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  1. I was just wondering how Trinity came back to life. And what's with the Morpheus look alike?
  2. I could not find the original stock anywhere. So I'll have to modify my original answer to NO. I don't have the original furniture.
  3. Keep in mind the original furniture is black plastic with a thumbhole stock
  4. I do. But i had to cut off the front sling loop to fit the magpul forearm
  5. it was .3gr below max in Hodgdon's manual and 2.8gr above max in hornady's
  6. ok, so I worked up some loads of 55gr FMJBT with H335, with the highest load being 25gr and got an average of 3002fps with a 22fps spread out of a 20" .223 wylde barrel. There were absolutely no signs of over pressure but I couldn't judge the timing since I had a brass catcher attached. So the question is. Should I be happy with this load or should I try going up a bit to get higher speeds? I also loaded some 68gr hornady HPBT with Varget (have a pound I need to use up) and got an average 2876fps with 26gr compressed, with no overpressure signs.
  7. MartyZ

    Jersey legal?

    The first glock that looks good in my opinion. But the name is quite well suited to it's shape, "Block 19".
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