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  1. The 647 in .17 HMR is used for varmint hunting. It probably weighs more than most varmints you would hi t with it. Lol. Congrats on the purchases. Deffinetly some nice finds.
  2. Start collecting medium to large.road kill. Leave.it across property, lead trail to broken basement window, chuck a deer hind quarter or two through the basement window. Tell the township you think a mountain lion has made it their den. You're concerned it may hurt a neighborhood child. If that doesn't work, put up a very large "TRUMP 2020!" banner across front or side of house (which ever faces street). Some crazy lib will prob burn the house down.
  3. Talked to mechanic. They found no leaks. They said only thing they can think of is imperfection in the molding for the engine block. Called GM customer service number on Friday. Explained one of their engine blocks cracked for no apparent reason and we are very displeased about it. Said they "would get back to me".
  4. Take him to small claims court for $3k then. Or maybe you can break up the amount owed and take him to small claims court twice. Take him once for repair costs and second time for slip fee costs. Good luck.
  5. L1LtCAP - I need to talk to the independent mechanic but from what they said it wasn't leaking when they first checked it. After running it for hour they found hairline crack in engine block. Going to try to talk to them tonight to see if anything else was leaking.
  6. FYI - independent mechanic didn't see any leaks from water pump or radiator. 1lTCAP- I believe that was the code. Could a bad CAT cause overheating? I've never had one go bad so no idea what symptoms are. I had read rotting egg odor from exhaust but that wasn't occurring. Vehicle drove fine. I had replaced all the O2 sensors months ago hoping that would clear code.
  7. Independent shop has verified engine has a hairline crack in the block. It's most likely toast. Stay FAR away from first generation Enclaves. What a POS.
  8. I was pretty quick and painless. Started him off with my grandfather's old Hi-Standard, moved to GP100 with 38s, some CZ love in 9mm, a little .357 action through the GP100 and then AR15 and some Marline 30/30 lever action. He had a blast! Afterwards he said, "Now I understand why people love shooting so much!" Indeed. Very nice range. I meet an old friend there and her boyfriend. They are members. So in addition to my guns he got to shoot a Ruger SP101 and a Tavor.
  9. I didn't but my summer intern grabbed a quick snack around 2pm probably. We had a really great time! Very nice range.
  10. I'll be wearing my "Trump On ,A Tank" t-shirt. Say hello if you are there arou d 1-2 today. Taking one of our summer interns. He's 21 or 22. Has only shot skeet / clays once before. He's originally from Canada but lives in the Peoples Reublic of NJ now. Should be a food time.
  11. Damn Tim Knight spoke at our recall Sweeney attempt. And he headed or was very instrumental in recalling anti-politicians in his home state (Colorado I believe) years ago. I corresponded a few times with him. He was very receptive to members thoughts and ideas. Big loss for the NRA and it's members.
  12. Like my guns, they'll have to pry my GTP from my cold, dead hands! It was a good find. Only 78k when I bought it. Already but 10k on it since February. Time to fix tranny on my 04 base model so don't rack up too many miles on the GTP. Dropping off wife's Enclave tomorrow at a reputable mechanic for second opinion. More I talk to people and get feed back from mechanics & more knowledgeable car guys the more I think it's bs that the engine block cracked / needs to be replaced.
  13. They sent this pic saying engine block was cracked and told us more than once it needed a new engine. A water pump, radiator, catalytic converter and CV axle replacement wouldn't come close to $6k in parts. They said it needed $6k in parts, NOT including labor.
  14. We picked up the Enclave. Going to take it to an independent mechanic for a second opinion. A mechanic on an Enclave Fan Page on Facebook (yes, that actually exists) said he's never seen one with a cracked engine block and recommended getting it checked out. If engine is still good I will GLADLY out the dealer later.
  15. I've still got two Grand Prixs. The gold base model needs a tranny. Will probably put one in it and make it a daily / let my oldest drive it to high school and work. GTP running like a champ. We actually took it on road trip to NC and Tenneessee due to Enclave being down. Wife wants a people mover able to hold seven people. Told her I was going to find her a Pontiac Transport. 3800 for life!
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