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  1. I generally recomment a nice .357 revolver in a fourish inch barrel that you shoot 38s out of for a first time buyer / shooter. If not into getting a revolver, you could certainly do worse than a Glock. 9mm isn't a bad round to learn on. And if you cant afford or don't want several guns (lol, who am I kidding? Who DOESN'T want lots of different guns!!) then a Glock makes sense. Lots of support, parts are plentiful if you need to replace something, etc. The CZ 75 SP01 is a sweet, sweet gun though. Good luck with what ever you purchase. Be safe & have fun.
  2. It's okay to love guns and shooting but it's not okay to LOVE your guns. Not judging. Jus sayen.
  3. I'm far from an expert but have shot thousands of rounds and never had a live round jammed in the chamber. Is this a recurring problem for you? If so you may want a gunsmith to check your firearm out. But as Zeke said, bring a wooden dowel and hammer with you just in case. There are volunteer RSOs there most of the time. Almost every one I've spoke with there is friendly and if you ever did encounter a problem I'm sure others would help if they could .
  4. One if my buddies sent me a text. He purchased 1k rounds of 223 back in January or so for .28 a round. He checked same vendor and round a few days ago and it's now .55 cents a round.
  5. I haven't ordered from them in about a year but have used them a few times in the past for upper receiver, parts, ammo, etc. Never had a problem.
  6. There was a discussion on Facebook about someone trying to buy a 10/22 from PSA and PSA didn't want to ship to NJ. Someone told the original poster to buy locally. One of the local gun shop owners responded and said their shelves are pretty bare and they've heard the same from other gun stores / FFLs in their network. The original poster said the 10/22 price was $300! I paid $100 For mine three years ago.
  7. They'll buy one gun and then sell it when / if life normalizes. Or maybe some will abandon the loony left? We can hope.
  8. Easton Game and Fish Association (EGFA) right over the border. Approx 50 minutes from you. All highway except last 10 minutes. Stop at Pop's Restaurant on way the home for a tasty burger and to pick up some microbrew beers.
  9. I've used AC Pro. Buy the one with the gauge so you don't overcharge your system. They also sell one with dye and uv light so you can find your leak.
  10. Have you shot handguns before? It's not difficult to become accurate with one. Practice or take some classes. You dont' need to be a sharp shooter especially if self defense if your primary concern. Revolvers are, in my opinion, one of the simpliest to understand and operate firearms. They are great self defense weapons espeically for people who are new to firearms or not have much experience with handguns. Most don't have a safety, no worrying about sliding the rack, loading a magazine, stove pipes or failures to feed, flying brass, etc. Just open it up, load it, point and shoot. If you've already shot 22 handguns you know there is hardly any recoil. As others mentioned, a revolver such as a full sized 357 revolver like a Ruger GP 100 or S&W 586/ 686 fired with 38s is low recoil as well. Wadcutter rounds are VERY low recoil. And learning to shoot on a double action revolver is a great place to start learning how to shoot a handgun. Shooting 357 is a HUGE step up from 38s so if you are newer I would stick with 38s. You can shoot 38s through a 357 but never the other way around. I would stick with a 4 inch barrel to start. Not too short that you'll feel more recoil and not too long to be TOO heavy. If you want to try 9mm, CZ makes some great firearms that are considered by many to be some of the most ergomatic handguns around. They are also pretty affordable. The CZ75 is their full size. It's all metal and will absorb a great deal of the recoil. But 9mm is a snappier round than 38s through a 357 revolver. Not unmanagable by any stretch of the imagine but their will be more "POP". Their medium sized handgun (CZP01 or compact) is a fantastic gun. I have smaller hands and both CZs fit my hands very well. I hear very good things about Glocks as well. 45 is an interesting round. I though it would have a lot of recoil but it really doesn't. I describe it as having a heavier "thump" but lighter "SNAP". Renting guns and buying range ammo can get pretty expensive fairly quickly. You should find some friends with some different guns, buy a few boxes of ammo and ask them to take you to the range because you are interested in learning. Most gun people are very friendly and willing to take newbies to the range and to share their guns with you. Good luck. You're in for a BUNCH of fun!
  11. Yeah, it was a lot. From the little review watching I've done they are supposed to be pretty good.
  12. So my wife surprised me and asked me if we should get some MRE sryle food. "Just in case". She saw an ad from a company called "4Patriots". They are having a "special". 30 days worth of MRE style pouches type food (Just add hit water) for $200 Anyone ever use their product? If so, how did you like it? Link to the special: https://products.4patriots.com/holiday/july-4th/delicious-survival-food?utm_source=mkt&utm_medium=ecom&utm_campaign=MKTECOM_4PEVENT-ECOM_20200627&utm_term=organic&utm_content=hero
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