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  1. Late breaking news! Chelsea Clinton Performs Emergency Brain Surgery on Joe Biden While Refuting Tucker Carlson
  2. Gunsitters may be an option for you.
  3. I took a look at several months of NJGunStat data, and Falcon was listed as the top 'manufacturer' of guns used in crimes. More than S&W, Glock, Sig etc. How the hell could that happen? Did Falcon Arms run all kinds of cheap guns into Newark or something.? Even if they did that doesn't make them a manufacturer. I did see links between Spesco and Taurus, probably as an importer.
  4. "Falcon" is the top manufacturer of weapons? Who the hell is Falcon? And 'Spesco"? Have I missed something the last 12 years?
  5. Anyone here have back problems? Try this inversion exercise. Inversion Exercise.mp4
  6. I just got the email with my digital permits in 10 days flat out of the NJSP Augusta barracks. Sgt. Hollar is on the ball! I haven't gotten permits in 10 days since we lived in Randolph. (Pre-1994) Note: Later today I found out there's over 5,000 NICS checks in the queue. The expected wait time is at least a week.
  7. A link to a digital version (PDF file) of my paper FID was included in the email with my handgun permits. So I downloaded it and can print as many copies as I want. I was surprised since I hadn't specifically applied for a digital version. So yes, fingerprints on the card are now passé.
  8. When you read this, insert the appropriate accents where necessary. One of the best 'Jewish' jokes I ever heard, told by a Jewish friend. A young Jewish virgin get's married, and before she leaves for the honeymoon her mother takes her aside and asks her to 'please let me know how it goes'. Wink, wink. A couple days later postcards start arriving from the various honeymoon destinations. But there's only two words on them: "Such happiness!" Day after day, that's all the mother hears for two weeks. Finally the daughter comes home beaming all smiles and the mother finally gets to ask "I wanted to know how you were doing, but why did you keep writing just 'Such happiness'?" Looking very surprised, the daughter replies "Such happiness??? That was such a penis!"
  9. History does not repeat itself exactly, but it does rhyme. Watch "The World At War - A New Germany" and see if you recognize anything that rhymes with today. "The German-Jewish poet Heine, whose books now went into the flames, had once written: "Where one burns books...there, one eventually burns people.""
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