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  1. I think it is a quarter turn (the outside valve handle only turns a short distance.) So I should just go for a new one? Thanks for the offer of help, if I really get jammed up I’ll reach out.
  2. Or by someone just learning how to solder copper pipes to fix a break caused by a freeze in the middle of a historic cold snap?:
  3. Your diagram helped though - if the stem washer on the faucet was sealing properly then it shouldn't leak at all, either out of the cap or the spout, when the faucet valve is turned off. So now to dig into whether that washer is serviceable/replaceable.
  4. Maybe. I can't swear that there is no leaking from the spout *IN ADDITION* to a big leak from the vent cap.
  5. Probably poor phrasing on my part. There is a shut-off ball/lever valve inside the house. If I shut *that* off, the outside faucet does not leak, because its water supply is shut off. If I turn on the ball/lever valve inside the house so the outside faucet has water supply, then it will leak from the vent cap, regardless if the *outside* faucet is turned on or off, hose attached or not.
  6. Got an outdoor faucet with an inside shut-off ball valve. The outdoor faucet has leaked since I got the house, but I always had more pressing issues. Took a closer look at it tonight - it leaks from the screw-on cap at the top as soon as I turn on the shut-off valve inside, regardless if the outside faucet valve is open or closed. 2 questions: - what is the top screw-on cap for? - Do I just need to replace a gasket or similar on the bottom of the cap to stop the leak?
  7. NJ NICS home page still showing that they’re not accepting new requests: https://www.njportal.com/NJSP/NicsVerification
  8. Legally purchasing a firearm in NJ is currently impossible. The NJ state police are not allowing any new NJ NICS requests to be submitted. Assuming your NJ FID card is actually processed and given to you in a reasonable amount of time, you can buy your long guns in any other state from a FFL. In fact, you’ll *have to* purchase in another state until NJ NICS reopens. Not every non-NJ FFL may be willing to do a transfer to a NJ resident. You should call FFL’s in advance to check.
  9. https://www.reviews.io/company-reviews/store/mycrisisgear You're welcome.
  10. I’ve got RIO 12ga 00 buckshot I can spare. I’m near Asbury Park.
  11. Working lots of hours outdoors at job sites all over NJ. Somehow we got classified as essential. Got an “authorized to ignore the curfew” letter signed by the CEO yesterday.
  12. There’s no NJ law outlawing ordering ammo online currently.
  13. The cheap chamber cartridge lasers help me save some range time - I can get a new optic aligned in my garage so it’s “on paper” at 25-50 yards at the range. No argument that the higher quality bore sights will get you much closer to a zero at longer ranges.
  14. Dare you to hook up a trailer and stack it with bodybag looking bags. (Am I a bad person for thinking that?)
  15. One word - “Links” Does that ring a bell?
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