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  1. Maybe the guy saw your post on this forum and decided to do the right thing.
  2. Nope, they are 50 cal
  3. What is the difference between the academy cans and the harbor freight cans? Harbor freight has them for $9.99 also, till 11/30.
  4. i'm in as well, I don't mind getting denied. But we need to do it all at once, flood them with applications.
  5. What age kids do you have? Manalapan k thru 8 is a bit better, 9 thru 12, both towns are good. Englishtown PD turnaround on FPID and PPP apps is around 6 weeks, not sure about Marlboro but should not be bad, the entire county is right leaning. Marlboro property taxes and house prices are a bit higher. 30 to 40 min from range 14. As FFLs go you have HGW, legend firearms, and the best FFL I have ever used, Steve at monmouth arms, all within 15 min drive. But to be honest, you can't go wrong with either Marlboro or Manalapan.
  6. I'm not trying to sway you, do what you want, that was just my opinion. Why? Because I personally care more about my freedom and family then I do about NOT COMPLYING just to get arrested and possibly lose my job and 2A rights for ever. There is a better way to get results in my opinion. And that is stay legal and fight the laws in the courts and thru peaceful demonstrations. Now, if everyone decided not to comply at once and march in the streets with their 15 round mags at once, making it impossible to arrest anyone, then that is a whole different ball game. But you know as well as I that will never happen, but I do hope i'm wrong. But since you decided to NOT COMPLY, then why don't you go full bore, unpin that stock, put on a flash hider, bayo mouny, and grenade launcher, and get a beta mag. That vs just a 15 round mag will yield the same results in this ass backwards state.
  7. That wasn't my point. If you look back at my posts I was strictly refering to buying up things that could be banned, before they are banned. I was trying to make the point that since no previous nj bill allowed for grandfathering, buying up what could be banned makes no sense.
  8. You keep saying "I WILL NOT COMPLY", are you saying you will be taking your 15 round mags to the range if they implement a 10 round limit, or will you keep them in your safe collecting dust? Do you take 30 round mags to the range today??? If you are going to keep them in the safe, as most will end up doing, then what use are they?
  9. Just take a look at all the anti gun bills Christy vetoed, those same bills will most likely be re-introduced after January. How many of them have a grandfather clause?
  10. Show me one single piece of NJ anti gun legislation that had a grandfather clause.
  11. I'm not taking that chance. Are you? Let's look at the options: Option 1 Keep all your stuff that WILL become illegal, can't use it anyway, must STILL buy LEGAL stuff to be able to enjoy time at the range. Take a chance of being caught, spend 10s of thousands on legal fees, possibly end up in prison and never be able to enjoy your 2A rights for the rest of your life. Option 2 Keep all your stuff that WILL become illegal, BUT store it out of state, must STILL buy LEGAL stuff to enjoy time at the range. Stay LEGAL without risking legal problems. Get the hell out of NJ first chance you get. Be reunited with all your stuff once you are in a free state. I choose option 2
  12. The problem with this is that unlike the federal AWB there would be no grandfathering, so you wouldn't be able to use all that after the ban. You can stash it in your safe or move it out of state, but it be be useless in NJ. If they put in a grandfathering clause then it makes sense, but that is highly doubtful in this ass backwards state. It probably makes more financial sense to buy 10 round mags now, before the rush, move your 15 round mags out of state, and get out of the state when possible. This is not a defeatist attitude, this is just a logical way of thinking to stay legal until I can move to PA, 2.5 years and counting. And yes, all my soon to be illegal items are going to my cousins house in PA, once they become illegal here.
  13. You're right, much better. That thing looks mean.
  14. My latest .308 build