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  1. I can't remember this happening with any sedan we ever owned. But then again I can't say I drove around with only the rear window(s) open. It definitely never happened in a sedan with the front windows. Starting with my 442.
  2. C-SPAN 1 or 2 has been airing them. If not live once or twice on delayed broadcast. It does depend on the House and/or Senate not being in session.
  3. That's true. But if they happened to be well grounded...
  4. Well, well, well... there is misery in company.
  5. Really? Well now I don't feel so bad. I thought this would be a scarce 'problem'. And you're right about the front window.
  6. Anybody got a late model Rav4? Later than 2016? Ever heard a sound in the passenger cabin resembling the beat and pulse of a locomotive, sometimes so strong it sounds like the cab is going to shake apart? Want to get rid of it? Close the open rear window. Seriously. I made a Monday service appointment for our 2019 Rav4 because that's what it sounded like inside the cab last week once it was moving over 35 mph. It turns out there's an aerodynamic anomaly that causes it when one or both rear windows are open at least a couple inches. This happened originally on our 2016 and I forgot about it. But then it happened in a much more subdued way last week on our 2019. I inspected the wheels and wells but couldn't see anything so I made the appointment. Then two days ago I had it out and the noise was gone. WTF? Then I took my wife out in it last night for a test ride, and that's when the light bulb went on. I remembered seeing one rear window open just an inch or two, which happened by mistake. And then I closed it. I never connected the window to the noise because it was winter, there shouldn't be any open rear windows, and the gap was so small the effect was much more subtle. It sounded like a tire or wheel problem. If the window is open all the way it makes the cab almost unbearable. I took a third 2019 Rav4 out today and clearly demonstrated it again. I'll bring this to the service desk's attention tomorrow. And our lease rep.
  7. I purchased all the N95s I wanted at the Newton Home Depot an hour ago. There were still quantities and various types in stock.
  8. Here's a short diary from someone at the Federalist who attended the rally. And here's another from a PA resident who went there.
  9. Among other things, $50 for each handgun permit. You think we can get 22,000 for a 2A rally in Trenton? Don't bother. I'm being facetious.
  10. Thanks for that link DD. I love how almost all the captions describe the rally as 'several thousand' when the actual number was well over 22.
  11. FYI Tucker Carlson spent the A block on his show tonight on the Richmond rally. Worth watching. The rebroadcast is at midnight.
  12. If/when we pull the plug in NJ and move full time to our PA house it's a $10K raise for us too. And I must say, even though PA is no permanent guarantee of a 2A safe space, it is good to breath the free 2A air and have a LTCF before I die!
  13. Whoa.. whoa.. whoa everybody. Looks like we were all wrong. It's not the VDCL 2A Lobby Day rally. It's a white nationalist rally. Can you believe these guys?
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