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  1. Screw this virus. Looking forward to the first clay shoot after life returns to normal. I'm gonna be hugging EVERYONE! Hope that's uplifting enough. "Hugs and slugs" next title for next clay shoot!
  2. Welcome and thank you to you and your family for their service. After the world returns to normal ya' all should come out to one of the "Shotgun Shoot Outs" (clay shoots at Wildlife Management Areas). LOTS of fun. You don't need a shotgun. Just bring clays and shells. Plenty of people will share.
  3. First mow of the season. Still need to get the crab grass preventer down. Hopefully next weekend.
  4. It all comes down to how sick you are from Covid-19. If you are having minor symptoms, ride it out. Why would you even be in a hospital? Draining needed resources for those who are much sicker and much more in need of medical attention. On the other hand, if you are in very bad shape, already in the hospital and your odds of not pulling through in the next 24-48 hours are high then I don't think you or the doctors should be worrying about possible negative side effects. Because in a few short hours you won't be around. Should they do more controlled test to make sure it's usefull and the side effects don't outweight the benefits for those who have minor or less serious symptoms to keep the illness from escalating. Absolutely. But anyone who's condition is critical should be allowed to have the drug. Now.
  5. Much more detailed information. Hope those who can use the info find it helpful. https://www.washingtonpost.com/business/2020/03/30/heres-how-get-small-business-loan-under-349-billion-coronavirus-aid-bill/?outputType=amp
  6. Was just walking by as wife was watching Hannity. Some politician was on saying some of the money is going to small businesses. And if you use it to pay employees, pay mortgage for business, etc then it becomes a grant and not a loan. Only caught it in passing. Prehaps you ou can rewind Hannity or record / DVR the re-run to see if they expanded on it.
  7. Mowen Da Lawn Thread, Just Sayin Werd.
  8. President just recommended national quarantine extended to April 30.
  9. Young, healthy people aren't dying to the extent that older / people with pre-existing conditions are. But they are dying or being severly sickened to the point of being hospitlized / put on ventiliators. One of my brother inlaw's cousins just passed away from COVID19 after being hosptilaized and on ventilator for several days and close to 2 weeks in hospital. 50s, not sure if any underlieing medical issues as just happended last night. But the story of the kid below. He's 25 years old. Healthy and as of a few days ago was fighting for his life. I'm not saying the response is / isn't overbown or that young people would / wouldn't be getting sick or dieing if we were or weren't social isolating. But healthy young people ARE dying from it. Oh course young healthy people can also die from the flu or an infection..... https://www.nydailynews.com/coronavirus/ny-coronavirus-20200325-z2xsr4xjkrb6jd5ub2vr6goneu-story.html
  10. Wait until our debt rating gets down graded (again).....
  11. Just spoke with someone who's wife works in IT / Tech sector. He said his wife has heard HP is looking at pulling out of China and relocating to Mexico. While not the U.S. it would still hurt China. So not a win for us it would be a loss for China. Hopefully more companies consider the same and follow through with it.
  12. I ran out to Costco in North Plainfiled on 22 shortly before they closed to see what they had and pick up a few items for family members. Group of supped up cars were traveling together taking turns speeding down 22. Juvenile stuff but it leads to other things. I'm keeping something close by at all times. Told wife and kids nobody answers door but me.
  13. CZ-75 or CZ-P01. Have her hold one of both. Erogonomically CZs are the bees knees (I don't know what that means but it rhymes and sounds good). But seriously, CZs are some of the most ergonomically pleasing guns areound. The 75 is larger and steel framed. Helps soak up some of the recoil. The P01 is a little smaller and aluminum-framed. Both are excellent pistols and tack drivers.
  14. Faulty for few reasons. 1. Lieing Commie Chinese bastards. Nobody knows for sure how many died there. You going to trust them to tell us the truth? 2. It's just getting started in the US. I REALLY hope I'm wrong but this is just the start. I don't think we are near the peak yet. Again, REALLY hope I'm wrong. 2. It's just starting in places like England and Australia. Aussie isn't as densely populated as England. I spoke to a co-worker in London today. He mentioned how the weather was nice and lots of people there were heading to the beaches. He has asthma and is taking it very seriously. Sounds like many aren't.
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