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  1. On my home LAN I'm using a pihole, blocks like 99% of web page ads and trackers on every device that connects to my LAN/WiFi. Makes a HUUUUUUGE difference for browsing speed and being able to read articles without [AD] seeing an [AD] every other [AD] sentence. https://pi-hole.net/
  2. DirtyDigz


    Interesting reading. So to this layman, the strategy should be: - Wait for the next Bitcoin plunge once Tether can no longer keep all the plates spinning - Buy ETH (Ethereum) shortly after. Uh, I thought it was trivial to trace the movement of crypto from wallet to wallet. Isn't that the blockchain part of cryptocurrencies?
  3. Anyone here with in-depth knowledge of NJ Tax Law as it applies to individuals? If so I'd I have a specific question that I'd like to ask you via Private Message.
  4. For handgun tracing in NJ pretty sure they'll start with NJSP records on handgun purchases first and if no hit then they'll go to ATF. For long gun/other tracing, anyone know if they go to ATF first? Description of the ATF process, in the context of a recent "bad actor" FFL crime: https://booksbikesboomsticks.blogspot.com/2020/12/douche-move.html
  5. Considered, but never pulled the trigger. One downside to satellite is relatively high latency - takes longer to bounce a signal up to space and back than over the surface of the earth. Doesn't really matter for web browsing/streaming, but if you or your kids are into video games where reaction times matter you won't be happy. Satellite internet latency comparison1 Connection type Median latency Median latency in seconds Satellite 594–612 ms 0.59–0.61 sec. DSL 25–80 ms 0.03–0.08 sec. Cable 15–34 ms 0.02–0.03 sec. Fiber 12–20 ms 0.01–0.02 sec.
  6. Strangely enough it looks like it was related to the magazine. If magazine was filled to capacity problem would occur on first two rounds. If magazine was downloaded two rounds it ran fine.
  7. See an earlier discussion on this with an opinion from a lawyer in Evan Nappen's office:
  8. Most of y' You're obviously somewhere in stage 3 or 4.
  9. Will do, but wanted to make a post so others here are alerted in case he contacted them in the same time frame and so it will get indexed for google searches on that email address.
  10. John520, new user joined today, PM'd me on a WTB handgun thread I put up a few weeks ago and told he knew someone in Michigan who had the handgun for sale at this email: sylvesterantonio360@gmail.com "Antonio" at that email told me he had the handgun, offered at a way-below-market price. Decided to google the email address, it's got a history of scamming activity: http://www.sturmgewehr.com/forums/index.php?/topic/18687-wtb-mp-38-charles-erb-or-wilson-tube-smg/#comment-59672 https://www.airgunnation.com/topic/known-scammer-pending-or-bad-transaction-list/
  11. C'mon guys! It's 2020 - we don't use simple static pictures for movie references anymore:
  12. You sure about that? I thought it was a law that PMI had to stop at ~80% LTV or at the halfway point of the amortization term. Yup, here it is:
  13. Good luck to us all! Wish I could have seen "justifiable need" slapped down during Murphy's/Grewal's term - we were robbed by that worthless oath-breaking Roberts.
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