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  1. Thanks. We've had a house in PA where we go fairly frequently and our resident LTCFs since 2018. Enjoy your permit. Just wanted to make sure I hadn't missed something. Just owning a piece of land in PA doesn't make you a resident.
  2. Does your Pike Co. property have a residence on it in which you periodically reside? I don't believe just owning land in PA fits the definition of 'resident'. If that were true I would have gotten my PA LTCF in 1988.
  3. Cat owners: are you prepared?
  4. I know I will. I still remember my mother objecting to me purchasing 'Breathless', 'Great Balls of Fire', and 'High School Confidential' at E.J. Korvette's. I guess you have to be a certain age to know what I'm talking about. The "Devil's Music" was a real thing. As a Steve Allen fan I still remember watching Jerry's appearance on his TV show. But this story is an extended history of that era and covers more than just The Killer. Sun Records and all it's offspring, and the cultural landscape it represented are well documented. Remembering Jerry Lee Lewis, 1935–2022 - The American Spectator | USA News and Politics BTW, it wasn't until I was an adult and watched 'Walk The Line' that I heard 'The Lewis Boogie'. And also by chance on WDHA 'Rockin' My Life Away' recorded in England. Look for those if you're a Lewis fan and haven't heard them.
  5. Chicago woman with concealed-carry license foils attempted carjacking by shooting man in head | Fox News The victim was also shot.
  6. 45Doll

    [WTS] Wood Router

    LOL Before I looked at the picture I was going to ask Cisco, Netgear, or what?
  7. Here's Brandon's latest move to lower oil prices. The U.S. Approves Oil Production, but You Won't Believe Where – PJ Media
  8. I'm not putting this in the 2A Lounge because it should not be controversial. It is, what I think, a good idea on reshaping the conversation for those of us who oppose gun control. The previous themes I'm aware of are, IMO, not making any significant headway with the general public; they only preach to the firearm choir. The Constitutional defense makes perfect sense to us, but how many of the public? See what you think. Republicans must reinvent their Gun Rights narrative - American Thinker
  9. This happened Tuesday, and the judge's opinion seems pretty straightforward. I'm sure Phil has his ear plugs in. Court Blocks New York From Restricting Gun Carry on Private Property (freebeacon.com)
  10. How they voted, and who wasn't there. How they voted: NJ Assembly approves new limits on carrying guns (nj1015.com)
  11. This is a pro-carry editorial that I agree with, except that he's fixated on open carry, which I don't think is a good idea. It includes an informal poll and some comments. Why we should be able to carry guns in New Jersey (nj1015.com)
  12. I was shocked that the ATF didn't do a damn thing to check out the theft. At least not that I could tell. Collect evidence, file a report with the complainant? Nah. The only follow up was that UPS checked out a few things before they (apparently) paid off the claim. Bud's didn't reimburse me until that was complete.
  13. I ordered a pistol from Bud's and happened to be at the FFL when it was delivered. We opened the box, and then the case, and the pistol was gone. (The 2nd magazine was still there.) Upon close examination we found the shipping box had been slit on the long edge, the case obviously removed to get the pistol out, then replaced and the box taped up. We took pictures, reported it to Bud's and the ATF. Bud's credited me about 12 days later when the 'investigation' was completed. Never heard anything more about it, from Bud's or the ATF. Although someone directly involved told me 'this happens a lot more than you think'. How nice.
  14. LOL well they've got us on all fronts. Outside Hazleton PA gas mainly at $4.15, diesel at $6.25.
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