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  1. Keep.in mind expiration dates on canned food are really for best quality. You can eat it after the expiration date (usually 3-4 years after manufacture date). It's not going to kill you. May not taste as good. When I was in Vietnam we'd get C rations from WW2. How do I know they were from WW2? Got Lucky Strike cigarettes in a green pack. Lucky Strike went to a white pack in 1942 to save green dye for the war effort. These c rations were canned with 1940s technology. Kept me fed and over 50 years later I'm alive.
  2. If a prosecutor is scrutinizing the ammo you used (as long as it's legal for you to use) there's something fishy in your case. You don't need a :"gun lawyer" you need a good criminal defense lawyer. He or she will do their utmost to ensure the case never goes to trial.
  3. Seems a bit pricy. Now if this safe has a much stronger box it might be worth it. However, the weak link in most safes is the cable. A thief would cut the cable and figure out how to get the safe open later. If they.cant they'll probably just toss the entire safe with firearm in a dumpster.
  4. I agree with what you say but...reparations would still be paid with tax dollars.
  5. If you do that where do you think the money is going to come from for reparations? Tac dollars.
  6. GRIZ


    Depends. I think PA residents pay their state tax. I could be wrong.
  7. A lot of industrial dumping all over the state.
  8. Most likely. Nobody.knows.whos.armed and.whos.not. Polite society.
  9. And you know this because...? I know what I know as I worked on the border for over 2.years and have worked there tdy several times since. OTOH, there is little reason for aliens to smuggle a gun. Reasons? 1. They know if they get caught with a gun by USBP they'll be in trouble. No gun? I can tell them any name I want and walk right in 2. They are coming from countries where guns are very difficult or impossible to obtain. 3. Those so interested know they can obtain a firearm easily off.the street.
  10. I can guarantee there is no way USBP or CBP let's an illegal "slip" in with a firearm. Yes, all government agencies on all levels are governed by policy. Can it happen that an illegal slip in with a firearm? Yes, but not something that happens routinely. More like rarely. Very rarely. The "got aways" who have crossed between the POEs may have smuggled a bazooka or 50 lbs of fenatyl. They were never encountered by USBP or CBP. Don't blame the mean and women of the agencies for that. There's only so many of them.
  11. If you're implyimg Border Patrol and CBP turn a blind eye to drug smuggling you're wrong. You have little vision of the volume of drug smuggling. Sadly, I'd say maybe 10% of the drugs smuggled are intercepted. That's not due to lack of diligence by Border Patrol and CBP. I guarantee you no Border Patrol Agent is going to put an alien, caught between the POEs, into a vehicle for transport without a search. No CBP officer is going to sit down an alien.for processing without a search. Exit searches, although legal, are rarely done. Mexican Customs are not big on searching anything unless there's some money in it for them. You can load your trunk up with guns and ammo and drive into mexico with 99.9% chance of not being searched.
  12. Letting illegals into the country and letting illegals into the country with smuggled firearms are different issues. I'm certain CBP or Border Patrol give them a pat down and search any bags they have.
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