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  1. Do you do maintenance on lawn mower and snow blowers? Or just fix up to sell? If you do maintenance, please PM me your contact info so I can have handy next time I need some work done.
  2. I purchased almost all my reloading equipment from Garden State Armory. If they aren't too far from you I would recommend stopping by. They aren't far off 78 or 287 or 22 in Warren in Somerset County. Ask if they can order the press for you if they don't have it in stock. They have almost everything you'll need (powder, primers, shell plates, dies, etc) or will order it for you. Very nice to deal with. I also purchased a nice Marlin 30-30 (not a Remlin). They have some nice pre-owned firearms as well. http://www.gardenstatearmory.com/
  3. You are off to a fantastic start with your first two choices. I would recommend you look at the Ruger SR1911s. Ruger makes very good quality firearms at an attractive price point. If you were ever to need it, I've heard they have outstanding customer support as well. The SR1911 line now has several different sizes (full size, commander, etc). The 45 round is not a very hard hitting round either. I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed it the first time I shot a 45. I also have friends who have Springfield Armory 1911s and they like them as well. Also come in different sizes and "trim levels". Good luck with your next purchase. Let us know what you decide on. If your first two choices are any indication, I'm sure your third will be a nice addition!
  4. Congrats TripleD. Very nice firearm. I couldn't find one when I had permit and purchased a CZ75. All the CZs seem to be ubber reliable, hard working tack drivers. Probably a good reason why they are one of the most copied hand gun platforms in the world.
  5. I think Heritage Guild in Easton rents some CZs. They probably list them online in their rental catalogue. I have smaller hands and the P01 fits perfectly. It's in their compact line (with with PCR and the traditional compact) but it's really a medium sized handgun. Larger than the Rami but smaller than the full size CZ75 and SP01. I have a full size CZ75 as well and like the P01 better. Be warned though, CZs can be addictive. I've been wanting to add one of their 22s rifles to my collection for some time. Very nice, traditional looking rifles.
  6. Welcome. What pistols you purchasing or considering? Is Robbinsville really considered "central" jersey? Looks more like Northern South Jersey. Do you call it pork roll or Taylor Ham? According to the interactive map Robbinsville is indeed in central NJ....barely. http://www.nj.com/news/index.ssf/2015/04/mapping_njs_unofficial_north_central_and_south_jer.html#mapresults
  7. Google Wheaton Arms Deployment Comp. Have one on my rifle and love it. Youtuber Sootch00 has some good reviews on it. Pushes straight back. Keeps rifle level. VERY loud. But if loud bothers you, you prob shouldn't be into guns.
  8. Remake was actually pretty decent. It's worth watching. Maybe check your local libraries? Many libraries rent older movies for free or very inexpensively.
  9. Marking my calendar. Going to try to bring some new shooters with me.
  10. What / Where is "PNW"?
  11. I get it's a remake. But why, WHY do they have to try to make it funny!? As I recall the original was very dark, gritty, hard and humorless. Will prob still see it once it come out for rental.
  12. Here's their email to notify them of news stories. Describe in a few paragraphs what has transpired. Connect it with main stream media burying and ignoring this story. Include link you have to website showing your history / updates. I would be surprised if you didn't receive a reply from them. newsmanager@foxnews.com.
  13. Have you thought about contacting Fox News? With all the "fake news" and burying of real news that they talk about it seems your story would fit in (obviosly on the real news being buried side of things). Nobody is talking about this and it is a great story. Individual citizen taking on governmemt. Government trying to wait them out or ignore the citizens complaint and usimg dirty tricks in attempt to have suit thrown out! Citizen winning little by little, fighting sole battle against the behemoth. Petitioning to Supreme Court. There is A LOT of sizzle hear AND it fits Fox's message that real news is being ignored, as your story obviously is, by the MSM.
  14. This forum is great. 93.5% of the people are fantastic, friendly, knowledgeable, humerous and very attractive who share their years / decades experience with firearms freely. Who ever told you to avoid this forum is a souless, humorless Fudd.
  15. I hope Loretta and her ilk are losimg sleep. More than likely they are already looking at ways to make sure NJ doesn't fall next.