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  1. I'm thinking the same thing. Also the fact that they are charging twice as much as some mid-west dealers only supports that fact.
  2. Yeah, everything I've read says TTY and GM recommends chamging them. That's why I was surprised and confused when I heard dealers don't stock them. That is why I am asking hear, trying to dig a little further. Finding and buying them is not the issue. The issue is, due I really need to replace them. Logically I do, but reading many people using loctite and dealers not stocking them makes me think that GM is just trying to make a profit by requiring an additional $160 worth of bolts for what should be a $300 brake job.
  3. Yeah, I check. Got part numbers from 4 of the dealers and all match, but not a single NJ dealer has them in stock and they average $10 each, and I need 8. They are more expensive on ebay. Found them in stock at some mid-west dealers for about $6 each. But that still doesn't explain why they wouldn't have them in stock if they are a required replacement parts for brake jobs. Even the guide rod bolts are required replacement parts and the dealers don't have them in stock either, at $12 each. But those I found aftermarket for $5 for the wheel set, guide rods and bolts.
  4. Just to start let me say that I worked my way thru high school and college as a mechanic and have been working on my own cars ever since, so this information is very perplexing for me and I need help. So, i'm getting ready to change out the brake pads and rotors on my car, 2015 Camaro ls, ordered the pads, rotors, and fixed my leaking jack. While doing some more research I come across many online posts that state that the caliper bracket bolts, which secure the caliper bracket to the upright need to be replaced because they are TTY and are one time use only, according to GM. Ok, i'm fine with that, in the hundreds of brake jobs that I have done I have never replaced those bolts, but ok, not a problem. So I call one Chevy dealer, not in stock, another dealer, not in stock, 10 Chevy dealers and not a single one of them have these bolts in stock. It's not a problem ordering them but it makes me wonder, if GM recommends changing out these bolts, and they are a replacement part for any standard brake job, weather the rotor is being replaced or turned, then why don't any dealers have them in stock? Seams kind of counter intuitive. So let me ask the professionals here who are much wiser then me in these matters. Do these bolts really need to be swapped out? And are dealers swapping them out when performing brake jobs, if they don't have them in stock?
  5. Shooting at R14, they tell you to leave brass if you don't want it. Shooting at an indoor range, grab a broom when your done, and a minute later it's clean. No need to pick up. Like I said earlier, my OCD makes me want to pick up my own brass only, I don't want anyone elses brass, period. Even when I mark my brass and wait till the end to pick it up, I still emd up looking for my marked brass and not picking up anyone elses, it is a major pain in the a$$, at least for me, and I don't want to do it anymore.
  6. That's a great idea, I will definitely look into that.
  7. That is your opinion and you are entitled to it. For me, having to pick up brass diminishes the enjoyment of shooting, plain and simple. Everyone has their own reasons, this is mine.
  8. I was looking at PA sales, great prices on most things I need for my AR .308 build. I wasn't ready to pull the trigger yet however, funds are low right now. They also had the GS2 triggers for $132 I think. Anyone know how PA sales are for black friday? I have a feeling I will be on a shopping spree at that point? I did pick up a Luth-AR stock 2 weeks ago from PA for $104, and an Aero .308 LPK for $69.99. I love PA when they have a sale.
  9. I still have a lot of .223, .45, 9mm, .308, .44, and .357 brass. I will continue to reload until that is all gone. Maybe, as someone said, I just need a brake from picking up brass, we will see. All I know is that I am not picking up any more brass for the foreseeable future. Maybe I will eventually find a brass catcher that actually works without having me contort myself to shoot almost touching it.
  10. I have the magpul m-lok sling mount, it mounts very solid, no issues. I however user the standard 1.25 sling swivel, I personally have not found a reason for the more expensive sling swivels, but my life does not depend on them on a regular basis so i'm not quite sure how they will hold up in the long run.
  11. Well, just called the NJSP technology group, spoke to a really nice guy. But he told me that it's a very grey area, he basically said "I might think it's ok but the next guy might not". He said I can do what I want but he would not do it himself, too much risk. Well looks like it's a no go, unless the NJSP puts out an opinion letter, which I doubt will ever happen. It was worth a try, thanks a lot everyone.
  12. Nope, it's not, that's why i am trying to find out first. I might give NJSP a call later.
  13. Like I said in my original post, I don't have a problem with reloading, it's picking up brass that annoys me. For some reason it just makes my time at the range so much less enjoyable, so much so that sometimes I don't want to go because I dreading picking up brass.
  14. My primary purpose is not to have to pin it, flash suppressor, muzzle brake, makes no difference. Cheaper and easier to swap out a grip then a pinned muzzle device when i finally get out of this state.
  15. That's because in CA your not allowed any evil features. At least here in PRNJ we are allowed 1, for now