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  1. Great looking Sig there Bob. Nice combination of features, especially the SAO. Don't feel bad about the dot acquisition. I have an FNP-45 with a Burris on top and even shooting at the range I have frequent issues finding the dot when I bring the pistol up. Obviously haven't worked enough with it yet. We'll subtract 15 seconds from your time for having the nerve to take it to a match first time out!
  2. There are two females in the house this morning, and they both slept through it. I happened to wake up around 7 and flipped around. 2, 4, 5, 7, 13, CNN, PMSNBC, Fox News all had it on. The funny thing was it looked to me like they were all carrying the exact same single 'pool' feed. Just the commentary was different. I didn't watch more than three minutes. But it was better than the harping I expected on the shooting yesterday. I suppose that will come later today and this weekend.
  3. I suggest you read (or re-read) PA Title 35 Chapter 73. The entire body of the statute is clearly aimed at widespread physical disasters that affect the entire populations of large geographical regions or the state as a whole. The problems of a few thousand illegal drug users, tragic as they may be, clearly don't fall into that category. They don't affect state employee's reporting to work, road closures and restrictions, debris and wreckage removal, temporary housing, federal disaster assistance etc. As you said, that's a different debate. Wolf is virulently anti-gun, and I'm quite sure he smiled at the thought of unilaterally outlawing open carry while superficially appearing to be 'doing something about the opioid epidemic'.
  4. Since I've got one foot in PA I've been watching this. I haven't seen one aspect of the 'state of emergency' that directly affects illegal drug usage or users. Have you got one?
  5. Frankly, with the current pricing to the buyer's advantage all the sites have been slow to ship and usually say so on their sites. Freedom, SG, even Target Sports USA have all suffered from delays getting the products out the door. I care primarily about the pricing on particular products, and just plan my purchases ahead of time. I watch for sales too. No chance of me actually running out!
  6. I agree, although I think this version is somewhat more accurate.
  7. I attended the PA 2A Rally in Harrisburg last Monday. It was held in the Rotunda inside the Capitol building. Easy to get there and parking was no problem. This was the first time I went so I had nothing to compare it to. There was (reportedly) an overflow crowd and I was one of the last admitted. Standing on the edge of the entry way I couldn't see down the side hallways, but everything I could see was full. Afterwards many said it was the largest turnout they'd ever seen. Anyone checking their sidearm had to use a specific entrance. There were a number of good speakers, including Cam Edwards, Larry Pratt, Joshua Prince (Prince Law Firm) and the owner of Kahr Arms. A number of politicians spoke in support of the 2A (of course) as well at least one sheriff. Several more sheriffs were on the steps behind the rostrum indicating their support. And one female senator minced no words on her right to carry her 'equalizer', pointing out 90% of attacks on women don't involve a weapon. (I couldn't get specific names because of the audio and echo in the room. The MC wasn't that clear. Specific names are in the forum post below.) There were some Mom Demands Action red-shirts right in front of me in line, both men and women. Then they apparently 'cut' to the front of the line to be escorted to a side room where they assembled. Not very many of them in the end. Seems they get catered to in PA as well as NJ. It lasted 1:15. I thought it was worth going. However in my opinion, as in New Jersey, I thought even the overflow crowd was underwhelming given the side of PA. On the other hand I don't know if there was a real point driving 2+ hours from the far borders to listen to (pretty effective) speakers for 1:15. I suppose the rubber will meet the road when the restriction bills make their move. And they will. For more details: PAFOA discussion forum post-rally with pictures and other links starts here. (Can you see me in the crowd? ) The Morning Call story. Fox 43 coverage.
  8. Apparently Springfield Armory doesn't like what Dick's is doing. They're out.
  9. It's a little confusing. The original bill reported on Bearing Arms was stood on its head with an amendment that supposedly supplies civil immunity for a bushiness that prohibits concealed carry. See this article for the explanation, and be sure to read the Update.
  10. Of course. The funny thing is, if you read the statute there's an exception where open carry is permitted if you're 'in the act of self defense'. So the question would be which came first? The attack, the open carry, or self defense? Sort of sounds like 'justifiable need'.
  11. Before you run over to PA and open carry you'd better read this. Wolf's state of emergency for the 'opioid crisis' triggered a provision in the PA statutes prohibiting open carry.
  12. "Dookie"? Unexpectedly, my vast vocabulary has been expanded.
  13. Well then the first step is obvious. Call him over to the fence and show him. Unless you're itching to start a dispute with your neighbor, you should at least confirm that he knows there's a problem. By the way, there's no chance an underground water pipe has sprung a leak is there? The amount of water in your picture would seem to indicate he did 50 loads of wash at once. I had an issue like this with runoff, but the volume was nowhere near what's in your photos. You didn't say if your neighborhood is on well or city water.
  14. Me too. Thanks!
  15. As must my wife. She does this all the time. Only her version is to combine two possibly relevant words into one new one, previously unknown to man. E.G. Groundchuck