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  1. 45Doll

    Ham radio

    We can only hope for The Big One.
  2. OP: FYI there are three replies to your first identical post in General Discussion.
  3. Hey, was that YOU in the split screen??
  4. There is no law against what you propose. At the moment there is no specific storage law in NJ other than making sure children never have access. I suggest however that you consider that NJ is a gun hostile environment. Who will be able to see your 'display', either from inside or outside your house? Do you really want each and every one of those potential viewers to know what you have? And possible subsequent access? Also, I would not leave it on display anytime I was out of the house. Then it would be locked up. I'm sure you're proud of your acquisition and would like to show it off. Balance that against the other risks it involves. As for me, I once had the need to 'display'. But it passed quickly, as it did with other personal items.
  5. He threatened me with a video committing the sin of Onan by my computer. So I sent him $500MM.
  6. I hope Justice Thomas is back when this hits. He's not in the session now.
  7. Nothing wrong with SG or TSUSA. Since TSUSA provides shipping on case purchases on balance they are usually cheaper per round. I have bought from both, depending.
  8. Did I see some oral action there for a second? If so, that's a first for me.
  9. That might be, but you have to give the titles credit. Two of my favorites: "She Got The Mine; I Got The Shaft" and "I Like My Women A Little On The Trashy Side." Or, "Somebody Slap Me (I'm Way Too Happy!)" That one requires listening to the lyrics. John Anderson. To me country music is songs about real life, and the lyrics are intelligible. Generally speaking after 1970 I like about 40-50% of it. P.S. Possibly the all time winner: "You Ain't Much Fun Since I Quit Drinkin'" That might be Handyman.
  10. Yes Emma, forgiving a mistake is a different scale than forgiving an intentional murder. And yes she should not have been charged with murder. There's a whole story about how that happened. I listened to the entire 911 call, and that woman was obviously distraught over what happened. The brother impressed me the most by not jumping on the racist bandwagon that was being pumped up incessantly in Dallas, holding to his faith and principles, and seeing the tragedy for what it was. You heard him say "I haven't said this in front of my family." That's because some of them were also drum beaters. When people are so blinded by their prejudices that they can't see the difference between a tragic mistake and an intentional murder, they lose me.
  11. Even after a tragic shooting like the one in Dallas by the off duty officer who mistakenly shot a man in his own apartment? If this country is going to avoid the unthinkable, we're going to need a lot more forgiveness when it's really justified and required. If it is possible, this is what it looks like:
  12. I probably won't go see it, at least in theaters. But this article proposes that at least the movie accurately depicts what is currently going on in Mexico and what the leftists in the US don't do about it.
  13. Thank you John Rambo. "In town it's the law. Out here it's me. Let it go."
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