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  1. Trying to figure out if these magazines are legal in NJ or not. I've donated to ANJRPC and booked a US Law Shield seminar for next month as well to get more info. I contacted Nappen and he told me, after charging me $500 for a phone call, that they are in fact illegal but honestly I just don't know.

    Here's what I have:

    Cat Fancy

    Tiger Beat



    Car & Driver


    Popular Mechanics


    My issue is that these magazines have 12 issues per year and clearly we are only allowed 10. If I skip two months, won't I be okay?


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  2. 11 hours ago, Scorpio64 said:


    On his FB page, Nappen controls the narrative and crushes dissent.  He keeps his message on track and sells a lot of stuff.  Many people do not want to work things out for themselves, they just want to be told what to do.  Life is complicated, life in NJ is even more complicated, and Nappen is more than happy to profiteer off of people who just want to keep things simple.

    The day I learned that Nappen lives in NH is the day I realized he is nothing but a parasite.

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  3. I have for years held the opinion and made it well known here, that orgs like ANJRPC and the various NJwhatevers and lawyers like Nappen are all in cahoots with each other. Their goal is not to help gun rights in NJ, they lost that battle thirty years ago.

    Instead they work with a group of various dealers and vebdors, scaring up a bunch of middle aged guys with good jobs and spending money to blow. Selling them overpriced compliance work, seminars to avoid laws that will not ever ensnare them, and out if state carry permits they will use maybe 1 day a year.

    These same people enjoy massive salaries, and live/store their toys out if state and are largely unaffected themselves by NJ's gun laws. They don't ever want things to change because they would lose the six figure salaries, the ability to charge $125 for a spot weld, and book seminars to "build" and AR or learn about obscure sections of administrative code for hundreds of dollars.

    Go ahead someone call me a you-know-what.

    I still hope the first person arrested and imprisoned for a +10 magazine is a veteran or Fudd.

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  4. No, retired vets are not coming into your home to take your guns. As if I have to state such an obvious fact.

    My point still stands, oh and ANJRPC can keep their bigwig and his 6 figure salary, getting paid to pat us all on the shoulder and tell us it'll all be all right. One day. Oh and for $1.25 per magazine you can keep them at gun sitters guys!

    I've been hearing that crap for ten years, it's all gonna change! One day. One day, guys. They've been saying it for twenty. But hey, at least I can store my magazines at Gunsitters for only $1.25.

    Hey did I mention, you can store magazines at Gunsitters for only $1.25!

    "Never waste a tragedy" who said that one again? Diane Feinstein or Scott Bach? I can't remember.

    Oh well. I do remember I can store my magazines for only $1.25 each over at Gunsitters.

    And no, I didn't or wouldnt join the military. You're right, it's not my thing. I'm cool with that, since the 2A has nothing to do with veterans, military, or LEO. A well regulated MILITIA. I'm capable of defending myself, my home, my family, and if need be, my country. That's what the 2A is about.

    Oh yeah, and storing magazines for $1.25 a month, that too.

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  5. Honestly, I hope the first person to get busted is a retired veteran. I hope the judge throws the book at him and locks him up for the full term.

    I hope the second person arrested is some Fudd coming back from the range with his son and a 15rd Ruger 10/22 mag. I hope they lock him up too, full term. No PTI.

    Do I hate vets and families? No. But I see a lot of undue sympathy on here, people just randomly mentioning feeling bad for some old vet. You know what? NJ gun owners have been licking boots, kissing ass, giving discounts to LEO, etc. And what has it gotten anyone in return? At best, a second class of citizens that got to keep their mags and F2F transfers. 

    So you know what? I'm done with it. 

    The right to keep and bear arms has NOTHING to do with being a veteran, a cop, knowing a cop, knowing a veteran, nothing. They hate you and want you dead, and the first people to come put YOUR ass in prison, or take your guns, would walk into your home with the same boots you're licking today 

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  6. Why are you guys so mad?

    OK so they won't ship you a completed lower.

    But they'll ship your FFL a stripped lower, and ship a lower parts kit, shockwave blade and a 10.5" barreled upper no questions asked to your door.

    What you decide to put together is your ass on the line of course. But it's your choice. That's what freedom is all about.


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  7. Buy a stripped AR lower. This you'll need FID and FFL.

    You can then order complete rifle kits in any caliber, configuration, barrel length, etc. Straight to your door, any time with literally thousands of options.

    Your one lower can be 2, 3, 4, 5+ different firearms.

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  8. 17 hours ago, JohnnyB said:

    Oh ye of little faith! The tide is changing......The Democrat's rage proves it!

    Been literally hearing people say exactly what you are for ten years.

    And what's changed? Oh yeah, the magazines got smaller, private sales are mostly over, and next year we probably won't be able to mail order ammo anymore.

    So yeah, there's a tide coming all right. Just not the one you think.

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  9. 5 hours ago, bhunted said:

    Noooooooooooo, go back and read it. He asked if someone could advise him of a price.

    Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk

    And honestly the best advice that a lot of our members need to take, is they need to close the tab on NJGunforums, and open up GunBroker or some other forums. Also take a few minutes to browse the various sellers that aren't NJ 275% markup gun shops. That way they can get a realistic gauge on current market prices and not make fools of themselves trying to get 2008 prices a decade too late.

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  10. 1 hour ago, bhunted said:

    Don’t listen to some of these boneheads. You at least listed the parts. Who built what and greased who to install in who’s butt is ridiculous. I, not so long, sold 2 ARs that ran me $2G, for $800 so I can get one that I wanted. Took quite a loss. emoji846.png

    If I saw the post early on, I would have told you just get another safe and keep it which you did. By your not so intentional brag, you obviously got good and expensive taste with the bux to back it up. emoji16.png

    So, as mentioned, you did list parts. Whether parting out or selling as a whole, is immaterial. Quite a lot of us built guns and know what to look for. Nobody expects to buy a gun sight unseen and would be foolish if they did unless they knew the gun and the owners practices.

    Over the years, people busted my balls because I keep my weapons pristine and clean after each use. Hell, the Marines told me I was more asinine then they were about cleaning my guns. That to me was a very big compliment.emoji106.pngemoji2532.png

    Point I’m making, someone saying they don’t know where who’s butt the gun was in, could easily know upon inspection and could, if need be, correct or improve any wrongs on the gun unless badly damage which would also depict any good or bad price points. emoji16.png

    Cheers! emoji481.pngemoji631.png

    Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk

    No really, though.

    I get it, a lot of people bought this stuff back in 08 when Obama was frontrunner and .22lr ammo being in stock was an urban legend. Or maybe they bought one post Sandy Hook panic.

    Fact of the matter. Fact, not opinion. This stuff has absolutely tanked in price over the last couple years, and most of the arguments for superior quality are also null and void as most manufacturers have significantly upped their quality.

    Its a buyer's market, like it or not. And just because you paid X amount for something, simply does not guarantee that it will stay that price - for any product.

  11. On 10/9/2018 at 3:55 PM, Ray Ray said:

    A used AR15 rifle, that is also a home build, is worthless to me.  I do not know who put it together, with what components and what skill level the builder is.  So, to me, I would not even make an offer.

    Yeah gotta say I agree with Ray here.

    For example, can anyone explain what makes this $395 lower receiver superior to the (literally) 8 Aero lowers I could get for the same price?

    Also, so you paid $20 for a grip. Big whoop, once again why do I have to reimburse you for cosmetics when I could just buy whatever grip I want?

  12. 8 hours ago, SJG said:

    Dream On.  You get what you pay for. Yeah, you may find one at that price point but it would be junk and will not hold up--lots of cast parts. Manufacturers cannot build quality AR's at that price point and make any profit

    Remember back in like 2007 when people were saying this? The AR-15 was a $2,000 delicate toy, and the $350 AK imports we're being called cheap junk.

    As the panic buying ended and economies of scale ramped up, new companies making AR-15 parts and rifles, the guys who had bought in at the two grand price point jealously thumbed their noses as the prices hit $1500, $1200, under 1k, when S&W and Ruger got in the market too and things started to dip under $800, and now here we are with $400 specials. And many of the same guys are still trashing those builds despite them being more than plenty for a day at the range or home defense. 

    Meanwhile with the AK, we saw sanctions on Russia stop the cheap Saiga $319 blank slates (oh how I miss those days) and then the VEPR. The import restrictions and lack of US tooling and mfgr let the AK somehow become the expensive toy.

    The AK platform is all about reliability and durability at an inexpensive cost. This was a firearm designed in the Soviet Union for mass productions. I've changed the gas and sight blocks on AKs with a sledge hammer and a block of wood. I can convert a Saiga in my sleep. I do these things not because I'm some expert, it's because it really is that easy. 

    All it would take is a little supply and demand to make it worth it, and a company could certainly make money on a $400 AK. You can fold the receivers on a harbor freight press, it's not some special CNC mill. Just need some quality US barrel and trunions forged is the main obstacle. 

    If companies are making money on $400 ARs, which have more parts and require far more intricate tooling among much tighter tolerances, it can certainly be done with the much simpler AK.


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  13. I find the notion that somehow this rifle is "heavy duty" version of the AK...laughable? 

    I had a Saiga that broke the screw and spit out it's bullet guide. I had been taking it to the range and didn't even know it amputated the part until I went to show someone the bullet guide and it wasn't there! LOL. Had to have been thousands of rounds ago.

    We don't need a "better" AK at a $750 price point, we need an inexpensive, mass produced AK variant to compete with the $400 AR-15s out there.

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  14. 4 hours ago, Sniper22 said:

    The reality is, how many of ANY cases have they heard.

    The SC is asked to argue like 8000 cases a year, but they only take on like 70 -80. The rest get sent down to the lower courts to handle. So in the big picture, the SC really only takes on a small percentage of important cases.

    Seems like they had plenty of time to get birth control, gay marriage, and the all important cake case settled.

    But hey, if false hope keeps you going, by all means. I'm just not giving any of my hard earned cash to people who end up benefiting from our opression. Nor am I holding out hope for something that simply will not happen.

    I hope I'm dead wrong.

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