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  1. As a DI I agree. Webb was a better cop. Ermey never tried that. Not slighting him he knew what he was good at.
  2. Got to fire the cut down M79. Often used by LRRP in Vietnam. Introduces you to a new definition of "felt recoil" shooting a HE round. Not so bad shooting the buckshot round that has 20 #4 buck (plated lead). Later changed to 27 steel shot of the same weight. You can feel the difference.
  3. The height depends on the height of your targets then add a few feet. For thickness refer to FM 5-15, US Army Engineer Field Fortification manual.
  4. If you pass on it let me know where it is!!!
  5. Too many overthink things. I've never heard of anyone arrested going to or from their friends farm to shoot for illegal possession of a handgun or hollowpoints. 99.9% of cops (probably less) are not "out to get you". Everything in life is a gamble and I have a bit of experience in that. When you look at the odds you are more likely to be involved in a fiery car crash than arrested transporting guns to their friend's farm or property to shoot. I've said this before in relation to other things but if someone can find an instance of someone arrested for doing what I said in the previous paragraph please educate me.
  6. I know there isn't a statutory definition. That's why I brought it up!!!
  7. Track vehicles are notorious for ripping up pavement. That's why every military installation that has tracked vehicles have tank trails that parallel the paved roads.
  8. IANAL but unless there is a specific legal definition in NJ statutes or admin code the common definition would be used. One of which is, "a place for firearms practice".
  9. Some time ago I used to go shooting in some gravel pits. I believe it was public land. You would pick out an embankment to use as a backstop and shoot handguns and/or long guns. The local police would drive by, check everyone was being safe and leave. Never saw them bother anyone. While this was years ago the same laws were in effect in NJ. Reasonable deviation included stopping at a diner for lunch on the way home.
  10. If you can find canister ammo for the 37 mm you could try shooting clays.
  11. IDK. I can't quote the specific section of law but I don't think NJ will let you own the 37mm. The 37mm, if not dewatted, is a NFA item. If you shoot solid projectiles that's the only thing you would need a stamp for.
  12. @Displaced Texan remind to tell you of my "one club for everything" experience!!!
  13. AFAIC there is something with the extractor to chew the rims up. You might have a firing pin/firing pin hole issue. I've fired a lot of MENwhich is NATO spec in semis and bolt guns. Never saw any cratering. I'd tend to agree your bcg is half ass without seeing it. JMO
  14. No you are not. Ammo and gun have to be in locked hard side container. Ammo must be in factory box or equivalent. No loaded magazines. I fly with gun in locked hard side container. Ammo in Haliburton overnighter. Gun is in two locked metal containers, ammo is in one. Gun container is cabled and locked to Haliburton. Will not stop a determined thief but deter a casual one. NJSP says on their website ammo must be carried in a separate container. However, IIRC, this is contrary to the statute. If this were true and the evil police were out to arrest every legal gun owner, all they would have to do is camp out at every indoor range. I've never seen anyone arrive at an indoor range to shoot handguns with more than one "container". Unless they came to shoot a bunch of guns and needed two bags...and there was ammo in at least one of them. FOPA requires separate containers in the trunk or otherwise inaccessible. I understand that to be if it's not in the trunk they need to be in a locked case. That's my interpretation of the laws. However, I'm not anyone's lawyer (INAL?). Rather than give me a challenge to provide cites, if you think I'm wrong, you show me. If you show me I'm wrong I will humble myself.
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