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  1. Yikes
  2. Nice, and good luck Chrissy.
  3. I've asked this 6 or 7 years ago but is an NJGF BBQ a possibility?
  4. I don't see the discount on their site
  5. 50 bucks is ridiculous for magazines, but that's H&K for ya. Thanks dude Care to sell your horse? We will give you a fare price.
  6. There is Federal Flight Control and Hornady TAP/Critical Defense, and then there is everything else.
  7. That's what I've been doing too, hahaha.
  8. I had this discussion here before my absence. I asked them this very question and what they told me was, "a stripped lower can be made into an AR pistol which is illegal in NJ, so we do not ship lowers to NJ." That's it, basically.
  9. I use a load appropriate to my residence, high brass BB shot. That's it. No 00, no #4, no slugs.
  10. You people can't be serious with some of these picks.
  11. I was stationed there, what part?
  12. We used to have meet ups in Pennsylvania just for CCWing.
  13. Wow, Kickass??? Face Off??? The one with me and KenW making out and Matt watching? Memories
  14. 1 million gun owners, okay 3/4 of them DO NOT support the 2A or the NRA or any NJ gun association with the exception of the fudd organization that escapes me right now. So what we actually have is 250,000 real 2A supporters in NJ. Tops Hell, I'm willing to bet dollars to donuts that there are members here that don't believe in owning black rifles or the like. But they stay quiet, mostly.
  15. You and I, although we have known each other for 10 years?!?, agree on almost nothing! Ha