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  1. Certainly don't mean to take away from your beautiful handiwork, but that's the exact thing Evan Nappen's mentioned at some of his talks. I was trying to find one of his videos on youtube that mentioned that to post here ; ) But yeah, that's what this has come to in NJ
  2. Again - example of serendipity / 1 thing leads to another. I started wondering size of Edison vs. Somerset convention center (and foolishly saw Raritan on their floor plan and wondered if it was at the somerset location) We've gone to the wrong convention place over the years : ) Turns out the convention center at x10 287 closed... 1 1/2 years ago!? a) i didn't know that and b) less chance me screwing up which place to go to : )
  3. Bob thanks! Harrisburg.! Have to look into that! My wife just got her first pistol. So shooting / outdoor stuff is an easier sell for her now I think :-) We’re always intrigued with all the shows. The serendipity I guess - one thing leads to another. you see a vendor and that opens up a whole new hobby / place to visit / thing to do. We went to a local high school band holiday craft fair in 2017, my wife got hooked on kumihimo beading and made presents for everyone for 2018. And we hit beading stores whenever we travel. People get a laugh - you have a gun AND do beading?! Breaking stereotypes I guess.
  4. OK I was doing some more searching for discount codes and I saw that the deer classic is going to be here. I had seen an ad for that in the hunting digest and for some reason thought that was a couple weekends away and I missed the small print saying it would be at the outdoor show. But yeah no other ads for the show. And I saw on the show website it’s the 36th annual. Can’t believe I’ve been missing it all this time
  5. My wife and I like going to different events - the Flower shows, the home shows, the NJ Outdoor Expo that's at Assimpink in the fall, the sporting events up in Suffern, etc. So I was surprised when I got an email this week from Heritage Guild about Evan Nappen speaking at the Outdoor expo this weekend. I didn't know about this show at all! http://www.gsoss.com/inside.html In the last few weeks, we've been to Tactical Training a few times, RTSP in Union for the grand opening and a couple months ago at RTSP in Randolph to hear Evan speak there... and I'm always looking at the bulletin boards / signs in the stores and me just thinking I keep up with local events in the newpapers and websites, I totally missed this. WE get post cards and emails about the suffern shows... but nothing about this. Would anyone know: Did you know about this show? Is this a new show? If not new, have you been there before and how would you rate it compared to the shows in Suffern and Assimpink? Do you know of any discounts? I see the web / advance sales are $10.75... on site it's $15 and it talks of some sort of $3 credit? (maybe if you pay cash) Thanks!
  6. This has been an amazingly frustrating experience trying to get pricing over the phone and in emails with local dealers (I agree with your thinking Howard - buy local and with the laws, having to send to a FFL in NJ and the extra costs, we didn't consider going out of state). So with several different LOCAL places we ask a question and they answer something else, We ask several questions in an email and they answer only 1 of them, etc. We really value customer service. And it's common for us to be disappointed with the lack of it - in all kinds of situations... So I guess I shouldn't expect different from firearms dealers? But I'd think a gun sale is less frequent / more valuable to a store than buying a quart of ice cream. ie if someone contacts a firearms dealer to make a several hundred dollar purchase that the customer won't make all that often, the dealer would endeavor to answer the questions the customer asks / do what they can to earn the sale? Is that expecting too much? Maybe they don't want to be price shopped or expect to make a sale from people that don't ask questions? With each call and email that didn't get the answers we were asking (hard ones like - do you have this model in stock, how much is it and if it's out of stock, what's the lead time to get it in considering my wife's permit is expiring soon), we kept thinking 'time is money' and 'we're not going to save much of anything with all this effort'. Wound up buying where we started and are happy with the purchase. Thanks for your advice on this.
  7. And yes, if you buy from an out of state dealer, you'd have to make sure to get a 10 round magazine / do they bother to have those? ie another reason web shopping won't work? we're in somerset county. that handgun price request - does it go to 1 dealer? Or several ? or??
  8. My wife's been trying out some handguns and thinks she has what she wants narrowed down - I think she's looking at the 9mm Walther PPQ. She's got maybe 15 days left on the pistol permit to make the purchase (she already extended it the 1 time, so she has to do this now or start over : ) Any tips on where to buy? Is pricing pretty consistent from dealer to dealer? Do you just get on the phone with each one? Do they give prices over the phone or you have to go to each one? Other than sales tax, are there charges that some dealers add on and others don't / they build into the price? (background check?) If you shop online and get a good price out of state, there's the cost that a NJ FFL will charge to receive the gun and sell to you, right? likely negating the lower price you get online? You have to take possession / complete the sale by the expiration date of the permit, right? They need to enter the serial number on the form so if they are out of stock, they won't know the serial number of the gun they will be supplying. ie you can't pay for the gun before the expiration while they wait to get it in, right? Anything else we should know? Thanks! And yes, if you buy from an out of state dealer, you'd have to make sure to get a 10 round magazine / do they bother to have those? ie another reason web shopping won't work?
