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  1. They'll take one for the team, but it's only going to buy them a few months. Similar suits will be brought in the other "Anti-Cartel" states.
  2. Just passed use of force class/live fire qualification with R.O.C. training at Union Hill Gun Club. Happy to share details if anyone is curious.
  3. Click-bait titles drive me insane. There's just a wee bit of context left out here... DEFENDANTS, as in, INDICTED but NOT CONVICTED. They're not FELONS. We're still, at least on paper, innocent until found guilty in a court of law here in the US.
  4. I share your concern with the current state of the NRA; that being said, I believe ANJRPC is a viable organization on its own that has effective advocacy in NJ *despite* their NRA ties. Since you're a member of US Law Shield, you're paying ~$150 annually in fees. About another $100 annually will get you a membership to BOTH ANJRPC and CNJFO. If you have to choose only one, then I'd give a slight nod to ANJRPC as they are more established, (and if you're in Northern NJ, access to the Cherry Ridge range is worthwhile), however CNJFO also does good work.
  5. That's great that the prosecutor's office is no longer looking to coerce people to agree to have additional restrictions, but I don't think it has any bearing on whether the judge will still issue with "no car"-type restrictions or not.
  6. Start with the court clerk: Bergen County Clerk – 201-336-7000 Might want to join this facebook group to get more info: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1207623813370890
  7. In the same boat - I luckily haven't needed much care in the past, but I still like to get a physical every other year. Only "primary care" doctors I can find locally are connected with urgent care type offices. I have been using "TeleDoc" type services more frequently for minor crap, and I'm finding that wayyyy more effective and convenient.
  8. I think it's just a rushed last minute/low effort action to have *something* in place. I'd love to see the faces of the legislators who wrote this new requirement when they learn of how it's implemented: "Are you kidding me!? The extent of the training requirement is that they have to click a button 26 times!?"
  9. Happy to report I'm now a probationary member of OBRPC without being a NRA member.
  10. I'm imagining the conversation at NJSP went like this: Platkin to Callahan - "Oh shit, the gun nuts are rallying, time's up on getting that training thing together" Later: Callahan at NJSP meeting - "Ok, who's got the best online firearms training program out there?" Trooper - "Sir, the NRA has well established and vetted training and safety materials that we should take a look at..." Callahan - "WTF Did you just say to me!?" Trooper - "The NRA..." Callahan - "GET DA FUQ OUTTA HERE! Get me that new recruit who's good with powerpoint, we're going to knock this out right here and now..."
  11. Online "course" is a 26 slide presentation on the FARS system. You can check it out by pretending to apply for a new FID on FARS (all you have to supply is an ORI number). Here's all 26 slides on imgur: https://imgur.com/a/u8jSOwL
  12. I've got 2 tickets for Rammstein TONIGHT (Tuesday, 09/06) at MetLife stadium in East Rutherford at 7:00pm. I'll sell for $45 for one (current price on ticketmaster is around $80) or $85 for both. Sec 230A Row 1. Tickets are e-tickets only and would have to transfer via Ticketmaster account.
  13. That's a gorgeous kit build. I scoured the site, no mention of cost. If you have to ask... https://www.scalewings.com/sw-51-mustang/
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