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  1. 45Doll


    Here's an article from someone who's been in on Bitcoin since 2013. Or as the title refers to it Magic Internet Money. I thought the most interesting aspect was that the author moved to Chelan County WA to be near the Grand Coulee dam, where electricity cost $.03/KWH. That was to save electric costs on his Bitcoin mining server farm operation. Now that's commitment! But there's a lot of history on the evolution of Bitcoin since 2008.
  2. See the GFH post. This is a move to protect the organization from NY.
  3. 45Doll


    Well here's one savvy investor who can't get to his $260 Million because he can't remember his password. (Key)
  4. I looked around for the complete NJSP statistics report and couldn't find it. See if you can.
  5. It's not really news at this point, but the numbers are interesting. There were 442,214 handgun permit applications filed in 2020, a 332% increase from the 102,270 filed in 2019. The largest spike in applications came in June. There were 109,709 applications filed that month, compared to just 18,038 in May. Applications dipped to 42,694 in July and hovered around 40,000 each month until December, when the number fell to 32,841. But interest in gun ownership is not waning. From Jan. 1 to Jan. 12, there were 9,344 applications submitted .In Hoboken, where registered Democrats outnumber Republicans 48.5% to 15%, there were 605 permits filed to purchase a handgun in 2020, compared to 237 in 2019. The city issued 423 firearm identification cards last year, up from 147 in 2019. In Brick, where registered Republicans account for 33.2% of residents compared to 24.3% Democrats, there were 3,662 applications for handgun permits filed in 2020, up from 1,354 in 2019. There can be up to a six-month wait to get a handgun application processed. This time last year, applications took about a month to handle. Personally I think the 'interest' is only going to increase.
  6. C7s didn't have a manual trans, did they? I thought they went to all paddle automatics.
  7. Yep. '99 six speed coupe with some light modifications. It's more car than can be safely driven on a public road. Now on a track... I like driving a six speed, so if I was going to 'upgrade' it would be a used C6. There are a lot of good values with those in the marketplace, and it still looks like a Corvette. To me the rear end of a C7 looks like a Camaro. And the newest one, while a good value and probably a screaming performer, is a mid-engine Euro car. IMO The fact is I still love what I bought originally and have no reason to change it. Mrs. 45Doll and I both hold the opinion that the C5 was the first real 'road' version of the Corvette. With greatly improved creature comforts. And she would know since she drove manual C2s and Sharks in her first life, which ran at drag races. (Straight line performance is fine.) If you like C1s-4s that's fine. But we don't think there's any contest in actual road performance. They're strictly 'nostalgia' cars, which is fine if you love them.
  8. Well done Maks. I shall Premier again today. Somehow that slipped through the cracks of my life.
  9. A PM came my way on this topic, so I'm popping in on this slumbering thread with new (but not necessarily important) information. I was the first 'dual state resident' customer at my PA FFL back in 2018. During my last purchase there in 2020 that FFL told me that now they even have 'dual citizen' purchasers. They had a Canadian citizen with a PA residence buy some firearms. The 'funny' part was the background check took a couple days because it had to be routed through immigration and international authorities. (I don't remember which specific one/ones.) But his purchase was approved. You think we have it bad? Check out what's going on now in Canada with the new Trudeau brewed confiscation scheme.
  10. I tried Chrome, Edge and IE all with the same result. Including on a different PC that's only used for R&D. A search said others elsewhere have also seen this over time. Since I got my payments I'm not going to beat it to death. But I note that I did use this site on the first round of checks.
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