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  1. Looking for a used, but in good condition, Olympic bar, Rogue Ohio Power Bar or similar. And plates, lots of plates, preferably iron. I need 45, 25, 10, 5, and 2.5, in pairs. No 15 or 35 please.
  2. Prices reduced even further. I really need to get rid of all of these to make room. I also have a table saw i'll be posting shortly. I will consider any reasonable offer as well as package discounts. If you take everything, i'll throw in a WEN 3410 3-Speed Remote-Controlled Air Filtration System
  3. ttt all prices are negotiable
  4. OK, I really need to get rid of my remaining reloading stuff to make room in the garage. Everything remaining, $970 worth of equipment. $500 OTD. I will also include 4 reloading trays, a bunch of MTM ammo boxes, and .45 fired brass.
  5. Updated listing, added a few more tools
  6. Back to the top, make me an offer
  7. Back to the top. If prices have changed online, let me know.
  8. I was in Costco in Marlboro 2 days ago, they only had flats
  9. Where can I find a whole brisket in central NJ? I've only been able to find the flat at the few stores I checked.
  10. time to go for qualification then. And I can qualify with any gun, correct?
  11. I have kept away from this thread and topic for quite a while now. Coming back I now see that some major changes have been made to the process and the form. 4 references instead of 3, not more triplicate forms, and a single qualification covers all your pistols? Is this correct? And is a judge still in the middle of this?
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