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  1. Is the sliding and folding stock ban being challenged in NJ? I realize things like magazine capacity are probably more important but I find the sliding stock ban to be one of the most idiotic laws ever. For arguments sake let's say a stock can slide into three different positions. In NJ I can't own such a sliding stock. BUT, i can own the same stock pinned and permanently welded in the three different lengths on three different rifles! It makes ZERO sense.
  2. Coffee infused ten pack and a five pack of Java Reds. Cigarbiz had a smoking deal on the coffee infused. Ten pack of different brands for $55 with "free" shipping. The 2nd pack is for a buddy. And it's been too long since I had any Java Reds so threw a five pack in there as well.
  3. They have SOME control over it. Which most definitely effects production and therefore pricing. Biden's first day he immediately didn't renew leasing of federal lands to oil producers limiting the amount they could supply to meet demand. Now there is increased demand but a more limited supply. Hence higher prices at the pump. Trump has already said that if he's elected he wants to "drill baby drill!" by opening those federal lands back up. This will allow more supply which should eventually bring prices down. Presidents definetly have influence over oil prices. They aren't THE determining factor but they can definetly nudge things in one direction or the other.
  4. Once you go Polynesian, you don't go back!
  5. Once the weather improves you'll have to come out for one of the clay shoots. Meet a few people, try out a few different shotguns and bust some clays! Always a good time.
  6. Welcome. Congrats on applying for your FID & pistol permits. What are you thinking about picking up?
  7. Cracked open a bottle of Henry McKenna Bottled In Bond 10 Year Old on Monday evening. I spent close to 18 hours of the MLK Holiday weekend working on my car. It was supposed to be a simply wheel bearing job. Started around 2pm on Saturday. While buttoning everything up on Saturday afternoon the CV axle decided it had enough. It broke apart. It was starting to get dark. And I needed a new CV Axle. I was able to pick one up on Sunday morning after Church. I also rented some tools to pull the housing of the old CV axle out which was still attached to the transmission housing. It was around 1pm and I set to work. Got the old housing out, new CV Axle installed and buttoned everything up (again). No gears and car would have rolled down my driveway while in Park because I had NO GEARS when tried moving it if not for the wheen chucks (also use wheel chucks!) Was also making grinding noise when putting back in park. I hadn't set the CV Axle into the transmission enough. It was leaking transmission fluid from where the CV Axle goes into the transmission which was also a hint that it wasn't set enough. It was dark again. Monday, at Noon I took everything apart (again). Whacked the end of the CV Axle with a rubber mallet and LIGHTLY a few times with a small sledge hammer. It looked set now (I hoped). Went to button everything up. The piston on the brake caliber wouldn't push back in for me to put in the brake pads and put it back on the rotor. I made two trips to differenct stores to buy bigger and better tools to try to push the piston back in. No luck. That sucker was FROZEN (kinda like me sitting in my drivewary trying to fix this damn thing in 30, soon to be upper 20 degree weather when the sun went down). I should have stopped trying to push piston back in after wasting 1.5 hours! I had one of my neighbors who is a REAL gear head and literally works for NASCAR take a look the piston. He couldn't move it either and confirmed it was toast. Ran out (again) to auto parts store. Purchased a new brake caliber and brake pads. I had destroyed one of the old pads using it to try to push the piston back in with first tool and then a large C-Clamp. Finally got it all put back together at 9pm on Monday evening. This time it moved forward and reverse when put in gear and held in place once put into Park (with no grinding noises). Also no leaking transmission fluid. It had started to snow about two hours prior. Took it for a quick test drive around a few local blocks. Seems to be driving normally. I needed a drink. Cracked up a bottle of Henry McKenna Bottled In Bond 10 Year. I had a double. Will take it for a more complete test drive soon.
  8. They ask out of concern for the child's "safety". It's nothing to do with lead poisoning. I would say most probably don't bother asking. But some definitely do. If they do ask, I would look puzzled and simply ask "What does that have to do with our visit today?" And if they persist simply say that you really aren't comfortable talking about such topics. If they still persist simply tell them this will be your last visit.
  9. I just saw some blurb about one of the morons on "The View" who said that you shouldn't be allowed to use an AR to hunt because there is no deer left after you shoot it. Can't make this stuff up.
  10. Definetly YouTube it. You'll be amazed what you can learn to do yourself from watching a few different videos. Good luck!
  11. Going to be a good day tomorrow to just sit around and make a HUGE vat of venison chili.
  12. And the list is out. Shocker, "Bombshell new Jeffrey Epstein documents claim Bill Clinton 'likes them young,' as the former president and other big names once again find themselves embroiled in the appalling sex scandal." "Sjoberg told the lawyers in 2016 that Epstein told her 'Clinton likes them young, referring to girls.'" Sleazy Bill living up to his name. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-12923589/jeffrey-epstein-list-names-released.html
  13. Yep, we've had guys bring their KSGs out to the clay shoots. You can bust clays witht them, but can you bust clays well with them. That's a different question. LOL.
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