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  1. I know it's fake but any one tossing fire at a person's house can prob be expecting to have some lead tossed at them at a very fast speed. 5 million new gunner from Jan - July. Just sayen'
  2. Was speak8ng to some of our people in Austalia, London and Toronto offices. Australia was in a severe lock down. Could only leave house once a week to go to grocery store. Couldn't be more than some absurd distance (100 yards) from your home. That was prob 2-3 months ago. Hopefully that didn't last too long for them. Toronto has been going to more severe restrictions lately. London said they were locking down "flare up" areas. I'm sure Murphy will lock things down again in NJ in the next few weeks to month. I wouldn't be surprised if he tries for more severe restrictions this time. So if you need it, start buying now. You saw how fast things got wiped out earlier this year. My wife still hasn't been able to get the Costco brand disinfectant wipes she likes. Costco still has restrictions on some items (limit one). We've slowly amassed enough toilet paper. Freezer is pretty full but still buying extra meat and chicken. I'll probably hit Costco up tomorrow for more meat.
  3. I don't know anything about Glocks. But $500 for a good condition used newer Glock doesn't sound bad. Especially in these crazy times. Of course free is even better!
  4. For target loads I think its usually about $5 - $8 a box for 12 gauge for name brand. Haven't looked what it's at currently.
  5. I wouldn't be buying or shooting ammo right now unless you already have plenty on hand. Prices are nuts right now! Find something else to do for now and once prices return to normal load up.
  6. Thanks. I'll keep them in mind if I get desperate. Hopefully I have an extra box or three stashed in the safe.
  7. You (or any one else) used them before? I'm hesitant to use places I've never heard of. May Need to purchase some 30/30 for PA Deer season late November/beginning December. I have some but may want to pick up a few boxes.
  8. Go big or go home. PORK ROLL! Six pounds!!!!
  9. @Displaced Texan Thank you sir. I would have never found that. I'm going to try to make some up tomorrow. I have "chain meat" (at least I think that's what it is) from when my wife purchased 2 slabs of ribs from Restaurant Depot back when the pandemic first hit. I cut them up into rib streaks and roasts. Saved a bunch of the scraps / chain meat to be used along side the venison I need to use up from last year's hunt to make room for this seasons deer.
  10. Recall what title was? I'm searching Chili and seeing lots of "cashew Chili" results. Whatever the hell that is.
  11. That looks delicious. Now give us a write up for some venison chil!
  12. Yeah, yeah, yeah I know. I have a "3800 addiction". Lol. But honestly, these $h1t boxes are great cars that are easy (EASY!) to work on and maintain
  13. At end of this video he shows you some things to look for at / for on 3800 powered cars.
  14. 3800 powered Buicks may be better deal and better maintained than Grand Prix. Here's a great video about 3800 powered cars. I would try to buy from private sale rather than a dealership. Also, may want to invest in some CarFaxs. Will give you an idea of how often car had oil changes / serviced, number of owners, reported accidents / damage,, mileage throughout cars life, etc. If buying private sale make sure they have the title in hand.
  15. Cars to stay away from....most GM vehicles after 2008. GARBAGE. Also used hybrid or electic cars. Battery packs for those things can cost $5k plus! What ever you get, have an independent mechanic check it out first. Best $100 - $150 you'll probably spend. I know you want something with good MPG, but the older Crown Vics are pretty indestructible also. And roomy sedan. GM 800 Series (1999ish - 2006) trucks / SUVs (Silverado, Sierra, Tahoe, Yukon, etc) are gas hogs but damn near indestructible as well. The 2WD versions are less expensive than the 4WD versions. Some Youtube channels to check out: CarsThatLast CarWizard ScottyKilmer You'll prob end up with a used Honda Accord or Toyota Camry or Corrolla. All solid choices as well. Good luck with your search.
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