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  1. Wow I'm surprised this guy isn't an NJGF member, his auction looks like most the ads in the WTS section.
  2. Yeah seriously. In my opinion, I treat my stall at the range like I treat the urinal in a public bathroom. Mind your own business and don't look at the guy next to you's hardware.
  3. Remember back in like 2007 when people were saying this? The AR-15 was a $2,000 delicate toy, and the $350 AK imports we're being called cheap junk. As the panic buying ended and economies of scale ramped up, new companies making AR-15 parts and rifles, the guys who had bought in at the two grand price point jealously thumbed their noses as the prices hit $1500, $1200, under 1k, when S&W and Ruger got in the market too and things started to dip under $800, and now here we are with $400 specials. And many of the same guys are still trashing those builds despite them being more than plenty for a day at the range or home defense. Meanwhile with the AK, we saw sanctions on Russia stop the cheap Saiga $319 blank slates (oh how I miss those days) and then the VEPR. The import restrictions and lack of US tooling and mfgr let the AK somehow become the expensive toy. The AK platform is all about reliability and durability at an inexpensive cost. This was a firearm designed in the Soviet Union for mass productions. I've changed the gas and sight blocks on AKs with a sledge hammer and a block of wood. I can convert a Saiga in my sleep. I do these things not because I'm some expert, it's because it really is that easy. All it would take is a little supply and demand to make it worth it, and a company could certainly make money on a $400 AK. You can fold the receivers on a harbor freight press, it's not some special CNC mill. Just need some quality US barrel and trunions forged is the main obstacle. If companies are making money on $400 ARs, which have more parts and require far more intricate tooling among much tighter tolerances, it can certainly be done with the much simpler AK.
  4. I find the notion that somehow this rifle is "heavy duty" version of the AK...laughable? I had a Saiga that broke the screw and spit out it's bullet guide. I had been taking it to the range and didn't even know it amputated the part until I went to show someone the bullet guide and it wasn't there! LOL. Had to have been thousands of rounds ago. We don't need a "better" AK at a $750 price point, we need an inexpensive, mass produced AK variant to compete with the $400 AR-15s out there.
  5. Can an 03-FFL Holder who lives in NJ, purchase C&R long guns from an FFL in another state without NICS? (yes? Right) Can said 03 holder purchase a C&R handgun in PA?
  6. Seems like they had plenty of time to get birth control, gay marriage, and the all important cake case settled. But hey, if false hope keeps you going, by all means. I'm just not giving any of my hard earned cash to people who end up benefiting from our opression. Nor am I holding out hope for something that simply will not happen. I hope I'm dead wrong.
  7. So how many gun cases have they heard in ten years? Crickets....
  8. Nothing. Call me a pessimist. Go ahead. When Obama was president and the Democrats had the house, states couldn't even drug test for welfare without an emergency injuctions stopping it. Compare that to Republicans having the house, Senate and presidency, yet can't even get things like National Reciprocity, let stop having places like NJ, NY, CA etc. Trample all over people's rights.
  9. Oh my God...don't even get me started on Facebook marketplace. I try and buy gym equipment there from time to time.... Selling: My sweaty, smelly, used bench and rusted barbell set, missing one of the 25lb plates. Asking price: $10 less than brand new...
  10. RIP FTF Sales in NJ Up for sale is my just like new AR build in a strange chambering that's just gonna fire the same Lake City ammo that all over the other ARs out there do. It's got only 386 rounds through it. Yes, that number seems oddly specific but I swear it's factual. I totally promise, I keep exact round counts on all my guns because that's what normal people do, right? I bought this thing back during the panic of Obama's first term, and made my decision mostly on panic buying and the various recommendations of mall-ninjas on the internet. OK, so now for the price. I know you can order rifle kits to put together 4-5 rifles these days and arm your entire family, for the price I'm asking for just this one, so let me explain. See although I loudly tout my love of free market capitalism in the Politics section, I believe that the basic laws of supply and demand don't apply to me, so I'm hoping you don't do any research and pay what I paid ten years ago for this thing. Now, let me painstakingly list in detail every single accessory that I slapped on this thing while it sat in the safe over the last ten years: Lastname Tactical Gunworks Customs trigger kit, it has a 2.63855 pound pull and although I haven't got a lot of time on it, people on the internet assure me it is a superior choice. Southern State Armory SOPMOD CQC SEAL Team 6 CQB MOLLE KEYMOD PICATINNY handguard, this puppy looks super sweet, it weighs only ten pounds but you can hang another ten pounds of lights and lasers off of it. Heinz Frankfurter Schnitzel specialty 24-48x140mm red dot Holo sight scope. Although I've only taken this thing to the 25yard line at my local indoor range, I figured the $1400 for this scope was a better investment than several hours learning the fundamentals of rifle shooting. Custom Baked on Arma-Kote paint job in a super obnoxious color scheme and featuring my favorite comic book character's logo. I don't really care if it's your style or not, I paid big money for this and expect you to as well. A whole host of custom grips, stocks, lights and lasers which the instructor at the class I took assured me are what the LAPD SWAT team uses, and he even heard from a friend of a friend, who knew a guy that was "over there" in the Middle East (but can't really talk about it much, duh) and during his time with his secret unit they used this very same foregrip as well. I've also got a bunch of extra grips, magazines and stocks which I will throw in or sell separately, for the low low price of $5 less than they would cost brand new from that website that has free shipping. You'll have to spend your day driving halfway across the state to pickup, but that's totally reasonable for the price I'm asking. Here's a couple pictures I took with my flip phone, in the dark, during an earthquake. The gun is blurry in all of them but somehow my big toe is always in good focus. OK so now that we've got that out of the way, I'm asking the super low price of only $3,750, cash only, FTF must have COE, FID, DL and a time machine. Edit: Price drop, $3,735 EDIT: price drop, $3,720 come on guys this is a steal! EDIT: Ok, FINAL PRICE DROP $3,7000 FIRM.
  11. I've been paying sales tax on Amazon purchases for years now...this is nothing new?
  12. Anyone have a 7.62x39 AR? Seeing stupid great deals on uppers for the last few months, and figured I want to pull the trigger on it. x39 would be nice as I don't have to stock a new caliber. Just looking for opinions on performance and such.
  13. Yeah this is why I'm always ranting about people trying to sell their ARs or allegedly shipping magazines. You can find/build ARs brand new under $500 for most of this year, magazines are less than ten bucks and ammo is at decade lows.
  14. At any point did you just try contacting Wal Mart customer service to get this fixed?
  15. You'd be amazed what goes down some slop sinks. Of course a much more responsible option would be asking your local gas station if they could dispose of it.