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  1. I'm not against opening indoor ranges, but I'm not going to go to one if it's crowded. Regardless of Corona or not.
  2. Gov Murphy was under extreme pressure FROM BOTH SIDES to open FFLs and gun shops. Pro 2A people on one side claiming the Constitution isn't up for suspension. Anti 2A people on the other stating that they don't want 2A cases going to court. So, we won the battle but still losing the war.
  3. Me: Hey Al ( my wife), remember we met that guy in Livingston off 17 at the TGI Friday's and I sold him a Glock back in 2011? Wifey: Yeah, he was blabbering on about some chick on Tinder he was going to hook up with after he left. Me: Yeah, that guy. He married that chick. Wifey: Lesson #14 on Tinder rules. Never catch feelings. Me: They got two kids. Wifey: True love has no boundaries, even on Tinder.
  4. Delaware? There are more people in Hudson County than in Delaware. Maybe shotgun Joe has them goin nuts.
  5. Replace Golden Eye with Twisted Metal 3 Replace Hot Pockets with Cup O Noodles Replace Keystone Light with Corona Replace Creed with Jimmy Buffet/Bob Marley
  6. Not confusing, sad. @Zeke, he met his bride the same place you did. Tinder
  7. As per my lawyer, I have the right to remain silent. But I won't.
  8. @ChrisJM981, my advice to you is to leave this thread. Or don't let the misses read it.
  9. You just got yourself in a whole lotta trouble. I sold that Glock in 2009
  10. Marines only come on top of other marines, in the barracks, while playing Golden Eye, eating hot pockets, drinking Keystone Lite, listening to Creed.
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