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  1. Back to the original topic - here's the .50 cal sampler (yes, <=15 rounds linked), can anyone help me ID the "special" round types?: Yellow over red striped, hollow tip = ? Red over silver striped = ? Blue/teal striped = ? Silver striped = ? Black striped = ? Brown Striped =?
  2. Am I? Depends on where you live and how hoplophobic your neighbors and local LEO are. Can you sit on your front porch that's 50 yards back from the street in Cumberland or Sussex county with a break-action shotgun on your lap? Yeah, probably not an issue. Do you also believe you can also sit on your front steps at a row house in Jersey City with an AR at low ready and not get a visit from the po-po and a free ride to the station if you persist?
  3. Please tell me more, Mikey-San. I'm closing on a house in a couple of weeks and the estimated costs of a lot of the closing cost line items are really raising my eyebrows.
  4. PM'ing you an offer for lots 1, 2 & 5
  5. New Hope...flame thrower? What story am I missing out on here?
  6. Open carry of a NJ-legal firearm on property you own is legal, but that doesn't guarantee that your local law enforcement won't arrest and charge you anyway and compel you to prove it in court.
  7. Yeah, that's not going to work out too well for you if you have a NJ-defined "assault weapon" in your safe and a search warrant comes-a-calling.
  8. PK, love ya, but that's an over-simplification. Hollowpoint ammo, for instance, is illegal to possess outside of exempted locations, of which the possesor's home is one such exempted location.
  9. Stop the PRESSES! Raymond is no longer recommending birdshot as the ideal HD round!?
  10. Yep, as a Browning 1919 owner I'm very aware of the <=15 linked rounds issue. Ok, thanks gang, going to order it.
  11. Looking for a used iPhone 6s in excellent condition for Verizon network. I travel regularly between Morristown/Chatham and Point Pleasant/Mansquan areas, can easily meet anywhere in between and pay cash.
  12. There's an outfit that is selling a ".50 cal ammo collectors pack", which is 5 different rounds of .50 linked together representing most of the rounds in active inventory in the military, primarily intended for display purposes. The ammo is live and includes tracer, incendiary, armor piercing and blank rounds. I'm interested in buying it for a "wall hanger" at home. I don't think there are any restrictions on simply possessing ammo *at home*, but want to double check.
  13. Tag for interest - I'll probably need a roofer in Monmouth in 2018.
  14. Ted, I *may* have interest, but I won't be a quick sale - have to see if I can get a natural gas line installed at the property I'm buying and check to see if I have the kitchen space to install it. I'll check back after I close on the property - PM me if you want to discuss in more detail.
  15. Hijacking the thread - can you modify an 870 so that it ... what do you call it ... "slam fires" or "pump fires", meaning that if you hold the trigger down it will fire as soon as you pump the next round into the chamber?