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  1. Slight modification on one of Mrs. Peel's: Welcome to NJ Where the law defying get sanctuary And the law abiding are turned into felons
  2. JohnnyB, do you have an email or some other contact info for him? (BTW, Nino called me, he should be coming over on Saturday for a demo)
  3. Thanks for assisting with the bus logistics!
  4. I believe Carole’s brother was part of the protest at Sweeney’s house several years ago, but regardless I’ll check in with Rosie/CNJFO.
  5. Thanks for reminding me of her tragic story Glen. Maybe something along the lines of : ”Ask me about Carol Bowne - A murder victim who was unable to defend herself due to NJ’s restrictive gun laws.” And I’ll prepare some handouts with her story.
  6. I’m planning to make some signs to carry at the 3/26 rally. What I’ve done in the past is to get sheets of readi-board/foam board from a dollar store, then laser print in large font letters onto copy paper and then tape them onto the boards with packing tape. Quick, easy to read and looks more “professional” than hand written. Can put slogans on both sides so you can rotate the sign if you want. I also cut the corners of the board off so they have bevels, so they’re less likely to poke someone in the eye if they get carried off by the wind or something. I’ve started brainstorming for slogans, would appreciate idea from others: ”If guns cause violence, then mine are defective” From Anthony Colandro “Blaming the NRA for gun violence makes as much sense as blaming the AAA for drunk drivers” ”Why is it the media never reports on all the times guns *PREVENT* violence?” “The Parkland murderer used 10 round magazines. Explain again why we should reduce legal magazine capacities?”
  7. http://youtube.com/watch?v=FQFpJVF9FOE
  8. Put a CQR stock on it:
  9. Still in, plus the T-shirt
  10. GF and I took a cruise out of Bayonne in Feb. Our last two vacations we had lost 1-2 days sitting in airports due to flight problems. We wanted an absolutely zero stress vacation this time, so we took RCL out of Bayonne, and she got to reconnect with a friend she hand’t seen in a while who coincidentally was on the same cruise. I can’t offer any guidance on the parking - we took an Uber to the ship and a friend picked us up on the way back. Trip down the coast was not rough. It was perfect for what we wanted, a low travel-stress vacation.
  11. Dang, minis are expensive rounds (~$.90 each). Anyone have experience with using them in a KSG? I’d like to try doing a 30 round “tube dump”.
  12. Anyone out there with a small lawn using a battery powered mower? I've got a small lawn (maybe 1/5 - 1/8th an acre of grass) and my GF does too. We're thinking of getting something like this and shuttling it back and forth between our places: https://www.lowes.com/pd/Greenworks-Pro-60-Volt-Brushless-Lithium-Ion-21-in-Deck-Width-Cordless-Electric-Lawn-Mower-with-Mulching-Capability-Battery-Included/1000179065
  13. This is a great article/audio episode to drop on those who claim "guns have no purpose besides killing people". It's progressive kryptonite - It's produced by NPR, and it's about guns helped Dr. Martin Luther King / the civil rights movement: 'Guns Kept People Alive' During The Civil Rights Movement https://www.npr.org/2014/06/05/319072156/guns-kept-people-alive-during-the-civil-rights-movement