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  1. How to ruin a perfectly good gun.
  2. Install a light too, it's dark and scary up there.
  3. Thanks @Downtownv, I need another knife like I need another hole in my head. My Luzon XL is my pocket sword in Pennsylvania.
  4. Memorial day is this weekend and I figured since many of us here served in the armed forces that you would share some of your memories. Here are some of mine, circa 1998-2001.
  5. Stranded, you can fit all 3 plus extra curcuits for outlets and lights. If you need help, let me know.
  6. The PVC cement will be gray. Use regular THHN #10 and use #12 for the ground.
  7. It's a prototype, relax. And in three years the 7.25 Thanos will be even better.
  8. Ray Ray

    Sig P365 XL

    https://www.osagecountyguns.com/blog/news/sig-sauer/new-sig-sauer-p365-xl/ I kinda get it, but I kinda don't get it.
  9. This But I would run outdoor conduit. This way you can add circuits or replace the circuits you ran.
  10. Can I get a flag for being in the maintenance field? Plenty of us die each year from falls, electrocution, head trama, stress, cancer and long term injuries.
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