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  1. I have owned nothing but jeeps. If you've never owned a wrangler and just want something to have fun with you'll be happy. If you're looking for a daily driver or commuter vehicle, get a Kia.
  2. Please don't punt again, take a fucking case already.
  3. Finally, after 9 years of NASA being defunded by Saddam Husein Obama Americans are going into space from 'MURICA. Thoughts?
  4. I meant as a joke, but in regards to bolt/lever/pump action firearms the slower you move the action the more chance of a failure. No, you don't need to smash the lever like a monkey but you should run it like a bitch.
  5. If I was to go 10mm in a 1911 (which I will never do), I'd go a little higher end. But for a budget 1911, mind as well go 45acp. Good luck
  6. First, you need to work a lever action like a man. Don't baby it. Second, Henry would give you another gun if it was broken. Even if it could be repaired, they would rather it not come back again. As for your Marlin, there's an old saying that goes like this: "even a broken clock is right twice a day."
  7. For the price, RIA guns are impossible to beat. 45 acp or STFU
  8. How about stop worrying about Jeff Bazos or whoever and fucking live.
  9. Give it time, lawyers/money/taxes/bills/drama has to clear.
  10. Wait, what? If you think that posting pictures of your guns on the internet is going to get them confiscated or something, then you mind as well turn yours in. Sorry @Pizza Bob, I don't comply
  11. And your name is Marlintag? I don't believe your story
  12. Get a Henry, you'll be happy.
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