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  1. I was reading through A.2757, and take it that for a pistol transfer between immediate family members, you do not need to go to a dealer and have a NICS check done, but you still need a pistol permit. Am I reading it correctly? Do you need to do anything with the paperwork after the transfer? 1. N.J.S.2C:58-3 is amended to read as follows: 2C:58-3. a. Permit to purchase a handgun. (1) No person shall sell, give, transfer, assign or otherwise dispose of, nor receive, purchase, or otherwise acquire a handgun unless the purchaser, assignee, donee, receiver or holder is licensed as a dealer under this chapter or has first secured a permit to purchase a handgun as provided by this section. (2) A person who is not a licensed retail dealer and sells, gives, transfers, assigns, or otherwise disposes of, or receives, purchases or otherwise acquires a handgun pursuant this section shall conduct the transaction through a licensed retail dealer. The provisions of this paragraph shall not apply if the transaction is: (a) between members of an immediate family as defined in subsection n. of this section https://www.njleg.state.nj.us/2018/Bills/A3000/2757_R1.HTM
  2. I had plenty of room. The pistol case does take up about a quarter of my luggage space. Just have to watch the total weight.
  3. Here's how my case is set up. I had the slide closed, but no magazine inserted.
  4. I flew Spirit from AC to Fort Myers last month. I was nervous going into it, as it was my first time, but I had no issues at all. I used a Pelican Storm im2050 case. Make sure you don't use TSA locks on the firearm case. I used a set of Keyed Master Locks (model 131T). Had a second set of locks in my luggage just in case. I printed out a copy of my pistol purchase permit an kept it in the pelican case. I did lock my luggage with a TSA lock, but the ticket lady made it seem like it isn't necessary. I also printed out the TSA and Spirit instructions for flying with a firearm, and kept them in my luggage. I did not fly with ammo since my parents own a house in Florida, so I just bought my ammo while I was down there. You just walk up to the ticket counter and say "you need to declare and unloaded firearm." The person working the counter didn't flinch, they just filled out an orange tag, you put your signature on it two or three times. Then they ask you to put the tag on the firearm case. They hand you a firearms declaration receipt and keep one for themselves. The lady did ask me the if firearm was unloaded, but they never asked to see the case. I also have a sticker on my firearm case with my name and number just in case they need to contact me. Made it out of AC without any problems. The process is much easier than you make it out to be in your mind. Flying from Ft Myers to AC, the process was exactly the same, but the guy at the ticket counter didn't seem as comfortable with declaring a firearm. Seemed a bit nervous when I said I had to declare an unloaded firearm. Don't know if it was because he was new, or because he was a foreigner. But, no issues on the way home either.
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