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  1. What the prosecutor is asking might be legal. You want to keep this out of court as then the judge's opinion comes into play. Question 26 on the application asks if you've ever been treated for a mental issue. Federal law says involuntary committed. 2 different things. State law can be more restrictive than Federal but not contrary. Let's look at the options starting with least expensive. 1. See the doctor and get the letter. This is what the prosecutor said she wanted. You get your guns back. 2. See a lawyer. It's true lawyers like to deal with lawyers. Before you do have the police report, hospital records, and doctor's letter. This is needed for the lawyer to decide what kind of case you have. It also means you don't have to pay the lawyer to get them. Your lawyer calls the prosecutor and finds out they want a letter from a psychiatrist. Legal? Maybe not. A good lawyer tries to keep things out of court. If you go to court you get a judge and/or jury involved. I can't see this going any further than #2 but it might be settled at #1. You'll need #1 anyway. Playing devil's advocate the prosecutor doesn't want to become known for releasing guns to someone that there's a question about. The letter ensures that won't happen.
  2. Maybe so but I'm sure Pirelli's bill will be substantially less than a lawyer. One could get a lawyer to represent them and the prosecutor's office will still say you need a letter from the doctor. Get the doctor's letter first. One thing at a time. If you wind up getting a lawyer the letter strengthens your case.
  3. Gang members going into the military has been going on for some time. The "security" forces of many of the drug cartels in Mexico are veterans of the Mexican Army. It pays much better.
  4. You are pretty much correct. There are different levels of criminal record checks. I'll call them administrative and criminal justice as different jurisdictions call them different things. Administrative is done by many prospective employers. If you've had an expungement you can say no and your employer gets shown a clean slate. A criminal justice inquiry is different. It's available only to and use by law enforcement and courts. Expungements may or may not show up on a criminal justice query. They apparently do in NJ. I'm guessing at the time line but it appears after his convictions for his disorderly persons offenses he managed to get in some branch of the military. He's lucky he did as those offenses will usually serve as a bar to enlistment. He still didn't clean up his act after the military. He got arrested for eluding and pulling a knife on the police. He's lucky he didn't get shot. Bringing a knife to a gunfight? These are both felony level charges. He pled guilty. This could very well be the reason he wasn't hired by the police department. A good choice by the chief IMO, expungement or no expungement. He's also playing the veteran's card. Being a veteran myself I can say this. The military is like anywhere else. There are scummy people everywhere with and without criminal records. I have no sympathy for this guy. We all were young and stupid at one time. Few of us ever pulled a knife on a cop.
  5. Image interpretation can be tricky. There can be a lot of places that look like ranges that are something else. There also can be a lot of ranges that don't look like ranges.
  6. 659 is all steel. Never heard of any cracking. I've seen several examples of the 6946 (dao) frame cracking around the hole for the slide lock. Never saw this happen with the 6906 (da/sa). Same gun except for trigger action.
  7. FWIW, the only malfunction I've ever had with 3 different 659s is because of a dead primer. None where the gun or magazine was at fault.
  8. Indoor range is 24/7. Most handgun and 22 rifle only. Outdoor ranges are from 0800 or 0900 (on Sundays) to sundown. Centerfire rifles on high power (300 yds) or multipurpose range (200 yds) only. You can fire them at 50 yards. Exception is pistol caliber carbines in certain pits. You supply your own steel targets for rifle. I've been a member for some time and have no desire to go anywhere else. Most of the time I go on weekdays so I can't answer your question regarding availability on weekends. Obviously if they're having some type of competition that will tie up the high power range (rifle) or some of the pits for most handgun competitions.
  9. I have a couple of the 3rd (?) Generation S&Ws. They are durable guns. I carried a 659 and 6906 as duty guns. That was a real deal at $200 IMO.
  10. Only if the car or building was insured by them.
  11. Immediate family members do not need a NICS. There is no way for a non-FFL to run a NICS. Immediate family does need FID and COE for long guns and P2P for handguns as was said.
  12. We have the technology. Watch a few NASCAR races and you'll see some spectacular crashes with cars going faster. A lot of these crashes you see the driver walking away from them. The first factor is the cost of full roll cages, helmets, driving suits, etc. The second is how many people would suit up for a run to Wawa.
  13. A fatal accident investigator can estimate the minimum speed the car was going from the skid marks. A good physicist can figure out how fast the car was going to get it airborne.
  14. There is a chain restaurant in Colorado my daughter and I always go to. Not sure if they're out here. Filet with shrimp like $27. Maybe not the super best but very respectable.
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