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  1. I'm not a lawyer, but as the AR15 is designed to be broken in the middle, unless you were caught red handed with the Other NON NFA upper on the NFA AR lower and vice versa, you have done nothing wrong and this should not be a concern. I would go as far as saying that if you store them normally broken in half, even having the 2 sets in a dismantled state in the same safe should not be an issue....
  2. I just got my new NON NFA and you are correct, they copied make and model from the lower, asked me what the caliber is, and wrote it down as other. I believe that a lower would be registered exactly the same, so no one can really tell if you bought it or built it......
  3. Isn't the coast guard only supposed to operate in American waters?
  4. I can certainly take my long gun, or maybe my Non NFA AR, to avoid having to take my hand gun.
  5. So I'm interested to hear peoples opinion as to if it is legal to take a gun you own legally to a boat you own legally. And keep it on said boat while you are in the NJ state line and crossing to other states. I believe that according to the law it is clear that you can have your legally owned weapon in your home, a second home owned by you and your place of business. What about a boat? Boats that have a bedroom, restroom and a kitchen are recognized as homes to the point where you can get mortgages and declare the interest on those as part of your tax return, those that also apply to the gun issue, meaning if you want to spend a night on your boat you can have your gun legally somewhere on it like you would at your home?
  6. What is the exact wording that needs to be in the transfer forms to the NJ FFL? Is it "Other Firearm" or "Other Non NFA" ? I ordered one from out of state and want to give them the exact wording so it is clear its a complete weapon and I didn't build it.....
  7. If you don't fold it and take your hand off of it you can still shoot in one hand. So that doesn't make any sense. Besides we are not in the movies and the person that can shoot one handed an AR in any caliber other then 9 mill and actually hit above 90% is a better shot then all of us.....
  8. Yes it is substantially identical. When it is not folded it is identical and has the exact same functionality. It is completely different then AVG
  9. Anybody has any input as to foldable forward grip? I didn't see that it is forbidden anyway so I assume it should be OK
  10. I looked at the nice decision chart above, and I believe that there is a part missing. I circled it in red on this pic this is another half inch or so of length that is not accounted for in the calculations.....
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