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  1. Wildwood has a year round population of 5-6000. Not sure of the size of their PD but my quess is NJSP will be doing most of the crowd control.
  2. That $50 saving would be eaten up by transfer fees. Although having to pay sales tax on a new gun would add to it. The manufacturer's warranty comes into play too. Ruger, Taurus, and others will fix the gun free no matter how many have owned it. Some manufacturers only for the original owner.
  3. I've flown with hollow points properly packed in my checked luggage many times with no issues.
  4. There are a variety of reasons people can't move NOW? This was discussed some time ago. What's yours?
  5. Keep in mind the frame or receiver, the serialized part, is the firearm. If you have your guns completely disassembled it makes no difference if they aren't being properly transported. NJ gestapo? Have the police hurt your feelings in the past? Try dealing with police in your favorite socialist country.
  6. A lot of people think a Python is the best DA revolver made. I am not one of them. I've seen Pythons since the 70s. I remember when they were $200. A S&W Model 27 was $190. I saw several Pythons that has problems new from the factory. When you consider the numbers the Python problem rate was higher than S&W Model 10s (the most manufactured revolver). If you have a 3 1/2" Model.27 S&W I can be suckered into a ridiculous price!!!!!
  7. To or from a FFL for sale or purchase is legal in NJ.
  8. FWIW studies showed that only about 20% of infantrymen in WW2 fired their rifles in combat. The mental aspects of combat are the toughest. That's why training for SEALs, SF, Rangers, Pararescue, Delta and other Special Operators focus more on the mental than physical aspects. Yes, you have to be in great physical condition to complete this training but many who are in top notch physical shape drop out or get washed out. Then LTC Charles Beckwith started Delta he adopted about the same selection course the SAS use. The SAS Regimental commander came to Ft Bragg to help Bechwith. Beckwith asked him why this selection course of complex land navigation problems and long force marches weeded out the right soldiers for the SAS. His response? "I don't know why but it's been working for almost 50 years". Shooting ability is a very small part of fighting.
  9. Many shooters don't realize gunfighting is much different than gun games or the range. Jeff Cooper said gunfighting is 95% mental and only 5% shooting skill. I agree. I spent a lot of time at Rodman's Neck with NYPD. They have the best stats for gunfights. Years ago they realized how well someone shoots on the range has nothing to do how well they do in a gunfight. Mental preparation for combat shooting is possible. Not easy. Jim Cirillo is the best example I know of this. I've experience in both LE and the military. How one has to conduct themselves in fighting is very different. It took about 100,000 rds to kill one enemy soldier in WW2, 50,000 in Vietnam, and I've seen 60,000 in Iraq. 30% is not a bad average for LE gunfights.
  10. Okay, by the numbers, 1. Medicaid would be paying for "my kid is sick". A lot of Medicaid people go to the ER. That's $500-600 dollars a whack. Your tax dollars. 2. Reduce taking advantage of medical care? Get vaccinated. 3. Imported diseases? That's an immigration issue. At one point, if you had a communicable disease you were not allowed entry into the US. 4. How do they they stand a better chance of catching the disease? That's what the vaccine prevents. Smallpox has been eradicated in the US. Benefits? You claim you have employed people. You'd be okay with people banging in sick? I guess you're all for bringing back smallpox and diphtheria as common diseases 5. .01%? I'm okay if that eradicates a disease. You'd like to see more disease? Financial burden? What of the financial burden of getting sick. 6. Turn in your AR15? If you're so bothered by government control why are you living in NJ? Move to Somalia where there's no government control.
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