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  1. it was .3gr below max in Hodgdon's manual and 2.8gr above max in hornady's
  2. ok, so I worked up some loads of 55gr FMJBT with H335, with the highest load being 25gr and got an average of 3002fps with a 22fps spread out of a 20" .223 wylde barrel. There were absolutely no signs of over pressure but I couldn't judge the timing since I had a brass catcher attached. So the question is. Should I be happy with this load or should I try going up a bit to get higher speeds? I also loaded some 68gr hornady HPBT with Varget (have a pound I need to use up) and got an average 2876fps with 26gr compressed, with no overpressure signs.
  3. MartyZ

    Jersey legal?

    The first glock that looks good in my opinion. But the name is quite well suited to it's shape, "Block 19".
  4. Ok, thanks everyone, I won't overthink it. Now, how high and how thick should the berm be? will be shooting 9mm, .45, .357 mag, .44 mag, .223, and .308 at it.
  5. He does live on the land, it's his primary residence, but no berm yet. He just bought it a month ago. I was planning on going down there ahead of time to help him put up a berm. Rosey, I will pm you later with my contact info. I'm a little inundated with meetings today. Thanks.
  6. looks like i'll continue to go to the range. I don't want to shoot his guns, all he has is 22s. I hate NJ.
  7. I know that he can shoot on his property. My question is more about transporting to his land and me shooting my guns on his property since it's not a "range". With these idiotic NJ laws, I don't want to end up with legal issues.
  8. So my cousin just bought 50 acres of farm land in southern jersey. Assuming there are no "no discharge" ordinance and I have his full permission to shoot on his land. Can I transport my firearms to his house, and can I shoot on his land? Or does it have to be a designated shooting range?
  9. For sale, custom Zastava M77. Not recognizable from new model, all magpul furniture, and ceracoted magpul FDE. Comes with 1 original magazine and 4 ccspec 10 round magazines. The original magazine is honestly a piece of junk. Also includes ceracoted MI mount. The only reason i'm selling is because I tried being an AK fan but just cant. I prefer my AR10. Asking $1,200 as seen in picks. First "i'll take it" wins. If you think the price is too high and want to negotiate, please do so via PM. I will pay transfer fees but transfer has to happen in the 07726 area, so Monmouth arms or HGW. buyer must have machine DL and FID, and all the other legalize crap that is required. Edit: PM me if you need more close up photos.
  10. The chrono has a built in tripod threaded insert. The sandbag is a good idea, thanks.
  11. I got the prochrono dlx. I also have a heavy duty video camera tripod that I can use.
  12. Ok, i'm resurrecting this extremely old thread, haven't done much shooting in the last 1 and a half due to other priorities. But i'm back to shooting and reloading. And I have playing with some new loads for 55 gr plinking ammo with H335. And now I finally got a chrono. Here is my next dilemma. I called Range 14 to ask about their policy on using chronos and they said it was fine as long as it's right in front of the station. The directions for the chrono however state that is has to be at least 10 feet away. would shooting thru the chrono from about a foot away be a problem? Has anyone had issue at range 14 with putting their chronos 10 feet out?
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