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  1. Strobe modes are useless. Either light on or light off. KISS method applies to lights as well.
  2. There is more to this picture, or did you steal it?
  3. Man, I think I found another money pit.
  4. @JT Custom Guns, too much to contimplate. But I am trying
  5. I will. I never used CDNN before, so we will see.
  6. Bam I been lookin for these
  7. http://modernmateriel.com/ This makes me happy. We need more businesses like this in our state.
  8. Casio G-Shock GA-800 My first "real" watch. Basic, just for work. @High Exposure approved!
  9. Correction: Carhartt if you work outside (or you like east coast rap) Dickies if you work inside (or you like west coast rap)
  10. A few nice ones in there.
  11. If we didn't buy clothes based on the CEO's political opinions then we all would be naked. Or just wearing 5.11/Magpul/LApolice gear clothes.
  12. What? My work gave me a Klein wire stripper/folding knife. Total junk Great tool company, horrible knife maker.