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  1. https://newjerseyglobe.com/congress/kennedy-gets-boost-from-gun-safety-group/ Yay, I guess, that Norcross's money/influence got overruled, but I don't think she's a friend of the RKBA.
  2. I'm interested. PM'ing you contact info.
  3. Adios Cabelas - no longer shipping ammo to NJ. That's really going to put a dent in my shotgun ammo purchases.
  4. Mea culpa and I stand corrected - I went to complete an order for 12ga shotshells and .22LR rifle and was prevented from ordering either with a message similar to what Johnny B received above. Yeah, guess I need to go update the completely un-useful and not helpful ammo retailers thread I compiled:
  5. Something is being inconsistently applied here. Just went to cabelas.com, loaded a shopping cart up with .223 rifle ammo, .44 magnum (only handgun ammo I could find in stock) and 12 ga shotshells, got all the way to "confirming order" step and no mention of any NJ shipping restrictions. Now I have been ordering ammo for ~10 years and I think they have my FID on file.
  6. FYI looks like retailers are beginning to heavily discount the 407 version. I ordered a HS407CV2 last month from dack outdoors when they had a special - $179.94 delivered, but took a few weeks to receive. https://dackoutdoors.com
  7. 2 tubes of silver eagles and all the gold eagles spf to me.
  8. @father-of-three - come on out, you'll likely never get a better chance to shoot a wide variety of shotguns. There will be more shotgun swapping going on than partners at an orgy.
  9. I’m in. If someone can pick up an extra box of clays on my behalf I’d really appreciate it. I’ll bring cash to pay for them, of course.
  10. The DOJ has opened a "portal" to report civil rights abuses. Let's all take a few minutes to report Murphy and Grewal for violating NJ citizen’s 2A civil rights: https://www.justice.gov/opa/pr/department-justice-announces-launch-civil-rights-reporting-portal https://civilrights.justice.gov/#report-a-violation "We sue or prosecute individuals and organizations who violate civil rights laws."
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