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  1. Where are cheap skates like me gonna get Tulammo and crappy aluminum cased stuff?
  2. I don't even know what it is, but I want suppressors.
  3. Many here wish you bad luck and ill will. I, on the other hand, like you. Good luck. Keep us posted. Also, reloading is dangerous.
  4. Thanks, but my next shotty will be a 1301. Great gun though, good luck to the OP.
  5. Walmart is about making money, they will say what they have to and do what they have to do to make money.
  6. You are literally throwing your money away. Support GOA or SAF along with local 2A groups.
  7. It's 450 bucks, it's a Mossberg, it's a winner.
  8. I wanna touch it. Casio just released (or is releasing) a bluetooth version as well. Dope
  9. Give her time, she will show you her true colors.
  10. In all seriousness, he should be charged with a crime(s).
  11. Ray Ray

    The Tank

    Your username tells it all. Agreed, I'll stick with my mall crawler. (JK) Waiting on @fishnut
  12. Probably the greatest 357 ever made. Thanks
  13. I don't dig bald guys, but any port in the storm. Hey boo!
  14. Almost If you want the tightest pattern then these will do. Also the Hornady stuff as well. All others don't compete for patterns. BUT If you do want more spread then the above mentioned loads will not work.
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