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  1. I don't care about the prosecuter at this point, I care about an LEO arresting me for something a lawyer said MAY be illegal. By the time it gets to the prosecutor I will be out at least a few grand. A lawyer saying something MAY be illegal puts that thought in the back of everyone's mind, as witnessed in so many of these threads, including the minds of LEOs. If Nappen never said anything, this would not even be a subject of discussion and hence would not be in the back of an LEOs mind when he pulls over to help you change a tire on the side of the road, with your trunk wide open, and a loaded magazine lying there in plain view!!!
  2. This almost seems like a self fulfilling prophecy. Many LEO don't know the exact verbiage of the law by heart, but the fact that Nappen says that a loaded magazine can be considered a loaded gun, many LEO might believe it thinking that because Nappen specializes in NJ firearm laws he would know it better then them. So if Nappen would STFU and stop making up this BS, this would not be an issue, ever!!!
  3. You read the title correctly, looks like Brownells is going full bore with their offerings. A semi-auto version of the BRN-134, in 7.62x51, with a 3,000 round ammo box. And for ONLY $125,000. I might have to sell my Lamborghini to get this. So how many of you think this would be NJ legal, without the 3,000 round "mag" of course?
  4. Yes, samsung is bloatware heavy, I guess I'm just used to it, love my s9+. But they all have bloatware, some more than others, except google phones I think.
  5. I prefer a company to make their products, even partially, in their home country.
  6. And which of those components are actually made in the U.S? Not talking about company affiliations and locations, i'm talking about location the physical hardware is made. The funny thing is that you can build an iphone from scratch buying all the components from street vendors in China because Apple can't control the gray or black market in China.
  7. The lie is that they are an american company, not a single portion of the iphone is built or assembled in the U.S. I know Samsung is not made in the U.S. either but Samsung in not an American company.
  8. I have had the exact opposite experience. Unfortunately every one in my house hold except me has iphones. I tried to convert them but they are all stuck in the "easier interface" mentality. Anyway, I still use the original Galaxy S8 cable from 2 years ago. My wife's and Kid's iphone cables go bad every few months.
  9. My numbers were off but here is an article. https://www.forbes.com/sites/theopriestley/2016/01/11/apple-ditching-the-headphone-jack-is-less-about-music-more-about-royalties/#2038b8c56297
  10. The company paid $15 to Apple to use the connector for that particular model, I don't remember if it was 1 time or annual fee. But keep in mind, they paid $15 to use the lightening connector on a 3 foot white cable, $15 on a 3 foot gray cable, $15 on a 6 foot pink cable, etc... So if you sell 10 different cables (color and size combination) you pay Apple $150
  11. Android 100% of the time. I hate Apple, period. Not only their products but also their business practices. Apple has to lock everything down and charge for everything. I read somewhere that the entire reason Apple uses the propitiatory lightening plug is because they can charge a $15 license fee for every single product that uses that connection, and I mean every product. If you are a manufacturer of cables, you have a license fee for every color of that same cable. That is why they removed the head phone plug and why every iphone dongle or cable costs so much. And there is a running joke that EVERY NEW technology Apple introduces has been available in a Samsung, Google, Motorola, etc... phone for at least 2 years. Also, they LIE. Every single iphone is made in China, every single one. This is an American company!!! Android devices, on the other hand, are made by multiple companies, you have a great selection. And because of the competition the hardware line-up is much better. The Android system is open. I connect my phone to my PC and can use it as a standard external storage device. I can side load apps if I want to, i'm not restricted to a specific app store.
  12. I stand corrected, looks like UPS changed that policy, my bad. Now all they require is Adult Signature.
  13. No, it does not show up on the label, not for common carriers, maybe for USPS. There is actual a a warning if you look at the direction, to NOT have ANY indication ANYWHERE on the packaging that a firearm is in the package.
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