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  1. AFAIK there is no need to notify any LE agency in NJ that you're movjng.
  2. From what I know you need to have the guns permitted before you move to NYC. That's not cheap. If that's what you intend to do you have to leave the guns in NJ. No choice on that. There are ranges that have storage but IANAL and would advise you on seeing one in your situation. If you permit the guns in NYC I see no reason you couldn't bring them back to NJ to shoot as long as you're going to a range. If I were in the same shoes I would leave the guns in storage in NJ until I had them permitted in NYC. Sorry I can't be of more help.
  3. That Falcon Arms may be new IDK. I believe the old Falcon imported Taurus back in the 70s. Taurus in the 70s was a decent gun but most didn't pay any attention to Taurus until the 80s. I know I'm at odds with a lot of people about Taurus but I have a Taurus model 66 I bought in 1988 for $85 (half the price of a S&W M19 at the time) that's had a bazillion 357s through it that has given me no problems. Not as good of a trigger like a Smith but I'd never sell that revolver!!!
  4. Spesco was an importer of inexpensive firearms based in Atlanta. Falcon was one of the revolvers they imported. AFAIK they've been out of business for some time.
  5. @JohnnyB there's drive by bayonetings just about every day!!!
  6. @JohnnyB I saw this back in the 70s. Had a Liberal psychology professor. Was going to give me a D for a course I needed a C for. I told him I needed to talk with him because he said I was stupid. He said I didn't call you stupid and I don't have time for this now.. I said if you're giving me a D you're calling me stupid. Then I grabbed his suit and put his pear shaped body against the wall and said, "If you're giving me a D you're saying I'm stupid". This all started when the professor would say something and I knew a personal experience when the opposite happened. Not trying to sharpshoot him, just trying to learn. He would tell me it didn't happen although I know it did. BLUF I appealed this grade. Wound up with a B. If I did what I did then I would have wound up in jail Fast forward to today. My niece graduated with a BA in psychology in June 2020. Going for her masters now because she knows a BA is crap in the field. She's a smart woman. Told me she tells professors what they want to hear.
  7. Bucky (all the money he has and he never had his teeth fixed) apparently is ignoring Maryland's experience with microstamping. You younger guys Google Bucky Beaver to know what I'm talking about. MD passed a microstamping law in 2000. MDSP was tasked with collecting casings. The MDSP pled to the legislators in 2015 to repeal this law. They had spent 15 years and $5,000,000 collecting over 300,000 cartridge cases. Not one crime was solved with this. The MDSP said they could have used the money for other productive things. Larry Hogan, a Republican, immediately signed the repeal of the microstamping law in 2015. The casings were sold as scrap.. BTW, Hogan also signed the biggest tax cuts in the history of MD. MD seems Democrat but every few terms elects a Republican to bring the state back to its senses. That's what we can use in NJ. That's a start. Too many look at politics as an either or. NJ will self destruct if more Murphys are elected. Fight!!!! FWIW, when I worked in Baltimore, William Donald Schafer was mayor. One of the last old time Democrats. Law and Order guy. Didn't travel in a convoy. One detective drove him in a Buick or Oldsmobile. When they had a rash of bank robberies before Christmas (Cops on the forum will understand this) when the have nots want to have, Schafer started the bank patrol. Two cops with shotguns would randomly stop at banks. The robberies continued. Until the bank patrol stopped at a robbery in progress. Smoked the two bank robbers. The bank robberies stopped.
  8. Let me start by relating an experience from my US Army Officer Advanced Course which started in August 1988. I was the only Vietnam and combat experienced soldier in the class. No I wasn't a special operator, assassin, sniper, or any of that I was a regular soldier. Nothing against my classmates. They just didn't have a war to get involved in and according to what I know, when they did, they all performed admirably. Military people like order. As a result most of them are conservatives. The 88 election was coming up and there was one guy in the class who was going to vote for Dukakis. Everyone bombarded him and convinced him, by his admission, to vote for Bush. Although misguided we all got him to vote for the best candidate. You don't get someone to come over to your side by calling them stupid. Fast forward to today. I showed a meme to a liberal comparing quotes from Teddy Roosevelt (one of my boyhood heroes), JFK (the last real Democrat), Trump, and Biden. The Biden quote was the one from HIS ONLY press conference he's held, where he says "If you want to get something done..." and ends it with, "like to be able to...uh oh...anyway". They zeroed in on "Trump is far from articulate". I said ignore the Trump quote, how does Biden compare to TR and JFK? The response? Yeah, but neither does Trump. I discussed this with my niece who is working on her masters in psychology. Much more professional opinion than mine in this field (Yeah, she voted Trump in 2016 and 2020). She said this is all a sign of Obessive Compulsive Disorder. No matter what the question they turn it against Trump. I have to agree. There are millions of people in this country suffering from OCD in this country. For those who say Trump didn't meet their expectations, you are totally ignorant of American politics. It's not about who gives you everything. It's about who gives you most of what you want. Also any POTUS will really show you how they feel in their 2nd term. They don't have to worry about reelection.
  9. GRIZ

    New pc carbine

    The fixed stock version handles a lot like an M1 Carbine. Not as much power but will work out to 100 yards or farther.
  10. If you haven't stocked up on both long ago you're too late. 100 years ago when I has to do such things a seasoned soldier would carry a roll of TP in a plastic bag (usually from a battery for a PRC77) in one of the outer pockets of his ruck. Spam? I probably ate 500 lbs of that. I liked it. Still do.
  11. I was up in the area yesterday. The smoke was so bad that they also closed Route 70 as it obscured vision.
  12. I went to the FBI Police Firearms Instructor School in the 70s. The instructor had us shoot revolvers with the sights to the left, right, and upside down to prove you can shoot a group no matter where the sights are.
  13. Soldiers can't pack up and leave. I've had crappy accommodations from the Army but almost all of them were understandable given the situation. Those guys and women in DC are, no doubt, getting screwed. If the Adjutant General of DC, Chief National Guard Bureau, Army Chief of Staff. Secretary of the Army, SECDEF, or Commander in Chief gave a crap all that would be corrected. If I were a Commander there I'd be very vocal and not worried about my career. But wtf do I know. I only spent over 40 years associated with the Army. What could I know.
  14. Keep the pistol grip. You don't need anything at the muzzle.
  15. @EdF, go back to my post of 2/26/2021 at 4.37pm. This is what I said. I will apologize for saying you're arguing with yourself. I will not apologize for you asking me to respond to what someone else said.
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