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  1. If you can arrange to fly at 98% of the speed of light (676,000,000 mph) for a couple days, when you come back all the current New Jersey legislature members will be dead. The law may have lapsed by then.
  2. OK, I do have to speak up once more. I brought this up just as an inquiry on the point of law as written; not a crusade or a tirade, or to form anyone's opinion. If you think this ignorant law should just be ignored, read no further. Compensators have to be welded or pinned to the barrel. They can't just be screwed on because you might replace it later with a flash hider. Fixed stocks have to be staked on, because you might just replace them later with an adjustable stock. If that is the NJ legislature's legal intent, Hexmag xx-30 bodies that can be modified in less than a minute from 10 or 15 rounds to 30 with a spring change don't fit it. If the law overlooks that, so much the better for us. If it sticks. I would like JT Custom to be right, because it would be a great sales point for Hexmag and a great advantage to have should the SHTF one day. In fact Hexmag's website has a specific invitation to NJ gun owners to get their 10 round mags there. And I like them. But if I have to shoot an intruder in my house one day with an AR I want the magazine to be beyond reproach and the reach of some over zealous NJ prosecutor. And I don't want to hear in court that the magazine I used was not 'permanently' modified, or fixed, at 10 rounds. I inspected a Hexmag 10/30 mag today, and there's nothing on the body to indicate it's a 10 round magazine as delivered. You don't know what it is until you open it and see the spring, and the polymer spacer if there is one. Nor was there any change in markings for the 15/30 mags I modified in PA last weekend. The only place a capacity of 10 or 15 is noted is on the plastic wrapper. If someone can point to statutory or administrative code that says that magazines with modifiable capacity are OK as long as they come from the factory configured legally, and with no discernible markings that say so, I'd like to read it. "If the rounds won't fit, you must acquit."
  3. That's what I thought. And Hexmags are readily modifiable, as I demonstrated in PA. Yes, if I don't have the 30-round spring then constructive intent can't be shown. But that doesn't make a Hexmag 'permanent'. For those of you who think the horse has been beaten to death, so be it. I'll shut up now. Do as you like. I know I will.
  4. I was in PA last weekend converting my 15-round Hexmags to 30 by removing the 15-round mag spring and spacer block and installing a 30-round spring. Took about a minute a mag. (Someone pointed this out in another thread.) Then it dawned on me: since I could convert them, while they were 15-rounds from the factory, they were not 'permanently' modified. So they would have been illegal in NJ. I have also seen Hexmag 10-round mags, and as delivered from the factory they are not permanently modified either. You can swap the spring out for another. So they would be illegal here as well. Anyone have evidence to the contrary?
  5. I can confidently state The Polar PA Express made at least one run over the weekend. With many stocking-stuffers for several Happy Elves.
  6. My firearms attorney in PA is nothing like this. He is alert, inquisitive, accurate and aggressively defends the 2A. But not with stuff like this. I should add that a half hour phone consultation was $100. As it turned out that included two more short phone conversations, and a couple emails to government officials on my behalf. And I got results.
  7. How many home raids have there been looking for 'assault weapons' since Florio's ban in the 1980s? If I recall correctly, approximately 180 'assault weapons' were registered before the ban went into effect. Is it possible there were more than 181 'assault weapons' in the state at that time?
  8. Want to stop some of these ridiculous gun laws? Why not try the French way? I can't believe the French have more giblets over gas than most Americans do over firearms.
  9. That's because they're soooo much smarter than the rest of us, we can't possibly understand them. Just ask Hawaii Senator Mazie Hirono.
  10. I've long been a time and frequency guy (nut). Used to work for hp, had access to Cesium Beam time standards, frequency counters etc. As a ham radio operator often synced to WWV at 10 Mhz. I used to want a hp 5061 standard for my own, or settle for one of the rubidium standards in the used market. Oh well. The plethora of WWV linked 'atomic clocks' and wrist watches kind of made that expense unnecessary. Now I have two in the house and one on my wrist. Well, that's all passe now. Meet the new ytterbium standard. There's a link to the full article in Nature, but I can't get to it. Here's the link to Science Alert. "A man with a clock knows what time it is. A man with two clocks is never sure."
  11. We'll find out if a meaningful number of gun owners in New Jersey actually have a red line they will enforce and demonstrate by publicly disobeying. This would be an appropriate stimulus for mass non-compliance as mentioned by myself, Vlad and others. 10,000+ gun owners marching the streets of Trenton waving non-compliant magazines would render the law unenforceable, as our drug laws are. Individual acts of non-compliance will be meaningless. Cloward-Piven at work.
  12. You can't. But on the other hand you can't drive out of the state at all without risking death in an auto accident. Seriously, we need some sense of proportion here. Unless you plan to fly a flag on the vehicle crying "I'm Transporting 10+ Round Mags Out Of NJ" and/or drive like a maniac the risk of being stopped, let alone discovered, is so close to zero as to be negligible. If that wasn't true there wouldn't be any gang-bangers running around with guns on foot or in cars.
  13. Any safe or RSC only stops smash and grab burglars. For anyone more determined you must have an alarm system so they don't have time to work. I checked out this guy's website. He does have some interesting products using layered steel walls filled with concrete composite.
  14. Is this my queue to bring up quantum mechanics again? Super-String theory hasn't settled the question of magazine capacity yet either.
  15. Well, I for one would not be 'hitting' on her in any normal life.