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  1. @Displaced Texan you realize those Tupperware boxes were a requirement of the Austrian military. They required a storage box for the G17 where they could put a locking rod through the trigger guard to secure the pistols in the arms room.
  2. A lot of it is Americans pulling their head out of their ass.. Listened to the former Westchester County executive, a Republican. Demortcra voted him in.
  3. If you want to see how fast someone can draw with a shirt covering their pistol watch the short You Tube video, https://m.youtube.com/results?sp=mAEA&search_query=miami+vice+jim+zubiena BTW, the followup video about Zubiena is good to watch. He went from hands up, draw, and fire 3 rds in 1.3 seconds although he admits is was with blanks. I grant you his shirt was unbuttoned on the bottom. However, I don't think most people could react as fast as he drew and shot. At best they would have shot.one another. Zubiena was an IPSC competitor and firearms consultant for "Miami Vice". They used him for the role of the hit man in this episode. When asked by the director why he cleared the pistol and locked the slide back before he placed it on the guy's chest. Zubiena responded, "I never put down a weapon unless it's unloaded and clear". That was good enough for the director. Several other considerations if you use an ankle holster. The only place to wear it is inside your weak side ankle. You need to wear pants that allow you to easily pull the cuff up with your weak hand. No tapered legs. I've tried other guns but anything bigger than a J frame, biggest a G26 is cumbersome. The only way to draw from an ankle holster, taking cover is the first thing you should do with any holster, is go into a kneeling position on your strong side, pull up your pants leg with your weak hand and draw starting your shooting from the kneeling position if required. If you don't have to shoot yet get to your feet. I've seen people do all kinds of dancing around trying to draw from an ankle holster. The method I described is the safest and most efficient IMO. I used to make agents who wore an ankle holster use them during qualifications. A few couldn't do it because and complained. I told them don't wear an ankle holster. Ankle holsters have their place. Very convenient to draw from sitting in a car. Not a place for your main battery unless that's your only choice.
  4. The Raven is a great pistol imo. Not super accurate like a Beretta. However a GTF off me gun.
  5. Lightweight guns have more recoil. Just making sure you're aware of this. I have airfreight but prefer all steel. My Taurus, Ultralight weighs the same as an old model 36 or 60.
  6. That's a take off on the Concealed Carry Act in NY. Murphy has never has an original idea. He tries to get away with whatever they do in NY. Whilst I am a believer in personal property rights I had an experience last month in NYC. I can carry under LEOSA in NY. I can carry hollowpoints, 15 rd magazines just about anywhere. If I carry into a store that doesn't have a "guns welcome here" sign, it's a felony. Back to personal property rights. Went to Radio City for the Christmas Show. No gun as I know of no theater that allows it. My niece was PR manager for the Empire State Building 10 years ago. Even then, NYPD wouldn't be allowed in armed unless they were on duty. Back to Radio City. I have a knife with a half inch cutting edge on my Keychain. The security guy acted like I had a bazooka!!! Called the supervisor. He reacted like I had a hand grenade. Asked me who I was with. Pointed to my companion. Told me, "don't try anything". Did he think I could possibly attempt a mass killing with a half inch blade? I attempted to show him my retired ID to reassure him. He responded, "that won't do you any good here". I got in. However the Christmas Show at Radio City is not what it used to be. It was over 2 hrs with an intermission. Now it's 90 minutes. They do the Rockettes, the bus, the Santa's and that's it. So instead of 2 shows a day they can do 4.
  7. Many countries do okay with no income taxes and just have a value added tax (VAT). You spend more money, you pay more taxes. Our current system, according to one statistic I saw some time ago, results in only about a half of Americans paying income taxes. Most of those people are below poverty level. A few are billionaires that take advantage of our complex tax laws. In defense of the billionaires, I remember something I heard years ago. Have you ever heard of a poor man creating jobs? I've never created a job for anyone. Billionaires have created 1000s. That's Trump or Bill Gates. OTOH, perhaps a VAT should be explored. I believe that the tax burden will still be carried by the middle class in any case.
  8. I think too much is put into "a gun that fits my hand". I know a LE firearms instructor who's trained 1000s of new LEOs, most of which never shot a gun before. He believed, as I do, you can learn to shoot a gun well that has a grip like a 2x4 if you work at it. Keep in mind, many LEOs are required to carry what their agency says they can carry. For me it was a double stack 9mm for over 20 years. The agency eventually came up with a single stack option. When I retired there was exactly one agent out of a couple of hundred who opted for the single stack.
  9. I have a crime scene cleanup tote bag you can have. Perfect for going to Shop Rite!!!
  10. Once again, there was a threat to everyone there. The good guy shot the bad guy in the back was honorable. LE agencies have different rules of engagement on different levels. Last I knew NJ agencies almost had to spot the bad guy the first shot if the gun wasn't pointed at them. I know Federal agencies who had the policy if the bad guy had a gun in his hand, not pointed at you, you said drop it and they didn't do it in a microsecond, you shot him. This info is dated. Giving a bad guy a chance to drop the gun when people are in jeopardy will only result in someone getting hurt or killed.
  11. 1983 was during the conversion period from Cs to MREs. Ham and eggs were one of my favorites. Moreso if they were warmed up. Warming them up in hot water was the best way. Your, at least, 39 year old C rats sure beats my 25 year old C rats. C rat ham and eggs were never green. Powdered eggs from B rats were green. B rats were everything was canned but prepared by the mess section. I loved powdered eggs! Haven't had them since the 70s. I still like Spam which also came in B rats. 5lb loaves. The Vietnam War was responsible for the Vietnamese acquiring a taste for Spam. My brother recently spent 5 years in Saigon. Sent me a photo from a store in Saigon. Yes, officially its Ho Chi Minh City but everyone in the south call it Saigon. The airline baggage tag is still SGN. Anyway, the only thing in the store with security tags were the cans of Spam!!!
  12. My error they were over 25 years old. The Luck Strikes were a bit mildew.
  13. I had canned C Rations in the late 60s thar had Lucky Strikes in a green pack. Lucky Strike stopped making the green pack in 1942. These Rations were at least 45 years old. I'm not dead!!!
  14. If you buy the condensed get the Chicken Noodle. More calories than the Tomato. Never tried the condensed soup (other than the minestrone) without water. I'm sure it wouldn't kill me to eat a can of Chicken Noodle without water in it!!!
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