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  1. I just got one of their promotion emails from their sales department, and I replied to that email with the following: "Please be aware that as of this moment optics planet, and all subsidiaries, are black listed in my household. Your company has spit in the face of the 2A community by kowtowing to the liberal anti-gun crowd and refusing to sell standard capacity magazines. Please be confident in the fact that I WILL spread the word to all my friends and relatives of this slap in the face and I WILL try my hardest to make sure they black list you as well."
  2. I love rifle rods, best $40 I ever spent. And if your careful enough you can avoid bashing your guns against each other.
  3. If that is the case then they have to make that clear on their product page. I don't mind waiting if I know I will have to wait. But when something says in stock or ships in 1 to 3 days, then that is what I expect. If it's back-ordered takes 2 weeks to ship, I am fine with that as long as I am made aware before I check out. Like you stated, some items you have to wait for to get a good deal, and i'm OK with that, but only if I know that ahead of time.
  4. Not expecting 2 day shipping, but definitely expecting less then 2 week shipping. And like I stated earlier, their site says item ships in 1 to 3 business days, I call them on day 6 and it's on back order. How does that make sense?
  5. where is the STOP sign map?
  6. I agree, this might actually be a good thing for. By adding stricter language to the current "justifiable need" nj will no longer be able to claim that they approve 90%+ applications. This might work in our favor to get a case in front of SCOTUS
  7. depends on which team has the cutest outfits
  8. I screw the super bowl every year. Waste of time, energy, and brain cells.
  9. I always bought for myself and leased for my wife. She always wanted a new car every 2 to 3 years because she could never find something she would want to keep for longer. 2 years ago I leased for myself for the first time, biggest mistake I ever made, only to get lower payments. I love the car but I would have saved in the long run if I bought it initially, because even though I had lower payments I will end up paying more in the long run because I am forced to buy it out due to my excessive miles. I basically got financially screwed on the deal, by about $3k. I will never lease again. And we just bought a car for my wife, no more lease there either.
  10. That is actually funny because this actually happened to me about 17 years ago, when I lived in brooklyn. Had a big Nokia cell phone hanging off my belt. Buying cigs at CVS, pushed my jacket back to reach into my front pocket, an off duty NYPD working security asks me "You have a permit for that?"
  11. I guess we will have to continue having the drag races on 33 then.
  12. I agree, and that is the last time I will make that mistake. Unfortunately I was stupid enough to make that mistake the first time, never again. I just actually got my wife a new car, bought not leased. But i'm stuck because, as I stated earlier, my over mileage will cost me the same as buying the car out. Lucky for me I like my car and have no problem, other then overpaying of course, driving it for at least another 5 years.
  13. I wanted to do just that, and run the business out of my house about 5 years ago. Called NJSP, and was told, no problem, just fill out the forms and if ATF approves, they will approve. But was told to check with the township first. That is where I hit a brick wall. Apparently Manalapan does not allow a store front business to be run outside of a dwelling, even though Englishtown, Marlboro, and all other surrounding townships allow it. If you are willing, I would say go for it. Just like any other business, just as long as you are willing to put in the time, effort, and money. I wish you luck if you decide to pull the trigger.
  14. i'm in the same boat, with the amount of my over mileage it will actually be cheaper for me to buy the car out. As previously stated, some dealers and/or manufacturers will pay for the over mileage themselves just to sell you a new car, but that depends on how much over you are.
  15. i'm good with that. Let me know when your production line starts up, I need 2 for for .223, 1 for .308, and 1 for AK.