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  1. GRIZ

    More great news

    Salting dry roads has a benefit not only for severe icing conditions but for plowing snow as well. The first I remember some doing this is about 45 years ago. The melt it creates enables a plow to clear the snow down to the pavement. PA has been using brine on the PA Turnpike for maybe 20 years. It has the same effect.
  2. GRIZ

    SAS Trooper Takes on Terrorists

    A little followup. The SAS Trooper is supposed to be awarded the George Cross, 2nd highest decoration in the UK, by the Queen. That's equivalent to the Distinguished Service Cross, Navy Cross, or Air Force Cross. Being he's in the SAS the ceremony will be private, unannounced, and his name won't be revealed to the press. Recommendations for decorations sure run through the system faster in the UK than our military! https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.dailystar.co.uk/news/latest-news/754324/Kenya-Nairobi-terror-attack-hotel-SAS-soldier-Queen-honour-George-Cross/amp
  3. GRIZ

    Glock 48. The new NJ G19.

    The only real difference in size it's 1/4" thinner and has 1/10" less trigger reach. It's not that much smaller than the 19. I agree with @Maksim on most points but think it will sell well as @High Exposure says. Some people are always looking for the smallest gun possible. When they came out with the 26 guys at work bought a lot of them. Borderline shooters found they couldn't shoot them as well as the 19. Instead of trying to learn how to shoot the 26 they went back to the 19. There were a lot of 26s for sale then. That's how I got my first.
  4. GRIZ

    indoor fm antenna

    I agree. You used to be able to go to places like Radio Shack or Lafayette or Arrow Electronics, or dozens of small places and know they would have it.
  5. A SAS Trooper took on terrorists who attacked a hotel in Kenya singlehandedly. Another win for the good guys. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6598189/Hero-SAS-soldier-Navy-Seals-helped-battle-Islamist-terrorists-attacking-Kenyan-hotel.html?fbclid=IwAR0VZp3a_C1G6t6tZ8__u8OKImjM8NzYJoBHGXhOTA3789Thd46klA2YJZg
  6. GRIZ

    indoor fm antenna

    Amazon has several from another $10 up.
  7. GRIZ

    Hollow Point Bullets

    No guns equals no gun problems too.
  8. Not a bad idea. Makes sense to keep things low profile.
  9. Other than the guys arrested for >15 round magazines because they were shooting at someone running away who else has been arrested for >15 round magazines?
  10. You can go to any range you want. Live in Sussex County and go to a range in Cape May. You can stop to eat, get gas, use the bathroom, pickup and discharge passengers, and a multitude of other other things listed in the memo from the AG's office. These were things people did for years before the AG said it was okay. I never heard of anyone being arrested for unreasonable deviations. I've asked several times for people to find me one but no one responded.
  11. You are correct. However, as I said people have been doing this for years with no problem. Reasonable deviations include picking up or dropping off. I'd like to see a prosecutor running with this. He would look horrible. A guy with his wife and kids going to the range with a retired LEO.
  12. GRIZ

    Hollow Point Bullets

    Load what you want. JMO.
  13. I'd say you should be okay with that. Thousands of people do things like that on a regular basis and have had no problems. Others will tell you that you will be thrown in the deepest depths of Trenton State Prison.
  14. Bond has been around for nearly 70 years in books, nearly 60 in the movies, and about 25 movies. John Wick has some catching up to do.
  15. Yeah but he makes love to beautiful women in service to the Queen.

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