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  1. MidwayUSA started restricting to 1 box of primers (per category) and only once a week. I was lucky enought to score Small Pistol and Small Rifle. Have to pay two seperate hazmart charges. I can't order either of that category for a week. Hopefully it slows some of the hoarding and reselling. $75 dollars for the primers and then close to another $30 for shipping & hazmat. Still better then the $300 "buy it now" prices on Gun Broker for 1k of primers.
  2. https://cz-usa.com/product/cz-457-american-combo/ Best of both worlds.
  3. Have placed a few orders from these fellows. Just received most recent order in ten days! Haven't had a chace yet to load up any of their bullets but they seem to have a great reputation. Some of their order have taken MUCH longer but considering the strange times we find ourselves in, it's nice to find ANYTHING that you are looking for. if you are looking for bullets, check them out. https://www.rmrbullets.com/ LOVE the sticker they included. Package came in very discreet USPS mailing pouch and box inside it was very well taped and secured. Will definitely continue ordering from these guys.
  4. I haven't been to a gun show in years. But a friend recently went within the last month or so. He said everything was overpriced for the most part. So even if you find primers, you are going to pay for them.
  5. Remington ammo facility back online and running 24/7. Definitely will help. https://www.americanrifleman.org/articles/2021/4/12/big-green-is-back-remington-ammo-plant-working-247#.YHRKpqPnotc.facebook
  6. Take a screen shot of your pic and then try posting.
  7. Obviously it's liberal men castrating themselves to help stop rape. It's the kind of logic they use.
  8. Thomas is chomping at the bit to take a 2A case. He wrote a SMOKING dissent last year. I hope he gets one.
  9. As some others have stated,, it's a safety test. Not an accuracy test. If I recall correctly from when I took the test a few years ago, you just shoot at the ground. They want to make sure you know how to safely load, operate and shoot. They provide a shotgun. Keep in mind, they WANT you to pass. Everyone there was very helpful and friendly. Just study the material, take the test and do the live fire. You'll be fine They had a "nature walk" before the test where they went over a lot of the material. Even gave a few helpful hints like, "This MAY be on the test...so pay attention". Good luck. You'll do great!
  10. My GP100's trigger is like budda. So smooth. Of course I've shot it. A lot. Smooths it out. Even new though it didn't have a hard trgger pull. I'm sure there are some hard to pull double action revolvers out there. But there are heavey trigger semi-autos as well that can hard to pull the trigger on. I once shot a Taurus PT92 (Berrettta 92FS knock off / clone) that I thought the safety was still on. Trigger was THAT heavy. It was insane. There are also semi-autos that have VERY light trigger pulls. I dont' know if I would want one of those in my hand during a very intense encounter either. If someone ever finds themselves in a real fight for their life situation their adreline will be jacked UP. So better to have a slightly harder to pull trigger than a light trigger that accidently goes "BOOM" because you're shaking and jacked up on adrenaline. Just need to know your firearm. And practice with it occassionally. And as a new shooter, it's important to try as many firearms as you can. And because it's fun.
  11. gleninjersey


    @45Doll Looks interesting. Will check it out. Thanks.
  12. So no need to start stocking up on TP and Spam again?
  13. Here's an idea Since your Aunt expressed an interest in purchasing a revolver, see if she can join you at the SAW event! Or bring a girlfriend and make it a girls night out. Perhap having another family member or friend with you will make a you little more comfortable. The truth of the matter is, people can make suggestions to you all day long. But until you get something in your hand and a few rounds through it you really have no way of knowing how it will feels FOR YOU. And I agree with what @CAL. .30 M1 said. If you have very limited firearms expercience and are looking to buy something and invest little to nothing in training (I would advise you to take at the very minimum a safetly course) then look at a revolver.
  14. Depends on several factors. Two of the largest being what sized revolver and what your are shooting through it. As I mentioned earlier, you can shoot 38 Special ammo throught a 357 revolver (but never other way around). Shooting 38 Special through a 4 inch 357 revolver is what I would consider VERY mild recoil. I've had a number woman shoot my Ruger GP100 with 38 Special ammo and they were all pleasantly surprised at how mild and manageble the recoil was. If at all possbile, get youself to the upcoming SAW event. Try out a few firearms so you can get some idea of what you like. I'm sure the woman in the group will be more than happy to help you and show you several different options and provide you with some safetly lessons. Best of luck to you! Have fun and be safe.
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