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  1. gleninjersey

    Cutting the cord

    Depending on how many people are in your household and how many streaming devices are being used 30 Mbps could be enough. I think Hulu only requires 8-10 Mbps. Other streaming services are probably around the same. Also do a speed test of what you are actually getting. I recently read that almost all internet providers say "up to" X Mbps. Doesn't meaning you are actually getting that speed. I tested mine and was shocked.to see I was only getting speeds of high 20s to mid 30s. And we stream two tv's and at least 3-4 devices. Also don't be afraid.to call your cable company and tell them you want the same deal they are giving new customers. I did exactly that when I saw I was only getting 25 Mbps and paying for 100. Told them why should I be paying you $80 For 25 Mbps when Verizon DSL is $20 a .month for 15 Mbps. They gave me the $40 month price they give new customers. And I'll be buying my own modem so I can stop paying them $10 a month for their modem rental. You don't need hundreds of Mbps to just do streaming TV.
  2. gleninjersey

    Buck week NJ 2018

    I was responding to another post about purchasing a lever action and remembered I never posted my hunting picture here. Several months later, here it is: I did. He said "Hello" and said to tell you congratulations on the move.
  3. gleninjersey

    Time for a lever action, need some input

    Hickock45 Old Marlin versus New Marlin video below. He also has some older videos where I think he compared some different lever action rifles. Just search "lever action" on his YouTube page. Enjoy: https://youtu.be/iGRKfznPxPw
  4. gleninjersey

    Time for a lever action, need some input

    JM stamped Marlin. Though I'm not sure if the older Marlins were made in 357/38. I would seriously consider a Henry. Tbey are supposed to be THE lever action rifle manufacturer. If you absolutely can't get over the tube feed then I've heard the newer Marlins are actually pretty good. Hickock45 fairly recently did a video comparing the older JM stamped guns to the newer ones. I'll link it below.
  5. gleninjersey


    That stinks but at least you dropped the hammer of Thor on his head. I was a "first time seller" once. Everyone has to be at one point for the sites to work. Sorry this guy was a scum bag.
  6. gleninjersey

    New Jersey

    Mmm, no.
  7. gleninjersey

    New Jersey

    I send my parents pork roll every Christmas. There's a website that will ship it any where. Pork Roll no reason to stay. And if you call it "Taylor Ham" please leave sooner. https://jerseyporkroll.com/
  8. gleninjersey


  9. gleninjersey

    Transmission Recommendation & Advice

    Thanks. This will be my 3rd Grand Prix. First one was a 94 (I think). It wasn't that great. I've loved my 04 base model Grand Prix (GT1 trim level). Bought it in 07. Has been very good to me. The 3800 Series III engines are great engines. Very reliable, decent mpg, plenty of power for everyday driving, pretty easy to work on, easy to source parts. They are the Ruger of the car world. Reliable and built like a tank. The GTP is a nice step up from the base model. But if I can fix the base model for less than $2k and have my oldest drive it through high school,maybe even college, then it would be worth putting the money into it. MY youngest is 13 years old. Guess I'll have to find one for her and store it for a little while.
  10. gleninjersey

    Transmission Recommendation & Advice

    Maybe a maybe.
  11. gleninjersey

    Transmission Recommendation & Advice

    Just the tranny is toast (for now). I purchased an 04 GTP Comp G Edition with 78,600 miles for $3400 on Saturday. Drove to Bristol, CT to purchase it.. Prob around $3800 with tax, title and license. Interior is like new. Exterior is in very good condition. Carfax was very good. Considering I was quoted $3400 for just a transmission this seemed like a (some what) logical decision. Had a transmission specialist (Wholesale Transmission in Fords) get back back to me. $1700 plus tax for rebuilt tranny with 2 year/ 24k guarantee. Depending on outcome when our taxes are completed we may have it rebuilt. My 16 year old will be driving soon and she can use the base model to get too / from school and I can use as winter car ( I take mass transit for work so don't need for work). GTP will be seasonal car. Base model can be the beater / winter car. I'll contact some of the other transmission specialist recommended to get quotes from them as well.
  12. gleninjersey

    Transmission Recommendation & Advice

    This one. Plenty of other ones out there.
  13. It appears the transmission on my 04 Pontiac Grand Prix is going. Drive and 3rd gear don't engage. 2nd and 1st gear engage and once moving I can up shift to 3rd and then Drive at which point car appears to drive normally. But slips out of gear once I go under 20 or 25. At which point I have to drop down to 2nd again to get moving. Also leaking transmission fluid from the tranny pan. So I'm looking for some transmission specialists recommendations in the central or lower Northern NJ area (I'm not far from Bridgewater area). I found one, Wholesale Transmission, in Fords which is well reviewed on Google reviews. Another was Tito's Transmissions in Newark. Any others I should look at? Also looking for some advice. I know nothing about what a transmission should cost or the differences. The garage (regular / general maintenance garage) that diagnosed car quoted me $3400 for a rebuilt tranny with 3 year guarantee. More than a few people said that seemed high. Car has 131k miles on it so not looking to put that much into it. Some people recommended having a used transmission but into it and that the costs would be much less. I'm assuming that means a junkyard pulled tranny with little to no guarantee. Then there are rebuilt transmission with one, two or three year guarantees. What is the difference in those as far as the components used and the reliability (which how well it is reassembled probably having a lot to do with it I'm guessing). Car is nothing special. Just a base model Grand Prix. The transmissions are the weak point in these vehicles. The engines, 3800 Series III, are well known as being bulletproof and very reliable with owners routinely putting 200k, 250k and few on a Grand Prix Facebook page I'm on with over 300k. IF I put money into the car it sounds like I should look at a used or one year guarantees tranny. What is ball park price for having one of those installed? I do have my eye on some lower mileage preowned cars but don't really want to have car payments. There are a few nice looking Grand Prix with reasonable mileage(50 -85k) for sale for relatively low prices ($3500 -5500) and I may look at one of those. Especially if it has leather, heated seats and in nice shape. My car has gotten a little dinged up over the years. Luckily I'm not in a rush to replace as I take bus or train to and from work and we have my wife's car. Thanks in advance for your input.
  14. gleninjersey

    Saturday 19th Ice/Snow Storm

    I walked the dog a little while ago. It's cold. But It's the middle of January in NJ. What do you expect? How can people be shocked? News flash. In August it will be very hot & humid. Start preparing now! Lol.
  15. gleninjersey

    Saturday 19th Ice/Snow Storm

    I was wondering this exact same thing a little while ago. I'm curious how much of the "snow removal" budget the State has used thus far. Especially considering their has been virtually no snow this winter. I wonder how long before Murphy starts using those signs for something like "Don't forget to brush your teeth before going to bed!" Friggin nanny state.

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