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  1. The information in this video is accurate, and correlates with other sources I researched. Somehow I was personally unaware of the 20 second requirement for washing to be effective. I'm not sure why the Chinese characters are in the video, but it doesn't matter. (The participants don't have the same jiggly parts as JT Custom's health assistants.) Wash for 20 Seconds.mp4
  2. Welcome. We always welcome Excellent Wives. I know, because I have one. And thank you and your family for their service to our country. Keeping up with NJ gun info is a challenge. We all strive to meet it. And ultimately 'drive down the curve', to put it in current parlance.
  3. I asked my cousin who works in hospital administration to find out if they are tracking deaths by distinguishing between the following: Died with the corona virus. Died because of the corona virus. If I get an answer I'll post it up.
  4. One of my PA contacts reports that buses with NY plates have been unloading in Hazleton. https://fox56.com/news/local/luzerne-county-manager-requests-national-guard-assistance
  5. Yes, that's true. I wasn't envisioning the OP retelling the entire saga. Just ask the pertinent question. That's a question I'd like to know the answer to frankly. When a S&W pistol was shipped from my FFL to S&W for repair and later returned to my FFL, S&W had swapped the frame so the serial number changed. And then I needed another P2P to get it back from my FFL because it changed. Otherwise, I wouldn't. But never mind. The OP can go the new permit route.
  6. There are many choices. I didn't think any of them fit.
  7. For my education, what is OMO in this context? I know it's not 'open market operations'.
  8. You know when restaurants are allowed to open again, I doubt that all their clientele is going to come running back. Will restaurants have to 'social distance' their tables, thereby cutting occupation and revenue? Will that mean staff also runs at less than before? Can they operate on that reduced revenue? They had to ditch the inventory they had when closed; where's the money come from to restock? And so on. I saw Jon Taffer on Fox a few days ago, and he didn't paint a rosy picture for the restaurant and bar industry. Not in the next 12 months anyway. I credit him with some of the above. Seemed very likely. Oh, here we go. His interview is here.
  9. Did you show the FFL the executed purchase permit for your pistol and that the serial number matches?
  10. From the SGAmmo website at 18:20 on Thursday: Due to the danger from the Coronavirus, SGAmmo has sent all employees who have been deemed to be at higher risk on 2 weeks paid leave, leaving us with approximately 25% of our normal work force. We will be running a skeleton crew for the immediate future, however this greatly reduces our capacity to pick, pack and ship orders and we will only be listing very limited selections of ammo for sale until things return to normal. There will be times when no products are listed, but options will come and go as capacity allows. Orders placed at this time are expected to ship Friday the 3rd, Monday the 6th or Tuesday the 7th.
  11. I had my sinus done once. He said "This is going to sting." He wasn't kidding!!!
  12. Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Scorpio64! Your contribution to community health is noted. I thought of deleting that video, but perhaps I'll leave it up to demonstrate that it's been refuted. In light of this, I'll be watching for comments in the public airwaves about the specificity of tests. I think they should be pointing that out.
  13. OK, so let's cut to the chase. Is, for example, the new Abbott Laboratories quick test for Covid-19 specific to only Covid-19? I have not heard specificity of virus tests discussed anywhere in public.
  14. Good. FYI, getting a FID denied for unknown reasons will not be your issue. If in fact you are not a prohibited person with a disqualifying crime on your record you will pass the FL background check at purchase. Having done so, NJ cannot have an issue with your possessing a firearm here.
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