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  1. Mine was submitted on 9/19 and nothing yet
  2. I would shop at the ATF store. A bottle of grey goose and a new 1911, one stop shopping
  3. So what date are they on now? Mine was submitted on 9/19
  4. I think this belongs here https://nypost.com/2022/09/16/truck-believed-to-be-full-of-sex-toys-overturns-on-oklahoma-i-40-highway/amp/
  5. Yes, approx 5 lbs. I'll throw in a half full container of lemishine.
  6. No, they did not charge me. I was just curious since is was my first experience with fars. I obviously have not bought a pistol in a while. I need to catch up.
  7. Still selling a lot of stuff. No takers? I need to fund more gun purchases.
  8. Here is a question to the masses. I applied for 3 pistol purchase permits. Why did my approval email include a link to a digital FID card? I've had a physical FID card for 20 years.
  9. beat you to it, I already placed the order with Steve
  10. Got my 3 permits at 4am this morning, 3 weeks to process. Already placed an order for my first gun .
  11. P30SK, P30, HK45. All V3 with safety. P30SK first so I can do my qualification.
  12. Well, I woke up this morning to the good news. Got my permits, 3 weeks. Time to go shopping. For anyone else in Manalapan, the email says the permits will auto renew after 90 days unless your PD blocks it. Does Manalapan PD block the auto renewal?
  13. Any updates on this? I will be buying some new pistols soon and would much rather get them with standard capacity mags.
  14. Congrats. And I'm happy they removed the NRA requirement. Maybe now I will consider joining as well.
  15. Just make sure sure the camera is not on, lol. I'm on teams calls all day, half of them with the camera on.
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