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  1. All my pistol mags are standard capacity, such as 13rds XDM 45 and 12rds USP 45. So if I wanted to I can sell them for more then pennies on the dollar. Only those mags that are neutered are useless.
  2. Yes and no. As per ebay policy they only allow 10 rounders or less.
  3. Ok, so if you call in a tip, who will respond local PD or NJSP? If it's Local PD do you think they will arrest the mayor or do you think they will visit the return address on that package?
  4. forget about the mayor, send all the 15 rounders to Sweeney and Weinberg.
  5. So can we still enjoy our 15rnd mags for the next 180 days? Or will someone at R14 rat me out?
  6. All my standard capacity pistol mags and my 15 round AR mags are going to my cousin's house in PA. But I need 10 round mags to replace them. And I think it would be a good idea to get them sooner t=rather then later to avoid a run on them resulting in price gauging.
  7. here is their corporate forum. Have at it, from the comments already there looks like you will be in good company http://www.corporate-office-headquarters.com/dicks-sporting-goods
  8. So how long do we wait to find out if and when we need to start buying 10 rnd mags?
  9. I was just thinking the same thing, you would have 180 days to see what works best.
  10. So, the other day I was cleaning my Stag model 8 and noticed that the piston return spring was broken. I figured the gun was ~10 years old, and springs are bound to fail. So after not being able to find the spring online I called Stag figuring I would buy a few, just in case. Now, this gun is 10 years old and has the old CMMG piston system wereas the new model 8 has the AA piston system. But I figured Stag would hopefully still stock the old parts, but to my dismay they did not. And just as I was bracing myself to hear the CS rep tell me "sorry, those are discontinued", he instead says "send your upper in and we will swap out the gas block for you", and they sent me a prepaid UPS label to boot. WOW, I was dumb founded. So I send the upper in, drop it off at the UPS customer counter last Thursday, Friday late morning it's delivered. Now I'm happy and figure in 2 weeks I'll get my upper back in full working condition. LateFriday afternoon, same day, I get an email from Stag that my repair was completed and on its way back, WOW again. Today I come home and my upper was waiting for me, and not just a new gas block but the entire new piston system including a new BCG. Now, I know that Stag is not one of the top brands and I know that they have had their share of legal problems due to bad record keeping. But in my experience, their customer service is top notch and the best I have seen so far.
  11. I can't speak to the accuracy issues you might or might not have by doing that swap. But I would definitely NOT go to a gunsmith who is not familiar with NJ laws. You can have a FH if that is the only "evil" feature you have on a semi-auto rifle. But if you put on a FH you can never add a pistol grip, bayo mount, or grenade launcher.
  12. So it is possible that, if the rental is from Texas it was in there already and he really didn't look in the glove box. Unlikely but possible
  13. Yes, I am still married to the same woman, lol. My wife knows that I am joking when I say that.
  14. it's not only comcast, it's all cable companies that shaft their loyal customers, they have absolutely no loyalty to their loyal customers. I cut the cords about 4 years ago because optimum would not give me the same offer as they do to new customers, even though I have been with them for over 20 years. I put an antenna in my attic and, about 20 broadcast channels and I have netflix. Never really had a need to ever call optimum back in search of new offers. To be honest, I would get rid of them all together if I didn't need them for internet.