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  1. I'm considering taking an Appleseed course in Maryland next month. Haven't decided yet which rifle I'll use, but it will likely either be a 10/22 or an AR. I'd only take 10 rd mags for either rifle. Any "gotchas" I need to watch out for transporting into and possessing in MD? Anything that MD has that is more restrictive than NJ?
  2. Late, but here’s a pic of the damage:
  3. Stafford Twp/Ocean County are doing a gun *TAKE* back: https://www.jerseyshoreonline.com/southern-ocean/gun-take-back-scheduled/
  4. Thanks for sharing, ordered some too.
  5. Illegal to possess by average citizens under NJ law. Since NJ also classifies bb/pellet guns as firearms, that also means that air rifles with "suppressors" like the gamo whisper are illegal in NJ as well.
  6. Zeke, like I told you in person, I have never previously liked meatloaf, so the fact that I said yours was "ok" is damn high praise! Tex, no joke, I think your brisket was the best I have ever eaten. Out-fscking-standing!
  7. Caraj, I’m guessing you’re more than just a casual observer in this?
  8. Wow, $20 per 36” strip...
  9. Thanks for Salomon, will check it out. Dicks can’t go out of business fast enough for me.
  10. Is there anyplace I can buy cartons of clay birds in Eastern Monmouth Co.? Trying to stock up so I'm not always scrambling for shotty meet ups.
  11. Cody’s was deported out of Taiwan, arrested upon arrival and early reports have happened him out on bail tonight. Meanwhile, NYC just harvested its first 3D printer scalp: https://nypost.com/2018/09/22/lion-king-prop-maker-busted-for-trying-to-3-d-print-a-gun
  12. Have you also tried?: 1919a4 forums: https://1919a4.com/ Belt Fed guns group on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/544624159020049/
  13. *sigh*. I can already feel the association forming out there in low-information, 15-second-sound-bite-attention-span land: "Makes own guns = child molester".
  14. Thanks, didn’t even think of pop rivets and I’ve got a kit sitting in my toolbox....
  15. Asking price? PM if you like. And I'm not trying to snipe OP, please give him/her first dibs.