  9. GRIZ - that link to the AG's letter talks about 'firearms'. If I;m not mistaken / I think I saw on other threads here: driving around with an (unloaded) rifle / shotgun routinely is OK. It's handguns that have all the rules? But that letter doesn't seem to make the distinction of long guns vs. handguns. and just talks of firearms and the allowed deviation.
  10. http://www.scfgpa.org/ Not accepting members. Interesting, never knew they were there : ) Yes, we're in Somerset County. We've been in touch with the Union County range at the quarry to take their course to be allowed to shoot there. Good to read people's comments that we're not overly sensitive : )
  11. WOW!! Thank you so much everyone! I posted this late last night to get it on the boards thinking it would take time to get replies! This and the other questions I posted got loads of responses already. Great community here! Let me hit the different questions: GRIZ - we're in Somerset county. a revolver?! That's all I've shot and that was years ago. Personally, the design seems much more mechanically reliable - less moving parts, etc. But 'everyone's using semi autos, so they can't be all that bad? Certainly want her to get a good feel for the different options so I'll mention your suggestion of a revolver. Mrs. Peel: Thanks for the offer! Yes, I'd like to get her more 'into' this - no sense buying it and just sticking it in the nightstand. I'm looking forward to the Outdoors Expo... oh gosh, it's this weekend! We've gone for a bunch of years now but this year she talked about talking to the different booths about training, etc. We've been dragging our feet on this and her permit's expiring in a couple weeks. Like you said - slow down... She just emailed the police to ask about the 90 day extension and not rush into things. Thanks for all the advice!
  12. Thank you guys! We'll see about trying those at Heritage guild. Krdshk - just to clarify - She COULD buy out of state, but not take it with her? They'd send it to an FLL in NJ to take possession? Or the sale is done by an NJ FLL? And either way, there'd be shipping costs and the NJ FLL understandably wants $$ for their time to be involved. Does it typically make sense to just do the entire transaction in NJ?
  13. My wife's looking to get a handgun and I'm helping out with the details. I know shotguns / trapshooting, but my experience with indoor shooting and revolvers was at Rays in North Plainfield (RIP) decades ago. My wife has just done trap shooting with me but never even handled a handgun. on a recommendation from a friend, we went to Heritage guild in Easton, PA for their try before you buy offering. We signed up & put on the ear protectors (my wife even used the ear plugs and then ear muffs over that) There were people using an AR-15 the day we went there. Again, I've been shooting shotguns outdoors for years / more accustomed to loud noise / guns but even for me, that was really loud. And not just loud but a sharp thumping that went right through you. We wound up getting a 'rain check' to come back another time. With her having never dealt with a handgun, my thinking is that getting jostled every time they were firing the AR will be a bad start for her to focus / learn about handling the gun, let alone consider what features / characteristics she likes / doesn't like in the different models. Would anyone know about the Heritage guild Easton range being 'noisier' than other indoor ranges? Decades ago, I don't remember that piercing sound at Rays - I vaguely remember it being a bigger range? Would you say that an AR rifle is much / not much louder than handgun shooting? I'm trying to get us to go to the range in Flemington to just get familiar with handling a gun / see how the acoustics are there, before going back to Easton.
  14. My wife's looking to get a handgun and I'm helping out with the details. I know shotguns / trapshooting, but keep hearing horror stories about handguns and the law. Is there a page here or somewhere else that summarizes what we want to be sure to do / don't do when traveling with the handgun to go to a range? Do you need your FID on you? In the trunk, 'locked', right? Is a cable lock through the chamber, etc good enough? She has an SUV. WIl that work at all? or my sedan with a trunk is needed? Ammo in the passenger compartment, right? sitting in a bag? Or locked in another box? No deviations in travel, right? I saw the post about the gun range opening in Union and the lighthearted joke about stopping at Harbor freight... not really a joke, right? Can't even do that? Stop to use the bathroom on the way home? Stop to eat? Stop to pick up a sandwich with someone staying in the car and then eating while driving? Someone said 'I'm a member of another range that reports... so i'm covered I think I remember something about an exemption to no deviations? Anything else to know? Does anyone subscribe to the legal services that would help in these situations if you make a mistake? Which do you recommend?
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