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  1. Some of the Peonies I've had for a few years now. Others I took from an Uncle's garden who passed away. He had them for decades. Yeah, people are having to get creative to make raised beds. The price of wood is simply outragous. I'm wondering if it will even be worth it. The price is really adding up quickly. $270 for the "cheap" wood. $85 for the planter blocks. $230 for the garden soil. So close to $200 per raised bed. Maybe I could have done two beds instead of three? All spilt milk now. No use crying over it. I guess I can take comfort in that the beds should last for hopefully at last five years if not longer.
  2. Purchased the "planter wall blocks" and wood boards to make the raised beds yesterday. Using Douglas Fir. Price of Cedar is OUTRAGOUS. Would have been close to $1k to use Cedar. Was MUCH less using Douglar Fir. I know it doesn't last as long but I want to see how we do and if my wife and kids help over the next year or two. If the garden does well and I have some help maybe then we can look at Cedar or some kind of stone down the road. And hopefully it will be MUCH less expensive then. Ordered 4 cubic yards of gardening soil (top soil and "mushroom compost" mix) from a local nursery. Need to move around a few things in my garden to make room for the three beds (8x4 & about 12 inches deep). Moved the most difficult (Butterfly Bush) was moved today. Have to move some Peonies and Day Lillies tomorrow. Know it's not the right time of the year but spot I was going to originally put the raised beds doesn't get as much sun as the garden area,. May do one or two "cattle panel trelises". Not sure yet. Hopefully have all the plants I started from seed around beginning of April in the soil by next weekend. They are getting large. Especially the cucumber and zucchini.
  3. Look what is at the top of Giogke searches:
  4. If you like the stock and believe in it's growth potential and it's fundamentals then buy it. It's definetly WAY down from a month ago. Could it go further down? Yep. IMHO stocks still have a way to go down. How much more? Who knows! But I don't see a lot of "good news" out there right now. Stock splits don't effect the value. Just the number of shares you hold. Let's say one share of AMZN is worth $2,000 (which is amost where it is at right now). You buy one share and it's worth $2k. If the price doesn't move at all between now until after the split occurs then after the split you'll have 20 shares worth $2k or $100 a share. The idea behind stock splits is generally to broaden the buyer pool and to create more liquidity (more buyers and sellers participating). People may not want to buy one share at $2k but 20 shares at $2k is a much better deal!! The value of the company does not increase. Just the number of shares outstanding. It's mostly a psychological thing.
  5. Go to your safe space. It will all be okay....ignore the pesky data and facts.
  6. This about sums it up. This isn't a glitch due to "Putin's War" or "Covid / supply chains". It's by design. With purpose and intent. https://youtu.be/z3AV9GXem6o
  7. You can apply for a Conceal Carry license in NJ as well. BIG difference in one's ability to apply and approval of that application.
  8. Next one is in 2025. Mark your calander's.
  9. Buy canned foods, non-perishables, meds ,pet food, diapers, baby formula (another FUBARed situation in it's own) etc now rather than later after ppl start panick buying, prices are higher and shelves are bare(er). I bought some canned veggies and soups earlier today at Walmart. I was rather shocked at the lack of selection of soups. Will be checking out different Walmart to see if they have better selection. I see what you mean about filling your vehicles with gas. But this is a MUCH LARGER concern. Nothing moves without sufficient diesel. Trains and 18 wheelers run on diesel. Not sure about cargo ships. But if trains and trucks can't move cargo.....we'll you can use your imagination.
  10. Bet it's clear in Texas.
  11. Completely overcast. On my 2nd Balcones Pot Still Bourbon sitting out here for over an hour. Nice night to be sitting outside sipping bourbon.
  12. gleninjersey


    Those of you who have been waiting to get in, this is your chance. Those "true believers" this is you chance to buy more cheap. Never take "invest advice" from a stranger (especially on gun forun). Never but in more than you are willing to lose.
  13. Was like a 600 point swing today. Was up about 300 this morning and closed down 325. Better find a good chiropractor because we will probably be seeing more of these whiplash trading days ahead.
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