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  1. f'ing Corzine, of course
  2. I'm wondering if this will hold muster in NJ. A bit pricy but easily reversible. https://www.compmag.net/ar-15-compmag/
  3. I still can't get the stench out of my car completely, even after cleaning all th upholstry twice, including the headliner.
  4. I agree with others, cold turkey. It will be 1 year since I had my last cigarette on Nov 1. I also quit for almost 5 uears about 10 years ago. And both times, only cold turkey worked. I tried everything, patch, chantix, gum, vape, and nothing helped. And to be honest, people telling you to quit only makes it worse. The only way I have been able to quit is cold turkey, and by wanting to quit. There is a big difference between wanting to quit and thinking you want to quit because your wife, kids, friends, etc... talked you into it. You need to really want to quit!
  5. So I came home after a couple drinks at my friends house, and with a clear head, figured i'd do the sharpie test. And it was definitive, I feel like a total idiot, should have done it hours. So the problem isn't the bullets or the crimp, the problem was the shoulder. Two batches of brass, one resized with lee die and one with hornady die, both with the same issue. Even though the dies where bottomed out, the shoulder was still a few mm too high. I had to cam over to bump the shoulder back enough. So now, the canolure (I will never be able to spell this correctly) is in the right place, am able to put a slight crimp on it, and getting a OAL of 2.76, and both guns chamber perfectly. Thanks for all your help guys, much appreciated. Notice scratches in sharpie marks around shoulder.
  6. That roll was caused by the cheap lee deburing tool, it was there before I seated the bullet. But that could be it. I will check it when I get back home.
  7. AE 150 on the left Thanks Chris, I was going to buy some sierra match kings also for the Savage. But I was going to use these for plinking ammo, I have 900 bullets, I need to use them somewhere.
  8. That's correct, factory ammo works just fine.
  9. No, using standard hornady dies. I have the hornady 10th addition manual and an older lee manual. Also using hodgon's website for cross reference since I will be using CFE223 for plinking ammo. So are you saying that I need to load it short? I don't think I have a short free bore on both barrels. What about the canalluerm why would it be so low?
  10. I did not test for longest OAL that will fit in the mag, but maximum OAL, by the book, is 2.8, but I am loading it to 2.685. The factory AE 150gn FMJs are loaded to 2.693 and the canolluer is where it's supposed to be. When I say rim of the bullet I mean the par sticking out just past the case, above the canolluer and before the ogive. If you look at the picture you will see a horizontal scratch where it gets stuck in the chamber.
  11. Ok, so up till no i've been reloading .223, .45, 9mm, with no issues what so ever. Today I started setting up to reload .308, I have 900 Hornady 150gr Interlock SP that I got from the LNL rebate last year and figured I should start reloading for my AR10. I have had nothing but trouble with these bullets. So i'm setting up my bullet seat die and the first problem I find is, with the case trimmed BELOW suggested trim length, trimmed to 2.000 (recommended 2.0005) and the cannaluer (sp.) goes down below the rim of the case with OAL at 2.685 (factory AE ammo is 2.693 AOL), so I can't crimp. Second problem is that even below factory ammo AOL the rim of the bullet gets stuck in the chambers of both my AR10 and my Savage BA, see pic below. I already destroyed my cleaning rod trying to knock the bullet out of the AR10 chamber. You can even see the bullet being pulled out when extracting. I went thru at least 10 cases and 10 bullets and I still can't get this to work. Is there something wrong with these bullets? Are they designed to be loaded long and used in extra long chambers? Any and all help is greatly appreciated. Disclamer, I was just testing bullet seating depth, there was no primer or powder in the bullet.
  12. Oh, he's not giving it up. We took it to the range this morning, runs perfect.
  13. I might if my son decides he wants it. But I personally like the contrast.