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  1. Go to your local Boost Mobile store. Buy a new phone for like $100 or so. I think unlimited is like $30 or $35 a month? They are on the Sprint & T-Mobile network. Unless you live in the boonies your reception should be fine. I get reception when hunting in the middle of the bonnies in PA out in the field. 2nd one is out of stock online but maybe some stores have it? I have a two year old version of the A23 (the A21) and it's worked great. Will probably get an A23 soon. https://www.boostmobile.com/phones/samsung-galaxyA145G.html https://www.boostmobile.com/phones/samsung-galaxy-a23-5g.html Either of those should suffice. As Malice said, once you log into the phone with either your gmail or Samsung account it should move all your contacts over. The people at the Boost Store may even be able to help you with moving your contacts and pictures over if your old phone isn't completly dead.
  2. Evan Williams BIB is one of THE best bargain bourbons out there. It's not great but it's hard to argue with a decent tasting $20 bottle of bourbon! Their 1783 isn't bad either at around the same price. I also picked up Russel's Reserve 10 Year today. If you see it for about $35, just buy it. It's probably one of my favorite in that price range. @Scorpio64 I'll let you know. But I have a feeling it's not going to be available around here. Just like Early Times Bottled In Bond isn't available in NJ. It's a budge drinker that is supposed to be VERY good for the price (around $25 I think).
  3. Picked up another bottle of the TX Blended. Asked if my go to store can order the Yellow Rose. I had looked around at a few places and nobody carried it.
  4. They finally shot it down. On it's way back to China. https://www.foxnews.com/politics/us-military-shoots-chinese-spy-balloon-atlantic-ocean
  5. 2nd "spy ballon" confirmed. Second one is over "Latin" America. Wonder if it's traveling North? https://www.foxnews.com/politics/pentagon-another-chinese-spy-balloon-traveling-over-latin-america
  6. Haven't heard anything. Define massive? Like a giant spy ballon popping massive. Missile strike massive. Or EMP detonation massive. "Massive" leaves a lot of room for interpretation.....jus' sayen.
  7. From Midway-USA website that sells the brake: "The Advanced Tactical Compensator (or ATaC) from Schuster Manufacturing is designed to keep your muzzle down and decrease the effects of recoil. Made from billet tool steel, it is as tough as it is effective. It also has enough added length to will ensure that your 14.5" barrel will measure at least 16" after installation." As this is a 14.7 barrel, it should be over 16". https://www.midwayusa.com/product/1003398928/
  8. I mean, if you live in a very restrictive State and that's the only way you can get something SLIGHTLY resembling an AR. But the entire "lever action" and "tactical" fusion thing just looks fuuuuuuugly to me. But what do I know, I like Mac n Cheese with hotdogs. So to each their own.
  9. Welcome! What brought you to our little section of the interwebs?
  10. CZ 75B in 9mm for semi-auto or my Ruger GP100 in 357 Magnum with 4 inch barrel. The 357 is very well rounded. You can shot very light recoiling 38s with it. Teach newbies to shot with it. And every now and then load it up with some powerful 357 rounds to have a little "extra" fun! The CZ 75Bs are known of being tact drivers and having a good "hand feel" for many people. Neither are expensive (as guns go) nor are they anything "special" to look at. They just work for me. If I'm not hitting the target with those two, it's me and not the gun. Either of the above should get you back on target pretty quickly. The CZs have a lower bore axis due to the way their slide runs which helps mitigate muzzle rise. Plenty of Youtuve videos expaine it better than I can. The GP100 is nice and heavy and the barrel will hardly move shooting 38s through it. One of my friends has a Buckmark 22 (the Hunter I think). That thing was VERY accurate. I cut a business card in half after only like 5 shots with only the edges of the card facing me. I still don't know why I haven't bought one of those!
  11. OMG....some of these are simply beyond human comprehension. We are DOOMED as a society. LOL.
  12. I like watching these videos partly becuase it makes me feel better about some of the wrenching mistakes I've made! LOL. I watch them and can be like "Yeah, I messed up, but at least I put the brake pads back on!!"
  13. 17 year old is kind of understandable. You are brand new to driving and auto care. These are mostly older people who should have some real world common sense and experience with auto care and maintenance. I get it. Some people don't want to or can't turn a wrench. But they should know obvious things. Grinding metal on metal noises are not good! You have to change the oil periodically. I kid you not, I knew a guy who was PROUD that he had NEVER changed his oil on an old Toyota. He just didn't care. He got the car for dirt cheap. Figured if if / when it seized up he would buy something else cheap. Smoke shouldn't be coming under the hood (or anywhere else)! There are SO many "how to vidoes" on Youtube now. Even if you don't want to turn a wrench yourself, you can research that strange noise. And if it's something that looks simple, invest in some tools and try giving it a go yourself. Maybe find someone who is a car person who is willing to walk you throught things? There are some car people who LOVE sharing their knowledge. A lot like gun owners.
  14. Unfortunately people don't care to learn the basics of car matenience or have a "it's a lease" mentality. So not their problem. But yeah, sadly there are some pretty incomprehensible things on channels like that.
  15. @JohnnyB Just start eating the "expired" cans first and replenish as needed. I've heard of people eating canned food from WWII and not getting ill. I've found two year old frozen ground beef at the bottom of a chest freezer. Made it into Polynesian meat loaf and some tacos! Everyone survived!! As yous said, if cans aren't dented or rusted they should be good. Frozen food last a LONG time as well as long as not freezer burned. Just losses some of it's taste.
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