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  1. Mrs. 45Doll says: "Time to take your wife to the range." There was significantly more that followed, but I'll leave it at her constructive suggestion.
  2. SGAmmo is a good vendor and I have bought from them in the past. TargetSportsUSA is usually the cheapest price on the Internet, especially if you are buying by the case and therefore get free shipping. And they ship using over-boxes, so the case arrives clean and not beat up. (If that matters.) If you join Prime Ammo you get another 8% off. However TSUSA will charge NJ sales tax. And shipping to NJ is one day. I ordered this afternoon; it will be here tomorrow. (That's one day from when they ship it. Sometimes when they're very busy it can take several days to go out the door. But depending on conditions that happens elsewhere too.) So price your ammo purchase taking all factors into consideration.
  3. You've nailed it Emma. You need to see Tucker Carlson tonight discussing France with Mark Steyn. Catch him on the replay if necessary. Exactly what does lie in 'the heart of France'?
  4. 900 year old Christian relic. Perhaps the best known in the world, definitely in the top three. In France, 'Christian' country (supposedly). It's Holy Week. Sound inviting? On another note, is this an opportunity for the French to build a "New Green Cathedral"? Pardon my cynicism; it must be my Jesuit training kicking in.
  5. OK, I'm a glutton for punishment, so here it is. From NJ 2C:58-3 f. Granting of permit or identification card; fee; term; renewal; revocation. The application for the permit to purchase a handgun together with a fee of $2, or the application for the firearms purchaser identification card together with a fee of $5, shall be delivered or forwarded to the licensing authority who shall investigate the same and, unless good cause for the denial thereof appears, shall grant the permit or the identification card, or both, if application has been made therefor, within 30 days from the date of receipt of the application for residents of this State and within 45 days for nonresident applicants. Emphasis mine. But the court doesn't care. They make it up as they go along. It's for the children.
  6. If your detective knows that the NJ Supreme Court already ruled against enforcing this 'limit' he/she won't be impressed.
  7. Short but sweet. I'd like to see the target side. Thanks Scorpio.
  8. Loretta will say no, since they've banned .50 cal firearms.
  9. At the 2019 Bushmaster User Conference (can I be a 'user'?) there was a live fire demonstration of the new 50 mm cannon, evolved from chain-gun technology. "Smokin'" is a performance understatement. Sadly I have not yet found a video of the demonstration. If you do please post it up. The article however is long on specifics.
  10. The lawsuits have been filed. Joshua is on the case.
  11. OK, you got me. Sheesh.
  12. 45Doll


    I knew there was plenty of room on the upside, but I was hoping for frugality! Never shot a .50.
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