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  1. No argument that NJ would lose in some court....eventually. But there's nothing to prevent NJ legislators from enacting restrictions and NJ judges from enforcing them while they work their way through the courts, right?
  2. In my view, immediately after the decision is rendered. Hypothetically, the law is unconstitutional at that point, but NJ will not have enacted any new restrictions. It could be that SCOTUS grants a 90 day or 180 day "grace period" for the offending states to get their crap together prior to making the decision effective, or maybe not.
  3. Just thinking out loud - if "good cause"-type laws are found unconstitutional, of course NJ will look to still restrict the right as much as possible within the confines of the decision; they likely wouldn't survive a lawsuit challenging them, but they would still take time to get repealed. Possibilities: - Onerous fees ("$5,000 permit fee, renewable every 6 months") - Onerous training requirement ($1,000 concealed carry course requirement, only approved class is held in Cape May on the 2nd Wednesday of every other month, capacity limited to 5) - Exclusions on allowed carry places (Not within 10,000 feet of any school or childcare facility, state or federal government office or facility, place of worship, medical facility, business that sells alcohol, public park, sports or recreation facility, property owned by a public utility, etc. etc. etc.) - Restriction on type/number of firearm allowed to be carried (only specifically registered 11 shot revolvers chambered in 8mm Nambu) -NJ redefines "carry" as "must be concealed carry" and sets harsh penalties for the carrier/bounties for snitches if the carrier is discovered in public. I'm considering getting a carry application queued up to submit immediately after a decision, if the decision is "good cause laws are unconstitutional". It might actually sail through before NJ can react fast enough to come up with another way to restrict it.
  4. Also recommend "doubling up" on ear pro. Foam earplugs + earmuffs. It can be LOUD if you're in a port next to someone firing a rifle with a muzzle brake.
  5. https://www.ammoseek.com https://www.reddit.com/r/InStockAmmo/ I personally like https://www.sgammo.com for reliability. They're not really beating any other retailers out there on price or shipping, but they do ship to NJ and they are super reliable.
  6. Rented an apartment for a long time and had a big collection of guns and ammo. Definitely get a safe. When you have it moved/delivered, ask whoever is doing the moving to throw a dark sheet over it as they bring it in. Or get a "modular" safe that you can bring in piece by piece and assemble: https://www.snapsafe.com/modular-safes/ I had my safe inside a closet so it wasn't out in the open for when the superintendent/contractors/building inspectors etc. came through.
  7. With the exception of hollowpoint ammo, there's no restriction on transporting ammo as long as it is separate from any firearms. Hollowpoint ammo can only be legally possessed in some narrow situations: transporting from home to range, range to home, store to home. Home to home is not exempted (If the question comes up, you are transporting from an out of state range to home.) Best practice if transporting outside a trunk or in a part of the car that is otherwise visible to someone outside the car - cover it with a blanket or similar so that it doesn't raise a question if stopped.
  8. Yes it is. Your first post, taken alone, leads people to believe that there are no circumstances in which one caliber can be used instead of the other. When did I suggest using .308 in a 7.62 anything? Covered in the article I linked. So your M1A is proofed for .308, but not proofed or stamped for 7.62, but yet you use that round anyway? Because you have enough information to make an intelligent decision? Like I was trying to provide in my earlier post?
  9. That's a bit misleading. Cartridge dimensions are identical. .308 is higher pressure than 7.62x51. Basically, a firearm designed for .308 can handle either .308 or 7.62x51 (AKA 7.62 NATO). A firearm designed for 7.62x51 should only fire 7.62x51. More details: https://www.shootingillustrated.com/articles/2018/8/19/308-win-vs-762-nato-whats-the-difference/
  10. They're still out there - walked past one on the Atlantic City boardwalk a couple of months ago. I am tempted to call in a report of "public brandishing of an automatic assault weapon" when I see them.
  11. Got this piece of equipment that is supposed to latch onto my squat rack, but the right angle bend on the bracket is a little less than a right angle, so it won't sit squarely on the rack frame. Anybody in Central NJ got a torch I can swing by and use for a couple of minutes to heat this up and open it up slightly? Or is there a better way to get it done?
  12. You're about an hour north of me. You willing to drive an hour to pick up?
  13. If we went to a range that rents one, you'd be able to shoot that too.
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