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  1. Interested in a Yugoslavian?
  2. Cape May County has more camping spaces per square mile then anywhere else east of the Mississippi River. Belleplain State forest has RV sites, a lake and quite a few trails. Historic Cape May City is a nice area to walk, not really a nature hike but a beautiful walk nonetheless. Cape May Point State Park has a few miles of trails and beaches. You can stroll through Wildwood and get punched by the police (that’s a joke).
  3. Lecturers who use um, aah or similar noises when they are supposed to be presenting something they should know enough about to speak on. I stop listening and keep an “um count” on a notepad.
  4. Sure, I’ll invite a stranger to come to my house and see all my guns, nothing could go wrong with that.
  5. It sounds like a cool idea. I’d do it if the price was similar to range time.
  6. That sucks but at least you made it most of the way through the match. I once drove 2 hours to a match and the gun broke on the first stage. I now bring 2 guns to each match.
  7. Primary Arms is a great option. Vortex will direct you The ExpertVoice app, create a profile, join a group that confirms you are a good guy, take the vortex test and then you will be eligible for a discount.
  8. Go to a range where you can rent some and try them out. S&W and Ruger make great revolvers, other manufacturers make good guns as well. Taurus is ok.
  9. AC is a shithole. Just do like the locals and fire off rounds anywhere you would like. There isn’t a good sized range in AC or the immediate area. Shooters in Little Egg or Full Metal Jacket in Upper Township are your best bets for ranges.
  10. I have 15/30 and 15/20 mags. Most are Magpul, some C-products metal 15/30 and some older “Arms-and-Ammo” metal mags. Black and Olive. Cape May County.
  11. Very cool.
  12. Last time I had to show up for a work day at the range I wore no pants. They have relieved me of my work day obligations.
  13. I thought backpage only had hooker...uh...escort, yeah escort, listings.
  14. Your Magpul 15/20 mags.
  15. With new-more restrictive laws looming; has anyone tried altering a perminantly altered, currently compliant magazine? I see a few people selling off their 15 round mags which I’m considering myself. But instead of selling both my 15/20 mags is there a way to alter them further? If someone has done this I would appreciate any advise. If not, I’ll try and report any insights.