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  1. If you procure some and intend on using them better check your local municipal code on firearm discharge. Many towns ban firearm discharge.
  2. Hrmmm.... What if you had a smooth barrel... And bullets with spiral grooves starting from the base that combustion gases could flow through to impart a spin... Orrrrrr - a barrel with straight lands and corresponding spiral grooves on the bullet...
  3. My bad. If it’s not a smoothbore then I don’t see how NJ Doesn’t classify it as either a pistol or a rifle.
  4. Read the Reddit thread - says he has fired it at the range his FFL runs with the FFL’s approval.
  5. Interesting. I wonder how badly that thing is keyholing at 25 yards.
  6. Visiting relatives, they have it on in the background. I can only imagine the security prep work and duty details around this.
  7. She's been no friend for RKBA in the past, but I applaud her showing up for the show. We complain all the time about how RKBA groups never have a voice - well here's one opportunity. Well done Ant, can't wait to hear the show.
  8. Aww gawdammit Costco... (<- heavy Costco shopper).
  9. 70gto, I'll take the 1/2 oz and 1/4 oz gold eagles. Will work out the details with you text/phone. We've transacted twice before.
  10. Bring it on suckers, old painless is waiting: https://goo.gl/images/xFK6Zf
  11. Welcome Arther - where do you live/where do you go to shoot?
  12. Newark, NJ apartment building attempts to ban all firearm possession by tenants. Richardson Lofts, 50 Columbia St, Newark, NJ 07102 Not sure if this is private or public housing. I highly doubt that all the leases were simultaneously renewed on 5/1 to add this restriction...
  13. Make one in .308 or 12ga and I'm a buyer!
  14. BTW, I’ve got some spots in my lawn that are bare with really sandy soil. Is there a type of grass that will grow will in that I can get, or should I shovel it out and lay in some new topsoil?
  15. I ended up buying a refurb greenworks 60v mower and 3 refurb batteries from the greenworks store on eBay. I think total for all was about $350, I re-sold one of the batteries to my neighbor as his “buy-in” to use it. So far it’s mowed my neighbor’s, my GF’s and my lawns. I’m finding it takes ~1.5 batteries to get through a lawn. I’m fairly happy with it so far - it’s chewed through thick grass as all of us were late for our first mowing. Only con I’ve seen is that it has some kind of “sensor” that is supposed to adjust the blade rpm to match how tough the grass is. As far as I can tell it just increases/decreases the RPM’s randomly between two speeds, but doesn’t seem to effect the grass cutting. Also bought a greenworks chainsaw that uses the same battery. Works surprisingly well, although I’ve dulled a chain already - was trying to cut through a “Y” in a small tree and noticed that the saw was spinning but suddenly stopped cutting. Inspected the chain, all the teeth were battered. Finally found a rock that was nestled in the crotch of the Y - must have been tossed there by a snowblower sometime in the past and the tree grew around it.