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  1. This seems to be essentially the same thing as the $90 one I linked earlier but for less than $30! Hit's everything I'm looking for. Bright red light for hunting. Bright white light. Replacable rechargable battery. Only down side is it uses a micro USB cord to charge. Guess that means slower charging? https://www.amazon.com/Rechargeable-Headlamp-77outdoor-Lightweight-Flashlight/dp/B09MFBYN2C/ref=sr_1_1?crid=2KS0JIT1P308E&keywords=sofirn+d25lr&qid=1663464679&s=hi&sprefix=sofirn+d25lr%2Ctools%2C82&sr=1-1#customerReviews You can order direclty from the company as well for only $23 but it ships from China and you will probably pay more for shipping & handling and wait longer for it than it you pay the extra few dollars and order it from Amazon. https://www.sofirnlight.com/products/d25lr-rechargeable-headlamp-with-lh351d-5000k-white-led-and-sst20-dr-660-nm-red-led-micro-usb-charging-port?variant=5a979fe9-1f95-4999-a4ac-96bb80294bd8
  2. Petzl Tikka doesn't have a read light. Some of their other lines do BUT their red light seems to be only 2 lumen. I would MUCH rather have 40,100 or 200 lumens of red light than 2 lumens when walking around over uneven terrain. Don't need to worry about shining the light in anyones face because I walk out to the hunting blind by myself. And red light doesn't blind you like a white light would. And as mentioned, there woudn't be anyone else around. I also like rechargeable batteries / lights. Tikka does have a a recharable "Core" battery that is $30. The most affordable Petzl I saw with a red light, that again is only 2 lumen, was $30 without the Core rechargable battery. So you are looking at $60 for Petzl with a not very bright red light and a recharable battery. Which is the same price the Olight Array 2S will be going on for sale for very soon. One thing I don't like about he Olight is that you can't replace the battery once it dies. There are some other lights that have 13 lumen red lights which may be sufficient. Still doing some research and watching reviews on Youtube. But that Peax Backcountry Duo I linked earlier is looking more and more insteresting. Yes it's more than i would like to spend on a headlamp but the battery is replacable and the red light bright enough. Also, sorry for the thread drift....I know the OP wasn't looking for a headlamp WITH a red light and I kind of went off on a tangent. I happen to be looking for a new headlamp but with a red light. And found this thread......
  3. I think I'm going to pick up the Olight Array 2S headlamp. The red light has three different brighntess settings. 40, 100 & then 200 lumens with run times of 15, 8.5 & 5.5 hours. This would be great for walking out to the hunting blind as red light doesn't spook animals. The regular white light settings go from a low of 30 lumens and all the way up to 1,000 lumens. You can charge it with a C type USB cord. https://www.olightstore.com/array-2s-headlamp.html
  4. Looking at getting a new headlamp. I had a Feit that I picked up from Costco a few years ago. it was great for walking the dog and I also used it for hunting. Doesn't look like they make it anymore. Was a GREAT deal at Costo when they had it. $30 or $40 for a two pack. Unfortunately one them didn't work out of the package. The one that did work lasted for several years. That one still works but the head band has gotten stretched out from repeated everyday use and part of the clip what moved light up and down broke. https://www.walmart.com/ip/Feit-Rechargeable-LED-Headlamp-2-pack/163409923 I literally just stumbled across this light while trying to find a good healamp. It's much more expensive but the run times are SICK. It was made for backcountry hunters who will out in the field for seveal days. It's $90 but considering I've probably spent close to that purcashing several cheaper headlights over the llast several years or so (until I purchased the Feit) then it could be worth it if it holds up. It's out of stock right now. But you can sign up for the "Notify me when back in stock" option. https://www.blackovis.com/peax-backcountry-duo-headlamp My wife picke up a cheapo one so I can have a headlamp while walking the dog. It was like $15 or $20 and will probably work for now. But it doesn't have a red light feature and it's not very bright at all. But for walking the dog it will do for now. Will keep looking and let you know if find anything. I did REALLY like the Feit one.
