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  1. Supa G??? Do tell. What's that? Can't be as cool as a Pontiac Grand Prix GTP Comp G Edition. Those are "supa charged"! Very, very cool.
  2. If you do that, or make ribs in a crock pot, they put you on a list and dent you entry into the Republic Of Texas. Your name is at the top of that list. Just sayin.
  3. Amazon got one off the ignitors out to me next day. Hopefully this one last longer than a few days.:) Thanks for the advice and help everyone.
  4. Yep. Checked RepairClinc.com first but they could get to me for close to a week. Luckily Grainger had one in stock for next day pick up. Definetly going to order a couple extra.
  5. Picked up a cheap multimeter from Harbour Freight. The ignitor definetly has a break and is bad. I got out a magnifying glass and up close I can see the hairline crack. Good news is Amazon should have one here tomorrow the second one arriving day or two later. Definetly going to check the one in the basement. Probably replace that one and then order two as back ups. Pain in the ass to get these things locally. Other thing to come out of this is the wife and kids went to stay at her Mother's house. The dog and I have the house to ourselves! Going to watch some action movies!
  6. Should be correct ignitor. Put the make and model number into the website and said exact fit.
  7. I think the new ignitor some how developed a hairline crack. Turning it around did nothing. I'll keep looking online for places. It's 66 degrees right now from heat rising up from first floor. So not an emergency by an means. Just a minor inconvenience. Definetly ordering 3-4 of them to have delivered.
  8. I'm going to try turning it around. Maybe I installed it backwards? I dont' think it matters which way the element is facing (front or back). But it's worth a try.
  9. Hmmm...got a Yaeger and a True Value near me. Worth a shot. Good suggestion. Thanks! Update: No dice. And place one of them recommended I try is, of course, closed on weekend.
  10. The one I purchased from Grainger was $60. I thought to myself, "I should order two" but they are half that on Amazon and take a few days to arrive. FML. At least it's the 2nd floor that's out. Heat will rise from first floor. Unless that one craps out as well (I probably just jinxed myself). So now I'm going to order a few of them from Amzaon or Home Depot. But won't be in until 21st. Of well. That's what hoodies and sweaters are for. I can't believe there are no heating / cooling supply places open on Saturday / Sunday. I'll keep googling. Gotta be something open?
  11. Two days ago I replaced the hot surface ignitor on one of my furnances (dual zone). It worked fine for two days. This morning it's 65 degrees on the second floor. Ignitor is not glowing. Is it possible I got a bad one? I was careful not to touch the metal / element when installing. Does it matter which side is facing towards you? Is their a front & back? If I need to buy another one where can I pick one up. Home Depot doesn't carry them. I went to HD first on Tuesday night. Quick look at Lowes website doesn't look like caryy them either. Ordered this one from Grainger Industrial Supply and picked it up next day (Wednesday) but they are closed Sat &Sunday.
  12. Welcome. What and where do you shoot? If you survived the ball busting and nonsense on car forums, you'll fit in just fine here. What cars you got (please don't say some type of AMG Mercedes).
  13. If you were to make a fire to PROPERLY cook the meat do you find it necessary to use split wood for that fire or are you okay using regular old logs?
  14. There's a company that will deliver pork roll to you! https://jerseyporkroll.com/?gclid=Cj0KCQiAoIPvBRDgARIsAHsCw0_1NSRoSQuQ93OJ8hbZEEOat9-tGo6zGXGDb0ZWM1Ky9oJ3PB3GmH0aAkdqEALw_wcB
  15. Welcome snd Happy Thanksgiving. Start a new thread / topic introducing yourself. You'll get more responses that way.
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