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  1. My new baby is a Bangor Punta era gun! Okay, then my K38 Combat Masterpiece from 1951. And a 4 inch 38 made today.
  2. Buy whatever you want, don't let a politician decide that for you.
  3. If you had to pick from a Model 10 built in 1975 or one built in 2016, you would pick the one built in 1975. Fact Different gunsmiths, different machines, different metals, different working environment.
  4. It goes the same way for S&W. It is just a fact brother. Sorry
  5. It is IMPOSSIBLE.
  6. Impossible, for the reasons I stated above.
  7. Different machining, different gunsmiths, different metals, different craftsmanship.
  8. @Pizza Bob, how do I figure out what year she was born?
  9. Winner
  10. No sir It is a rare one. I will give ya a hint, it is in 38 special.
  11. Nope, but close Nope
  12. The future is beautiful. Unless you plan on surrendering personal property. Then I have nothing to say to you.
  13. Why would a 9mm carbine be a safe queen? The rifles are cheap, the ammo is cheap and you can shoot them in pistol caliber ranges.
  14. For scale, @Pizza Bob, the top gun is a 4 inch K38 Combat Masterpiece.
  15. All incorrect. My friend, who LOVES these guns like you, did not even know these existed.