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  1. I'm hoping someone was wise enough to go and buy a bunch of $10 pmags and sell them back for $25.
  2. Well, here we go, plastic to plastic epoxy. This is as permanent as it will get, that floor plate is not moving anywhere. And believe me, I tried.
  3. how much were the mags you destroyed worth to you?
  4. I went the other direction, I spent all Sunday cutting and epoxying magblocks and then epoxying those magblocks to the release hole in the baseplates of 23 magazines. Holy cow, my fingers are still sore, but I saved about $1k.
  5. No, no, no. They are hazardous starting today, they were still ok on Friday.
  6. dropped off my box of 15 round AR mags at the PO Friday morning, this morning they were delivered to my friends door step in FL. The only question I was asked is "Any live animals, hazardous materials, or liquids?", that is all they care about at the PO.
  7. All my 15 round AR mags are currently in the possession of the USPS, on their way to FL. And ironically, they are in a "Target" box.
  8. Simple answer, cost. I have 9 USP45 mags which, 10 rounders are currently going for $70 at the cheapest. So that's either spend $630 replacing them, and hope I get half for my 12 rounders. Or, spend $45 (9 magblocks) and be done with it. I also have 7 VP9 mags and 7 XDM mags. It all adds up. Edit: As far as legal issues go, if 15/30 AR mags were always legal as long as the floor plate was non-removable, then how would this be different?
  9. That's the answer I was actually waiting for . Epoxy the release button, makes it permanently unalterable without power tools. And absolutely anything can be altered with power tools.
  10. Yes, that's how it's always been Here you go, 10 rnd vp9 mags
  11. Yeah, saw that too. They are a CA company and that is legal in CA, but not NJ because it's not "permanent"
  12. Ray, here you go, best of both worlds https://www.kohls.com/product/prd-1527807/casio-watch-mens-g-shock-tough-solar-atomic-black-resin-digital-chronograph.jsp?skuid=94465094&ci_mcc=ci&utm_campaign=CASELINE WATCHES&utm_medium=CSE&utm_source=google&utm_product=94465094&CID=shopping15&utm_campaignid=174293612&pid=googleadwords_int&af_channel=CSE&gclid=Cj0KCQiAi57gBRDqARIsABhDSMqvL1EM6bUkgtOCudRdRZkzoO8GO__lkohBktAQl08zh_chc06liFgaAl73EALw_wcB&gclsrc=aw.ds
  13. I know some of you are planning to use or already have used magblocks for your pistol mags. I will be shipping the bulk of my magazines to FL but I figured i'll hold a few back and try out these magblocks. So I have a few on the way along with their machinable epoxy. My question is primarily with the epoxy. Most pistol magazines, aside from glock, are metal with plastic floor plates, so how are you guys applying the epoxy? Are you applying it around the entire rim, in a few spots around the rim? Or, are you guys applying the epoxy in the hole at the bottom of the floor plate to glue the floor plate to the insert? Inquiring minds want to know.
  14. Nope, doesn't meet NJ requirements. Must be a vice or you are not compliant. Thry WILL check for the jaw marks!
  15. About making them inoperable, what if you take the springs out and store them elsewhere? Are the mags now technically inoperable?