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  1. FID shows criminal history check already done and has SBI number making another easier. IIRC there also is an additional NJ State ID required for employees at a gun shop.
  2. Cleaning your firearm is not just about restoring accuracy because you shot X number of rounds. It's also about inspection to avoid breakdowns and ensuring proper lubrication and reliability. Cleaning a small amount of copper fouling from the bore is a lot easier than the amount that causes accuracy to suffer. If you keep the bore clean you restore that counter back to zero before you reach X. You may not be in a position to clean it when it reaches X. I don't shoot cap ammo either. Never did. I will agree to disagree with you on this issue. My way has worked for me for a long time.
  3. I don't think that's good advice. Do you drive your car until it doesn't run anymore? If you want to have confidence in your firearm preventive maintenance is a good idea. Whether it's for serious social work or games.
  4. See @PK90 post above. I concur.
  5. @Howard try putting the stock recoil spring back. It looks like you've been getting away running a softer spring until now. Is this new ammo softer or standard? A softer recoil spring makes the slide come back harder than a stock spring. This puts more wear and tear on your gun. It also makes your slide come back into battery slower. I don't think your magazine springs are bad. I think they're performing as they are supposed to. By using a softer spring the timing of your gun is screwed up. Engineers figure out what weight springs to use to get the gun to work reliably. There is a balance here that you've upset with that softer spring. I'm speculating what's happening is this new ammo is loaded to standard pressures and running the slide back harder than it was designed to be. The magazine, assisted by the extra hard whack of the slide when it comes back and extra time it stays back, is letting two rounds out instead of one. If the mag spring was soft it would have a hard time pushing one round up. The major function of a recoil spring is to return the slide to battery and chamber a fresh round. That's it. When one does something to change the parameters the gun was designed to do this in there can be problems. Many put in an extra power spring in the belief it will help them shooting +P ammo. See the first sentence of my preceding paragraph. Now +P does make sense in ammo that is underloaded from the factory like 38 special. However a semiautomatic pistol is designed to work within a certain pressure range. Shooting a softer recoil spring slows down the return of the slide and a heavier one speeds it up and slams the slide back harder than it was designed to be. My idea of +P 9mm is called 357 SIG. A 10mm is a +P 40 S&W to me. How much of this new ammo do you have? We need to get your gun working so at least you can use it up.
  6. I've seen a lot of guns that ran fine with a broken ejector. Can't say if a Glock will as I've never seen one with a broken ejector. However I agree it should be checked. @Howard if your gun runs fine with all the other ammo you use this had to be an ammo problem a's @RichP speculates. Get out your calipers or micrometer. 40 S&W (according to the Lyman manual) should be.423" at the case mouth, .424" just forward of the extractor groove, and .424" at the case head. If undersized I'd take this up with the ammo manufacturer. Howard, is that recoil spring "extra power" or "soft"?
  7. If there's a round still in the chamber it would be the extractor not ejector. A broken ejector usually will induce a stovepipe malfunction.
  8. When this happens do you have in the chamber: 1. Fired round (just brass) 2. Round with a dead primer 3. Live round in the chamber
  9. You really can't compare NJ law with CA. NY, etc. It all depends on how NJ writes their law. That said, NJ law will be confusing when it comes to firearms.
  10. If he has a double feed caused by a failure to extract he would have a fired round in the chamber. That would most likely be an extractor problem.
  11. So you have a live round in the chamber and another coming out of the magazine?
  12. Are you talking about a failure to feed (round not completely chambering and slide not going into battery) or double feed (two rounds coming out of the magazine)?
  13. Double feeds are usually a magazine problem to my experience. JMO
  14. I buy mine at the PX or Amazon. Amazon has more different manufacturers. Buy a dozen and they're less than $2 each from Amazon.
  15. Federal a 01 or 07. 07 let's you do all the things an 01 does and also allows you to be a manufacturer. NJ would want you to get a dealer's and manufacturers license.