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  1. Not sure yet, just going off reviews for now. But it's similar to titegroup as far as size and shape. And I love the way titegroup meters.
  2. Problem is I want to load them in volume on my progressive press and I haven't had much luck getting an accurate load with 8208 out of the powder drop. And anyway, I have 4 pounds I need to use up
  3. Yep, that was me. And thanks again for the keychains
  4. Yep. And had the whole family with me
  5. Ok, just got back from the range, and here is the story. With OAL at 2.210, I still did not get lock back with my SPR, however, it did lock back ONCE, and ONLY ONCE, at 26.2gr, so it's right there. Now the SPR is a 20" rifle length barrel with a rifle buffer tube. I also tested all loads in my other 2 ARs, and in both I got lock back consistently with ALL LOADS. My other 2 ARs are: 16" Mid-length with carbine buffer tube and 16" Carbine length piston with carbine buffer tube So I guess my only choices are keep my 68gr with 8208 loads for my SPR and load the 55gr with CFE223 for my other 2 ARs. Or Swap out the buffer or buffer spring, not sure which one, on my SPR. Suggestions??? By the way, I also made up some .308 loads for my AR10 with CFE223 and Hornady 150gr spire points (got 900 free last year with my press purchase), and got some real nice loads at 47.6gr.
  6. I bought 4 pounds for now, Ixm hoping to use it for my .308 plinking ammo also. Anyway, I took the OAL down to 2.210. Couldn't take it down any further because the canalure already disappeared. I will try them out again this weekend. Hopefully bringing it down from 2.235 to 2.210 will do the trick. I will also test with my carbine and mid-length rifles.
  7. That's not encouraging news. The only reason I got this powder was because of how well it meters to crank out large numbers of plinking ammo.
  8. i'm going to try seating them down to 2.2 and see what happens. I seated then same as the 68gr loads without even thinking about it, but the 55gr pills are quite a bit smaller so they are definitely taking up less room in the case.
  9. This plinking ammo only. I need to test it with my carbine and mid-length rifles also.
  10. I stated originally that it ejects at around 5 oclock, so it's under powered. Why would I want an adjustable gas block when other ammo works? I am tayloring the ammo to the gun, not the gun to the ammo.
  11. My brass is trimmed to 1.748. Inll try to get my COL to 2.2 and see what happens. Thanks.
  12. The action cycles just fine at all loads, just doesn't lock back on empty. I tried my 68gr reloads at the same time and the bcg locked back with those. And interestingly, those have a velocity of 2900fps
  13. Unfortunately I sold my chrony last year, so no velocity numbers. Primers show no sign of over pressure. Standard rifle buffer and rifle length gas system, non adjustable. Just as an fyi, it spits out factory pmc bronze 55gr all day with no issues, so I don't think it's the bullet weight. The funny thing is that it cycle with no issues. It just needs that extra mm or 2 to lock back.
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