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  1. Guys, no offense, but if you want people to believe you on what is and isn't legal in NJ you might want to update the mag capacity restriction for NJ on your site from 15 to 10.
  2. Not to throw another wrench into the equation, but how will the whole NJ "Constructive Intent" issue be considered when you have other ARs in the house? If you have another AR, a rifle with a stock, in your possession?
  3. I know this is probably a long shot but can't NV sue NJ for preying on their businesses?
  4. Just so that I am clear, since it's not considered an "assault weapon", if it's OAL is 26" or greater, it can have a FH and it doesn't have to be pinned on?
  5. I can just imagine the look on the ROs face first time one of these is uncased at Range 14.
  6. I'm just worried about this 1 year. Once he turns 18, there are no issues, he gets everything.
  7. I thought it was 18 to own and 21 to buy. But in either case, as per the lawyer, you can't give to anyone temporarily, this holds true for everythig, not gun specific. It either stays in the estate under the control of the executor until beneficiary reaches specified age, or goes to the beneficiary right away. What he didn't know are the laws regarding executors and firearms.
  8. Yes, I agree, I will definitely have a specific firearms clause in the will, and so will my wife since she will be the primary beneficiary.
  9. This question is and is not gun related to a degree, more of a legal question. Mods please relocate if necessary. So anyway, my wife and I are working on our wills and unfortunately the lawyer I am using knows absolutely nothing about NJ gun laws. His services are free, so i'm not complaining too much. Anyway, I need clarification on one particular item. We are leaving everything to our kids once they turn 21 but we will have an executor controlling the money until they turn 21. As for all my toys however, I want my older son to have them when he turns 18. The issue is that he is 17 now and if both myself and my wife die tomorrow, can the executor legally hold onto the guns until my son turns 18? The assumption here is that the executor CAN legally own firearms in NJ, but, does not hold an FPID. And then give them to my son when he turns 18? And will the executor, and/or my son, need pistol purchase permits? As always, any and all help is greatly appreciated.
  10. Did you even read ANY of my previous posts? I'm not the one fear mongering, i'm the one saying that Nappen is fear mongering and putting these stupid ideas into peoples heads!!! And that if it wasn't for Nappen, LEOs, and others, would have no reason to think that a loaded magazine MIGHT be considered a loaded firearm. Please read before you respond!!!
  11. Yes, "Loaded Firearm", because Nappen pounded that into their heads.
  12. An LEO does not have to be unsophisticated to believe what a lawyer said. How many laws do LEOs need to remember? How many of these laws can they remember word for word? LEOs hear that loaded magazines MAY be illegal, many of them probably don't even know where they originally heard it from. So if you are an LEO, and you pull somebody over and notice they have a loaded magazine in their car, and in the back of your mind you remember that "loaded magazines MAY be illegal", what would you do? Would you ignore it, or would you arrest that person and let the DA decide what to do?
  13. I don't care about the prosecuter at this point, I care about an LEO arresting me for something a lawyer said MAY be illegal. By the time it gets to the prosecutor I will be out at least a few grand. A lawyer saying something MAY be illegal puts that thought in the back of everyone's mind, as witnessed in so many of these threads, including the minds of LEOs. If Nappen never said anything, this would not even be a subject of discussion and hence would not be in the back of an LEOs mind when he pulls over to help you change a tire on the side of the road, with your trunk wide open, and a loaded magazine lying there in plain view!!!
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