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  1. Taylor Pork Roll really needs to use this thread in it's advertising. It's epicness is almost as awesome as the salty deliciousness of Taylor Pork Roll!
  2. You're a smart man. And you are correct. It DOES SAY PORK ROLL.
  3. This sold out quickly last year. If you want one, get 'em quick! Arby's rules! Their slogan is "We've Got The Meats!" That in and off itself sold me. I'll take one of their roast beef n' cheddar sandwhichs over a greasy burger any day. Not that I eat much fast food but I prefer Arbys. Also, what is this "missing" the deer? One and done!
  4. Soooooooo jelous. Good for you!
  5. And then Feinstein just recently said she realizes no laws would have stopped the Las Vegas killer....BUT, let's pass more laws! She (and a few others) are poster children for term limits. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/dianne-feinstein-talks-to-face-the-nation-after-las-vegas-shooting/
  6. I'll just leave this here....If I could have gotten the votes "for an outright ban, picking up every one of them, 'Mr & Mrs. America, turn 'em all in', I would have done it." (Dianne Feinstein, US Senator 1995) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vzDO86iSKWU
  7. I believe the Marine Museum is not far away. Also right outside of DC. I've been to Marine Museum and it is at least a 3-4 hours if you want to take your time and really look at everything. I think we did in about 2 hours or so as kids were getting antsy.
  8. What the hell does "TTY" mean? LOL. I'm assuming means something like don't reuse?
  9. He was a no show at scheduled "Meet & Greet" at Heritage Guild in Branchburg a few months ago. I waited 15-20 minutes past start time and store called him to make sure he was okay but he never picked up. I had also emailed and left vms for him with no response. Guess this explains why I never heard from him. I also signed up to volunteer direcrly on NRA website to be an NRA-ILA volunteer and never heard anything back. I'll try reaching out to Melissa but honestly it sounds like if the NRA was going to get involved in NJ politics (and I seriosly question how much they intended to do so) than they blew it. At least this election cycle. I had read the NRA wanted to support Kim for Governor but wouldn't due to her stance or lack there of on the 2nd Amendment. Unfortunately without NRA support it certainly does nothing to slow down Murphy who is a known staunch anti. While Kim isn't a strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment she is better than Phil "I'll sign every anti-gun measure Christie vetoed" Murphy. Why not support her and work on her views if she wins rather than silently sitting back and watching a known enemy of your cause win? It seems like the NRA is shooting itself in the foot in several ways. They won't support one candidate because she isn't "pro" enough which does zero to slow a staunch anti from winning. They also made noise about getting involved in NJ, asking for volunteers, etc but yet less than two months out from election day it appears little has been done or organized. I hope I'm wrong.
  10. Peel, you'll be busting clays like a pro by the end of the day. Lot's of good people to give you pointers and advice. I would start shotgun shoppong now. This is a lot more fun than shooting paper!
  11. If anyone has 20 gauges, please bring them. Hopefully will have some newbie friends joining me. They seem very intetested. See ya' all Sunday.
  12. New

    Welcome. What do you shoot?
  13. I would get a 1911 before a Glock. Then if you still want a Glock get one later. 1911s are classic, timeless additions to any collection. Something you could frame and display.
  14. FYI - you can request extension on your permit. Go to PD before it expires and request extension. That way not as constrained or pressured to buy before it expires. Also don't have to waste time reapplying. Screw the permit process. It intimidates many people from even applying. Some PDs intentionally create additional paperwork and obstacles to deter people. If the same procedures were applied to voting (verifying citizenship, must have special id for voting only receivable through applying to PD via FID prcocess, etc) the left would be in an uproar.