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  1. Going to my daughter's for Thanksgiving. My contribution to the meal is my bacon wrapped asparagus. For those who are health conscious I make some with 4 stalks of asparagus. I had some asparagus left over so I decided to make some...ready for this...pork roll wrapped asparagus! Not to raise any further arguments I made it with Case's not Taylor so it is pork roll. Happy Thanksgiving to all.
  2. That would be Benedictine Not B&B but Benedictine. Always support the church
  3. The Partridge Family was a good clean family show. That's something lacking today. It's either watch TV MA for language, violence, sex, adult situations or watch Sponge Bob.
  4. That rig ought to do a lot more than carry guns for $550 starting price.
  5. That's blackpowder though isn't it?
  6. Would be a handgun in NJ. Can't see any reason it would be illegal. Can't see a lot of use for it either but I'd buy one if I has spare change.
  7. Central Jersey may tie up the high power range or some of the pits for competitions but there is always some place you can shoot.
  8. Tanner Mays, the race car driver in American Top Gear, was running a Raptor across the desert at 80 mph. The desert, no road, at 80 mph, in complete control due to the suspension travel built into the truck. My friend (who's on his second Raptor because he wanted the latest tech) had no reservations letting me drive his Corvette but hesitated letting me drive his Raptor.
  9. I'd say no. I know it's an "arm brace" but I'd wait to see what NJ says. It sure looks like a stock. Remember, the NJ "assault weapons" law is based mostly on looks. The Shockwave and TAC14 were approved for sale on NJ based on what it left the factory with People putting all kinds of stuff on a gun could lead to them writing a law makin a stock Shockwave or TAC14 illegal. Don't screw up a good thing. If you can't shoot a stock Shockwave or TAC14 don't get one. JMO
  10. CJRPC prorates your dues so if you join in July you'll only pay 150 for dues. All dues come up for renewal in January. I don't know how the other clubs do it.
  11. Nice gun but ridiculous price IMO. You can buy 2 686s and spend a chunk on tuning and customizing and have change left over. JMO
  12. I have no use for a pickup but if I were interested in spending that much I'd buy a Raptor. A few friends have one and that is one impressive truck! @Rob0115 a Raptor would satisfy that 12 year old in you. It would mine!
  13. Just membership. Annual will do but then you have to show renewal.
  14. I think it's 300 for dues and 400 for amortization. Last I knew they would let you pay the amortization fee in payments. You can also pay off your dues for the next year with meeting attendance and work credit. NRA membership required. It may be higher priced than other places but it really offers more. Pits, steel plates in pits for practice, 200 and 300 yard rifle, skeet. Bullseye pistol, indoor range open 24/7, and archery range.
  15. How much is your zero off at what range?