is to get into IDPA. I figured I would start with the pistol bone stock so I can focus on the game more than the what I just modified (if that makes any sense). I had some mods already planned for future based on what I think would help. Sights, trigger, and magwell. I know that would put my in ESP class and I'm fine with that once I get out there and feel comfortable. Which Apex parts do you have.. Aluminum or poly trigger? Spring kit? Sear?
  7. So I should APEX the 2.0 when I get it? My 2.0 is the 5" Steve has sitting around.
  8. I figured but the way he wrote it had me thinking it was included. If my permits get here in time I may try to get to this class. The link no longer works.
  9. Boejoula

    M&P for IDPA

    I have submitted a question on their website. Now, the 48 hour wait.
  10. Boejoula

    M&P for IDPA

    From what I'm told, I just call S&W and ask for the factory plug they use on the models that come with no safety. As of right now the only M2.0 model without the safety is the 4.25" in Black. Based on this thread I was going to go with the 5" in FDE and put S&W's plug in where the thumb safety is. It's a lot cheaper than buying a 4.25" model and then swapping the barrel, slide, and spring/guide rod.
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