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  1. Sending her back on Monday. Damn it!
  2. @Screwball, can you please remove those grips from your Ruger 1911? Thanks.
  3. Thanks for sharing sir, we are on our own.
  4. Good, cause dat is my next ghat.
  5. Mark, you rock dude!
  6. VP9 SK, here I come! Well, I'm short of $$$$$. So, no.
  7. @bhunted, we don't NEED any of these calibers. But something needs to change to keep us interested. And keeping us spending our $$$.
  8. Don't drink it @SpaceMX
  9. I think you guys missed my point. We need something "different". @High Exposure I meant gun manufactures making it an easy swap, for parts compatibility. But in all seriousness, 357 Sig is directly connected to both 40S&W (brass casings) and 9mm (bullets). So 357 Sig can bridge that gap.
  10. This is just a theory of mine, but it seems to hold some water. The market is flooded right now with 9mm and 45acp handguns. There are so many options that you will go bananas. But something happened. Trump won the white house and gun sales took a dive. So much so that you can find all kinds of cash back deals on guns AND ammo. We, as a gun community, have gotten spoiled and bored of the same old calibers and styles of guns. We need something else to tickle our pickle. In comes 2 calibers I think will help. The 10mm Auto and 357. Ruger has already started this trend with a 10mm 1911. The 10mm is slowly coming back but the 357 Sig is intriguing. All you really need is a barrel and 40S&W magazines and the conversion is complete. What do you guys think? I'm I off or am i on to something?
  11. I think some states will keep out of state permits just for states like NJ, CA, NY, and the like. It's $$$, and those states have it.
  12. @TrentonShooter, I see you went with the Warthog from Sharps Bros. I did too for my wife's build.
  13. They are thieves, buyer beware
  14. You'll figure it out eventually, just follow me and @blksheep.
  15. Mind if we dance wit yo dates?