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  1. I have not watched an foozeball game in almost 10 years. No thanks
  2. I have the Mesa Tactical side saddle on my 930 and 590A1, they hold up fine. I use velcro on my 500 because I want it to fit in my Shotlock shotgun holder. I had an older style TacStar and it always loosened up. I think the new ones are American made so I'm not sure about them. The newest clip on types I have no trigger time behind, but they look interesting. Expensive, but interesting.
  3. What if you live in a van, down by the river?
  4. His YouTube channel is good stuff.
  5. Your coming at this with reason and logic others just repeat the same shit you hear all day in the internet. Yes, Sig effed up. And I also don't like how they are handling it. I also feel bad because I had a friend test out a bunch of 9mm guns and he picked the P320. So this sucks all around. But this should get fixed.
  6. Valid point @GRIZ, but no gun company releases a perfect gun. Glocks had issue, as well as everyone else. My only issue is that people think the handgun market reached its climax when the Glock 17 was released. If the Glock 17 was released now, the plastic sights, weird grip angle, bad trigger and unwanted finger grooves would put it on the backburner of most gunshops.
  7. I have a set of grips (Pachymar) that fit my standard 686 but I didn't like them. Take off those grips and if these grips fit they are all yours.
  8. Those who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.
  9. Replace Sig with Glock and your making the argument that cops made 30 years ago. Stop with this drama, we get it. You drank the Glock kool-aide. I drank the Beretta kool-aide and it was delicious.
  10. Because these topics are fun to discuss and people get heated. Also, neither you nor I own a Sig pistol so does this all really matter?
  11. The force is strong in you master.
  12. Where do these questions come from?
  13. You lost it right here. You should have ended your post without this line OR started this sentence "So for me".
  14. I've said it before and I'll say it again. In 2004, it was Glock and Surefire. But people act like Sig and H&K and Beretta haven't been doing this long enough. Those three alone have been arming men when Gaston was swimming in his fathers nutsack. It's 2017, and Glock isn't top dog anymore. And yes, Sig will fix this and yes they still have the military contract. So let it go Glock guys, because in the end WHO THE FUCK CARES.
  15. I have a slightly newer (1940s or 50s) Colt Officers Model Match in 22LR and I was offered 500 for it. I wouldn't go below 500. It's an old Colt. Guys buy old Colts.