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  1. We'll by all means enlighten us. I have seen some actual documents. But please show us the way to the bucket of kool aid. Your BOD of directors has no business running a multi million dollar organization. They are in way over their heads.
  2. It’s even worse than you think. I picked up a gun from George Saturday afternoon. I asked about his pistol carbine because another member told me he had a really nice one. I was interested in buying one. He recommended I wait if I was buying it to shoot at CJRPC. I asked why and almost an hour later, after I got finished picking my jaw up from the floor I was shocked. Apparently the rule change was approved by the board over three months ago for pistol carbine. The president is dragging his feet getting the rules published. According to the Email I saw he is “editing them”. Anyway the board was also challenged on how they handled the advertising sign for the Pinelands store for over two years. As it turns out it was done as a favor. A favor? How many business owners out there belong to the club would love to have that kind of favor. Anyway it’s their position the sign was forced to be taken down for a “disciplinary” action. The board is real good at keeping secrets, and keeping their mouth shut for that matter so everyone knows that the Pinelands was involved in the disappearance of the “donated” bows to CJRPC. All of these questions were presented to the board in a letter from George. He was invited to the board meeting last week and no surprise to him, he was attacked. Not by all the board members. Some of them just kept quiet and didn’t say a word. This whole thing stinks. I also know from seeing his Email that he notified the board last Thursday after the board meeting that he was looking into the possibility of filing a request in accordance with NJ Title 15 to have the board make all the records available for review. Apparently every member has the right. That set them off big time and since then they are plotting everything they can to get rid of him. Did you ever hear the saying where there is smoke there is fire? They cannot be allowed to treat the members this way.
  3. +1, this is true from my personal experience. I found that many vendors have web sites and they have their current inventory on them. But nothing as extensive as Plumsted Arms. But they are still pretty useful. Before I started buying from PA I purchased a firearm from a NJ shop on these forums that I saw on-line. The only thing I was not crazy about was the fact that I had to contact them to get a price. But I still ended up buying the firearm. I like occasionally browsing the PA site just to see what's available and to put my future guns on my wish list. Sometimes is more relaxing shopping from the throne.
  4. Been lurking for quite a while but after completing two great transactions with one of the forum vendors I had to join to leave feedback. Huge steel shooter, I travel whenever I can anywhere where people shoot steel. I like Old Bridge of course but CJRPC has an excellent monthly match open to non-members. Obviously I am a big Sig fan, hence the handle "siglet" but I have other guns from various manufacturers that I also love to shoot. So glad to be here, now I can post. Thanks
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