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  1. I think the Air Force might call it a bathroom The followup is regardless of what happened in the latrine (Army) or head (Navy, Coast Guard, or Marines) these guys went on to there other training and ended up in Vietnam. You just went on to the next stage. No counseling, time for remorse, etc.
  2. Those two terms are at opposite ends of the spectrum. I'm glad they didn't use the term "gun safety" invented by liberals. How can anyone be against "gun safety".
  3. Don't give up on Kim. A vote for anyone else is a vote for Murphy. Remember Trump wasn't supposed to win.
  4. Interesting to note that gun control is down at the bottom of the list along with legal marijuana when you look at the map. The overwhelming number 1 issue is property tax reform to the voters.
  5. Never tried trap or skeet with one. Would be interesting. Just remember. Don't use one to hunt with. IT IS NOT A SHOTGUN!!!!
  6. That would work for some. Better with Bob overalls. The suspenders transfer the recoil to your shoulders. I've seen them do it. Even after being told not to and why.
  7. I used to have to qualify with the standard shotgun course at work to carry the short barrel pistol grip guns. That included 5 slugs at 25 yds. I'd keep them in a 5-6" group. Not stellar accuracy but nice to know it'll work. I agree that most SD confrontations will be well within 10 yds, probably 5.
  8. @Shawnmoore81 you bring the gun to eye level but not close to your face. Watch the Clint Smith video.
  9. Not if you want to hit anything 15-20 yards away.
  10. Keep in mind that drift to the right is at range. It's usually not showing up at 200 yds or even longer. The correction for drift is important if you're a 1000 yd target shooter, uber top rated operator, or shooting artillery.
  11. As long as the sights adjust to the zero you want it doesnt make a difference how many clicks you use. I have a rife I bought used with the rear sight visibly off to the right. There's enough adjustment to zero by adjusting the sight to the left. I'm happy with it. One other thing. Sometimes you will find your group say a half inch to the right. You dial in that click to the left. Now you're a half inch to the left on that M1/M14/M1A/AR with normal (target sights have finer adjustments). I leave the sights adjusted for that half inch strike to the left. Most rifling is right handed and will cause the bullet to drift to the right at range.
  12. Yeah, they do suck for most tasks. I imagine you'll see a lot of bloody noses at the range. You have to know how to shoot these. I used to use a short barrel pistol grip shotgun similar to this. I used one if I needed something to use in tight spaces when I knew the range would be short.
  13. Good news! The AG's office must have tried to twist the law every which way but could find no reason to deny sales.
  14. I used the AUG for over about 10 years. I pretty much liked it but over time found many issues with it. We went back to the M16/M4 platform. You can get two pretty nice ARS for asking price of a AUG or AUG clone. You'd be ahead IMO. Unless you have to have an AUG or AUG clone.
  15. Straight to the point well done!!!!