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  1. I'm in. Plus one, maybe two. Not sure yet what I'll bring. Will have to reflect on it. Whatever it is it will NOT involve boiled meat....
  2. I'm a huge fan of the public library system. One of the few government institutions I whole heartedly support. Redbox is less than a mile from me and at the grocery store. If I'm there and there is something I want to watch then I'll rent it. I rent about 1 - 2 movies a year from Redbox.....
  3. Two words. Red Box. Two dollars when it comes out in a few months.
  4. I like how they hedged their title. https://expo.nj.com/life-and-culture/g66l-2019/09/313e8179da7970/njs-best-taylor-hampork-roll-sandwiches-the-33-most-delicious-spots-across-the-state-.html?utm_content=nj_facebook_njcom&utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook&utm_campaign=njcom_sf
  5. I don't know about this guy. We better keep an eye on him for a while.....
  6. Welcome! Get a CZ. Pork roll or Taylor Ham?
  7. Article I read said she has already completed three weeks of treatment and hasn't spread. She's survived four bouts with cancer now. Regardless of her politics you have to admire that. She's one tough cookie!
  8. The 647 in .17 HMR is used for varmint hunting. It probably weighs more than most varmints you would hi t with it. Lol. Congrats on the purchases. Deffinetly some nice finds.
  9. Start collecting medium to large.road kill. Leave.it across property, lead trail to broken basement window, chuck a deer hind quarter or two through the basement window. Tell the township you think a mountain lion has made it their den. You're concerned it may hurt a neighborhood child. If that doesn't work, put up a very large "TRUMP 2020!" banner across front or side of house (which ever faces street). Some crazy lib will prob burn the house down.
  10. Talked to mechanic. They found no leaks. They said only thing they can think of is imperfection in the molding for the engine block. Called GM customer service number on Friday. Explained one of their engine blocks cracked for no apparent reason and we are very displeased about it. Said they "would get back to me".
  11. Take him to small claims court for $3k then. Or maybe you can break up the amount owed and take him to small claims court twice. Take him once for repair costs and second time for slip fee costs. Good luck.
  12. L1LtCAP - I need to talk to the independent mechanic but from what they said it wasn't leaking when they first checked it. After running it for hour they found hairline crack in engine block. Going to try to talk to them tonight to see if anything else was leaking.
  13. FYI - independent mechanic didn't see any leaks from water pump or radiator. 1lTCAP- I believe that was the code. Could a bad CAT cause overheating? I've never had one go bad so no idea what symptoms are. I had read rotting egg odor from exhaust but that wasn't occurring. Vehicle drove fine. I had replaced all the O2 sensors months ago hoping that would clear code.
  14. Independent shop has verified engine has a hairline crack in the block. It's most likely toast. Stay FAR away from first generation Enclaves. What a POS.
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