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  1. 45Doll

    Freedom Munitions, FAIL

    Yes, the prices of factory ammo are still way low, FM is not what they used to be, and I can't speak to their quality control because the newest rounds I have from them (that we're still shooting) are about two years old. They work fine. One note for you: I took all my spent brass to the scrap yard and got the same price per pound that i got from FM. Except there was no shipping cost. So that's my plan from here on.
  2. 45Doll

    Body Cam on Discovery Channel

    Investigation Discovery DirecTV channel 285 10:00 PM tonight.
  3. And just to be sure everyone knows about the Vista Outdoor Promotional Rebates... $1/box off 9mm, $2/box off any other centerfire handgun, and comparable rebates on some rifle ammo. Good until March 31. 250 round minimum buy required. $400 rebate limit per household/person.
  4. At Brownell's today only code VBQ gets free shipping with no minimum.
  5. 45Doll

    movie Dirty Harry

    OK, I get it. She's 1/2048 Comanche also!
  6. 45Doll

    Daily humor thread

    An original. How my longtime friend watched the SOTU:
  7. 45Doll

    movie Dirty Harry

    I'm not a big fan of those. But The Outlaw Josey Wales and Pale Rider are on my A+ list. "I guess I'm right popular."
  8. 45Doll

    movie Dirty Harry

    Now you're channeling my "Well... do ya punk?" 94 year old mother. One of her favorite phrases. You may have seen my previous anecdote. While she was living with us and watching Dirty Harry one night (for the sixty-fourth time), I asked her if she wanted to fire six shots, or only five. Then I broke the 29 out of the safe, brought it up to her room, and handed it to her. (Unloaded of course.) She could barely lift it. But I told her anyway to 'go ahead... make my day'. My favorite repartee from the entire series: DiGiorgio: "Whadda they want?" Harry: "They want a car." DiGiorgio: "Whadda ya gonna do?" Harry: "Give 'em one...."
  9. OK, so this year it's Bullet Votes for both 45Dolls. And Ant will be one of the magnums.
  10. 45Doll

    The Glock 46

    No, they term it 'pounds of force'. Or to us dumb Yankees. pounds.
  11. 45Doll

    The Glock 46

    The new Glock 46 has a 35N or 7.9 lbf trigger pull and 11mm of travel." Who do they think they are, NYC cops? I hope they shoot better.
  12. Why were both DNS servers apparently unavailable? (Just curious.) When you came back up I tried connecting via IP, but apparently the site only accepts URL formatted requests.
  13. 45Doll

    Sig P226 Legion

    I have not shot one. But I did fondle one at my local FFL. It did feel like an improvement compared to my standard P226. Felt like it was glued to my hand.

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