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  1. Mrklark

    .38 Super Auto

    Anyone here shoot .38 Super Auto? Please contact me privately - revansphoto@hotmail.com --Thx --Rich
  2. Have just returned to the forum and just want to catch up and answer a few of the questions. Used to deer hunt with my dad on the Newark Watershed land up off Rt23 (Clinton Rd) up until about 10 years ago, and since then have been more active in handgun target shooting for fun. I've just been to the range in Woodland Park (Gun 4 Hire) and will probably become a member right after Christmas - the place is amazing, and finally a place that's close to home and that is friendly and welcoming. I don't normally trash businesses - especially those in the shooting sports world - but there is simply no comparison to the Bullet Hole in Belleville, which I cannot recommend to anyone. I went there last fall to purchase some ammo - the help acted like they could care less if I were there at all, and even though the shelves were full they wouldn't sell me any ammo unless I was going to use it at their range. Sorry, but that's just bad business and not a way to keep or get new customers, especially when there are others within a short drive. And I did finally find a S&W 617, just waiting to find the time o get over to the range and break it in along with my Sprigfield Armory XDs 3.3 in 45. Thanks for the welcomes! --Rich
  3. Been a shooter/hunter/collector for more than 40 years and was just recently made aware of this forum. Currently shooting 357 and 45acp. Have a few autos (1911, HK, XDs 3.3) but prefer wheel guns. Now looking for a SW 617.
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