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  1. https://bearingarms.com/camedwards/2024/04/15/federal-judge-weighs-fate-of-nj-gun-and-magazine-ban-n1224523
  2. Notes from yesterday's hearing, ostensibly (don't know the source):
  3. This is supposed to start in ~1 hour. Don't think there will be any video/audio broadcasts, but I believe FPC is going to live blog it on their twitter: https://twitter.com/gunpolicy We might also have some NJ people live blogging via the NJ Firearms Owners Syndicate Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/899297428365467
  4. Not one feeding/chambering hangup in all the times they've been handled and re-chambered. I WILL fire these off on my next range trip and report back.
  5. Formal, as you describe, and very civil. No screaming or table pounding from the major participants, although there were some raised voices during audience questions. Worth the watch.
  6. Did we cover the Mayor of Englishtown's response to Platkin's sticker yet?: https://twitter.com/DFrancisco7/status/1773161575475532275
  7. Here's the Hornaday Critical Defense rounds I've been cycling in and out of of my G26 and G19 mags for home and PTC carry for the last ~4 years. I unload them from the mag in so I can load FMJ's for range sessions, usually onto my bed comforter, and then put them in a dish on the dresser. They've fallen on the floor and rolled into the under bed dust bunnies a bunch of times. I've carried them loaded in a mag in my pocket a bunch of times. I carry with a round in the chamber, so they've all been chambered a bunch of times. Never an issue. I don't think the rubber/polymer/whatever tip actually contacts the feed ramp, but maybe I'll do a close up video of a slow chambering to check. The tips definitely collected carbon residue, but they're not looking like they're packed with feeding or chambering inhibiting detritus to my eyes. I probably should fire these off my next range trip and cycle new ones in.
  8. Anti-gun figurehead David Hogg to debate former Libertarian VP Candidate Spike Cohen tonight at 6:00 PM: Livestream YouTube link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x763ahtuKe8
  9. Oral arguments have been postponed one day to 04/11/24:
  10. Late notice, I know, but I'm going to this tomorrow night - LMK if you're going too so I can say hi: https://gunforhire.com/academy/boys-club/
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