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  1. Took a look through my pictures this morning, nothing that is really outstanding or gives a good sense of the scale of the event. Let me post this instead - it's the best "photo-essay" I've seen of the event: https://www.richmond.com/news/local/photos-scenes-from-the-gun-rights-rally-at-capitol-square/collection_9dba409a-4f0d-57ee-93eb-5da72a50ebbe.html#146 Very curious to see how VA legislators move forward from here. The rally was a *GREAT* thing for the RKBA - many Anti-gun narratives were completely demolished.
  2. On my way back home. Massive turnout, lots of angry Pro-gun people, no antifa, no violence and several new friends. Met up with Rosey, Theresa and Alex from CNJFO. Photos later.
  3. Worth reading (VSP =Virginia State Police); I think this is an excellent discussion to have with LEO:
  4. We'll see what happens. How much would you like to bet those fences remain un-breached on Monday?
  5. I find this more interesting - I think this is the plane that takes continuous high resolution photos that contain square miles of city and allow for the retracing of the movement of every vehicle over a period of days: https://www.americanspecialops.com/usaf-special-operations/aircraft/u-28a/ EDIT: - WAMI, that's the technology I was thinking of: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wide-area_motion_imagery
  6. Jim, I'd offer to pick you up on my way down but I'm leaving Friday and stopping to see family over the weekend before continuing down to Richmond early Mon AM. If you're on facebook, try joining the group "New Jersey Firearm Owners Syndicate" and asking there - I believe there are people in that group going down.
  7. Nope, haven't heard of it previously either, pretty sure it's new. This is now the 3rd active case challenging NJ's carry laws. This one is challenging NJ's refusal to recognize other state's carry licenses.
  8. @Smokin .50 - understood. I’m going to be in “battle rattle” so I won’t seek you out unless I de-gear. I’ll send you a message with my phone # via Facebook, I think I’m PM-maxed out here.. Current word is that entire Capitol grounds are being fenced off. Unsure if anyone will have access to them on Monday, or only screened people. “Battle-Rattlers” may be limited to surrounding streets..
  9. No, I do not know specifically where NJ folks are meeting. @Smokin .50 - if there is a CNJFO meetup time/spot, let us know. @dilbert1967 - If you want to join with the group I'm going with, PM me and I'll give you details of the meeting spot. This group will be going in armed/armored.
  10. I'm going, and it looks like several of the the CNJFO folks are going as well. I'm looking forward to standing with VA.
  11. Welcome! Asbury Park area here. More details on discord, please. We have a discord chat for NJ guns?
  12. Multiple NJ FFL’s are selling it to NJ residents.
  13. Legal. I’m not aware of any restriction on fore grips on semi-auto shotguns.
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