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  1. That, and more toys to put on it.
  2. You know you guys are really making me feel that my collection is insignificant. You guys suck and now I need to go shopping.
  3. Working on it. Have a couple AR builds in progress.
  4. That is awesome. I wish I had the fortitude to do something like that, but i'm too lazy.
  5. Very Nice Bob, congrats.
  6. You can get the maqpul mags for $9.99 when on sale from many different online retailers. I think primary arms has them for that price right now, or at least they did last week.
  7. I can't believe I am on this forum trying to convince people not to incriminate themselves, . I am done with this argument!
  8. No tin foil hat. Where do you think Smurphy will find those "one or two guys to use as "pawns" and make an example out of"??? Maybe he will scour the internet for people proclaiming that they will not comply? Like I said, everyone is free to do what ever they want. All I am saying is that advertising your intentions to "not comply" on the interwebs is just asking to be those 1 or 2 test cases.
  9. Do whatever you want. You want to give the AG PC for a warrant, be my guest.
  10. Let's see, for most of the last decade we had Christy, who vetoed all anti gun bills. Now, we have Smurphy, and whether or not he will have the SP or AG go door to door, or have ranges rat people out, I don't know. But it's not in the realm of impossibility. My point is, why people would advertise on the internet that they are planning to brake the law, no matter how unconstitutional that law is, is beyond me.
  11. Here is what I don't understand, and I have said this many times on here in the past. Those who continuously say "I will not comply", or those who say "these mags are stating right here with me", will you REALLY be taking these mags to the range after December if the injunction does not go thru? If you are, then I really hope you can afford the legal problems to follow, both financial and emotional. If you are not, then you are COMPLYING. Whether you destroy them, sell them, send them out of state, or hide them under your floor boards, you are complying. Now, for those that do plan on keeping their mags at home, WHY THE HELL WOULD YOU ADVERTISE THAT HERE OR ANYWHERE ELSE? You do realize that others read these boards and if Smurphy really wants to make a point don't you think he will have the AG's office scour the internet looking for NJ residents who advertise that "They will not comply", seriously? This is not a tin foil hat moment, this has been proven to be a realistic scenario through out history, even recent history, just look at Florida. As others on this thread have mentioned, THINK before posting your intentions on the interwebs!!!
  12. I need to buy a boat so I can have a boating accident
  13. mine are all in a box. If the law does not get overturned by October then that box gets shipped to my cousin in PA or my friend in FL. I am not getting rid of anything, especially not the $70 USP 45 mags.
  14. Yep. I bought that 10/22 for my sun to learn on and red is his favorite color
  15. I know we had a photo thread somewhere but I couldn't find it. I was taking pictures for insurance purposes and decided that, since I spent 2 hours on this and I had everything out of the safe, might as well take 1 large portrait. I'm happy to say it had to be a ariel image . Enjoy and add your own portraits.