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  1. I agree 100%, Steve at monmouth arms does a great job and won't steer you wrong.
  2. I guess nobody reads posts. He gave me $425 for a 96A1 with 1 scratch only, 5 original mags, and 400 rounds of ammo. He saw that I was naive and played me, if I was more experienced at the time I would have walked. This is when his store was on 79. He then sold the gun with only 2 mags for $530. I'm pretty sure he made another $100 from the other 3 mags because they were prestine. At this point it doesn't matter to me anymore. I was just pointing out to th OP that their business practices are not very friendly.
  3. It also uncluded 5 original beretta mags. So he marked it up with only 2 mags. But my point was that he used a scratch as an excuse to get me to take his offer. I just didn't know any better at the time.
  4. I've dealt with Ira before, never for gunsmithing work but bought guns from him and sold guns to him. He is an ok guy but I can tell you that he will squeeze every penny out of you if he can. Just and FYI. He got me good once when I sold him my 96A1 with 5 mags and over 400 rounds of .40 ammo. He told me it won't sell high because it had a deep scratch on the slide. I later see on his sight that he was selling it with only 2 mags and no ammo for 25% more then he paid me and it sold in less then a week, and he sold the other 3 mags and ammo separately. Never dealt with him again after that.
  5. you should really take your own advice about reading what others are saying, and don't try to EXPLAIN anything to me. I didn't ask for your interpretation of what you think is right or wrong. I started this thread to show MY satisfaction with what is happening. You don't like it? Fine, that is your opinion and you have a right to it. But you trying to EXPLAIN anything to me is neither your place nor is it appreciated. You have no idea of my background, my knowledge, or my experience so please refrain from EXPLAINING anything to me!
  6. Free market should make allowances for emergencies to make sure everyone can afford what they need. I didn't see anyone complaining when NJ hit stores for gauging water prices or gas stations for gauges gas prices during Sandy.
  7. Where would the 2A be without ammo? If ammo is not essential then what about the 2A? In my book the 2A is very essential and last I checked a gun without ammo is just a fancy club.
  8. I am so invested because I truly believe they got what they deserve. I am all for free market. However, when a company arbitrarily SIGNIFICANTLY raises prices on a product that is NOT a luxury item during a shortage, to a point where only the wealthy can afford it, that pisses me off, regardless the company or the product. CTD, along with other companies, have been on my blacklist for various reason. I'm sure others have their own blacklist. And it makes me very happy when a company that is on my blacklist got caught for the very reason that put them on my blacklist in the first place. I would be just as happy if DSG got into trouble for stabbing the 2A community in the back with their anti-2A lobbyists, but that is only a dream I guess.
  9. Do you have stock in CTD? You are making excuses for them without knowing exactly what happened? The article SPECIFICALLY stated that they were manually increasing prices. Not a software issue.
  10. Oh, and you all seem have have glared over the part about CTD showing one price on their site but then increasing it at time of checkout. So those people that didn't pay close attention when checking out got screwed even more. Should CTD be allowed to do that also, is that how the market works?
  11. I haven't bought anything from CTD since 2007 but everytime I did a google search for specific ammo their site came up in the search results. That's how I know they hiked their prices 400%. Price gauging for essentials during an emergency is illegal in every state, the only difference is what each state considers as essential. In this case, the price is just. If they were price gauging unnecessary accessories I would agree with you. But price gauging ammo or any part of a firearm that is required for it to function should be illegal in every state. And keep in mind, anti price gauging laws are not price setting laws. Price gauging means significantly raising prices due to shortages. The Texas AG never said they are only allowed to charge a set amount.
  12. Yes, I would rather someone buy out all the ammo, or they could have limited how much each customer could buy. OR they could have raised the price by small percentage, but 400% is way over the line. Would you say the same if your local shoprite raised the price of a gallon of milk to $20?
  13. As per the article, ammo is essential in the eyes of the Texas AG. And i'm not asking the government to step in to set prices. What I am saying is that CTD finally got what they deserve for years upon years of price gauging. I have not bought a single item from them since 2007 and never will again. The point is, they race prices on ammo, and other accessories, everytime there is a shortage. And they don't raise the prices by a little, they raises them by 300% or 400%. So in the eyes of Texas, what a wonderful state, ammo falls into the same category as food, water, and medicine.
  14. Cheaper Than Dirt, that is. Texas AG just ordered CTD to refund it's customers over $400k for price gauging during the pandemic. We have all known CTD for being price gaugers for a long time. Looks like they finally got caught with their hands in the cookie jar. Karma is a bitch!!! https://www.statesman.com/story/news/2020/12/16/gun-website-price-gouging-pandemic/3932523001/
  15. No, TTC is over an hour away. I'm in manalapan.
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