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  1. Welcome Walt - it's a salty bunch here, but as long as your skin isn't too thin you should find lots of help and good advice on navigating NJ's anti-gun environment. Consider joining one or more of the advocacy groups that are fighting for what's left of the RKBA here in NJ, perhaps either the ANJRPC - https://www.anjrpc.org/ (the "official" NRA-related org in NJ) Or CNJFO - https://www.cnjfo.com/
  2. If you read the motion in opposition to the injunction filed by the NJAG (http://www.thekaplanblog.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/18cv10507_31.pdf), you'll see that the state paid a consultancy (at the rate of **$900 per hour***) to come up with average number of rounds fired in self defense shootings. What kind of high powered research did the $900/hr consultants do to get their stats number of shots fired in self defense shootings? They read all the back columns of the NRA's "armed citizen": This argument is the same as arguing that since 56% of kitchen fires are put out with a 3 second burst from a fire extinguisher, no extinguisher should have more than 10 seconds of extinguishing capability....
  3. Have one, all bubba'd up. It's my go-to for "first time shooting a handgun" situations, but I also love shooting it. CW accessories is the place to go to spend lots of money on aftermarket upgrades: https://www.cwaccessories.com/
  4. I think you're confusing the older Almeida/Party of 6 case with the current Cheeseman/Jillard case. Almeida is the one that solicited donations and then stopped pursuing the case after Almeida got his CC (there's a bit more to it than that, the other plaintiffs dropped out before they got their CC). This current Cheeseman/Jillard case has much more promise, IMO.
  5. Sorry to hear that Rob, best wishes for your pup.
  6. Just in case OP isn't aware, the 10 rd mag limit issue is far from settled: https://www.anjrpc.org/page/AfterActionReportInj
  7. Hello fellow Monmouth County resident. Shop: where else but Monmouth Arms?: http://monmoutharms.com/ Indoor range: I'm liking Garden State Shooting Center in Lakewood: https://gardenstateshootingcenter.com/
  8. We're still good for now, but Murphy and Co. will come after online/mail order ammo sales soon enough.
  9. So I’ve been reading around a bit more - apparently the IP block against NJ addresses was implemented by DEFCAD themselves, not NJ, as a temporary “good faith” response to the NJAG’s cease and desist letter. I expect the block will be dropped once DEFCAD gets an injunction or prevails in court.
  10. I *REALLY* want to know how NJ is able to get a block implemented for a TX web site. Regardless, it would really be delicious if someone were to download all of the defcad plans, burn them to cheap USB drives or CD-R’s and liberally distribute them around public places close to the NJ AG’s office....
  11. Read my post from this other thread:
  12. Hot effing damn! Breaking out the good whiskey tonight.
  13. If it’s not semi-auto then there is no magazine limit. You can have a 100 round magazine on a pump, lever action, or bolt action, as long as that magazine can’t also work in a semi-auto.
  14. Ant, long overdue thanks for producing this show - I thoroughly enjoy it, and I really think it helps keep the NJ firearms community informed.