  5. FedEx down more than 15% in after hour trading after issueing an "ominous warning about the global economy." "Global volumes declined as macroeconomic trends significantly worsened later in the quarter, both internationally and in the U.S." FedEx CEO Raj Subramaniam warned in the release. "We are swiftly addressing these headwinds, but given the speed at which conditions shifted, first quarter results are below our expectations. The story goes on to state that they will be starting "Cost-cutting measures outlined by FedEx include reducing flights, temporarily parking aircraft, closing more than 90 FedEx office locations, and deferring hiring plans." And in closing states that "The preliminary results from FedEx, which is viewed as a bellwether for the global economy, sent shares of UPS (UPS) and Amazon (AMZN) lower in after hours trading; UPS shares lost more than 5% while Amazon was down around 2% late Thursday." Bold emphasis is from me. In English...things are worsening quickly. https://finance.yahoo.com/news/fed-ex-economic-warning-after-hours-movers-september-14-220428377.html
  6. Sounds like a very nice collection. There are no favorites. lol. My past three vehicles have been Pontiac Grand Prixs. Current ride is a 04 Grand Prix GTP Comp G (L32 engine). I was trying REALLY hard to get a two door 3800 Super Charged Series II but couldn't find any in decent shape. Current ride needs some work but it's (slowly) getting there. Wife's car is an 04 GMC Yukon Denali. I like older GM vehicles. Newer ones, not so much.
  7. It's called a "MURSE"....thank you very much.....
  8. "Bread and butter" pickles are delicious. 1.5 jars already gone. Going to pickle some Greek Pepperoncinis and regular bell peppers soon. Made some eggplant parm a few weeks ago. Was awesome. Tomatoes Finally started ripening up. Have had a few on salads and on sandwiches. Very tasty. Carrots are almost ready to be pulled up as well as the beets. Still have more tomatoes ripening, bell peppers growing and eggplants growing. Lots of lessons learned this first year of taking gardening seriously. Already starting to think about next season and how I will make improvements.
  9. Hello and welcome! Don't worry about alienating anyone. If they take it too seriously it's their problem. And hardly anyone here takes the delicious, salty breakfast meat, known as PORK ROLL, too seriously! So, you what do you collect? Am I to take the moniker to mean you have an affinity for GM engines? Color me intrigued.....
  10. Honestly, I'm surprised it's taken this long to come down to where it's at. I still think we have a way to go though. Rates are going to be hiked 0.75% at a minimum next week. The speculation of a 1% bump jumped to about 40% today and yesterday it was pretty much non-existent. IMHO they SHOULD raise it 1% but if they it will be sign of desperation and will cauase panic selling. So they won't. They should have been raising rates over a year ago. They are trying to play catch up now and they are way behind. As they continue to raise the Fed rate mortage rates will climb. We recently hit 6% on the 30 year fixed which we haven't seen in A LONG time. As mortgage rates climb, home prices have to come down. So the housing market WILL tank. Not as bad as 2008 but you'll still people suddenlty realizing that they are upside down on their mortgage and credit lines. And credit card rates will climb even higher (if that's possible). Many people are near or maxed out on their credit cards. As rates rise the monthly payments are goign to go up. Borrowing costs for businesses will be rising at the same time. Guess who those costs get passed along to? The consumer. Over 50% of Americans are already living paycheck to paycheck. Employees will also be hit in the form of layoffs due to slowing product demand and lowered profits as people will HAVE to cut back what little "extra" spending they have. So as the Fed is trying to "reduce" inflation they are pushing borrowing costs up on a populace that is living paycheck to paycheck and essentially maxed out on their spending. At the same time the Fed is forcing companies to RAISE prices even more due elevated borrowing costs. This is all on top of 15% rising grocery costs and quickly rising home cooling / heating costs. Guess what is just around the corner? The holidays. Guess who won't be spending as much during the holidays (because they can't)? American consumers. So early next year we'll be hearing about how retails sales were down. Which will further drive the market down as rates continue to climb. And as rates continue to climb guess what else is happnening. Individual and instituional investors start selling equities and buying bonds because the rates are now more attractive on bonds. So the stock market takes another hit. Hope I'm very wrong about all the above. But I have a feeling that by the start of next Spring the Dow will be closer to 25k than it is to 40k (which we were very near not too long ago). Winter is coming. In more ways than one. Start preparing now.
