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  1. Keep in mind, if he's found not guilty.in Federal Court he can be tried again in a state court. His excuse is so lame. Confiscations in Cuba? Yes, but he was born in NYC. 100s of thousands of dollars in case he.had to flee? Bullshit. I said it before. He'll cop a plea. Maybe let his wife off. Copping a plea will give him less of a sentence.
  2. I carry fmj in a 380. I have for years. It gives adequate penetration. Many hollowpoints won't do that. Remember unless you're shooting at a naked target your hollowpoint is going to pick up material on its way in. Then it's going to.act like a fmj.
  3. There's too much on Menendez this go around.
  4. Menendez will plea out so he and his wife will get a lesser sentence.
  5. Will be $4 a gallon soon.
  6. 300 for both? I won't be able to pick them up until Saturday. If you get a better deal I'll graciously back out.
  7. Okay. Others have said it and I'll say it again. If the FBI had a search warrant they can look everywhere whatever was listed in the warrant could be hidden. Providing the code was a way to prevent damage to whatever was in the safe.
  8. Okay I'll take it but can't meet up with you until next Monday or Tuesday. Out of state now. You pick ffl near you.
  9. Santander is almost totally paperless. They do.give you a paper receipt for transactions.
  10. They do all this in the name of "gun safety". A term invented during the Clinton Administration. After the mass shooting at a Colorado high school (you look that up) Janet Reno. the US AG was asked what is your response to people who say enforce the laws that we have? She said, paraphrasing, "we just need more laws. It doesn't make a difference if we enforce them".
  11. There are also casino reports. Casinos were (and still maybe) used to launder drug money. You get 10 accomplices. Give them each 5k to buy chips. They hang around for a few hours and half of them give the other half their 5k in chips. That half cashes in those chips so now 25k can be claimed as casino winnings. Oversimplified but you get the idea.
  12. Correct. Law requires currency transaction reports over 10k. However, bank can report any amount as suspicious. This is how Hunter Biden got caught (but not convicted yet!!!). Whilst cash businesses are fewer now this is the reason for suspicious activity reports. Many gas stations offer a discount for cash. Many consumers take advantage of this. The owner of the station has 20k in cash to deposit. He's trying to conceal it as he doesn't want IRS knowing how much he's making. So he goes to the bank and deposits 6k in the morning, 6k in the afternoon, and 8k the next morning. This is called structuring to avoid the reporting requirements and is illegal. Has been for some time. Like over 30 years.
  13. 3.35 coming out of the Holland Tunnel tonight. 3.70 on Staten Island. There are no.gas stations left in Manhattan.
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