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  1. Griz's "vegetables" were delicious.
  2. Not enough brisket in all of Texas for that.
  3. FYI - there is already a thread in "NJ Prepared". Almost a year old.
  4. Only put in, because I can't call it investing, what you are willing to and can afford to lose. Pure speculation IMHO. Not that there is anything wrong with speculating.
  5. Welcome to the forum and the shooting fraternity. Where do you shoot at? Great job getting the family involved!
  6. Actually, It's pretty good. Have you tried it?
  7. Grand Prix > Polynesian Meatloaf
  8. Tell him to buy a Pontiac Grand Prix. 3800 Series 3 (04-08) V6 engine is damn near indestructible. Huge trunk. Plenty of inexpensive low miles ones around if you look. I consider low mileage for these cars anything under 100k. Properly maintained ones will easily last another 100 - 150k. Cant say enough good tgings about my Grand Prix. If he's set on that particular car then I second checking out Enterprise car sales and other rental agencies that sell cars. The cars should have been well maintained. I've heard good things about buying this way. Good luck.
  9. EXACTLY. What the heck!?
  10. One of the reasons I don't like Glocks is their model or names. Sweet mother of Mercy! It makes zero sense! Plus they have no soul
  11. Or maybe I'll do invisibke electric dog fence. But I'm not sure how I feel about that. I like throwing ball around backyard with him to exercise him. Backyard isn't that big and if set up invisible fence to start zapping him five feet from it he's going to be getting zapped often. And that's just cruel and stupid. And invisible electric fence wouldnt be much less exoensive than chain link fence on the one side that doesn't have fence. Or maybe It's time to move. We've been here almost 13 years now. Find new house with fence and a basement I can finish! Current house built early 1900s and basement is dungeon like with maybe six foot ceiling. I could use a man cave. Dog and I can live there. Females (wife and two daughters) get rest of house. Lol.
  12. Honestly I'm thinking about just talking to my neighbor and saying, "I'm thinking about putting up a chain link fence from end of my back neighbor's fence to here (grassy area on my property few inches away from their railroad ties separating our driveways). That cool?" Will get proper permits from town of course. And call utility company mark anything
  13. Tell Cabelas that you have already posted online on the largest NJ gunforum about your very negative exoerience. That you've warned anyone with a two tone FID (which is every FID holder) not to bother ever shopping there. Explain politely that you would like to update your posting about how they positively corrected their obvious mistake but a $50 gift card doesn't cover the cost of gas and tolls for the trip you already made.
  14. Any gun shops near NJ border will follow NJ laws. Heritage Guild in Easton refused to sell me a CZ SP01 a few years ago because it had 18 round mags. I told them to keep the mags, sell me the pistol. They refused. At the time you couldn't find a new SP01 anywhere. I purchased a used 10/22 at Sarco two years ago. If I recall they called the NJ# for background check and had all the NJ paperwork behind counter. I'm pretty sure any gun store within hour or so of NJ would do same. Especially larger or box stores.
  15. Hope all our ex-pats from NJ now in FL are all safe. Sounds like a huge storm.