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  1. I would love to see some of those idiots try
  2. If anyone is interested in a 14 speed road bike on a 22" steel centurian frame with Shimano components, PM me edit: I had it posted on FB but got too many trolls, so I removed it.
  3. ctd is on most people's shit list because they were price gauging during the ammo shortage years ago.
  4. I'm starting out easy, mostly marked trails in heavily traveled parks. But I do intend to try more difficult trails in the future.
  5. Yeah, I understand the rules about fires. I meant that I might want to start one where it's allowed. So now need for anything to chop wood, understood. How about bear spray?
  6. I'm not planning on camping but if i'm out for an extended period of time I might consider taking a rest and maybe building a small fire.
  7. So I have been sitting on my ass for the last 3 months, as have many others i'd imagine, so I need some exercise. I want to take up hiking because just walking 20 times around the block is boring as hell. So, I need some advise on what equipment should I and can I take hiking. I know water, med/trauma kit, bug spray. But what about other equipment? Protection from bears? knives, camping axes, extra clothes, etc..., what is allowed, what is not? I live near Monmouth battlefield state park, so I will be hiking there most often, maybe turkey swamp, and other surrounding areas.
  8. That's exactly what I want. To screw it to the wall, for it to be solid, not droopy, and so that I can't snag it accidently. And put a 2 gang box on the end with standard outlets.
  9. I need to run wiring in my garage for power tools. Running from the panel is finacially prohibive for now for multiple reason, 1 of which being that I have no space in the main panel and would have to add a sub panel. So I need a temporary solution for now. Obviously the easiest is to run extension cords but I want something a little more solid. So the question is, do I still need a permit, and hence a licensed electrician, I live in a townhouse, to run plastic conduit ON the walls, with an external junction box with outlets, basically a diy extension cord in a conduit, and just plug the other end into the outlet?
  10. ^^^^ this ^^^^ Go to home depot or lowes, get a piece of 3/4" wood, plywood, hardwood, whatever, from their scrap bin. Buy a cheap vise and bolt it to the wood. Get a couple c-clamps and clamp the board to any flat surface, and you are good to go. The 30lbs of torque required for the barrel nut will not damage your kitchen table. Edit: lol, I did not realize this thread was a year old.
  11. I use to be a member at SS many years ago. I never renewed my membership because the people working the counter back then were pricks. That was a long time ago however, at least 10 years, so it might be different now. Also, back then you couldn't shoot rifle caliber ammo unless shooting frangible because their backstop was not rated for it.
  12. I would buy that if others were charging hazmat, but they are not. Just checked PSA also, they are charging a larger shipping fee then others but still does not equate to hazmat. Cabela's flat out states "Hazmat Fee"
  13. The label should not dictate the fee. The fee is mandated by DOT regulations
  14. just went to midwayusa and natchez, put a case of .223 in my cart, and neither had a hazmat charge
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