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  1. Apologies, I can't make it. Overextended myself yesterday.
  2. How light of a trigger pull do you get?
  3. I don't know about that. By the time I retired I'd been using and overseeing Glocks for about 20 years. At the end of my career I was overseeing a couple hundred Glocks 9mms and got regular reports of issues for the several thousand my agency used. By the time I retired some of the personally owned guns has over 30,000 rounds through them. My 26 must have over 40,000 rounds through it. I have personal knowledge of exactly one part failing in that time. A recoil spring guide snapped because the guy was trying to put the gun together the wrong way. I understand there are reasons people use aftermarket parts. However, I'm of the "if it ain't broke, don't fix it crowd".
  4. ? This is still America. You can pretty much do what you want.
  5. 7th time? I guess you still don't get it. Filing bs lawsuits makes you look like a whiner. It also eats up assets, no matter how small, that could be used for the better fight. One needs to prioritize. One never wins by throwing your assets into bs you when have little chance of success. We didn't lose 2A rights all at once and we're not going to get them back that way. Rather than argue your point to me or most people here, you'd be better off going to a collector's forum to drum up support.
  6. You're confusing the issue and don't seem to understand how things work. You ignore an issue one presents because you don't have an answer for it. You seem to want everyone to support you, on what you call, "Hail Mary" plays. You want to spend a lot of other people's money on long shots. I can't understand why you don't see this. People don't want to contribute to causes that have little, if any, chance of success. You're asking people to support something that you up front admit is unlikely to succeed. Can't you understand why you don't have so much support for your idea?
  7. Okay, you should have said that long ago.
  8. Uh...that's a different thread. I never said collectors were too small a group to worry about their "plight". I said there are bigger issues to deal with that deserve assets. I find it ironic for someone who presents himself as a fiscal conservative wants everyone to finance a cause for you.
  9. You realize that SCOTUS only hears about 1% of the cases brought to it. I think CCW, OGAM, and AWBs are much more likely to be heard than NJ does not recognize C&R licenses. Suing every LEO who has infringed on someone's 2A rights? Yes we are all aware of such instances but are you talking about an LEO enforcing one on NJ's bs gun laws? I'll get into that next. Suing legislators that voted to infringe of the 2A? You realize of course that before you sue the legislators you need to prove the laws they voted for are unconstitutional. You are also talking a 10A issue here. Collusion between the executive and legislative branches? That's supposed to happen. The executive let's the legislative know what laws they need to get the job done. Obamanocchio bypassed this by issuing Executive Orders (many of them illegal IMO). You also realize that all three branches of government have certain immunities. These are needed for them to do their jobs. You seem to think if SCOTUS rules something unconstitutional every judge, cop, and legislator related to that issue should be held personally responsible. It doesn't work that way. Your idea of suing everyone won't get anywhere.
  10. I never said I agreed with all of NJ's gun laws. What attitude do you speak of? Not breaking a law so I don't go to jail?
  11. Modern youth rifles areally all at least 26" overall and have 16" or longer barrels. They look shorter than they are to many. You say plenty of "approved" rifles with barrels under 16". You're talking those on the Curio and Relic list. Not something one usually buys for general shooting. Being exempt from the NFA and being allowed to have then in NJ are two different things. IIRC NJ still requires a rifle to be 26"overall and 16" or more of barrel.
  12. Brunch at Capricio's at Resorts AC. Haven't been there in a while though.
  13. The North Store in Ohio is a lot closer.
  14. CMP only wants to be sure you've had some kind of training in gun handling. The link 10x provided has a list. That list and CMP's list of organizations is very liberal IMO. The only proof I needed to submit was a copy of my military ID card.