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  1. Ever since the Governor the show seems to be on wash cycle. Encounter different group, build up tension for a season or two, have a big fight that is drags on as long as possible. Rinse and repeat. Hopefully the writing improves and some better story lines emerge.
  2. Coorraal! Not Cooraal!?
  3. I know. Just something to tuck away in the neural synapses for the future.
  4. Yeah, heard about it at the office. Too early for snow! I'm not ready! Lol.
  5. Glad you were able to fix it. Many times the flame sensor will build up residue on them and cause flame not to ignite. Simple fix. Pull it out and clean with steel wool. Same thing with gas hot water heaters Easily save $200 in a service call. YouTube is amazing. Easily paid for at least one of my firearms with the money YouTube has saved me. Probably closer to two of them.
  6. What part of Texas you from? I lived in El Paso for a bit (88-96).
  7. I grew up with fake tree. Wife grew up with real tree. We get real tree every year. Every year I try to talk her into buying a discounted fake tree right after Christmas. Never works.
  8. Will prob run mower one more time. Mulch up last of leaves. Then let it run dry.
  9. For regular grocery delivery my wife uses Pea Pod. As for concerns with freshness, we have had some expired items delivered. Wife calls them and they credit the account. I don't believe they give her a hard time about it at all. Been using them for a few years now. They bring the groceries right to the kitchen table. Tip the delivery person a few dollars. We haven't been grocery shopping in at least two years if not more. HUGE time saver. As for recipes or trying new things. YouTube. Several YouTube channels will walk you through everything. I just made up a venison chili con carne last night. Recipe was on BuckMasters (I think). I'll also use Tumblr to find good looking dishes. There is usually a link to a YouTube video in the Tumblr post. I've made cauliflower "mashed potatoes", low carb cauliflower pizza, taco soup, sweet potatoes French fries, etc all from posts I found on Tumblr.
  10. Check out the Chevy SS. If I had more money than I knew what to do with I would like to get one. GM / Holden stopped protection this year. Only produced from 2014 -2017. Not as rare as the Pontiac G8 (another Holden import) but rare enough that I have yet to see one on the road. I also like the style and design of the new Stangs.
  11. Interesting topic which a few of my family where discussing at the family Thanksgiving get together. Over view of discussion: Companies way back when where given govie subsidies/breaks/help to establish and build out "the network". Created virtual monopoly in areas for cable companies. No incentive for innovation or expansion as original companies held monopoly. Original network creators already had net neutrality without gov intervention. Little occurrences of blocking or throttling of competition. New comers to industry who use the backbone of the network begin rising in popularity (Google, Facebook, internet streaming entertainment news/entertainment/alternative news sources, streaming services (PlayStation Vue, Hulu, Netflix etc). New comers using much more of network product but not paying more to use. 2015 Governmnet passes "Net Neutrality" because of concerns of what may occur in futiure? Stiffling competition, throttling, contention restrictions, etc. despite not really occuring. Current monopolistic companies stop expansion because not in their interest and not profitable to expand due to gov interference. 2017 Gov wants to repeal "Net Neutrality" to way things were prior to government intervention (when there was no problem or existence of blocking or throttling) to allow original monopoly owners to make more money so in theory they will expand or update systems or technology. In theory new free market model makes it easier for new comers to enter market but in reality established monopolies (which where able to become monopolies due to initial gov help/ assitance) have a huge advantage over new comers. End of overview/duscussion....which unsure of accuracy because nobody was experts. Take away was government helped create problem by helping companies in infancy of cable by essentially creating monopolies. Then decades later with advent of streaming arose competition to monopolies. New comers benefited by not paying more despite using more data. 2015 government intervenes and again creates problems because of what may happen. This causes caling back of progress and expansion. Now gov wants to repeal act to stimulate expansion and improvements in technology. Some upset because blocking and throttling may occur even though it hadn't in past. Concerns consumers may be forced to pay more.
  12. I've purchased Cooper tires for years and years now. Been very happy with them.
  13. I like to try a little of everything. See what I like. Pork belly is good. Garlic chicken / beef. Orange chicken / beef. Cho Fun / Mei Fun. Shrimp toast appetizer. Egg Foo Young. List goes on and on. There is a dive place near my office. Very inexpensive. You get choice of two meats, 1 veggies over steamed or fried rice. Nobody speaks english. Always a line. You go after 1pm and it's slim pickings. They only make so much and when it's gone, no more. If trying a new place I always order sesame chicken. If they can't get that right I never go back. Man, I'm getting hungry!
  14. Some channels you can add seperate. Wife just added Hallmark channel. You can pay a small fee ($5 I think for Hallmark). She only wants it for Nov and December. The "watch from start" option on PS Vue is great! Used it to watch Walking Dead this past Sunday.
  15. I completely missed this! Uggh. Probably for the best. Got lots of work done around the house. Also hot water heater stopped working so had to fix that (polish the heat sensor with steel wool). Sounds like ya' all had a good time!