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  1. The constructive approach - ask them if you can have a segment of time during their next event to discuss instances where legal firearm owners successfully prevented violence from occurring, or reduced its severity; have a discussion about why those events are under-represented in the media; and review firearm safety guidelines and safe firearms storage options (no sales tax on safes in NJ).
  2. Ordered from them in past years with no issue, but haven’t ordered recently. Dispute the payment with PayPal, then I’ll bet that you suddenly hear from O.P.
  3. Interesting analysis on chances for Senate passage: http://onlygunsandmoney.blogspot.com/2017/12/reciprocity-passed-house-but-will-it.html
  4. Ok, all good. (That said, way back when I got my first glock pistol, I took the slide (*only*) to the Bullet Hole to have them install night sights on it. They insisted on logging the slide into their bound book. I questioned that, since it wasn't a firearm, but they were not tolerating any discussion on the matter.)
  5. Yeah, I think you're missing the question bhunted. Let me try this again - hypothetical: I have a glock 19. It has a serialized frame, slide and barrel. I remove the slide from the frame, and the barrel from the slide. I leave the frame and barrel at home. I take the (serialized) slide with me in my pocket to drop off at a shop to get engraved and picked up several days later. Are you saying that even though the slide is not a firearm (it's just a part), because it's serialized the shop has to have an FFL in order for me to leave it there to be worked on? If so, I find that hard to believe.
  6. Used to be one finger swyper on android, recently had to switch to iPhone for work and now I'm a index finger hunt 'n pecker. When I am able to sit down, I deploy a bluetooth folding keyboard for lengthier texting sessions.
  7. Thanks BLF - reading along this thread, I was thinking about giving Blue Apron a try on an intermittent basis, but now I'm out.
  8. Hold on there bhunted - I only thought the FFL requirement was for actual *firearms* (frames/lowers). A slide with a serial # on it (and just the slide) requires an FFL to work on? Since when? (The slide I want to get engraved is not serialized)
  9. Anyplace do laser engraving in (ideally) Eastern Monmouth county? Does not have to be an FFL (I want some graphics engraved on a slide that is currently raw metal). If the same shop did cerakote too that would be a bonus.
  10. Even if the senate version comes through with the home state permit requirement, it's still an improvement. The net effect of essentially every other resident of the United States able to carry in NJ while NJ residents cannot will start heads exploding.
  11. Debate has started in Senate; http://houselive.gov/MediaPlayer.php?view_id=23&event_id=301