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  1. No, that’s not what he was convicted of. He was convicted of illegal possession of hollow point bullets.
  2. Looking forward to the first “firearm” I see at the range with a mounted bayonet...
  3. BTW, I love that Gurbir Grewal and Phil Murphy’s names are on the letterhead....
  4. "The New Jersey State Police Firearms Unit finds that the submitted Troy Industries A4 "other firearm" as well as the Dark Storm Industries DS-15 Non-NFA Firearm Typhoon are legal for sale in the State of New Jersey and are NOT considered to be an "assault firearm." This opinion is based upon the two firearms reviewed, however if the design or dimensions change from those samples, it may change the classification of the firearm. " Clarifying for @Ray Ray - THEY HAVE RIFLING!
  5. What happens if you put black tape over the bar code or otherwise obscure it?
  6. Comes with a 20 rd magazine - can you get a functional 10 rd mag for it?
  7. "You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink"
  8. Hallelujah, the horse has finally realized there is water in front of him...
  9. I feel you fam, but look past the economics - I wanna know if these "Non-NFA" AR "Not-a-rifle-not-a-pistols" are really a legit loophole. If so, I can't wait to build an AR riftol in .308 and be even more of an a-hole at indoor ranges than I am at shotgun shoots. (right Zeke?)
  10. Tried discussing here: ...but some in the thread have reading comprehension issues. Oh, hai there Ray Ray!
  11. Hopefully NJ2AS doesn’t piss him off again between now and then...
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