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  1. Yeah, people buy guns sometimes to off themselves. Probably because jumping looks scary, pills might not work and knives are painful.
  2. What was interesting was what he did with said ARs. He didn't use them, he didn't keep them loaded. He broke them down and slung them. His thought process was, I know my gun works. I don't know what this gun does. Also, he was trying to blend in. Not become a target. Very good listen.
  3. I answered it in my post
  4. Not everyone buys a gun for protection/plinking/hunting. Some buy it to put a slug through their skull.
  5. No, because I crossed the street.
  6. Well, a "hood rat" lady had a pitbull on a truck chain walking down the street. Guess who was getting yanked around? And guess who had to cross the street?
  7. Sorry papi. And I am still trying to find my AR parts box.
  8. If you were on two wheels, you'd know it.
  9. Ray Ray

    Beretta 92X

    So you allowed yourself to buy a substandard firearm? I would have ordered the 92X and waited.
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