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  1. For my late mother this was the epitome of handguns. She never got to shoot it, but at least she could fondle it while she was with us.
  2. Any other MP5 fans may be interested in this event. I believe I'll be there.
  3. Just wait until the CDC or Rutgers issues a determination that just wanting to own firearms is a form of mental illness. Then the floodgates open. Rest assured... it's coming.
  4. Google 'cutting the cord' and then stand back. Tons of info and suggestions out there. Here's one article from (forgive me!) NJ.com on the topic specific (supposedly) to NJ.
  5. Then good luck R. If your channel list is really that short you should probably investigate streaming content as an alternative. The added benefit would be you're not paying all the progressive channels anything to watch what you want. (If indeed your channel mix will permit that.) I just had a flash back to when we brought cable into the Randolph house in the early 80's. After six months of really bad signal I finally brought a spectrum analyzer into the house. So when the tech showed up on about my 10th complaint, I just showed him the screen and pointed out how many db down their signals were below nominal. He called his boss. Ticket closed, and free cable until they replaced all the decrepit wiring on the street. "There's no substitute for knowing what's on the wire." Me, circa 1989, on networks.
  6. I used to live in Randolph. Reception depends on exactly where you are because of the hilly terrain. We were relatively high, and the antenna was on top of a 10' pole on top of the house peeking over the top of the hill on the east side. So we got a few channels. But now with the transition to digital (read mostly UHF) there's much less 'bend' in the signal. Start here. Put in your exact address and this site will factor in the local topography. It's not 100% perfect, but it will give you a clue. And mainly tell you if you're beating a dead horse. I'm currently in Sussex County. But at 950 feet and above surrounding terrain I get 60% of NYC and all of Philadelphia.
  7. Fix the text in your post. It's really August 17th, isn't it?
  8. I did gather them together to make sure I tracked down every one over 10 rounds. At some point before the due date they will go to PA. The safe room is ready.
  9. For our last range outing she said (and I quote) "Bring my Colt .45 and the Model 19". "Yes dear."
  10. If you're referring to our pistols, our collections are remarkably similar. So it's a matter of chance; who's wearing what? Of course since I'd like to eat dinner the following night, she has the advantage. "Yes dear."
  11. When I open carry in our kitchen I never have to do the dishes. Unless Mrs. 45Doll is also strapped.
  12. Well this should be interesting. In the settlement of the case over distribution of firearm plans for 3D printers the USG has submitted that AR-15s are not actual 'weapons of war'. There's the favorite phrase of the 'ban AR-15s' crowd. So now in court cases the U.S. government may be cited in disagreement with the gun ban mobs. You can read the operative paragraph in the story. As a side note, the approval to publish and distribute 3D printer plans may effectively mean the end of any practical 'gun control'. At least for the foreseeable future.
  13. My wife had a M&P 45 that was sent back for repair and the frame was changed. When they returned it they supplied a letter stating that the original S/N frame was replaced by the new one, and the new one's S/N. It happened that because the pistol was less than a month old our FFL shipped it back for us. So S&W returned it to my FFL, who then transferred it to me. And yes, she had to burn a permit because it was a new S/N. If you ship the handgun to S&W directly I don't know if they would return a new frame and S/N directly to you. Legally, they shouldn't. So be prepared for that. Or speak to them in advance about this and ask them to notify you if they think the frame has to be replaced.
  14. They're good. Something internal broke in my PC 325 TR on the second trip to the range. I let them know, they sent a Fedex label. I dropped it off at a Fedex shipping center and as I recall I had the revolver back in less than two weeks. And no problem since. Just follow their directions.