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  1. Welcome. What and where do you shoot? If you survived the ball busting and nonsense on car forums, you'll fit in just fine here. What cars you got (please don't say some type of AMG Mercedes).
  2. If you were to make a fire to PROPERLY cook the meat do you find it necessary to use split wood for that fire or are you okay using regular old logs?
  3. There's a company that will deliver pork roll to you! https://jerseyporkroll.com/?gclid=Cj0KCQiAoIPvBRDgARIsAHsCw0_1NSRoSQuQ93OJ8hbZEEOat9-tGo6zGXGDb0ZWM1Ky9oJ3PB3GmH0aAkdqEALw_wcB
  4. Welcome snd Happy Thanksgiving. Start a new thread / topic introducing yourself. You'll get more responses that way.
  5. Congrats. Nice looking case and revolvers!
  6. Damn weather. Keeping an eye on it but not sounding very promising right now.
  7. The question is very vague. It simply asks, 'Are you CONSIDERING a move out". Considering is nothing more than a whimsical thought. I'm fairly certain almost anyone who lives in NJ has "considered" moving out. But very few actually put those thoughts into action. So the likelihood of NJ becoming a "wasteland" in the near future is next to nil.
  8. In. Plus at least plus one...maybe plus 5. Don't know. Def bringing few.
  9. Welcome. CZ makes some good quality firearms at very reasonable prices.
  10. For anyone like likes PORK ROLL. Acme has a buy one get one free on Hatfield PORK ROLL. Stock up!
  11. I was going to say there was still hope for the future. Never mind. But seriously, aside from your obvious mistake above, welcome! If others haven't mentioned it yet, be sure to check out the "Meet Ups" section. At least a few times every year we get together out in Clinton to shoot clays. LOTS of fun. You don't have to have a shotgun. Plenty of people will be more than willing to share their's. Just bring some shells and clays. Bring your father. Bring your mother. Bring your friends. The more the merrier! We really need to start requiring some qualifying questions before letting just "anyone" join. LOL.
  12. gleninjersey

    Cz 1012

    I do not. CZ makes some very accurate and reliable firearms at very reasonable price points. I have two of their pistols (CZ75 & P01) and a friend has one of their 22 bolt action rifles with an interchangeable 17HMR barrel and an SP01. All are very accurate. I'll probably end up getting a Mossberg 500 3-in1 when the time comes. Would love to try the CZ 1012 out if the opportunity ever presented itself.
  13. The "And Epstein didn't kill himself" memes are everywhere. A Fox News guest even said it at the end if his interview a few days ago
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