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  1. There are a few reasons why. 1. Guns made today are built differently than those of years past. Most guns today have the upgrades that you would have had to pay for years ago. 2. Most guns today are, POLYMER STRIKER FIRED 9MMs. No need for any work done. 3. It's a dying art.
  2. I would not hesitate to buy a Taurus revolver. I had a Model 85 that I wished I kept.
  3. White Privilege- Using your position in society to avoid penalties, laws and respect for others.
  4. Moral of the story folks Keep your paperwork in line so you don't have to get pulled over for questionable infractions. Now, back to the white privilege woman. Lock her up
  5. cheap, plentiful and a bucket of casings is worth more than you think
  6. These two officers did an excellent job against this perfect example of white privilege. Lock her up
  7. Many of the good gun shops left, many more popped up.
  8. I used Magtech alluminum cases there a loooong time ago at the shit (bullet) hole and they had no issues. Went back a month or so later, no go. It has nothing to do with the backstop, it has everything to do with making money off of your brass. Go to GFH, or Long Shot.
  9. Thanks, i was hoping to deal locally. I will go that route if this goes nowherez.
  10. Your first sentence in this thread asked if you can shoot on someone else's land. Who in their right mind would allow a complete stranger AND HIS KIDS to shoot on their land?
  11. Standard security barrel. I have a blued 500, 5+1 tube. Gimme!