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  1. Awesome, thanks, and I'll reach out to the contact you sent about it. I'd put it into A6 config (without the flash hider) for the event:
  2. This looks awesome. 2 questions: - Any events a semi-auto Browning 1919 could compete in? - Is this strictly a "run what you brung" event, or are loaners/rentals available for any event?
  3. Location? I’ve got a portable Craftsman compressor I no longer need. I’m located near Asbury Park.
  4. I’d be real careful doing that and make sure you’re not backing the primer up against something!
  5. Call Henry - they’ve got excellent customer support.
  6. Aw c’mon AVB, I know you’re smart enough to understand what “well regulated” means in the historical context of militias, that it does not mean “restricted” and that it does not apply to “the people” even if it did.
  7. 5 calibers/1 gauge.. I try to minimize caliber sprawl. I do have several calibers that I use in both handguns and carbines/rifles. Use them all regularly.
  8. I’m reading we might know tomorrow (Thu 10/3) as to whether it’s passed the “mootness challenge”.
  9. On a humanitarian level, I hope Sanders recovers, but on a pragmatic level I think he’s done as a presidential candidate. So looks like it will be Warren against Trump. The debates are going to be fun!
  10. NJ - NJ2AS believes it is legal to carry tasers/stun guns. Their reasoning is here: https://nj2as.org/nj2as-taser-victory-separating-facts-from-fear/ Evan Nappen and other “firearm celebrity lawyers” in NJ have the opinion that tasers/stun guns are not legal to carry outside the home. NY - I haven’t been following NY/tasers closely, but quick googling isn’t bringing up any restrictions since the prohibition was overruled earlier this year. Suggest you do your own research or contact a NY lawyer.
  11. Please go back and read the previous ~20 posts to catch up on what that means. We might have more certainty after today.
  12. In! probably won’t be there until 8ish
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