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  1. Welcome! I grew up in Tenafly and still live in the area!
  2. I've been called an Ogre a few times.... In all seriousness, FAL's and FAL types are on the NJ banned list. I doubt that many people would differentiate a DSA SA-58 from an FN FAL, and they're not a common rife in these parts as opposed to NJ legal AR's and AK's.
  3. In all fairness to LEO's, I'm pretty sure they're obligated not to turn a blind eye to crimes committed in their presence even when they're off duty. I would expect them to "dime me out" if I snorted a line of coke in front of them too.
  4. Count me in as an FAL fan! Got a DSA/Imbel build but am a little wary of shooting it in public. I've had people ask me if the Gun is NJ legal and I don't want an over-enthusiastic/under-informed LEO try to confiscate it.