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  1. Your location sir?
  2. Yeah, point taken. Running the numbers: Purchase 2 mags only = $48 + shipping Purchase 2 mags as part of a group deal = $188.40/11 = ~$17.13 each shipped to purchasers home. Spend another $7.05 for small USPS flat rate box to ship them to end purchaser. Total Cost ($17.13 * 2) + $7.05 = $41.31. Not a real compelling savings.
  3. Thanks Al, I'll take you up on that if you're not crazy far away. I'll PM you my location and Cell #.
  4. Thanks for all your efforts Rosey! I’m a CNJFO member and want to be more involved - who should I reach out to to get active on committee work?
  5. Group buy anyone? I could use just two 10 rd mags...
  6. You can do the rebate entirely "online" without any paper. They'll accept images of your purchase receipt and UPC codes from the boxes submitted as files via the website. I advise that now is an excellent time to stock up on cheap ammo if you are able. The legislative hammer may come down soon that outlaws internet/mail order ammo sales into NJ.
  7. Yes, you'll have to answer the question that you were denied, but it should *NOT* negatively effect the outcome of any future applications. NJSP Detective Sgt. Brett Bloom has stated at least twice, once that I witnessed personally, that a prior denial for a carry permit for failure to meet justifiable need has *ZERO* bearing on future applications for Purchase Permits, FID or carry permit (Video should start at 10:42):
  8. Roger. Any good archery stores in Monmouth/Ocean county?
  9. Patrick and Scorpio, thanks for the offers to try your bow/crossbow, may take you up on that. What do y’all think about a piece of plywood with a couple of rubber horse stall mats tacked on. Better backstop?
  10. Go ahead and apply, other than spending time and money I’m not aware of any “penalty” for applying. You must meet this standard: ”...in the case of a private citizen, shall specify in detail the urgent necessity for self protection as evidenced by specific threats or previous attacks which demonstrate a special danger to the applicant’s life that cannot be avoided by means other than by issuance of a permit to carry a handgun. ...” What’s the specific threat you’re facing right now? Be *specific*. Got any documentation to back that up? Were you previously attacked? Got that documented? What is the special danger to your life right now? Is there *NO OTHER WAY* you can avoid the specific threat? This is not a joke - previously a court told an applicant to move his area of business operations or hire an armed security guard rather than issue a permit. To be clear, I’m not defending this at all, but this is the standard that NJ applies to make it nearly impossible to qualify for a carry permit.
  11. Another example for the “No P2P required for handgun legally acquired out of state”: You can go to Cabela’s in PA and buy a black powder pistol and/or a bb pistol without restriction. Neither are considered firearms in PA or Federally. Bring them back into NJ, and now they’re firearms under NJ law. They’re legal to own in NJ, you acquired them legally outside of NJ, and no NJ P2P was/is required.
  12. BTW, I read the new law all the way through today and I don’t see anything that makes POSSESSION of an 80% unfinished lower illegal. Purchasing/Obtaining one in NJ? Yes, illegal. Possessing one that you purchased/obtained outside of NJ? Possessing one that you purchased in NJ before the law went into effect? Not sure either of those are illegal under the new law.
  13. Searched town ordinances - the only time the term ‘Bow’ is mentioned is to restrict them within “parks and recreation areas”. I’ll double check with the PD, but I think I’m good to go there.