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  1. Ok, I admit I have not been keeping up with this topic and if my question has already been answered, sorry, I just don't feel like reading thru this entire thread. So if I have an anderson lower laying around that I bought a long time ago and never built up. I can slap a 12.5 inch upper with a bird cage on it, put on a pistol brace and a VFG and I will be 100% legal? Edit: and the dopes at R14 won't bother me about it?
  2. Keep in mind that the USPS is basically a government job, I know semantics, but the employees don't care and will not jump over hurdles for you. As far as UPS Store is concerned. As mentioned earlier, a UPS Store is NOT UPS, it's a franchise. Same holds true for UPS and Fedex authorized shipping locations such as Staples and Walgreens, they WILL NOT accpt firearms. If you want to ship firearms via UPS or Fedex you need to either take it to a customer counter or hand it to the driver, it must be second day air at least for pistols, and must require an adult signature. And finally, there should be absolutely no indication of the packages contents anywhere on the outside of the box, but you do have to tell the UPS or Fedex employee that it is a firearm so they can place it in the cage for security purposes.
  3. First thing I would like to know is where do these 2,700 people who responded to this survey live. Do they live in NYC, LA, Northern Jersey, or do they live in the south or mid-west? If they live anywhere in the northeast or west coast then I can see how this might be true since living expenses are often greater then salaries. A person making $100,000 in NYC is A LOT worse off then someone making the same salary in South Carolina for example. Another issue I see, as many have already mentioned, is personal habits of these people. I can tell you from personal example of my own. I had a few friends, liberals, hence the emphasis on HAD, with similar salaries as my wife and I that would eat at expensive restaurants at least 3 times a week while my wife and I shopped for food at shoprite and used coupons. Needless to say they were always crying how they always had money problems and couldn't even get a mortgage because their credit was crap. While my wife and I both have new cars, fully paid off, and a mortgage that is almost paid off, and perfect credit on top of that. So just because 2,700 people have trouble living paycheck to paycheck, that is absolutely no indication of the economy as a whole. As a matter of fact, I do believe that this is another attempt by the libs to paint a bad picture of the economy.
  4. 686-4, circa 1994 I believe, you would have to take ammo also. PM me if interested. I hate photobucket soooooo much.
  5. That's not what you wrote, is it? "Think about it, do you really think these gas jockeys are that technologically connected that they're hiding card readers in their pockets, scanning your cards. They're gas jockeys NOT rocket scientists.... Plus, they are being watched on camera, 24/7."
  6. I know that, if you read my remarks you will notice that I was referring SPECIFICALLY to CMjeepster saying that he uses CC at wawa for gas.
  7. That's where you are wrong. This is not news, these card readers are not that rare nor that expensive. Here you go, this story is 2 years old but it started long before that. https://www.eater.com/2017/12/27/13676606/credit-card-fraud-restaurant-how-to-protect-yourself " Skimmer: “A skimmer is a small device that attaches to a reader,” says Yinzhi Cao, an assistant professor of computer science and engineering at Lehigh University. “When a credit card is swiped, the skimmer captures the magnetic field, and then collects it, saving the data of everyone who swipes.” While skimmers are most often used at ATMs and gas stations, they’ve been used at restaurants before (like in the New York case mentioned above). “It’s starting to become more prevalent at restaurants,” Carter says. “Usually it’s the waitstaff — they get your credit card, and they have skimmers that are so small they can be held in the palm of your hand.”"
  8. Last time my cc number was stolen was from a wawa gas purchase. The attendant most likely had a scanner in his pocket.
  9. I always used 1 card at wawa, had it changed the day the news came out. I have had my credit card number stolen so many times already that I only pay cash for gas and restaurants, and only keep 1 active credit card, easier to keep track of.
  10. What happens if the hearing does not occur within 30 days? Is that an automatic approval or will that be ignored just like every other 30 day deadline in NJ?
  11. I had the same issue with my 2008 VW Passat. Now I have a 2 door, so no more rear windows.
  12. WOW, you guys are spoiled. This is my situation every year, I only get 1 gun a year. Last year I didn't get any only because the year before I got 3. That is my self imposed limit so that I can spend the money on other hobbies.
  13. This makes no sense. What's the point of keeping the buffer tube?
  14. So let me get this straight. You basically blacklisted Gander because Paypal restricts paying for gun parts ?
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