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  1. This was put into effect on 1/1/2019. I have all my non-gun stuff shipped to my parents house in brooklyn just for this reason.
  2. MartyZ

    Things gun people say that annoy you...

    Any time someone says this to me, I reply with "Good, I can always use a decoy"
  3. You find a small part you lost months ago and have since replaced? I know this happened to most everyone, especially with small AR parts. A few months ago I was working on my SPR, changing out handguard, GB, and painting small parts, purely for aesthetics. Well, in the midst of taking my AR apart I lost the 2 side plates for the KNS anti walk pins. I looked everywhere for hours, then I finally chalked it up be being vacuumed up and thrown away, and I ordered a new set. Anyway, I was cleaning up the work bench this weekend and I noticed that my magnetic parts tray was not sitting flat on the table but was a bit canted. Well I picked it up to look at what it was sitting on. Low and behold ... Of course, I was able to use them on one of my other ARs. But I spend hours looking for them and not once did I think of looking under the MAGNETIC parts tray.
  4. MartyZ

    Stag arms nightmare

    I'm sorry to here about your issues. I have actually had very good experiences with their products and CS. Just a few months ago they completely swapped out the entire gas piston system on my 10+ year old Model 8, for free. Like others have stated, must have been a timing issue with shot show. Not saying that excuses their behavior, but it could have been a factor.
  5. That is actual not bad
  6. Looking for a reputable car electronics place in Manalapan/Marlboro/Freehold and surrounding areas. Need remote start, new head unit, and back up camera installed in a 2015 camaro, probably in the summer. Thanks.
  7. MartyZ

    AR pics, lets see'um!

    wrong, try again
  8. MartyZ

    AR pics, lets see'um!

    Nope. Marty is my nickname. It's easier to pronounce then my legal name for most that don't speak russian.
  9. MartyZ

    AR pics, lets see'um!

    Who is this Martin you speak of???
  10. MartyZ

    Looking for a dual 30mm scope ring

    good call. I have 2 of these and I love them. Light as hell and screw on solid, absolutely no wiggle.
  11. MartyZ

    AR pics, lets see'um!

    I made some cosmetic and functional mods to my 20" SPR. replaced the standard GB (cut it off) with the YHM hinged GB, replaced the 15" samson evo forend with the 17" strike rail, added magpul offset BUIS and painted a few choice parts with wheel paint.
  12. https://youtu.be/hgMn4u61z8c
  13. Liberals are Oxen and Morons
  14. MartyZ

    Anybody want to work at Picatinny?

    Not anymore, at least not for management. not since last year. Any IT management openings?
  15. MartyZ

    Anybody want to work at Picatinny?

    The no beards, criminal records, alcohol, I can understand. But what do you mean by no guns? No guns at the facility or at all?

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