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  1. You are talented!!! Most wouldn't attempt that!!!
  2. You might sell your normal capacity magazines before you come north and buy 10 rd mags.
  3. IIRC correctly tracers and AP are permitted in NJ as collectable items. Not for use.
  4. Good advice. The delivery time of the safe plays a role in Operations Security. Most apartment complexes are pretty empty midmorning to mid-afternoon on a weekday this time of year. People at work, kids at school. No one around to see what you're doing. Another idea is get yourself a refrigerator box. You don't have to put the safe in the box. Just band the outside to the safe. Every refrigerator I've seen is packaged the same way.
  5. Home is where you live. Own, rent, or live there otherwise. Examples? If your adult child owns firearms and lives at no cost in your house, that's his home. Your brother, friend, etc moves back into the state and stays with you at no cost whilst they look for house or apartment. That's their home.
  6. I don't know about covering it with a blanket. Any time I've stopped a car and they had a blanket over something I the back seat it's piqued my interest.
  7. As someone mentioned get a towel to clean your firearm on. The best thing to wipe the firearm with is an old tshirt. Absorbent and no lint. As you grow more confident, you can make patches from an old tshirt. I haven't bought patches in years.
  8. @brucin you are correct. But that's a Liberal scumhole for years. Politics in Chicago trumps everything. There's a lot of that shown on "Chicago PD". A prosecutor makes their rep by their conviction rate. Their are many prosecutors that dismiss cases (malum prohibitive crimes, no one was hurt, no one was robbed) because they serve no cause for justice. PM me and I'll give you examples. You have to understand an asst prosecutor in NJ may have a few hundred cases on his plate. A defense attorney makes their rep by getting defendants off or getting charges reduced. If you have a good defense attorney you will never go to trial. Your attorney will have the charges dismissed or plea to reduced charges. The best criminal defense attorney I know told me (paraphrasing), "The best training for a defense attorney is to be a prosecutor for a few years".
  9. Nothing is perfect. Altruistic may be the wrong term too. Prosecutors are doing what they're paid for when they prosecute cases. They are paid to get convictions. Defense attorneys defend people. Most importantly introduce a reasonable doubt the jury understands. We're way off topic here. Start another thread on this and it can be discussed further.
  10. I'm using powder that's 20+ years old. Stored with no climate control in original containers. Loads still chronoed like they 20 years ago. I conducted a test in the 70s on what would deactivate primers as far as lubricants. I used water, gun oil, WD40, and others I can't remember. I filled primed cases with whatever and let it sit for 24 hrs. Then I loaded the cases. Nothing killed the primer except WD40. 5 out of 6 times. I haven't worried about primers since. I still use WD40 to flush out water. For example, if used out in the rain. If I do this I flush out the WD40 with BrakeKlenn (red can). Red can Brakeleen is basically the same as Gunscrubber. This is not based on "Joe told me at the gravel pit". It's based on spectral analysis from a laboratory. Don't ask me how I got that done! I recently found some 357 I reloaded in 1978. This ammo made a move to AZ, 2 moves in FL, a move to MD, and then back to NJ. Still performed like 1978. The component that can be effected the most is powder. First test is smell. If it's acidic toss. Makes good fertilizer. Goggle other tests with appearance and burn. I've never had issues with powder in almost 50 years of reloading. But...I'm careful and will post any issues I have. Pretty good info you've gotten in previous responses.
  11. Not in theory, in fact. How many trials have you been through?
  12. Good point. However, remember it's the prosecution's job to prove you guilty. You don't have to prove your innocence.
  13. I'd you're involved in a shooting and the prosecutor is looking at what type of ammo you used that's the least of your worries.
  14. I'm sure they have surveillance cameras at the sites. However, if you park 2 blocks away I doubt any surveillance ranges that far.
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