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  1. Hey Howard! Hope you and your's are doing well in Free America. Everybody and their brother on Long Island most likely applied for permits during the last year. Last summer I had people who were "I'll never need a gun" type of people asking me who to purchase one. Tell him to hold on. If he's waited 9 months then what's a few more. Plus BLM & Antifa have "their guy" in now. It's been MUCH quieter this summer than the last few (what a coincidence!). There are some places even in NJ that won't let you handle a firearm without a FID. Ridiculous. Are there any ranges on LI that have rentals? That may be his best bet.
  2. You could swap out the seats for seats from a non-smoker vehicle. Probably get some from local junk yards or buy used online. May not get rid of smell completely but should help reduce it. I'm guessing all the seat cushioning reeks of smoke. So replace it
  3. Chicago already threatening lock downs like in 2020. https://news.yahoo.com/chicago-expands-travel-advisory-again-225700216.html
  4. I would be interested in the 170 grain Winchester if you want to sell that individually.
  5. Congrats. I'm jelous. For many reasons. It's not just gun laws. It's a part of it. Put the amount of money we pay to NJ in taxes truly disgusts me. We visited some relatives outside of a major Southern city. They have a very nice house in a quiet suburban area. I think they pay less than $250 a month in property taxes. They have schools. The roads are all paved. Good public schools, etc. It really churns my stomach the amount of money I am throwing away. To top it off, it's going too a State government which has a "belief system" that is about completly opposite to my own.
  6. gleninjersey


    If you buy it, buy it KNOWING it could go to zero. If you can sleep easily at night with that knowledge, buy some. Or buy a little now and if it goes up, great! Buy some just to give the middle finger to China.
  7. Damn. You are not incorrect. Just looked up SR1911 prices on Gun Genie. Least expensive one is $1130. Of course that is MSRP. They "generally" sell for much less. If the market is still hot that may not be the case currently. I paid around $650 for my SR1911 a few years ago. I should have purchased a two of them! Maybe wait until prices come down some? If they ever do?
  8. Time to restock the "pandemic pantry". Maybe a little re-branding. Call it the "inflation pantry". Start buying non-perishable food & products in bulk before prices rise even more.
  9. From about 14:45 to 16:00. I mean it's great that he wants to help Republicans win down the ticket but to say "Quite frankly, I don't want to be governor necesarrily unless the people of NJ can give me a Repubulican majority." Why even say that?? Even if you don't get a Republican majority AT THE VERY LEAST a Republican Governor can try to keep the Democrats in line. It's not ideal, but it's better than giving them free reign. https://nj1015.com/2021-nj-republican-primary-debate-watch-live/
  10. I don't think Ciatterelli really wants to be the Governor. He admit's it when at one point in the debate when he says he really doesn't want to be the Governor unlese the people of NJ give him a Republican legislature. When was the last time the NJ legislature was majority Republican? 1940s or early 50s?
  11. I would be disappointed. But definitely not shocked.
  12. Why vote when the outcome has already been decided. That is how A LOT of people feel. Did anyone really think someone other than Jack was going to win? When I last looked Rizzo had 26% and Singh had 22%. So even if you combined BOTH of their totals it still wouldn't have been enough. Don't get me wrong. I still voted. And will continue to do so. But A LOT of people feel the entire thing is rigged. Especially after the fiasco last November.
  13. Crushed pinapple. In the sauce. Link to recipe is in the first post. It's delicious! Always gets gobbled up when i make it. Hence me making two at a time.
  14. Let the meat celebrations begin!!
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