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  1. Here's an updated story on the firearm and ammo shortage from the Washington Times. At this point I don't see either shortage ending for the foreseeable future. Whichever way the election goes it's going to get worse.
  2. Well I do. Not because I think it needs to be in a safe. But on the floor I had some room, so I put the most expensive/critical ammo in there. HST, Gold Dot, Underwood etc. It also helps hold the safe down. (Just kidding. It's already bolted to the concrete.)
  3. My wife and I stopped into the BJs in Ledgewood this afternoon. While wandering around I spotted an end cap with about nine to twelve gun safes of varying sizes. They were all pushed together so I couldn't accurately count them. But it was way more than I've ever seen there before. Three being about the usual number. So I guess all those new gun owners need somewhere to lock up their new guns.
  4. @Krdshrk is probably onto it. Both those images are links to posts on Google content servers. If you don't have some relationship with Google (for some other reason) then it may not really be a public posting. And unless you have a more important reason to expose yourself to Google, I wouldn't recommend opening a Google account just to see some photos.
  5. So let's be clear. You can see all the photos in this thread, except one. Which one?
  6. If we pay twice the 'normal' price, do we get twice the velocity?
  7. Must be on your end Emma. I'm not a Premier member right now, but I can upload photos and everyone else can see them. Can you see the text and/or links in these posts?
  8. I have one sitting at Tech Ops and started the background check there yesterday. Pricing was exactly as predicted. Thanks for setting this up Maks.
  9. Beer. It's not just for breakfast anymore. Yueng and Ling.
  10. MIdway's a bargain at only .50/round!
  11. Awwww... they blurred out the best part!
  12. Right. Today only.... $1.15/round! Order yours now!
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