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  1. The hammer of my Single action Army seized up. Anyone know a good revolver gunsmith in central/NE NJ?
  2. Just ordered some .223 from SGammo and can verify they they now require an FID and DL
  3. I got an HKS speed loader for my 3rd gen detective special, but the factory issue grips get in the way. I could shave down the grips a bit, but I'd rather not. Are there any grips that work with the HKS speed loaders?
  4. Update, after swapping bolts, bolt carriers etc. it looks like the bolt carrier is the culprit. I've looked at the gas key and it doesn't feel loose when I press against it.
  5. Been thinking about scratching my inner Clint Eastwood and getting a single-action six shooter. Any recommendations? I'm most interested in reliability and durability.
  6. I take out the firing pin and the bolt and scrub with a tooth brush soaked in Hoppe's #9. I also use the Otis Bone tool to clean/scrape the firing pin and the inside of the carrier.
  7. I clean every 100 rounds or so including the BCG. In fact the rifle was cleaned just before the problem showed up.
  8. The old BCG initially ran fine. It didn't start short stroking until last week. With the new BCG the short stroking seems to have stopped. I only had time to run about 15 rounds with the new BCG. The old BCG seemed to short stroke about every three rounds
  9. Ammo is Wolf Gold 223. The BCG is the same mass as far as I can tell, It came from the same model rifle
  10. My Stag Arms AR is short stroking. I've owned it for 3 years and put about 2-3000 rounds through it. Swapping in another BCG (also from a STAG AR) seems to have solved the issue. Is the problem really solved, or is this just a band aid fix?
  11. The "end nut' extends beyond the barrel. I'm not even sure if it even comes off. I got my rifle from a NJ dealer so I pretty confidant that this gun in NJ legal... for now.
  12. I got one about 3 years ago with a 10 round magazine. It doesn't have a threaded barrel.
  13. Interesting article here. Not all liberals are anti-gun.
  14. It's an uberti clone with a transfer bar safety system. The problem is intermitant but getting more frequent. I took it apart after the problem started and didn't see anything obviously wrong. However, I'm no gunsmith.
  15. Not sure if this belongs in "handguns" or "gunsmithing" but here goes: My SAA cylinder won't rotate freely when the hammer is at half cock. When I pull the hammer back the bolt drops but then clicks back up at half cock. Any ideas what's wrong?
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