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    I disagree. There's plenty of cases of NJ prosecuting people on hyper-technical/unreasonable interpretations of firearms law. A prosecutor and judge were able to convince a jury that the hollowpoint transportation exemptions did not allow transportation between residences in Brian Aitken's case. Lack of enforcement does not equal legality. I think it's obvious when you use airsoft guns in a way the state doesn't like, they come after you using the firearm definition. So do you now agree that, when the state decides it wants to, they will hold airsoft guns to the "firearm standard", and hire experts to testify to that effect? It doesn't matter what I think. It matters what the statute reads. (If you do want to know what I think, I think NJ's "firearm" definition is utter horseshit). If I shoot metal darts or acid-soaked balls with the spitball tube, yeah, I might get charged with it as a firearm. I can only hypothesize why the State doesn't prosecute airsoft more often. Maybe airsoft guns were developed and came to the marketplace long after the statute was in place, and it was just negligence/inattention on NJ's part that allowed them to "set a precedent". Maybe the state only prosecutes them when they're involved in other criminal activity. I do believe that with the current statute all it would take to stop the sale of airsoft in NJ and start a crackdown on possession of them would be a directive from the AG's office. I bet it happens sometime during I doubt the state would do it that way, but yes, if they did it, and had a clueless/anti-RKBA jury, I believe they have a chance at getting a conviction on that with the current statute.
  3. DirtyDigz


    Agreed. It also does not define a BB gun as being covered. However, both bb guns and airsoft guns clearly meet the statutory definition of a firearm. Does every possible "firearm" that meets the statutory definition need to further have a statement that it is a "firearm"? Seems kind of...redundant. And millions of people exceed the speed limits every day, but are not charged. Doesn't mean it's legal, means it's not strictly enforced. Agree that there is a conception that Airsoft is legal. However, in my view, because Airsoft guns clearly meet the NJ statutory definition of firearms, they are subject to being enforced under NJ firearms law. Because they are not commonly enforced as such doesn't mean they can't be. Incorrect. STATE OF NEW JERSEY v. DARYL NORMAN Back to your above reply: Am I understanding correctly that you're saying popular perception trumps statute in criminal law?
  4. DirtyDigz


    Ahhh, found the old thread - we've had the discussion on "is Airsoft legal" before here: https://www.njgunforums.com/forum/index.php?/topic/80004-actor-using-airsoft-gun-in-low-budget-film-charged-in-nj/&page=2
  5. DirtyDigz


    Please let me know if you find something written. I currently believe that the only reason they're "legal" is that most (but not all!) LEO/prosecutors have chosen not to enforce firearms law in the case of Airsoft.
  6. DirtyDigz


    I guess we have to go to the text of the statute: Please show me where in NJ statutes BB guns are identified as firearms aside from meeting the above definition. I see nothing above that excludes Airsoft guns as meeting the definition. If they meet the definition of a firearm then all the NJ firearms laws can apply. Paintball guns get a pass because their projectile is > 3/8". Sure, because NJ state legislators have previously shown themselves to have a deep understanding of current firearms law and their legislative attempts should be relied upon instead of reading existing statutes... What is it that you think he was charged with? In case you didn't follow the case closely - He was initially charged with unlawful possession of a firearm. I believe it was only after the case started to attract publicity that he got offered a plea deal to causing a public disturbance instead.
  7. DirtyDigz


    Bruises and welts are injuries, and there are airsoft modified with enough velocity to break skin. I wouldn't want to be relying on that "injury" argument in court. Are airsoft "strictly" legal in NJ? In my opinion, no, an aggressive prosecutor could use existing law to charge you. I wouldn't classify airsoft as legal - I think a better description is "mostly non-enforced", but if you do something with an airsoft that the police/prosecutor don't like you may find yourself defending against a firearms charge. (See the Bellario case above).
  8. DirtyDigz


    Something I wonder as well. Airsoft guns meet all the legal definitions of a "firearm" in NJ - use compressed air to fire a projectile. BB guns are considered firearms in NJ, and there are plenty of cases of people being prosecuted for having a BB gun outside of exemptions for firearms. There is no distinction in the law for metal vs. plastic projectile. Best I can figure is that most everyone involved - police, prosecutors, retailers have decided to look the other way on airsoft, but there is precedent for prosecuting people using airsoft guns using firearms laws: https://newbrunswicktoday.com/article/comedian-takes-plea-deal-avoid-jail-high-profile-gun-case
  9. DirtyDigz

    Steiner M332 - Fixed 3x AR Optic $199

    Sure wish I could figure out how to get to a page on that site that actually lets you order the sight. Clicking on the Steiner m332 sight just seems to lead back to a search on steiner optics.
  10. Although there will likely be a large contingent of 2A/RKBA supporters, this rally/protest is for a broader audience - all those who are against Murphy and his state mis-managing / taxpayer-burdening / illegal alien coddling / rapist hiring policies: https://www.wethepeopleofnj.com/ https://www.cnjfo.com/rally I'm going. Who else is in?
  11. Get on it fanboyzzzzzzz: https://promopack.glock.us/individual/personInfo
  12. Down in Orlando/Kissimee area for vacation through next Saturday. Are there are any good gun stores or similar I should visit around here while I enjoy my brief taste of freedom?
  13. I will delightfully swim in the tidal wave of irony if the most anti-gun governor and attorney general in NJ’s recent history are forced to recognize the right to carry.
  14. DirtyDigz

    Things gun people say that annoy you...

    "A loaded magazine is legally the same as a firearm" "(sotto voce)Are all your guns registered in NJ?(/sotto voce)" "This (anti-gun) regulation makes sense, cuz' the 2nd amendment was talking about well regulated militias..." "Birdshot is the perfect round for home defense" (Hi Ray Ray) "You'll shoot your eye out!" "I don't want to shoot an AR and have the bullet go through 5 walls and kill a kid in the next house. That's why I use buckshot for HD."

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