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  1. "Ask Carol Bowne How Well Gun Laws Work" With RIP Carol underneath and a picture of her. Back side of sign "A Restraining Order Is Just A Piece Of Paper" Or
  2. Every pro-2A parent from that school should take their kids to the range, Take pictures and post to social media with some cute #hashtag. Show some support and that 2A supporters aren't afraid of illegal school board rules.
  3. Google to stop accepting crypto currency ads and talks of regulation by government driving price down. Another example of "we're from the government and here to help" NOT helping?
  4. Wow, just unbelievable! Are they suspending kids who have pictures on social media holding baseball bats? Those are weapons as well. How about gold clubs? Pics of kids practicing MMA? Ya, know, just to be safe. If those were my kids my first call would to be a lawyer then the school. Sue them for everything possible. Emotional trauma, damage to reputation, etc,etc. They would be renaming the school my kids name by time I was done.
  5. Wecome to the forums! Sounds like you have some very interesting pieces in your collection.
  6. I don't think it's that people are necessarily against bitcoin. It's a new technology and people are creatures of habit, even if those habits are sometimes illogical. It takes time for some individuals to beccome comfortable adapting to new techologies and new ways of doing things. Plus gold, silver, etc have applications and uses outside of being used as a monetary unit. There is no real use for bitcoin outside of using it as an alternative currency. It will be interesting to see how, or if, it cryptocurrencies are able to flourish.
  7. Hope nobody bought and held near the top. With talk of regulation and manipulation It's tanked after a short run up. Beginning of the end? https://www.investopedia.com/news/bitcoin-price-tanks-below-9k-amid-sec-and-cftc-crackdown-cryptocurrencies/
  8. You wouldn't be able to legally purchase a firearm in NJ within a week even if your life depended on it. I suggest you speak with Carol Bowne for more information on the expediency of purchasing a firearm in NJ after a woman has obtained a restraining order and documented threats to her life.
  9. Stage 1 / fertilizer with crab grass preventer should be going down next 2-3 weeks I would think. Time to drop the lawn mower blades off for sharpening or YouTube how to do it myself and save a few dollars.
  10. Any local places sell steel media for tumbling? Or just order it off Amazon?
  11. Good luck. Going to stick with tank or go tankless?
  12. The entire training and qualifications requirements could be an entirely additional argument to bring up. Poor citizens have just as much of a right to self defense as more well off citizens. Demanding a citizen who may only be able to afford a Hi Point (very, very inexpensive firearm) to pay hundreds of dollars in fees and training who can only afford a $100 firearm is a barrier to exercising their right. Rights don't have qualifications or requirements.
  13. Ever in the Boy Scouts? Shooting / Marksmanship (not sure which it was called) may qualify. Have a firearms hunting license?
  14. By law, they have to deny 99.9% of applicants. No justifiable need equals denied.
  15. Go that way, really fast, if something gets in your way, turn.