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  1. Which is worse? A detonated suicide vest? Or this: Ilhan Omar questions college president about 'Wet Farts' attack on anti-Israel Columbia students | Fox News Does she have a degree in biochemistry?
  2. They love their 'academic' studies. So I have a question: If I have knives in my home, am I more likely to be stabbed with one? Rutgers-Eagleton Poll: New Jerseyans are divided on whether firearms increase protection from intruders in the home - WRNJ Radio
  3. Let's give it another go Buffaloes. The Centennial State's Leftward Drift Continues: Colorado House Passes 'Assault Weapon' Ban – RedState
  4. Well here's a related fun fact: Americans Own 700 Million+ Mags With Greater Than 10-Round Capacity (breitbart.com)
  5. Alright. The following is with the Baofeng UV-5R radio. I downloaded this Chirp file (chirp-next-20240413-installer), which is nine days newer than the first one I downloaded that didn't work. (chirp-next-20240404-installer) I installed it and confirmed what I got: This version now has a completely different dialogue than the one nine days ago, and works with the UV-5R and the USB-radio cable that came with it. Specifically, it permitted me to select the USB-Com3 interface to connect the radio. What a difference nine days makes. And yes, I did a factory reset just for ha-ha's.
  6. Interesting. Here's the version I downloaded first off the website; the one that didn't work: chirp-next-20240404-installer It's not installed, so that is the name of the download file. Looks like yours is a month older. I didn't see much difference between versions, at least with the versions I've installed. As long as one of them works I'm good. I did load one of the new radios with the provided GMRS-FRS files. Boom, all 22 channels in place. And I did apply for a GMRS license, to go with my Amateur Extra.
  7. OK. This is the Chirp version that was on the mini-CD that came with the radio. It works with the USB cable that was also included. When I run it, it wants to upgrade, but I won't let it.
  8. I bought them too. Did you download the latest version of Chirp from the website? That didn't work for me with the USB-radio cable provided. It refused to recognize the radios, or the older Baofeng I have. I had to install the Chirp version on the included CD. Then it worked fine, although the named model numbers didn't always match up exactly. I searched online and there were comments about the chip in the USB cable head not having compatible drivers, or something to that effect.
  9. This lecture is not in Mandarin. It's a gun owner who speaks American. David Hogg Gets Lesson About Gun Control From Chinese Immigrant | The Daily Caller
  10. Got a badge? NJ school kids find rifle on street. Did cop leave it there? (nj1015.com)
  11. Me neither. We haven't felt a single one of them. Can't say I'm surprised. The first one was a real anomaly for this state.
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