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  1. I understand what you are saying and it makes sense to me that a negligent discharge inside would be more likely to hurt someone than outside on softer ground. Although most LEOs that I know go to the range once a year, to qualify. Now, nothing against police, I hold them in the highest regard, but an LEO only policy does not make sense to me. I would be willing to go through any steps to prove my competency to a range, but I feel that a flat out policy against it makes me less likely to renew my membership.
  2. Thanks for your ideas guys, I have snap caps and do practice dry firing on a regular basis; but this was not my question. It appears unclear on the policy at Shore Shot, so I will reach out to someone in charge on Monday, find out the official policy and post for the general knowledge of the rest of the board. If anyone knows anything more (Related to the policy on holster use) before then please feel free to chime in. Thanks!
  3. This is the reason in which I do wish to practice drawing from a holster.
  4. So this morning I visited Shore Shot during the members only shooting hours for the first time (I'm a recently new member) and asked the RO if I could shoot from my holster, as a courtesy to them. Well to my shock I was told "No, only Law Enforcement Officers are allowed to shoot from a holster here." I accepted his answer and went on my way, just not using my holster on this visit to the range. Now my question: From reading experiences from other members on the board they have been permitted to use a holster. So should I account this to an employee who does simply not want to do his job, or a change in policy? Oh and a little background on me. I'm not a LEO nor have I ever been one. I have had formal training from the Sig Sauer Academy and others on holster use and safety as well as practical experiences when visiting other ranges with friends. Thanks and safe shooting!
  5. What do you think the best day/time would be to go. I was thinking about maybe a Wednesday at 1pm; when have you noticed it to be the least busy?
  6. Final update posted! Thank you everyone for your help!
  7. Thank you all for your support with this issue. It helps to know that I am not the only one out there that is fed up with the length of this process. I will be waiting until the end of next week before I contact any other people (Mayor & Assemblyman) so that I afford the Chief of Police every opportunity.
  8. Update posted after meeting with CLEO.
  9. Hello Everyone, I am starting this thread to track the progress of my Initial Firearms Identification Card Application along with one (1) Permit to Purchase. I am a resident on Wall Township and the application was submitted to the Wall Township Police Department. 12/20/13 - My initial application was processed by the Records Department of the Wall Township Police Department 12/28/13 - I was finger printed by MorphoTrust 12/30/13 - Finger Prints submitted to the Records Department 6/1/14 - Officer from Wall Township PD contacted me to inform me that the paperwork was processed and on the desk of the chief, awaiting his signature. He stated I should have the permit "shortly". 6/9/14 - Records Department states permit on desk of the Chief awaiting his signature 6/16/14 - Records Department states permit on desk of the Chief awaiting his signature 6/20/14 - Chiefs Secretary reports FID/P2P on the desk of the Chief still awaiting his signature 6/24/14 - Email sent to District 30 Assemblyman Dave Rible asking for his help on my behalf with the expedition of the process. 6/25/14 - Received call back from Assemblyman Rible. I missed the call and when I returned it he was in a meeting. Asked staffer to have the Assemblyman contact me tomorrow. 6/26/14 - No return call from Assemblyman Rible 6/27/14 - Made appointment with WTPD Chief for Thursday July 3, 2014 7/3/14 - Met with Chief of Police Robert Brice. He stated that he would have had my FID/P2P last week but because of my meeting he held up the permits. He states that I should now have them "by the end of next week". 7/7/14 - Received call from Wall Township Police Records Department stating that my permit and paperwork were ready for pick-up. Appointment was made for the next morning at 0800 hours. 7/8/14 - Firearms Identification Card and 1 (One) Permit to Purchase was received. Contacted my Firearms dealer Plumsted Arms (DRA Technologies) who had my brand new Sig Sauer P226 MK25 waiting for me. A SRT was installed, ATF, and State Paperwork was filled out. 7/8/14 - Official owner of a Sig Sauer P226 MK25 with SRT Thank you to everyone for your advice on the handling of this! A special thank you to Plumsted Arms for all of your help during this process.
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