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  1. I might have one for sale. Contact me when you get your permit.
  2. Prices will remain lower until the election If the Democrats win it will go up. If they lose it will go up.
  3. Gunfighting is more mental than skill with firearms. Some think I buy a $3000 1911, go to a few bullshit 2 day shooting schools, and feel they are proficient gunfighters. You need to understand the belief that cops should be a very good shot is false. Don't believe me? Watch "Mental Preparation for Combat Shooting" by Jeff Cooper. One of the founders of modern combat shooting. The principles he speaks of haven't changed although the video was made about 50 years ago. So if you shoot well on paper targets that's good. But how will you fight? I benefited from NCOs who had already fought in 2 wars when I was in Vietnam. Military combat shooting is different than civilian. More on that if you want. I can tell you stories about how someone that barely qualified put 6 rounds from his Model 10 S&W in the target that stopped the BG. Not a $3000 gun. I can also tell you stories about cops who carried "wonder 9s". Qualified expert every time they qualified who dumped 15 rds toward the target...and didn't hit it once. Having been a police firearms instructor since 1976 I've seen it all. One of the things that restricts most police agencies is budget. I still do private instruction. I charge good money for that but have also have those after maybe 5-6 hrs on the range told my client "don't carry a gun, you'd only be fooling yourself. Keep a gun at home when you'll be shooting at 10 feet. Carry a pepper blaster." Smaller agencies don't have the money to spend like larger agencies. Some agencies in NJ only can afford the 2x a year qualification. When I worked for a municipal police department in NJ. it was 2 quals a year, duty weapon only. I had a chief, who didn't belong as chief because he hated cops. When I went to a Federal agency it was qualification and training 4x a year. About 200rds for training. Plus 100 rds a month for practice. You can ask anyone who has been on this forum since inception. They can verify my credentials. FWIW I saw a stat years ago. Cops will shoot in a lethal force confrontation before civilians. That's because of their training. WTF DO I KNOW. I have never been an advocate of only cops carrying guns.
  4. Shooting is just a part of fighting.
  5. @High Exposure I used to give my people tips on how to do well in Qualification. Training used to come before Qualification so no one could qualify and then sneak out. Most of my people enjoyed and appreciated shooting with me. I stole a line from Cirillo. I'll get you to shoot a good Qualification score and then I'll teach you to shoot to stay alive. Yeah I had a few that wanted to do the minimum. But most wanted to learn and perform. I laugh at those who say "I shoot better than the cops". They never saw my people shoot. Too many focus on what "platform" they're using. Most of my life I've been told what "platform" I'd use. M14, M16, 1911, Model 10, Model 66, 659, 6906, and G19 to name a few. Never concerned about the platform. Just willing to learn it to fight.
  6. @High Exposure wouldn't try a qual course with Raven but confident it would do the job within 5 yards. Jimmy Cirillo told me a story. This was when NYPD had transitioned to semi-autos and before hollowpoints IIRC. His partner had dumped 15 rds from his 5946 (?). The guy with 6 rds in his Model 10 withb158 SWCS took out the bad guy with 6 in the pumper. How you shootbin quals has zip how you shoot in a gunfight. Just my experience.
  7. @High Exposure when i was working people would want to carry the smallest gun possible but not put the effort into learning how to shoot it. I would take my Beretta Minx, 22 short or my Jetfire, 25 ACP and shoot a qual course resulting in a more than passing but often a max score. Have I carried the Minx or Jetfire as my only armament. Yes, where I knew I'd be in a VERY low risk environment. Most of the time now I carry my S&W Boduguard 380. About the same size as the Berettas but a 380. Higher threat? A G19 or Smith 66. I've only been carrying guns for almost 50 years. WTF do I know.
  8. Didn't read all the posts. I'm not a fan of OC. IMO most who OC just want to tell everyone, "I got a gun". If you're concerned about SD and you carry concealed you become an unknown quantity and a surprise for the bad guy. That said I usually carry a short barrel (under 3") appendix. Longer barrels (a 1911 or full size Beretta 92) at about 3-4 o'clock. If it's winter and I have a heavy coat on its supplemented with a J frame (in 32 or 38), a 380, or even a 22 or 25 in my jacket pocket for immediate response.
  9. I don't know about it being a felony. Most contempt of court charges are treated as misdemeanors. If all were a felony then not paying child support would be a felony. 2C:29-9 defines the penalties for contempt of court. It seems only violations of restraining orders are treated as 4th degree crimes (a felony). Most contempt of court charges are treated as disorderly person offenses. HOWEVER, if you're limited to those guns you qualified with that could be a disqualifying misdemeanor if you carry something else.
  10. What went down in Indiana went perfectly for the good guy. What if one of his shots hit Mary Jones pushing her baby carriage?
  11. GRIZ

    Lever guns

    My Rossi 357 zips out 158 gr ammo at about 1800 fps, chronographed. Can contend with most critters in North America. If I was using it for SD I'd use Federal 147 gr +P+. 1200 fos chronographed. That Federal load is 38 spl
  12. My take on this is you can carry any handgun you legally own. IANAL but this is how I read this.
  13. I think Europe will feel the food shortage more than the US. HOWEVER... I also think that Bill Gates and the Chinese buying farmland might be a Communist plot. The US is more than self sufficient with food production. During WW2 we supplied all our Allies with food. The purchase of farmland by China is twofold. Control food production and espionage. Back in 1988 I was stationed in Ft Huachuca, the US Army Intelligence Center. The Soviet Union had a trade mission in Nogales, Sonora, Mexico. Whilst assigned to Ft Huachuca I made several trips to Nogales, Mexico. The Soviet Union had established a Trade Mission in Nogales. Subject to all the immunities of a diplomatic mission. Do you think the Russians were interested in the blankets, sombremos,, and cheap leather the Mexicans were selling to the US? No!!! After my first trip, I took a compass with me. I looked at plethora of antennas mounted on top of the Soviet Trade Mission in Nogales, Mexico. I shot an azimuth. Did it in mils, not degrees. Much more accurate. Artillery and mortar guys understand this. Later checked it on a map. All those antennas were pointed toward Ft Huachuca. No doubt, we'll find the farmland bought by China will have an antenna farm pointed at the USAF bases in the area. Joe and Hunter don't give a shit
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