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  1. Oh, and guess who thinks ARs are "everyday firearms": Sheila Jackson Lee Mocked After Describing What Pistol Braces Do to Firearms (townhall.com) Thank you, Sheila!
  2. ATF ‘Acts as a Fifth Column for Gun Control Advocacy Groups,’ Witness Testifies at Congressional Hearing (theepochtimes.com)
  3. Bullets. Passenger arrested after police find hollow-point bullets, open containers of marijuana during traffic stop - WRNJ Radio
  4. ELE - Extinction Level Event Our sun had a huge coronal mass ejection, and fortunately was facing away from us. The truth is it might not have extinguished us immediately, but how bad would it have been? And why haven't you heard anything about it? Dodging the Apocalypse - American Thinker Note: in the comments I have no clue why they're discussing George Floyd.
  5. By this evening we'll be inside Al Capone's vaults, where we'll find some fossilized feral pigs.
  6. 45Doll


    A small but identifying detail you omitted. Back in the Cretaceous period. I was there.
  7. Now this is funny, even without memes. CNN Crew Robbed While Reporting on Woke City's Rampant Crime (townhall.com)
  8. Hey, @Displaced Texan: Have you got a cure for this? America's Feral Hog Problem Is About to Get Even Worse (newsweek.com)
  9. 45Doll


    "Only The Shadow knows!" Sorry, I couldn't resist. And I don't have any.
  10. People with a court order can carry the court order. If in fact I get a permit with No Restrictions checked (and no court order now) I'll have a copy of the statute with me. Just in case an officer is uninformed.
  11. It's a statement of fact that you did in fact qualify with one or more handguns. End of statement.
  12. This is correct. Doesn't successfully hitting a perp in a justifiable shooting demonstrate your qualification for carrying that handgun? If you missed the perp and accidentally shot someone else, I could understand. But you're right about prosecutions. This is New Jersey. And like the 'everything is banned from the get-go' statute principles, it's also their 'you should never have defended yourself and let the criminal get on with it' attitude that we have to anticipate.
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