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  1. I still favor the VP9. The trigger suits me well, and on tac nights I really like the H&K lever mag release.
  2. Then I have to add my experience. I own and shoot the other three. Then I bought a full size M&P 9. The first time I shot it I lit up the target. I was surprised. Happily. So I don't think you'd be disappointed. But I'm keeping all the others.
  3. Between the VP9, PPQ and M&P I don't think there's a 'wrong' choice. Just your preference. I differentiate the Glock (Gen 4) solely on the basis of the trigger. It's not as good as the other three, at least not for me. But it's a workhorse, always goes bang (not saying the other three don't) and I can break down the entire pistol in three minutes with one punch. So that pistol is on my bug out or SHTF lists. Plus parts are all over the place. Haven't shot a CZ, but have read many favorable reviews and posts. Good luck. The hunt is half the fun.
  4. I can go with those three, and I'd add a Walther PPQ in 9mm to the list. For the M&P in 9mm make sure it's a 2.0 version. That would be four major, solid 9mm pistols to consider. After you handle them at a FFL find a range where you can rent them and shoot them. It will be money well spent. Your preference will be yours to discover. Then start saving your money. The odds are you won't be satisfied with just one.
  5. Same here, with cap pistols and rifles. And they were 'displayed' all over the place. And members of the school rifle team took their rifles on the school bus on match days. (I was not one of them.) Can you believe it? No one ever got shot. We wouldn't have thought of it. I guess we were civilized.
  6. My two season tickets to the NASCAR Gander RV 400 at Pocono Raceway on Sunday July 28. The price is $240 for both seats. That is the face value and what they actually cost me. I will pay USPS Express Mail shipping to the buyer. The seats are bench seats (not bleachers) in the front row of the Terrace Section, about 50 feet past the start/finish line in front of the timing tower. They are elevated 3 feet from the bleachers in the next lower section, and your view is not obstructed by fans in front of you, even if they stand on their seats. They have a completely unobstructed view of the entire track and all the pits (except about 100 yards between turns 2 and 3, where large campers parked on the infield block the lower part of the track.) There are equivalent good seats at the track, but none better unless you're in an enclosed sky box. There are bathrooms in the Terrace Section reserved for The Terrace seats, and you can bring your own food and booze. The seats are under roof, which means you’re in the shade all day when sunny, and dry if raining. That means you never have to really leave your seats, unless you want to. This is a great way for someone to see their first NASCAR race. For anyone seriously interested, PM me with an email address and I'll send photos showing the seat location, the views from them and some additional helpful information.
  7. Well it's two and a half months later, and so far 530 guns have been turned in. Not exactly a stampede. They heard Nancy Reagan: 'Just say no.'
  8. My FFL has heard nothing about any shortage of permits.
  9. I joined IDPA before I shot my first of three () matches at Somerset. They sent a nice DVD with explanations of rules and terms and visuals on stages. I was really glad I watched that before I went, because I was at least familiar with the terminology so I didn't have to waste time asking 'what does tactical sequence mean' and the rest. I don't know if they still send that. But I searched on 'explaining IDPA' on YouTube, and there's a number of videos that seem to do the same thing. I recommend any new IDPA shooter watch them before going to a match. And, everything in this thread that discussed IDPA hospitality towards new shooters is true. So no one should be embarrassed about going their first time. Take your time the first time out and concentrate on safety first, not speed.
  10. There's nothing in the NJ statutes that requires the supply of permits to be maintained. Is there?
  11. I"m not qualified to address the age issue and the executor holding them in the interim. But I can say that you should have a specific firearms clause in your will. For example 'all firearms, firearm accessories, firearm tools and all ammunition are to go to my son'. Don't rely on 'everything I own goes to my son'. Don't lump them in with everything else. You don't want any ambiguity in the will with respect to your firearms; call them out separately. And if your wife has any she should also be specific.
  12. 45Doll


    Then shipping is the way to go, and less expensive than a drive to Mass. Good luck.
  13. 45Doll


    Everything GRIZ said is correct. The OP didn't say what the problem is. So I would note that if for some reason the 'fix' is to swap the serialized frame, then an P2P would be required and would have to go through an FFL. This happened to me with a polymer pistol. Coincidentally my FFL had shipped the pistol for me since it was very soon after purchase, so the factory returned the pistol to them. Then we had to exercise a P2P to get it back since the serial number was different. The factory did ship a letter documenting the serial number swap. If I had sent the pistol myself, I believe the factory would have returned it and the letter directly to me. Not sure what I would have done then.
  14. I wonder what job you would expect to fill as a communications and history major? (From that article.) My degree was in Philosophy, and I had no expectation whatsoever of using it in the job market. I got out of college and my first job was as a news reporter. (Holy crap... a conservative news reporter! I have stories about that.) Unexpectedly, with the rise of two-state Boolean algebra machines (otherwise known as computers) I was perfectly positioned to do very well with them. I was frequently the only person within office distance who could think in a straight line. Aristotelian logic ended up doing very well for me. Many benefits in my personal life too.
  15. Not explicitly. But which online retailers will decline to ship to NJ if that law goes into effect? Some currently require FID for shipment now, some don't. Who can say what the effect of the new law might be?
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