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  1. They do not actually call your references anyway! I was just a reference for 3 of my friends for a normal permit and I gave the needed references for my Carry permit. Neither I nor the 4 references they asked for the CC Permit were ever contacted. Between us chickens, if one day we find out that they actually do nothing with the pistol or Carry permits, other than the system moves it a step once your references answered online, and maybe run the same NICS check they do when you purchase, I will not be surprised at all!
  2. Thanks everyone for the support. I finally got the issue resolved. The https://www.nj.gov/njsp/firearms/[email protected] got on their case and mysteriously they emailed me the actual PDF an hour later. So, to anyone in the future that has the same Issue - email the above as soon as the problem arises. NJPD responded within a day. They also first told me to use a different browser, after answering that I tried that 3 weeks ago, they resent me the same old link. After answering again that the link is still broken, they asked me to forward them the link. Once I did, they answered that they see the link is broken and that they contacted the vendor to fix the issue - 10 minutes later I got an email with the PDF attached and the link was fixed. The entire thing was resolved in less than 24 hours after my email to them. My conclusion is that this is worse than them trying to stop us from having the carry permits. I think that the NJ portal support process is just built in a stupid way. There is a total disconnect between the "support staff" answering the phones and the actual tech support staff. I got a call from a supervisor for the portal support 48 hours after the issue was resolved, saying I should call them back but not leaving their number. On the other hand, the initial permitting process is 100% biased against us legally carrying. The initial 4 months it took to process the permit are really not justified. I have been a gun owner for the last 5 years and have been approved twice for pistol purchase, the last one in 2023. Also had background checks for every pistol and rifle I own, so I was vetted numerous times in the last 5 years. What new data can these 4 months yield? If the permitting process was actually working, someone like me, and most people on this site, should be approved in hours and not months...
  3. Thank you! Any idea how to reach them?
  4. Did that, they say they cannot access the docoment...
  5. Not sure if this is the right forum for this, but I need the forum help for a solution. I applied for concealed carry and after 4 months got approved. On Feb 6 I received the approval email with a link to download the document. The link didn't work, so I couldn't download my permit. I contacted support, the next day they asked me for the picture again for verification and since then nothing.... I called them numerous times; they tell me that the call center cannot do anything and that they cannot transfer me to the people that can help. As of today Feb 23, I still have no permit to carry and never heard back from them. Anyone knows how to solve this situation?
  6. You get an email from the police department that processed your application
  7. I finally got the CCW approved by my town and got the much anticipated email to download the permit, only to get a 404 error message from the NJ police web site : (
  8. I see the value in a verbal warning that it may save you the shot. Unlike Hollywood movies many people, including criminals do not want to get shot and are not bat shit crazy. Also if you have to escalate you know you did everything you could before doing so : )
  9. In my town it took 20 days. As its all online not sure what need to happen for the local PD to approve you, but they have 30 days so I guess 20 is not that bad
  10. I'm half thinking that they many (local PD) are just trying to work as slow as possible on both PTC and PTP...
  11. I think that your town is less then truthful. Or they are talking to someone else at state then my town. In my town and the 2 towns around a lot of my friends just got FID and pistol permits in less then 20 days and this also echos my experience.
  12. I had a chance to speak with the officer in charge of gun permits in my town and I asked him what was going on with my CCW application. It's been 50 days since application. He says that they are waiting on some check results from the state and that the state is deliberately slower on CCW apps then it is on anything else. Gun purchase permits were handled swiftly in my town and are well below the 30-day period they have, so I tend to believe him that this is true. Anyone knows what those checks are and has similar experience?
  13. I'm with you on that you don't need any guns to be a 2A supporter : ) I personally have 2 ARs, a 16" broom and a 10.5" other, a Berreta M9A3 and the APX A1 compact tactical will probably be the last addition to the fleet
  14. The PDP is a great gun, a couple of my friends just got one. I'm thinking of an APX compact tactical as my CCW. APX A1 Compact Tactical | Beretta | Beretta Lighter than a PDP world class trigger and you can get replacement frame for 50$ if you want to change color.
  15. Since the upper is not a weapon - it can be shipped to your house, pinning a muzzle device on an upper is not working on a weapon. While I'm not a lawyer or an FFL holder, I read the rules and I'm sure you can pin the muzzle device yourself or have any gunsmith do it for you before you attach it to a lower and you are not breaking the laws.
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