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  1. Ok, I have noticed that 3 months of isolation is really wreaking havoc on people's sense of humor
  2. Dem cities tearing themselves apart. And they keep blaming republicans. Are people really that blind to reality that they don't see what is going on?
  3. I am very bad about cleaning my guns. It is my least favorite activity. I clean my 10/22 only after it starts to jam, since it's my only gun that is finicky. All my other guns I clean once or twice a year. But when I do clean them I do a detailed strip down and cleaning.
  4. this is the excuse they are using, and local managers of large corporate chains are also abusing it. This past Sunday I went to the harbor freight in Howell, arrived at the door at 4:50, the store closes at 5, as per the small type paper in the window, right next to the BIG "Store Hours" sign that said ope till 6. But anyway, I arrive 10 minutes before the posted closing time, and they are already closed. Got into a big argument with the manager, his excuse, "WE ARE DISINFECTING". Ok, if you are disinfecting at 4:50 then post your closing time at 4:50, not at 5!
  5. I know that most indoor ranges don't allow bird shot due to possible ricochets, maybe that is where you read it.
  6. I was not aware that bird shot was not allowed. Last time I was there I was shooting bird shot and the RO didn't say anything about it.
  7. You know who the assholes are? The people wearing masks and gloves in their cars, with the windows rolled up. These are the assholes wasting valuable PPE that could be used by those who really need it.
  8. Me at turkey swamp today. And then I went to the archery range
  9. This is posted on the Turkey Swamp website. Hopefully the archery range will be open. All parks will reopen for posted hours this Saturday, May 2nd, with reduced parking and strict social distancing requirements. Restrooms and buildings remain closed, along with some facilities. Additional details to be posted by Friday, May 1st. (posted 4/29/2020)
  10. +100 for Steve at Monmouth Arms. I did 1 transfer with him, an Aero builder kit, direct from Aero, I have bought a few guns from him that were not in stock, and he happily ordered them for me, and at a great price, I bought a few lowers and he has also done MB pinning for me. One thing I can say for sure, if i'm not building it myself, i'm buying it from Steve.
  11. The libs will still find a reason to sue them
  12. Really? IBM is telling companies to stop buyin mainframes? Is that why they are pushing zOS connect as if it's the best thing since sliced bread? IBM is pushing zOS connect to allow shops to expose CICS code as APIs and large compnies are buying into it. Why, because it's easier, and the old addage holds true, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" What I don't understand is why there has to be a new language popping up on a regular basis? What is the driving force other then to create chaos in the industry to have hundreds of different languages that do the same thing? Cobol could have been adopted to run in a distributed environment, and it was tried, but there was no followthru, why? Because there was no money to be made? For those who believe that cobol will die, and believe in all the BS arguments of why it should die. Just keep in mind that those arguments and that belief are older then some people on this board. And will still be around long after most of us retire.
  13. And he is still asking for volunteers. Unbelievable. With the current state of unemployment he should be offering top dollar. $500/hr is my going rate. If he pays me I will be happy to assist.
  14. Ultimate reloader. Gavin something or other. I still need to epoxy those tracks for added support. And I will remake the stand for press out of Oak when I can get out to home depot.
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