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  1. Here are two articles today on Trump's 'commitment' to the 2nd Amendment. The first from National Review, and the second from Ammoland. The NR article cautions him against following in the footsteps of G. H. W. Bush, along with a history lesson reminding us how far out of 2A bounds that 'Republican' went. And what it cost him.
  2. Hey Sniper thanks for that post! Forwarding to PA friends and family.
  3. I just thought this story was funny. Invite me over for sex. I'm your 'side chick'. That's all I'll say.
  4. How about the Trump Glacier Hotel on the exciting shores of Disco Bay?
  5. Here's an article demonstrating the misdirection now under way (again) by the progressives. Don't review our performance; just blame legal gun owners and take their firearms.
  6. I had to laugh. A male reporter on Fox 29 was on with 'new information' early yesterday evening. One of the new items was that the rifle had been identified as an "AK-15". I rewound that several times to make sure I got it right. I'm a stickler for detail.
  7. I'll be waiting to see if there's any reporters with balls left in Philadelphia. There's a news conference tomorrow with the mayor, chief, probably the DA, and Wolf. Wolf has already announced 'sweeping new executive actions' on 'gun safety'. Translation: gun control. They should all be put on the hot seat and have their gun control crap thrown back in their faces.
  8. The Philadelphia DA Larry Krasner is on TV right now explaining that this guy was on the street because system policies were followed and this was the result. He also explained that law enforcement is like medicine; it's all about risk management and sometimes you have a bad outcome. What a crock. He's looking very uncomfortable. And he should be.
  9. I saw the live reports on this on 3 and 10 in Philly, and that's exactly what the reporters on scene said. The estimate of the unruly neighbors was around 2%.
  10. Here's the gentleman's particulars. I wonder if Mayor Kinney will be 'mad' this guy was still running around. Or will he count on the current Soros-backed Philly DA to defend the shooter to the hilt?
  11. A direct quote from Mayor Kenny on Fox 29 Philly: "I'm mad that the shooter has all that weaponry, all that firepower. But we'll deal with that another day." Mr. Mayor... Mr. Mayor... This was an arrest warrant being served at a known drug house for drug offenses. There's a total ban on these drugs at the Federal, state and local level. Why are there still drugs in your city that precipitate these kind of operations gone wrong?
  12. 45Doll

    M&P 2.0

    You may find this post interesting. Scroll down and view the video on post #2. Also this quote from further down: "Some pistols are designed so the slide stop can be used as a release, the 1911 is a prime example. If you look at the slide stop or release on a 1911, especially the original design and not one of the custom levers, it is clearly designed to push DOWN and there is virtually no attempt to help the shooter push it up. The M&P is exactly the opposite, it is designed to push UP, not down, and the ambidextrous design is designed so you can push it up from either side, no attempt at all is made to make it easier to push down. In some of the owner's manuals, they vary somewhat, it says to pull the side to the rear, then push the slide stop down to unlock it, the key point there is that they tell you to pull the slide to the rear first, thus taking all the strain off the release."
  13. If anyone happens to be at one of her town halls or press conferences, please ask which branches of the service issue the AR-15 as a duty weapon.
  14. Wow... I'm younger than I thought? I don't get it either.
  15. 45Doll

    M&P 2.0

    KC: Since you were alert enough to flag that satirical article, I thought I'd check this out for you. I have a M&P 2.0 9mm full size. The slide lock 'lever' is definitely not the easiest to release and doesn't give your thumb much purchase, but I can do it with just my thumb. Have done it on the range. I haven't put more than 300 rounds through it, so I don't know if that's 'broken in'. But I don't remember any problem releasing the slide after I bought it. Here is one interesting thing though I did just discover. To check the slide lock I pulled out a dummy round and tried to insert it into the S&W 10 round magazine. And I couldn't! By habit at the range I always use a Mag-Lula loader, and I've never tried to manually insert a round. I'll have to play with this a little more, but I'm sitting at my desk with it and I can barely push the follower down at all, let alone get a round to insert!
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