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  1. Some of these short squeezes are going to fall fast. Maybe not all the way back to where they were but they will come back down. OMO.
  2. FML. It's UP $10 to $15.50.......200% for the day. 7 bagger if you bought 2 weeks ago.
  3. A few simple questions such as: Finish this statement, "Taxation is t _ _ _ t". Who said this and fill in the blanks, "“The most terrifying words in the English language are: I'm from the "?" and I'm here to "?.” Who is John Galt?..... Who / What grants us rights? How has white privilege benefited you? If not white, how has it been detrimental to you - any answer other than "it hasn't" is unacceptable. What does "AR" stand for in "AR-15" Define the term "fully semi-automatic" (trick question). Wouldn't be that difficult.
  4. Damn, this was just around $2 - $2.50 about two weeks ago. Now closing in on $5. Could be part of the short squeeze pop that several beaten down stocks are experiencing.
  5. Way too young. My condolences to you and his family. Rest in peace.
  6. The test is pretty easy. Most of it is common sense. I did the free test few tears ago. Home study. Watch a few videos onlinee. Fill out a workbook that you handed in before taking test. Schedule your test far in advance. As others said they do fill up fast. Good luck!
  7. Makes sense. With millions of new gun owners that is going to drive up demand greatly. Very few new gun buyers are probably jumping right into reloading. Hopefully we see some primers start to become available soon. Election mania is over and pandemic should be subsiding with vaccines and herm immunity kicking in. Plus newbie gun owners generally aren't stockpilers. Maybe this summer things return more to normal?
  8. Okay, last year I started my tomatoes WAY to late. Want to get a jump start on it this year. When should we start seeds inside to transplant them once warmer weather arrives. Also, what are some good varieties of tomatoes to grow? Last year I tried beef steak. They are one if the longest to produce fruit. So I ended up with hardly any.
  9. gleninjersey


    How welcoming are they of larger groups? Usually 15-20ish. Generally with 2 throwers. Someone would if course have a hunting license. Which reminds me, I need to renew mine!
  10. Should have bought last week. Up 31% yesterday. Up to $3.06 now & indicating opening up .25 to .30 at the open today.
  11. This is going back about 6-7 years now. Dropped my upper off with Steve in the morning. Went and had a leisurely breakfast. Picked it up after breakfast (2 hours?). He was still operating out of home office back tben. Great work. Had to really look to even see the weld. I've had other work done as well. For those don't know, Steve owns Monmouth Arms. Now in small "store front" (its actually in back of strip mall) off of Route 9. Work probably takes a few days longer now. Things are probably back logged now. But a month does seem long especially without letting you know.. Maybe ask for company it was sent out to so you can contact them directly instead of going through middleman. FWIW I have heard nothing but good things about Ira and Legend Firearms but haven't used them personally. Hope you get it resolved soon.
  12. gleninjersey

    Ruger Mini-14

    @remixer Steve at Monmouth Arms is my go to FFL / gun guy. He may be able to help you out if he's not too far for you. I've also used JT Customs and Tactical Concepts. All were excellent. There is always Gunbroker. But I was shocked at the prices I saw for the "buy it now options". I think the least expensive "buy it now" choices was $950 for a Ruger Mini-14. And it was an older version. Good luck. Great looking rifle! Link to the $950 used one if interested: https://www.gunbroker.com/item/889661746
  13. gleninjersey


    Welcome. We should have a clay shoot at Chester WMA.
  14. gleninjersey

    Ruger Mini-14

    What is this "too many rifles" nonsense.
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