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  1. They're no less dumb than the idiots I see at the club who never make it past the 25 yards bench rest with their AR-15s
  2. Glock 23, AKM, and a Mossberg 500, if I had to pick only three. Key word, IF!
  3. Use a power washer. Put the wand on the end of a pole. Obliterate those suckers in a great flood.
  4. IIRC Hawaiian Pizza was invented in NY State for a pizza contest (and won). Also +1 for pineapple on pizza
  5. Obesity, diabetes, heart disease, etc....no fun. If we're concerned with the unlikely event of an untimely death via home invasion, seems only logical to also be quite concerned with the much more common and likely threats to our well being as well. I used to ridicule people the same way years ago. But remember, many people have health concerns and good for them for taking care. And if you're just kidding, sorry for taking you seriously. I mean no offense.
  6. I'll be sending $10 their way. I much prefer this approach to things, than the repeatedly failed tactics of other groups that have gotten us nowhere. I implore everyone here to please chip in, it's an insignificant amount of cash that can go a long way.
  7. I'm not scared of the Boogeyman. Im talking about the idiots on here who blow their FID application by putting down that they got prescribed something a decade ago, or the ones freaking out about the magazine limits when it's pretty obvious what everyone should do.
  8. @FXDX Just a heads up, Czechpoint and Atlantic Firearms both sell them for ~1k. They're NJ legal and if you lock the magazine in place (or buy the Liberty version) you can use stripper clips to load and completely forget the features BS if you want the paratrooper version.
  9. Yeah I don't mean to offend anyone but often I see the type of things people ask on here and wonder if they are legitimately stupid or what. Take five seconds and THINK. You KNOW the answer, and should know when to shut your mouth.
  10. An SBR Krink-style AK in 7.62x39.
  11. I get what you're saying, but at this point in time I see deals on AR/AK/Glock and several other common mfg. mags in the $8-12 range regularly on various websites. Considering the fact that most of the users here are enthusiasts and seem to have no issues spending plenty of money on all sorts of stuff (good for them), it would still seem wisest to just purchase the regular magazines. Look at it from a collector's point of view, if anything the regular magazines could spike back to $30+ a piece in a bad political climate, or become "pre-ban" themselves again one day. Hopefully not, of course. But they have the advantage of being overall better, and more desirable, in all circumstances compared to neutered jersey junk.
  12. I tell this to everyone every time I see one of these threads and I have no idea why no one gets it. If you're storing magazines "out of state", then just store regular magazines there. Your neutered Jersey junk is worth nothing. In the eyes of the law, it's all the same after 10 rounds.
  13. Hey guys Why not just grab a measuring tape and settle this the old fashioned way?
  14. I always wonder why individual civilians with 10 or 15) round magazines compare their rifles to fully automatic versions with double and triple the capacity being used by an entire squad of shooters. If I've got 1/3 the shots, only 1 rifle in use, and no fun switch, the scales clearly and easily begin to tip towards 7.62x39/51/54