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  1. The Shadow knows.
  2. Ssssh, don't let that out! You're suppossed to keep that secret so people buy the newest edition of your book and attend your updated seminar! LOL. Thanks, that is good to know. Thank you for sharing your personal knowledge and insight on this topic. It's rather refreshing. And it didnt' even cost me $19.95!
  3. Oh yeah, not to get too off track, the FB posts are definetly some fear mongering and self promoting IMHO. And we aren't eating our own by disagreeing with him. And there are plently of other organizations that do a LOT to help 2A in NJ that get very little in return and have done more with a lot less. i would have had some respect for him if he metioned what type of "contact" one can expect from the police and why he thinks this. For all we know it could be a generic form letter being sent out to every FID owner trying to make sure they are aware of the new laws. I HIGHLY doubt anyone is goint to get no knock, battering ram raids at 2 A.M.
  4. Major difference is in NY 1) it's only a misdemeanor / slight penatly (I believe, would need to Google it) and 2) outside of the cities NY State has A LOT more in common with free America. In New Germany you're looking at something like 18 months in jail and a $10k fine for EACH violation.
  5. I took my youngest out and it was DEFINETLY a "don't tell Mom" moment. Until I accidently sent a pic of my daughter holding her target to my wife (I thought I had hit reply to a text for my brother-in-law). Oooopsie!
  6. And video games. Hickock45 recently did a video about it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TN6-mLD7K5k
  7. I have to disagree with you that the number is declining. SOMEBODY is going to all the new gun ranges and gun shops that have been opening. A large part of the problem is many pro-gun people don't feel comfortable talking about guns for various reasons. When I purchased my first firearm (3-4 years ago) my wife didnt' want me talking to ANYONE about it. Shortly thereafter we were at a 40th bday party of some friends. One person started talking about his recent skeet shooting outing and another started talking about how they wanted to purchase a firearm but didn't know how to go about it and had been given A LOT of bad / misinformation and one wife stated how she wanted to learn how to shoot. I sat there and looked at my wife until she finally said, "Okay, tell them..." Now I'm known as "the gun guy" and I happily and freely talk about it. I will agree that gun owners in this state are VERY apathetic. And I somewhat get it. We are overworked, overtaxed and if you have kids (especially if they are involvled in sports) you are running around A LOT. NJ culture is very fast paced and in many instantances very "me, me, me" So if it isn't fast and about / concern you then it doesn't matter all that much to many. People in the gun communtiy, at least from what I can see, like to slow things down a little and have more a sense of community. While we care about ourselves we also care about the rights our childrern and their children will have left. And while there may only be a small percentage of people who actively participate in pushing back they are very dedicated. And we need more of them. And I've seen their numbers grow (slowly) since joining this forum. Mrs. Peel is a perfect example.
  8. Agree 110%. Want to make a bigger difference? Help them apply for their FID and be one of their two requires personal references.
  9. A LOT more people in NJ own or are interested in owning a gun than many realize. There's a reason there has been a major proliferation of gUn stores and ranges in NJ in the past 3-5 years. A big part of the problem is the major stigmata / negative view of talking about and discussing gun ownership in public in this area. And a great part of that has to do with the very real fear of running in to problems with the GOV.
  10. Probably the people who still have 15 round mags. And the really naughty people who have unneutered 30 round mags for their ARs feel super duper safe.
  11. Su Welcome. Be sure to keep an eye of the "Meet Ups" section for the clay shoots out at Clinton Wildlife Management Area. Minutes off of 78. Don't need a.shotgun. Ple.ty of forum members will share theirs. Just bring shells and clays (which the Wal-Mart in Clinton sells). Lots of fun And great way to meet fellow members.
  12. Got a small 8 pointer in PA on Friday. Dropped off at Hunterdon Deer Butcher. For speciality cuts went with: Pound of Italian Sausages Pound of Sauerkraut Cheddar Dogs 2 Pounds of Jalapeno Cheddar Dogs 4 Pounds of Hot Sticks (Jerky) Will post a pic when I get a chance. Good luck out there everyone!
  13. Welcome. We only complain about people who call it Taylor Ham. Everyone else sings the praises of the salt, greasy goodness which is pork roll!
  14. OP specifically asked about MREs. Without knowing his reasoning it seems best to stay on that topic rather than MREs versus canned food. Do you people have kids? What's this problem with rotating? I'll buy 20 cans of soup on sale (I like canned soup) and It's gone in a few weeks. Ramon noodles? My kids inhale those things. Lol. No problem rotating stock with kids. Largest problem is keeping shelves stocked!