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  1. Goddammit Remington, grow a pair! Or if you are going the settlement route, at least make them binding non-disclosure.
  2. https://ammoseek.com/ammo/6.5x55mm https://www.sgammo.com/catalog/rifle-ammo-sale/65x55-swedish-ammo Looks like somewhere around $0.85 - $1.50 per round retail, currently. Factor in no NJ sales tax on a private sale.
  3. A great article on protective eyewear comparison: https://www.luckygunner.com/labs/eye-protection-shooting-glasses-review/ Summary:
  4. I can relate some personal experience I had, but can't guarantee yours would be the same. I had a friend who was the caretaker of a private facility on private land in NJ. The facility was in a municipality that did NOT have a no-discharge ordinance. This municipality is also extremely wealthy, not what I'd expect to be a "firearm friendly" town. He secured permission from the owners to shoot there, in the form of a letter. A couple of times a year he'd host "group shoots" at the facility. I went to a couple. There was one portion of the property that had a large hill that was used as berm/backstop for an impromptu range. The first time I went the local police rolled up in 3 cars about half an hour after we started shooting. Multiple neighboring homes on the borders of the property called in about all the gunfire. Friend identified himself as the caretaker of the property, explained that he had permission from the owners to shoot there (showed the letter) and that there were no laws/ordinances prohibiting shooting there. Police left without any further action. Pistols and long guns were out and visibly obvious on our "range" tables.
  5. I would advise against linking to anything from thetrace.org unless you advise people of the following (my emphasis added):
  6. Yup, every ammo panic seems to have some unique characteristics. Last one, .22LR was the scarcest. This one was focused in 9mm and .223/5.56.
  7. No, I don't like that either - poor choice of color scheme. Wish the author had branched out into line patterns once all the primary colors were used up.
  8. Get some web cams/security cams and put them prominently in any room with valuables in them. Don't even have to hook them up, but make them *look* like they're hooked up. Should reduce the temptation for any people touring the house to misbehave. I've got a couple of blackout curtains that I throw over safes if I'm having work done in my house. They won't completely disguise that the object is a safe, but if somebody wants to scout out what *kind* of safe is there, they have to be more obvious about it.
  9. And still in stock as of ~12:45 pm 7/1. That's remarkable. I declare us on the downside of the great ammo panic. Once we get to ~$0.30 for 115gr 9mm brass I might start buying some again. Scary to think it's been ~2 years since I bought any ammo.
  10. Ok, then get the Spike's penismightier dynacomp. It has the length you desire. (that's what I get for just me-tooing @silverado427's post without reading the OP)
  11. Another vote on the VG6 Gamma. I have it on "more than one" rifle.
  12. DirtyDigz


    Time to buy ETH yet?
  13. Are you talking about County Line Firearms?: https://www.countylineguns.com/
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