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  1. Super pumped because it's a shooting range on rt 22 in Union. Super worried because it's a shooting range on rt. 22 in Union. Cautiously optimistic!
  2. I just want to point out to all the people clamoring for "Safe deposit boxes" and "friends out of state" to hide their 15 round mags. Your 15 round mags are junk everywhere but NJ, and soon to be junk in NJ. If you're storing mags out of state why not just get regular, standard capacity magazines for you "out of state" address? They're like $10-11 each right now. All this hot air over junk.
  3. Depends what kind of gun. Stuff like AK, Mosin, SKS, pump and bolt action etc. why waste your time cleaning the action more than once every few years? Brake grease will last decades in there. I run a bore snake w/ WD40 through after the range trip but even that is probably overkill. No need to waste money and time on expensive cleaning products and fancy rituals. That said if you have something fragile, collector's item, etc. then care for it accordingly. EDIT: I've found the chrome moly (grey) brake grease to be the best lube. I have two firearms which are going on 9 years now without new grease in the action.
  4. You can easily block most polymer and metal AR/AK type mags by simply drilling a hole or two and crushing in a pop rivet. You can buy a pop rivet gun cheaply at any hardware store. Less than $20 and yo can block all the mags you want. Plenty of info on calguns and other boards with specific measurements if you don't feel like measuring yourself. And don't worry the rivet gun is lever action and only fires one rivet at a time so no laws affecting assault rivet guns (for now),
  5. No, it's OK to go there. A person's culture and upbringing have a huge effect on their beliefs. Just like some guy from the rural midwest may have a different attitude on guns than a Bronx native. So too, does someone from a country like India, or one of the many South/Central American nations where only the paramilitary and drug lords have weapons. This huge demographic shift is a large part of changing attitudes on gun laws in many cities and states over the last twenty years. You can certainly correlate % of people from certain racial groups with support for strict gun laws, and as their birth rates continue to outpace white birth rates the disparity will continue to grow larger and its effects more far reaching. An exception to this, I would say, would be people from Eastern Europe. Coming from former Communist nations you would expect similar attitudes on guns but the Eastern European people I have met generally tend to be not only very pro-gun, but also in favor of less government, less handouts, individual freedom, etc.
  6. What's next is also already underway. Disarm, sedate, and replace.
  7. Aww man, why did you call? You're supposed to pay $300 and sit in a seminar all day for Nappen to scare you!
  8. Why be a force for change and use your legal work to try and win court battles for NJ gun owners when you can just scared the hell out of them and profit for yourself? I can't stand Nappen because he's just another parasite profiting off of NJ's unconstitutional gun laws.
  9. I get what you're saying 100%. But it's not me that has made ergonomic features and safe ammunition massive crimes. As far as I'm concerned those laws are total and utter bullcrap. I think it's a waste of money to arrest, bring to trial, and imprison an individual for such an offense. I think there is also a moral objection to destroying someone's life over an ergonomic feature or other such nonsense. However, if the state is going to do that to people, le them do it. I would not break these laws myself, ever. But if someone else is, I am not an LEO. I am not sworn to enforce these laws. It's none of my business and whatever these hypothetical people are or are not doing is illegal or not, it's none of my business.
  10. Ain't no lawsuits gonna save anybody. Sorry guys, not pessimist, just realist. There's been anti gun laws on the books 25+ years without a single legal challenge to this day.
  11. Gotcha. Looks like some IRL clickbait for SHOT show though. Most of the country is already "hacking" the NFA with the new "pistols" of everything from ARs and AKs to Scorpions and PTRs so why bother with the drawback of a smoothbore. But you already know that. We just miss out on all the fun in NJ.
  12. Just stating the for the record, the device in the original post is NOT smoothbore as per the Reddit thread. Not sure where anyone is getting the idea that it is smoothbore from.
  13. Because NJ gun laws are stupid, counterproductive, make criminals out of regular people, demonize ergonomic features and are unconstitutional? At least that's what everyone here says. Personally I would NOT want to be the guinea pig for this either. But if this guy has the stones to argue with cops and carry letters around, I say more power to him. We need individuals like him. THIS is what activism looks like. Not sitting around waiting for imaginary lawsuits.
  14. 1776 baby!!! No "Royal Family" in my house! We exercise our 3rd amendment rights.