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  1. Many years ago I helped run the IDPA shoots in Winslow. My son was born and my priorities changed but now that he’s getting into shooting I’d love to get back into IDPA and other competition shooting. I work every-other weekend so looking ahead; I might be able to make August and/or September. I’ve noticed there are fewer clubs hosting IDPA then there were 14 years ago so I’ll have to drive more to get to some matches.
  2. Saturday March 2 might work for me; now you have to choose a time.
  3. Cape May County has more camping spaces per square mile then anywhere else east of the Mississippi River. Belleplain State forest has RV sites, a lake and quite a few trails. Historic Cape May City is a nice area to walk, not really a nature hike but a beautiful walk nonetheless. Cape May Point State Park has a few miles of trails and beaches. You can stroll through Wildwood and get punched by the police (that’s a joke).
  4. Lecturers who use um, aah or similar noises when they are supposed to be presenting something they should know enough about to speak on. I stop listening and keep an “um count” on a notepad.
  5. Sure, I’ll invite a stranger to come to my house and see all my guns, nothing could go wrong with that.
  6. It sounds like a cool idea. I’d do it if the price was similar to range time.
  7. That sucks but at least you made it most of the way through the match. I once drove 2 hours to a match and the gun broke on the first stage. I now bring 2 guns to each match.
  8. Primary Arms is a great option. Vortex will direct you The ExpertVoice app, create a profile, join a group that confirms you are a good guy, take the vortex test and then you will be eligible for a discount.
  9. Go to a range where you can rent some and try them out. S&W and Ruger make great revolvers, other manufacturers make good guns as well. Taurus is ok.
  10. AC is a shithole. Just do like the locals and fire off rounds anywhere you would like. There isn’t a good sized range in AC or the immediate area. Shooters in Little Egg or Full Metal Jacket in Upper Township are your best bets for ranges.
  11. Last time I had to show up for a work day at the range I wore no pants. They have relieved me of my work day obligations.
  12. I thought backpage only had hooker...uh...escort, yeah escort, listings.
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