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  1. The government isn't always the bad guy. Often enough, but not all the time. Not like Rufus and Bluto that are willing to bash your skull in just to see if you have anythingof value. See @45Doll''s post above.
  2. If you have an RPO permit in NJ yes you can open carry. Not a good idea IMO as you'd be spending a lot of time explaining when people make "man with a gun" calls. You're going to get stopped in order for you to show that RPO permit. Repeatedly getting stopped to show those credentials is a PITA. If someone with a RPO permit insists on open carrying all the time all they have to do is be in the wrong jurisdiction to get red flagged. One should avoid issues. Not only from the bad guys but from the government as well.
  3. Yes, but LEOSA only covers concealed carry. You can legally open carry in NJ with a RPO permit but it's not a good idea unless you're in a security guard uniform.
  4. You can't blame Conservation Police Officers for being kitted up. After all they are usually going into situations where they know for sure the people they're going to talk to have guns.
  5. Hard to find someone with the qualifications under 40.
  6. @Greenday I don't know what kind of law your wife does. Ask her how she would feel if she presented a brilliant closing argument (as a prosecutor or defense attorney) that would have a jury deciding for her client, and the jury was ...asleep?
  7. @Greenday I think that time has been for her for some time. Come on you're a member of an exclusive club (SCOTUS) and you fall asleep during the State of the Union when the nation is watching it's time for you to go. I'm not saying her head is gone...when she's awake. How many times has she fallen asleep on the bench? How many times have you fallen asleep when a clerk was going over something regarding your decision? If you can't stay awake during the State of the Union how many times has she done it the rest of the time?
  8. While the Catholic Church has exhibited some anti-gun policies it appears these priests in Poland didn't get the memo. https://mobile.twitter.com/notesfrompoland/status/1059076873001598977
  9. Not on the fence. Liked, owned, and shot 1911s for years. Didn't like Glocks when they first came out but they grew on me. If it works it works no matter how old the technology is. 1911s and S&W Model 10s. But don't be a luddite. Glocks have been around for over 30 years. Even Jeff Cooper was warming up to the Glock before he died.
  10. Yeah but you weren't hearing a case or at the State of the Union. Some sources say she was "overserved" at a dinner the Justices had before the speech.
  11. When you knew the nation was watching?
  12. Not sure what they do in CA. I think it would be the agency that writes the policy. Some agencies forbid carrying off duty if you're drinking. Some flat out forbid carrying "anywhere alcohol is served" whether you're drinking or not. Many agencies make off duty carry optional. It used to be you were expected to carry 24/7/365.
  13. Don't discriminate because of age. It all depends on the person. George Burns had his 90th birthday party televised from Atlantic City. Bob Hope was 88 when he did his last USO tour in the Persian Gulf. They were both very entertaining. However neither of them fell asleep like Ruthie did at the State of the Union for the country to see. All she had to do was sit there and stay awake.