  11. Take a picture of it and keep it on your phone.
  12. If the below is true, then it IS NOT being done. Bold emphsis is mine. Clearly states that the Judge IS NOT signing off on ANY CCW permits. This story really needs to be in a linkable formate on CNJFO's website so it can be easily shared. It's currently only on Facebook and not up on their website. The direction and clarification has already been made by the Supreme Court. The NJ acting AG has already said the Supreme Court decision is the new law. Who else is the judge waiting to hear from? Why are the permits not being signed?? ALL CARRY PERMITS "ON HOLD" SAYS MERCER CO. GUN JUDGE! JUDGE LOOKING FOR "FURTHER DIRECTION & CLARIFICATION"! Op-Ed by Eric Saperstein for Black Wire Media Thur. Sept. 8, 2022 Mercer County CCW Applicants – It’s time to get a little class! That is … it's time for some quality old-fashioned class action litigation! I completed my CCW application in full, turning it into Ewing Township PD on July 8th, 2022, including qualifications, proof of firearms ownership, references, application, mental health consent, notarized as required, etc. I completed my finger printing on July 15th, 2022. My local detective confirmed that I was complete, and that I fulfilled the requirements as provided by the NJ AG and NJ State Police. He personally hand delivered my package downtown to the Mercer County Courthouse on Tuesday July 19th, 2022. I’ve waited patiently (ok not patiently, but I waited) for my pending approval, or my sixty days to expire. See per NJ Statute N.J.S. 2C:58 if the government fails to deny me, provide a hearing to resolve any questions, or get my permission to extend the process I would be automatically approved! As I understand the law, September 2nd, 2022, has come and gone so I am default approved! I’m also not stupid, so I’m not planning on going out carrying and bragging about it without the proper credentials. I reached out to Mercer County Superior Court Judge Robert W. Bingham, II and spoke with his clerks. Today (9/7) I received the status that Judge Bingham is holding off on signing any CCW permits until he receives further direction and clarification. I inquired as to what clarification and direction he required. SCOTUS was very specific, Judge Thomas was very clear, and the NJ AG has already provided directives. My local PD completed their process and approved my application with signoff from the detective and the chief. I noted in our discussion, that I currently held nonresident CCW permits, have a current FPID, and a current pink card with a local FFL (Pink Card holders are gun counter salespeople). I’ve also previously held an assortment of contractor clearances on military bases, government facilities, etc., as well as a base level security clearance. I’m sure I have no significant factors in my life that would make me prohibited. Now that SCOTUS finally did their job my right to bear arms shall not be infringed; thou shalt issue! Or so I THOUGHT! She reminded me that I resided in New Jersey … I sighed and acknowledged this unfortunate fact of life. I stated my expectation was that they would catch up on their backlog, get their direction, and receive all needed clarifications and I would get my approval this week. I reminded her that the applicable statute was in place since the sixties, so even with additional direction or clarity we have exceeded the sixty days! Again, thou shalt issue! She requested I call back in seven days. So, my expectations are set for New Jersey – this is going to require lawyers and money to get to carry my guns cause this state sh!ts in the fan and splatters it all over our rights as a daily routine. (See how I worked that in?)! Who’s with me? Let’s gather our timelines and details and assemble for a class action lawsuit. Just because we live in New Jersey, does not mean we will accept an infringement on our rights! Its time New Jersey joined the United States! EDITOR'S NOTE: Saperstein is a living example of a New Jersey gun owner that's been vetted hundreds of times, and he's tired of being infringed upon by all forms of government. He embodies CNJFO's reasoning of wanting to rid the handgun carry process of Judges "waiting for clarification", aka STALLING the process at every opportunity. Mercer Co. Superior Court still treats gun owners as criminals, as "LESS THAN" entitled to the full weight of the U.S. Constitution as interpreted by the Supreme Court! Monmouth and Ocean Counties aren't far behind, issuing Court Orders stating you can't be in a vehicle with a loaded gun. A totally ILLEGAL LAW, we guess they want MORE VICTIMS to get robbed and carjacked! In neighboring Pennsylvania, when you apply for a carry permit the County Sheriff runs a NICS check, which takes a few MINUTES. A "Shall Issue" state, Pennsy issues WITHOUT RESTRICTIONS on which gun you can carry, and has rules disallowing carry in schools and government buildings! 26 states have Constitutional Carry--NO PERMIT NEEDED--and 43 are "Shall Issue". Post Bruen, it's no surprise that NJ needs sued to eliminate infringements, which is why CNJFO initiated a MATCHING FUNDS campaign for the Jay Factor case. Donations can be made HERE: www.cnjfo.com/page-18138
  13. Unfortunately we have the COMPLETE polar opposite.
  14. @1LtCAP If you find jeans you are interested in on Poshmark then hit the "like" / heart button. Generally the seller will make you an offer lower than what they are asking or offer "free" shipping. Just check the "my offers' or whatever it's called section a while after liking the item. Good luck.
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