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  1. You know I thought it had been discontinued. That's why I went to the website. But I never saw anything about a revival so I thought I was wrong.
  2. I have a Valor and I'm one of those people. Note: Although I just looked at their website. The Valor has some nice improvements since I bought mine. And the price of the stainless has gone up over $300. Still probably a great value.
  3. Gun collector's home is invaded. But he's ready (sort of). Two of three invaders don't live to tell about it. I note that he posted pictures of his collection on social media.
  4. There is an epitaph to the story. The new Dell I bought came with a SSD. Fine. So to play with UEFI and a new Windows installation I grabbed a Seagate Barracuda 7200 hard drive from my parts pile and installed it in the Dell. After the Windows 10 fresh install, the first attempt at boot resulted in a hardware message that 'No boot device found, hit F1 to continue or F2 to enter configuration'. And if I hit F1 the PC booted as expected with the new installation on the hard disk and everything worked properly. Why did it fail on first attempt? If there really was no known boot device, the PC would never boot. I got this same symptom playing with it for an entire day. I tried everything I could think of but could not get the drive to boot on the first attempt. Then I found the culprit: it was the hard drive I pulled out of the pile. And I don't know why. I even re-initialized the drive to a GPT drive prior to another fresh install and still had the same symptom. Meanwhile, two other drives from my pile behaved as expected with no issue booting after a new install. I'm left thinking it was some kind of timing problem and that this particular drive has a weird problem responding in time during the boot process. The other drives that worked OK were also Seagate 7200s. All other variables held constant. Such is the price of progress.
  5. Andrew Branca posted this up on his website. It's a review of the now defunct Carry Guard, and also other self-defense insurance programs. Since NJ, NY and WA do not permit the sale of these products, it is moot for most of us. But for our members that are not NJ residents, or those that eventually move out, this is a good review. And it highlights some things to note and watch out for.
  6. I've been playing close attention to all this since 2008 when we relaunched our shooting activities. Personally I think this is worse than 2012. And I definitely remember the 2012 increase in gun sales, but not 8 million + in three months.
  7. I wonder when the "second wave" of recruiting COBOL programmers will hit?
  8. .25/round is about the best you're going to do on 9mm, if you can find it.
  9. And right you are! I didn't do that meme, and I didn't really think about it. But yes that's William Penn.
  10. If a NICS check was submitted prior to my permit expiration, and the FIU in Trenton didn't deliver the approval until after the expiration date (especially if it was five to seven days!), I would call the FIU and tell them I'm exercising the permit past the due date because the delay was their responsibility. I was ready and they weren't.
  11. Probably should have. Can you imagine someone waiting in line for xx hours and then having the door close in their face when they get there?
  12. Even the Newton DMV in Sussex County had lines around the entire parking lot. (Scroll through.) In 90 degree heat and humidity. Great plan there guys. By the way Murphy announced you'll have to wear masks outdoors as well, if not alone or 'socially distanced'.
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