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  1. I'm no expert on spud guns but last I knew ATF did not consider them destructive devices unless they were being used as a weapon. Used receationally ATF had no problem with them. I believe ATF also considered them DDs if they shot an incendiary projectile. I knew some guys in Pennsylvania who used to get together with some pretty elaborate spud guns. Some of these packed a bit of punch and could inflict injury if used as a weapon. State laws vary a great deal on these.
  2. Midway USA has mediums in woodland camo in like new condition with frame and straps for $109.
  3. I believe under NJ law it would be a firearm as it fires a projectile propelled by expanding gases. A potato gun is a firearm under NJ law.
  4. The Federal AWB (1992) was modeled after the NJ AWB (1990). The only differences I can recall is the Federal law grandfathered all guns and magazines that were already our there and limited new magazines to 10 rounds.
  5. @PK90 IIRC not only parts but complete compliant rifles were available during the Federal AWB.
  6. Glock 19. Best all around 9mm out there IMO.
  7. I went a long time before I got a quality 22 DA revolver. I picked up a 617 at a bargain price. I shoot that 22 handgun more than any other since.
  8. Interesting you mention this. When I was in Australia in 1968, Australian women loved American guys. I was asking the Australian girl I was with why as I opened a door for her. Her response was, "That for example. If I was with an Australian man I wouldn't get through that door unless I opened it myself".
  9. Texans know how to act!!!
  10. If you want to go easy look for bowling pin matches. You're not working from a holster and you're shooting by yourself against the clock not with other shooters. Don't go out there figuring your going to astound everyone with your abilities. Shoot at a speed you're comfortable with. Strive for accuracy. Speed will come later. If you want to start off easy. Bowling pins- just working with time Plates- time and a holster USPSA- holster, time, reloading required, movement A Glock 19 is fine for any of these. JMO
  11. @Ray Ray it's really not. I think I've told this story before. I know of a guy who tried to commit suicide using a single barrel 12 gauge. High brass #4 or #6 birdshot. He wound up shooting himself in the shoulder. Contact wound, maximum velocity, shot hadn't even left the wad. He was an average size guy and only a few pieces of shot got to his scapula which stopped it. That was maybe 4-5" of penetration. He almost succeeded although he shot himself in the shoulder. He took out a chunk of his brachial artery. Having second thoughts, he walked about 100' to his next door neighbor. Banged on the door for help. Laying on the steps fully conscious although you could take his pulse by watching the blood spurt from his shoulder. The only reason he lived IMO is the wad plugged the entry wound and there was very little blood at the initial scene. When the wad popped out at his front door he left a very easy blood trail to his neighbor's front porch. If he had used 00 he undoubtedly would have blown his shoulder apart and bled out through the entry and exit wound. That wasn't his day to die though. So much for birdshot for SD and cut shells.
  12. @Ray Ray deer are still hunted in many places with buckshot. Deer hunting is where it got its name "buck" shot.
  13. Recoil is basically a function of the total ejected mass (projectile and powder) with a factor for velocity vs the weight of the gun. An ounce of #4 buck at 1100 fps will give you the same recoil as an ounce of OO at 1100 fps. The #4 will give you significantly less penetration. As I related earlier, in the 70s and early 80s LE was all over full power #4 buck as the answer. They found it lacked enough penetration compared to std OO buck. A low recoil #4 buck would give even less penetration. I think Federal made low recoil #4 buck but don't know if they still do.
  14. I've fired a lot of different rounds through 14" PGO and birds head grip shotguns over the past 30 years. I agree they all are controllable for many but brutal to some. Peneration in ballistics gel is about as follows from a quick search: #2 birdshot.......10" #4 buck........14" #1 buck.......17" OO buck......21" All make a rat hole entry but you need #4 buck or better to get significant penetration. A "light" 2 3/4" OO load could give you this without going to mini shells or need of an adapter. Ammo like this in a Shockwave or similar gun would make recoil go from "controllable" to "not that bad".
  15. I wonder if any ammo manufacturers have thought of making light #1 or OO loads. A light OO load (with 6-8 pellets) at 900 fps would still give decent penetration. Low recoil 00 buck penetrates about 21" in ballistic get. I would think a light load would get to 16" or so. Just a thought. Would make a Shockwave or TAC 14 much more controllable with decent penetration.