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  1. So let me get this straight. You basically blacklisted Gander because Paypal restricts paying for gun parts ?
  2. Picked this up a few years ago when I bought my compressor, but haven't had much use for it and just trying to clean out the garage now. Has maybe 50 nails thru it, works great, just has a layer of dust on it. I will also include a box of approximately 950 nails. I can ship on your dime if you would like, but shipping won't be cheap. Asking $100 obo.
  3. Thanks for the feedbacks guys. I appreciate it
  4. Here is a wider angle shot of the same case.
  5. What extra ring are you talking about? I was refering to the nick in the case head. But if you see something I don't, please explain.
  6. I loaded about 300+ .223 and 150 .308. Dumped about 2.5 pounds of cfe223. I'll use these on my other 2 rifles and load the 68gr with 8208 for the SPR. Then I might try the H335
  7. As the title states. Got about 30 of these out of a batch of 400 twice fired 223 brass. All mine, reloaded once after firing factory, all PMC.
  8. Actually the BCG in the SPR is a cryptic coatings mystic black BCG. Which is a tool craft BCG with an extremely slick coating. The mid-length AR uses a PSA nitrite BCG and the carbine AR uses a nitrite Adams arms piston BCG. Out of the 3, the SPR has the smoothest action.
  9. Ok, so I tried to get the OAL to 2.200 as per the load data. I trimmed the case down to 1.731 and the cannelure is still sinking all the way down. As an FYI, these are Berry's 55gr FMJBTs.
  10. Not sure yet, just going off reviews for now. But it's similar to titegroup as far as size and shape. And I love the way titegroup meters.
  11. Problem is I want to load them in volume on my progressive press and I haven't had much luck getting an accurate load with 8208 out of the powder drop. And anyway, I have 4 pounds I need to use up
  12. Yep, that was me. And thanks again for the keychains
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