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  1. The NJSP doesn't make decisions what is legal and illegal in NJ. The AG's Office does this. Remember the AO M1 carbines that a dealer sold after getting an okay by the NJSP? He then had to get them all back. The AG's Office has been overstepping it's bounds in one respect IMO. They are anot executive branch. The judicial branch is supposed to interpret laws. The AG has been legislating from the office on what they will and will not prosecute. Now part of this is the gun laws in NJ which in some respects areally as clear as mud. The legislature is too busy looking at bs laws rather than clear up ones already on the books. The latest I heard of is the release of helium balloons due to litter and they are ingested by sea turtles. Now helium balloons are something NJ residents discuss daily.
  2. The Federal AWB had one postive effect. Being that they couldn't sell guns with magazines over 10 rounds manufacturers started bringing out a variety of subcompact handguns holding less than 10 rds.
  3. I agree Zeke, however I think there are more important priorities. I could live with a 15 rd magazine limit (for a while) if NJ became a shall issue state. The only way that's going to happen is with a ruling from SCOTUS. I think CCW in NJ is more like likely to happen before mag limits and AWB get addressed. We didn't lose these rightsites all at once and we're not getting them back all at once. Voting for Guadagno may only maintain status quo. That's better than losing more rights under a liberal.
  4. I loved going to the Speakeasy in Bound Brook. Before they changed the drinking age to 18 in the 70s the Speakeasy used to let 19 year old girls in. They marked them with a stamp IIRC. 2 or 3 girls for every guy.
  5. I generally agree with HE's post above. The 357 SIG is the result of attempting to duplicate the 357 magnum in a semiautomatic caliber. The 10mm is the result of trying to duplicate 41 Magnum. IMO, neither is a "needed" caliber. Okay if you want something different but that's about where the need ends. I often refer to 357 SIG as my idea of a 9mm +P+. I feel a standard 9mm parabellum works fine as a SD cartridge. If I want 357 magnum performance I'll use a revolver and can also use heavier bullets. I have a 8 shot N frame size 357 so I'm not giving up much in capacity if that's an issue. The 41 Magnum came about as an attempt to upgrade police handguns from 38s and 357s in the 60s. The problem was most pds tried it with the full power load and found it too much. The 10mm was an attempt to solve the issues in a police round and again it was too much. A full 10mm is definitely overkill for SD uses. Even Dirty Harry said he used a 3/4 load in his 44 Magnum. A 3/4 load 10mm is a 40 S&W. They're all good calibers but I generally refer to 357 SIG and 10mm as "designer calibers". Yes they serve a function but they weren't "needed". That's why they never really caught on like the 45 GAP or 327 Magnum which are also useful but will never really catch on. They'll all be around for some time but will never reach the popularity of 9mm, 38 special, 357 mag, 44 mag, or 45 ACP. You can walk into just about any Walmart (outside of NJ) or any half as sporting goods store and find those calibers. Good luck finding 10mm, 357 SIG, 45 GAP, or 327 Magnum everywhere.
  6. LEOSA starts out with "Notwithstanding any other provision of the law of any State...". The "notwithstanding" in legal terms really means "in spite of". It really nullifies any State law unless we say it's okay in the law. For example LEOSA says the State can restrict carry in or on State or local government buildings or property. IANAL but IMO the "notwithstanding" nullifies magazine and ammo restrictions. There have been a few test cases regarding LEOSA (none in NJ I know of) and the guy carrying under LEOSA has always prevailed. It seems in many cases cops are smarter than some of the lawyers. I'll get to that. LEOSA also allows retired LEOs to carry hollowpoints. The NJ AG has an opinion letter out there saying out of state active and retired LEOs can't carry hollowpoints. It goes on to say that a retired LEO who's a NJ resident must get a NJ RPO permit and can't carry in NJ under LEOSA. This is contrary to the Federal law. The fact that I haven't heard of a retired LEO, NJ resident or not, arrested for carrying hollowpoints reinforces my statement that cops are smarter than lawyers in some cases. I believe state magazine limits don't apply to anyone carrying under LEOSA. However just because I'm retired doesn't mean I've lost my smarts. I don't want to be a test case and abide by any state magazine restrictions wherever I go.
  7. Don't tie the 2A to sportsmen or 3 gun. The 2A has nothing to do with sport shooting, competition, or hunting.
  8. @louu, you must be an old guy or an expert on bar history.
  9. From the 70s, Jimmy Byrnes Sea Girt Inn The Speakeasy in Bound Brook Frank's Hideaway in Morgan The Olde Spye Inn in Morgan The Chatterbox in Seaside Yes we did have Rock in those days.
  10. I've never been asked either. I believe I asked for anyone to cone forth and tell us about being asked if there are guns in the car by police. I'm still waiting. Don't drive like a jackass and don't dress like a gangbanger.
  11. Ray, as far as the imprint on the recoil shield its not a concern. That happens. Clean it off and continue to march. What ammo were you shooting. Plus P will tend to shoot more flame from the barrel/cylinder gap. Use a feeler gauge to check what your barrel/cylinder gap is. If it's too big Ruger will fix it. Flame cutting is a groove cut in the top strap. Happens to every S&W K frame I've seen shot with magnums. It goes so far and then stops. BTW I've never seen the top strap of a Ruger or Taurus with flame cutting.
  12. Note that he does a lot of wiping it off when cleaning a gun. His results when spraying WD40 into cases with primers seated mimic what I did. I just think there's better stuff to use to clean a gun.
  13. I can't believe the number of people that are just ready to throw on the towel and not fight. I'm not talking armed insurrection. I'm not accepting Murphy is a shoe in. You can vote for the Libertarian, independent, or Santa Claus. The only candidate who can beat Murphy is Guadagno. Far from my perfect candidate but she's the only one who can beat him. Politics isn't getting everything you want.
  14. I tested several lubricants and solvents directly into primed cases some time ago and left to sit for 24 hours. The only one to kill every primer was WD40.
  15. WD40 will gum up like regular oil if left on a gun for some time. It is great for what it was designed for...displacing water. I use it to flush out guns if they've been drenched, submerged, etc. I then use brakekleen to flush out the WD40 and lube as normal. What I use for general cleaning: G96- an old school clp and works well for quick cleans. Ballistol- on wood stocked guns where you can't remove the metal from the wood easily like lever actions. Hoppes #9 or GI bore cleaner for solvent. Hoppes better on lead IMO. Lube- old formula Break Free with PTFE for general use. Dr Slide on AR innards. Protectorant- Break Free Grease- only on Garands, Mobil 1. The lubes and grease I use can be applied, the gun put away, and it's ready to go a year or two later. No humming or hardening.