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  1. I predict enhanced demand for Aguila mini-shells in NJ...
  2. Done
  3. How is it I'm not on your customer email list? Sending you a PM to hopefully fix that.
  4. New question - scored a "shop sink" at a yard sale, exactly the same as this: Would like to put it in my utility room where I have existing clothes washer hookup and drain: Is there a "tap" fitting I can use to get hold and cold water to the shop sink and still hook up washer for water supply also? How could I hook up the shop sink PVC drain pipe to the existing copper drain and still be able to use it for a washer drain too?
  5. NRA is looking for phone volunteers - here's your chance to do something:
  6. Love mine, and it will be my carry handgun if it carry ever comes to NJ. Pros (somewhat subjective) - Better "pointability" for me than glocks, super accurate, dead-stone reliable in feeding and firing - it has never hiccuped even once with a variety of FMJ and HP ammo. Cons - Wide discrepancy in trigger pull weight between DA and SA modes, takes practice if you're coming over from the glock side. Slide is very narrow top to bottom compared to other handguns, can be a challenge to manually cycle if you don't have a strong grip. Another con is there is not as many holster choices as with more popular models. I also didn't like the stock sights, replaced them with Truglo TFO's. There's a couple of places that supply parts or gunsmithing services to improve the trigger. Cajun Gun Works is the one I'll be going to when I get spare cash together: https://cajungunworks.com/ Here's a review that I'm mostly in agreement with: http://www.thetruthaboutguns.com/2012/06/gl-kohler/gun-review-cz-75-p-01/
  7. I'll take it.
  8. 70 GTO, PM'ing you on the French Franc. We've dealt before, I bought your last batch of silver half dollars.
  9. Nails - bought an angle grinder and a cutoff wheel tonight, tried it out, works great. Sparks! Garage window/door - That "framing lumber" is just some kind of shelf remnant nailed to the concrete - the ceiling is actually finished off and painted. According to my neighbor the garge ceilings are "double rocked as required for fire protection" as he was present when the previous owner built the upstairs living area. A little more background - 1st floor of house is concrete block walls on slab. All garage/workshop space on the first floor. 2nd floor is wood frame and is the living area. Apparently the 2 car garage/workshop was built first, then the 1 car garage and 2nd floor was added later. I am concerned about cutting the block myself and then not being to code/passing inspection when it comes time to sell the place 8-10 years down the road.
  10. Next question - apparently the larger 2 car garage/workshop was built first, and then the section with the 1 car garage was built second, because in the wall between the 2 garages there is a window: Apparently that used to be an exterior wall... I'd really like to be able to walk between the garages without having to go out the garage doors, so I'd like to remove the window and turn the window opening into a walkway, perhaps even with a door. Is that something I can even entertain tackling myself (I don't have any masonry/foundation/structural knowledge, or masonry/concrete cutting tools), or should I be going straight to looking for a contractor?
  11. So I bought my first house and as I start on various projects I'm coming up with questions. Generally everyone here impresses me with their practical knowledge, so figured I'd start asking "how do I" or "what do you recommend" questions here. First question - Lower level of the house is all concrete block (a 2 car garage with a walkway to a smaller workshop area, and then separated by a concrete block wall from a one car garage. The workshop had a bunch of shelving affixed to the wall that was all dry-rotted crumbly wood from the 70's with really odd shapes, so I tore it all off the walls. The wood pulled away from the concrete fasteners, so the wall is still sprinkled with probably a hundred or so concrete fasteners. The fasteners look like big nails with spiral grooves running down the length of them - like these, only longer and rustier: So after getting all the wood down, I started to take a crowbar to the fasteners and found that they don't smoothly pull out of the concrete block wall, they *explode* out in a shower of concrete dust and leave a crater in the wall. I'm concerned that pulling out a hundred of them out with the resulting craters might actually weaken the wall. Any suggestion on how I get these out without turning the wall into a moonscape? My first thought is to get an abrasive cutoff wheel and just cut them all off flush with the wall instead of trying to pull them out.
  12. Anything left that I can cut down brush like Nick has with? I don't care about cosmetics, just need something that is going to absolutely murder tough weeds and bushes.
  13. I'm here as well - jeans, blue plaid-ish button down shirt, carrying a black computer bag. Say hi if you recognize me.
  14. Yup - FID and DL addresses matching is something some FFL's **choose** to require. It is not required by law. Some enlightened FFL's do not have the matching address requirement. I wouldn't hesitate to do a Private sale with someone who's addresses didn't match.
  15. Anti-Murphy Ad from Republican Governors Assoc. - "Loaded and Liberal": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5RaA8chf03U Kim for NJ: "NJ Can't Afford Phil Murphy": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yK4uZ69fMd4