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  1. Don't worry. They printed two more anti-gun stories to keep it fair and un-balanced. Here and here.
  2. I was not that active with firearms while the 10 year federal assault weapons ban was in place. Nor was I contemplating building an AR-15 or similar rifle. Does anyone know: While the AWB was in place, were AR-15 lower parts (except for receivers) and upper parts and assemblies still available for sale? Since the AWB did not call for confiscation, I'm assuming they were available for people who already owned a rifle. But I'd like to know for sure.
  3. So... let me ask this of our FBI: If I see something, and say something,.... are you going to DO something?
  4. Well doesn't that say it all! That tipster must have been ready to go public. I can't see the FBI bringing this out voluntarily.
  5. Agreed. The NJ.com article originally quoted the same bogus facts from a parrot article on CNBC. Then someone posted up the Amazon Post article in the comments section, and this morning the NJ.com lead paragraph was CHANGED. Still of course arguing for gun control, but with slightly less bogus facts. Here's the Free Beacon article with multiple links to other stories regarding this.
  6. I do not believe they have the capability of recreating the original Pythons with either mechanical or human labor. Those Colt gunsmiths were craftsmen of a lost art. IMO.
  7. H&K never answered my email so I just called customer service. Only the 700009KLE-A5 variant (black) has the Tritium night sights. All the colored frames of color have the photo luminescent sights. Boo. I don't know why they do that. It has to be the same slide. Oh well. Back in black.
  8. Me too.
  9. Here's the coverage on NJ.com.
  10. Here's the thread on SigTalk. And here's a thread about barrel issues. Photos are plentiful if you have a SigTalk account. If not, go to page 3 on this thread and at least two photos are visible at the moment.
  11. Hickok45 put up his video on the P365 this afternoon.
  12. For those of you that don't belong to ANJRPC, here is today's posting from them covering a 'round-table' I didn't hear anything about. A video of the whole cabal is here. They publicly discussed a 10-round mag limit. No surprise there, but I'm wondering if they've realized the folly of trying a 5-round limit.
  13. LOL! I couldn't afford to buy another one at today's prices either! You don't need two. When you have one of something and it's of really good quality, I think you appreciate it more. Enjoy!
  14. Sorry there B if I misled you. I was referring to mine. The factory tuned Python was the very first handgun I bought, in 1978. I always thanked the salesman at Edelman's on Route 22 for that suggestion. Didn't know too much back then! Yes, I still have it, and won't sell it. Yours looks great and I hope you enjoy it. To me it's an heirloom.