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  1. Great time as usual! Good seeing ya all. Hopefully we can do again in the near future!
  2. Another non-electronic prepping source I enjoyed was the quarterly magazine "The New Pioneer". It focused on modern, small scale off grid living with a more farming, gardening or country living slant. It also almost always featured a story of a family that was living or making a transition to a simpler life style. Need to subscribe again. There are other similar magazines. One was American Pioneer which was definetly more geared towards hardcore (IMHO) prepping or surviving SHTF scenarios. Can keep the magazines stored away similar to the books. Hoping you never need to use them. Though I do pull them out every now and then just to read or skim through. Some of the family and transitioning to simpler lifestyle stories are enjoyable and informative. While not "literature" I enjoy watching "Off Grid Living" on DIY Channel. Similar to the family stories in "The New Pioneer" the show features individuals or families building an off grid home. Some are very small and simple homes, think nice mud hut. Others are larger, nicer homes with all the amenities via off grid sources (solar, natural wells, etc). The show gets me dreamimg of an off grid retirement home for the future or an off grid second home or hunting/ get away home if I ever hit the lottery!
  3. Bringing a friend with me. I have license as well.
  4. $1k increase over last few days. Could it have bottomed out? Will be interesting to see if run continues.
  5. This happening this weekend?
  6. One of my brother inlaws recommended this place. He buys A LOT of stuff from them. He told me, "Buy with confidence from them". So I did. Purchased a refurbished Dell and a new monitor from them last December. No problems at all so far. Good luck. http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/campaigns/deals.asp?CampaignID=3331
  7. i believe some areas, like NJ, have the fuel pumps backed up by generators. Not all gas stations but some. As far as the endin, I thought they left it "open for interpertation". i caught that with the neighbor as well! Maybe he was an ex-njgunforums member? I was also wondering what type of revolver he had. I think it was a Smith. I was impressed the main character actually picked it up. Generally in these movies the people just walk away without picking up the gun! i was unimpressed with Forrest Whitaker's character's lack of firearms. I mean seriously, ex-militarty and he brings ONE gun!? No long gun? What the heck!? https://www.nj.com/news/index.ssf/2015/10/which_nj_gas_stations_have_generators_if_joachin_h.html
  8. Ending didn't suck. It just didn't wrap it up in a nice pretty bow. Kind of like life. I thought the movie was okay. Ending was a little disappointing but not horrible. It left a lot of questions unanswered. And that's okay. Because in a TEOTWAWKI situation, are people really going to have all the answers? Probably not.
  9. It was okay. But nothing special.
  10. Definetly burned / dormant from heat. Only mowing once every two weeks right now. My "flower / veggie garden" is over run with weeds. I need the flame thrower a few posts up to deal with it. Lol. I'll be at attacking the weeds this week. Didn't even plant any veggies. Have had other family matters to attend to. Once we get some rain, the grass greens up a bit and some cooler weather I'm putting down some weed and feed.
  11. About 30 - 45 minutes into it. Good so far. MUCH better than "Range 15". Looks like a TEOTWAWKI (The End If The World As We Know It) or WORL (Without Rule Of Law) flick. Probably a lot people on here would like it. I just hope it doesn't have a dumb ending. But it is just past midnight and I need to be up in 5.5 hours to walk the dog and then go to work. So rest will have to wait. Forest Whitaker is in it. I like almost all his movies. Preview:
  12. I think you may be in the minority on that. How are they mechanically? I would never get a four banger stang. What's the point. Probably the six and may be the eight cylinder if it were only a summer and fall car.
  13. Good luck with the rehab. Hope you heal 110%!
  14. I do! Lol. Though I think the newer Mustangs are pretty sweet looking. Ford did a nice job with those! Don't tell my car I said any of that though! Read up on the 3800 Engine, Series 3. Not only is it very reliable, they get decent gas mileage for "old technology". And there are plenty of spare parts for them in junkyards as the engine was used in Buick LaCrosse and Lucerne as well. The Series 2 3800 was used in it seems every other GM vehicle produced at the time (Buick Regal and a few others, Chevy Impala, Camaro & Monte Carlo, lots of Oldsmobiles, Pontiac Bonneville & Firebirda.,etc. etc). Litterally millions of those in junk yards. I think the Grand Prix is similiar to ARs. A very common platform that is easy to work on and modify to your needs / tastes if you wish to. There are also tons of YouTube videos on how to do maintance and repairs on the 3800 vehicles as well. I'm no mechanic, but I figure if I can build a lower receiver of an AR then I can fix some of the most common problems on my own car. IMHO GM made a mistake doing away with Pontiac. This isn't mine and this is heavliy modfied (I think the kids say "modded"). Tell me that isnt' sexy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j440FEg0wKM