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  1. 10 tons 3/4 crushed gravel delivered, should have gone with more, will get another delivery in near future. Driver was super helpful and did multiple rolling drops to spread it out. Looks like I'm just going to be raking, not shoveling/wheelbarrowing:
  2. Running buys you a couple of years at best. Stand and fight!
  3. Malsua tricked me into starting to quote "yards" instead of "tons". Back to TONS. Using my outstanding paint skills, I edited the photo to indicate areas with decent gravel coverage (green), very sparse gravel coverage (red), and almost bare dirt (hatched red). I gotta call today to get delivery before the weekend, so I'm going to go with 12 tons (a little less than 10 yards).
  4. So whaddya think, get 15 yards to start?
  5. It's a a complex shape, but yeah, ~110 feet long at longest point. Here's how I calculated:
  6. Couple of new projects: Driveway gravel replenishment - have a fairly long/wide driveway, let's call it 3,200 sq feet. Gravel is really sparse at the end of the driveway, but still has fair coverage near the house. Used a "gravel calculator" (https://www.inchcalculator.com/gravel-driveway-calculator/) to come up with an estimate of 19.8 yards / 26.7 tons for a depth of 2". Current gravel is 3/4" blue stone (I think). Called up closest gravel company (~6 miles away), their standard truck load is 22 tons, gave me a quote of $29/ton for the gravel, ~$790 including tax for 22 tons delivered. Questions: Decent price including delivery? Think I can get away with 22 tons vs the 27 calculated since I'm replenishing vs. all new? Should I go less than 22 tons? Is a "rolling dump" (there's your opening, Handyman) where the driver dribbles out the load (phrasing!) over the length of the driveway instead of dumping it all in one big pile a standard service for gravel delivery, or do I need to drop a $20 to the driver to get that done? Roofing - Current roof is ~40 years old and sprouting moss. It's past time for a new roof. I'm pretty sure the plywood sheathing is good, checked it at home inspection ~3 years ago and I've been in the attic recently, no moisture that I can see. Top floor bathroom currently does not have a vent. I'd like to add a vent up through the roof. Questions: Any recommendations for a roofing company in the Asbury Park area? What's the current hotness for shingles? Any particular brand/type? Makes sense to get the bathroom vent done at the same time as the new roof, right? I've got an attic fan (vertical through roof) that I like and is working well, but it's noisy. Should I consider replacing it at the same time as the roof work, or does it matter? Thanks!
  7. Steve @ Monmouth is great, but he is stupid busy lately. Be ready for delayed responses and limited windows of availability/appointments required.
  8. Mr. Heller is very friendly and interesting to talk to - had a short conversation with him in person at the Wash D.C. rally a couple of years ago. If you can't attend, consider just donating to the D.C. Project. They're an outstanding countering voice to the Moms Demand Action activists.
  9. Defense Distributed sued Grewal in TX. TX court ruled no jurisdiction over NJ AG. Defense Distributed appealed to 5th Circuit. 5th Circuit disagreed with lower court, said yes, Grewal can be sued in TX, remanded to lower court for trial. Grewal appealed 5th circuit decision to SCOTUS. SCOTUS denied cert. 5th circuit decision stands. Trial will proceed in TX, where I'm sure Grewal's attorneys will be warmly received for putting the screws to a Texas company. Somehow I don't think we'll be getting a tweet about this on the official NJ OAG twitter account.
  10. Bupkis. I'll keep working to support the rest of you layabouts.
  11. Awaiting the real story on this - what leverage did the NJ AG use to extort that settlement? They ensnared an out-of-state retailer who didn't know the NJ "ghost gun" law and shipped into state, and the AG threatened them with a business-killing suit?
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