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  1. I guess this will be my last word on the topic (I hope!). Power's been stable and the outage count is below 500 statewide. One interesting observation. When I went by the JCP&L headquarters in Newton yesterday there was a state trooper in a patrol car at each driveway mouth. Perhaps some customers without power were getting (or threatening to get) a little too testy.
  2. I don't think this needs to be in the 1st Amendment Lounge, because it's a health topic of consuming interest. On the other hand, maybe it should be in the Daily Humor thread, because it sounds completely implausible. Butt it's not. My wife pointed out this story to me at dinner (fortunately after it was concluded). I had read something about it but dismissed it as a constipation conspiracy theory. But low and behold, it's not! It turns out, this has been going on for quite a while! How lucky am I that exposing myself in this manner at the Jersey shore after my Senior Prom was prohibited. I might have been scarred for life!
  3. At 08:40 PM the customer outage total is at 11,435.
  4. Here's the detail. Andover Borough 109 of 447 customers without power (24%) Andover Township 2,068 of 2,486 customers without power (83%) Branchville Borough 26 of 560 customers without power (5%) Byram Township 111 of 3,536 customers without power (3%)) Frankford Township 261 of 2,118 customers without power (12%) Franklin Borough 406 of 2,480 customers without power (16%) Fredon Township 535 of 1,352 customers without power (40%) Green Township 845 of 1,459 customers without power (58%) Hamburg Borough 150 of 2,006 customers without power (7%) Hampton Township 655 of 2,402 customers without power (27%) Hardyston Township 821 of 3,782 customers without power (22%) Hopatcong Borough 387 of 6,676 customers without power (6%) Lafayette Township 424 of 824 customers without power (51%) Montague Township 210 of 1,717 customers without power (12%) Newton Town 861 of 3,849 customers without power (22%) Ogdensburg Borough 847 of 988 customers without power (86%) Sandyston Township 876 of 1,156 customers without power (76%) Sparta Township 4,658 of 8,703 customers without power (54%) Stanhope Borough 23 of 1,668 customers without power (1%) Stillwater Township 860 of 2,134 customers without power (40%) Sussex Borough 26 of 1,253 customers without power (2%) Vernon Township 509 of 4,429 customers without power (11%) Walpack Township 121 of 127 customers without power (95%) Wantage Township 180 of 1,716 customers without power (10%)
  5. For those of you who don't live in Sussex, Warren, Hunterdon or near the NY border, let me tell you it's a mess up here with the ice and snow. Early Monday AM JCP&L listed less than 2,000 customers without power. By Monday night it was up to around 15,000. Last night it was over 35,000. This afternoon around 3 PM the count was below twenty, and now at 4 PM it's back up to 23,600. My point is we're not out of the woods by any stretch, and we're expecting 30 mph winds tomorrow without significant melting ahead of time. The trees are still ice bound. JCP&L says the ETR is 11:30 PM tomorrow night. I think that's a crock. We lost power at 8:48 PM Sunday and got it back at 2:38 AM. Then down again at 1:31 PM Monday and back up at 8:24 PM. Down again at 11:18 PM, and up at 6:14 AM Tuesday. We've been up since then, but 70% of my township is still without power. Get the big picture here, if you haven't seen this before. I finally got out to Newton today and the roads are a mess. But the number of trees/bushes/vines still hanging on the electric, cable and phone wires was unbelievable! It's incredible that the utilities let all this growth really impede on the wire paths. No, I don't expect them to denude the county of trees, but a lot of what I saw would be prevented by a simple topping or pruning. Fortunately we have all disaster equipment in place and operating. Regardless, it's a pain in the ass! /RantOff/
  6. There was a separate data point in the study titled 'Pizza Revolvers'.
  7. That's two of the numbers in a new ATF report. There's a lot of other interesting data in there as well. Coupled with the recent record in Black Friday background checks, it doesn't seem like Americans' 'love affair'' with guns is ending anytime soon.
  8. Two Ronald Reagan / Russian jokes I came across that I never heard before. A man stands in the line to buy a car. He plunks down the money for his new car. The person in charge says, “Come back in ten years to pick up your car.” The buyer says, “Morning or afternoon?” “Does it really matter?” says the person in charge. “Yes — the plumber’s scheduled to come in the morning.” One morning, Leonid Brezhnev walks onto his balcony and says, “Good morning, sun!” The sun says, “Good morning, Comrade Brezhnev, General-Secretary of the Communist Party of the Glorious Soviet Union!” After lunch, Brezhnev goes out onto his balcony again and says, “Good afternoon, sun!” The sun replies, “Good afternoon, Comrade Brezhnev, General-Secretary of the Communist Party of the Great, Historic Soviet Union!” Later, as the sun is setting, Brezhnev says, “Good evening, sun!” The sun says, “F*** you, Leonid. I’m in the West now.”
  9. We've discussed at length the NFL anthem kneeling etc. that turned many of us off to NFL football. And I for one then focused even more on NCAA football, since football is the one game I could play with some skill (when much younger!) and also understand. I've noticed the last five years that NCAA players seem to be doing their best to mimic the antics of the NFL players. You know, like after they score a touchdown and have the whole choreographed routine in the endzone. Or the group posture. Or... you pick it. The NCAA rules are much tighter and generally don't allow the same ridiculous displays. I didn't see the Ole' Miss vs. Mississippi State game. Maybe I shouldn't have. It was a classic, and not for it's football accomplishments. Watch how Ole Miss literally pisses away a potential victory. I wonder what kennel Elijah Moore is sleeping in tonight.
  10. OK Smokie, you get the drift now? None of us owns just one pistol!!! Or revolver! (Bob! Yes I have several.) If you catch the bug, you'll end up owning more than two as well. Shoot whatever you can before you buy. Then go for it. It won't be your last purchase.
  11. Well that's a good point. The OP didn't say if he was open to a 2nd caliber and I just assumed he was sticking with 9mm. And of course there's lots of 1911 platforms out there in 9mm as well. If we're including 45 ACP, then I have to throw in the Sig P220 and the PPQ 45. I think this explains why at one point I said "We're gonna need a bigger safe."
  12. I would say the 17 over the 19 since you won't conceal carry and are limited to 10 rounds. Longer sight radius and barrel. And if you do move to a free state you can upgrade to a 17-round mag. Next up look at the Walther PPQ (M1 or M2) and the H&K VP9. The M&P 2.0 9mm with 4" barrel (12464) is also very good if you like the more aggressive grip texture. You can get that one with or without a thumb safety. I prefer without. Happy hunting.
  13. "A man's got to know his limitations."
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