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  1. gleninjersey


    What's funny (not funny) is that in any real SHTF scenario nobody is going to care about Bitcoin. Or the US dollar.
  2. Depending on how big your paws are, some type of CZ. Larger paws, CZ-75 or SP-01 if you want a light rail. Smaller paws, CZ-P01 or some derivative. You can't go wrong with a CZ. Anyone who tells you differently has never shot a CZ.
  3. He said all metal. Not plastic fantrastic with no soul.
  4. gleninjersey


    And almost 3× more than it was around beginning of the year / near recent lows.
  5. Do yourself a favor and try to get some trigger time with a CZ before you make a decision . CZ-75 or CZ-SP01 for a full size or CZ-P01 for midsized handgun. Try as many guns as possible. And as Ray Ray said, don't exclude revolvers. Revolvers are simple to operate, understand and clean. And with a 357 you can also shoot the much softer shooting 38s through it. Revolvers are great first time handguns. Good luck and enjoy trying as many as possible.
  6. Obviously the plan is to make all State's adopt NJ like gun laws. And if they were to ever happen, which it won't, and nothing were to change as far as "gun violence" then they'll blame guns coming in from Mexico. Even then, they still wouldn't agree that a border wall would be a good thing. They really dont care about stopping "gun violence". They need gun violence and drug addiction and dead bodies to keep people scared. To keep people believing that someone other than them must know how to deal with these lofty societal problems. To keep people voting the same morons into office so they can save us from ourselves. And save their cushy do nothing jobs.
  7. Shooting homicide in Plainfield as well. https://www.mycentraljersey.com/story/news/crime/jersey-mayhem/2019/05/27/plainfield-fatal-shooting-investigated-authorities/1249547001/
  8. They knew if they appealed and lost that they would "ruin it" for the other anti-2A states and the entire house would come crashign down. No way they were goig to risk that. Fingers crossed we get another win. And soon!
  9. I can't wait for NJ to fall. It's hard to understand though how DC fell in October of 2017 and NJ continues with their unconstitutional "justifiable need". Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't DC's "good reason" to carry based on NJ's "justifiable need"? This is from when DC fell in 2017. It sounds EXACTLY like what is currently being argued in NJ no? I'm no lawyer, but if DC's law was found to be unconstitutional and that law as based on the NJ forumla, how the heck is NJ's law still standing! I know, I know. Somebody had to file suit in NJ first. It's just frustrating waiting. I guess a few more weeks won't make a difference. It's inevitable that NJ's "justifiable need" requirement will fall. Hopefully sooner rather than later. "In Tuesday’s decision by the D.C. Circuit Court, the majority declared that the right to carry a gun in public for self-defense is at “the core” of the Second Amendment’s right. The Amendment protects both a “right to keep” and a separate “right to bear” arms, and both of those are equally protected, the majority declared. Struck down by the decision was a Washington, D.C., law that puts special restrictions on local residents’ chance to get a license to carry a concealed handgun in public. Local law does not allow any open carrying of a gun in public. For a concealed carry permit, a local resident must offer proof of “a good reason to fear injury,” which is spelled out as requiring “evidence of specific threats or previous attacks” indicating a “special danger” to that person’s life. The local law would also allow a license to be issued to a person whose job requires them to carry around cash or valuables. Living or working in a high-crime area, however, is not sufficient to get a license. (Other federal appeals courts have upheld similar laws requiring proof of a safety risk before one can get a license to have a gun outside the home.) In striking down the local ordinance, the Circuit Court majority said it amounts to a flat ban on access to a carrying permit, because it would exclude almost any ordinary, law-abiding citizen without specific reason to fear for their safety – embracing nearly all of the city’s population. The Supreme Court’s decision in 2008, whatever else it means, will not permit what amounts to a categorical ban on exercising Second Amendment rights, the majority declared." Link below to full article. https://constitutioncenter.org/blog/strict-d.c.-law-against-gun-carrying-struck-down
  10. If you want a CZ, buy a 75B, SP01 or P01. If you want a Glock, get a Glock. I don't recommend getting a CZ trying to be a Glock.
  11. I thought the last season was a bit rushed but overall pretty good. Now that it's over I may as well throw away my TV. Don't know if anything will be that good again.
  12. Anyone use Milorgranire fertilizer? I was thinking of putting that down as my second application to feed lawn. Then maybe use a hose sprayer applicator later for any weeds that are still hanging around. Description of Milorgranite from Lowe's website below. Very highly rated. Milorganite is an eco-friendly, slow-release nitrogen fertilizer which has been growing beautiful lawns, trees, shrubs and flowers since 1926. Milorganite never burns, it doesn't have to be watered-in and its 2.5% iron produces beautiful thick green lawns without excessive growth. Milorganite is the golf course choice! Can be applied any time of year to all lawn grasses without burning Slow-release and deep-greening Ideal in drought areas Slow-release, will not leach into groundwater Use on lawns, tress, shrubs, and flowers so promote healthy growth
  13. Sta-Green Crab Ex Plus a month ago. Seems to.have worked very well. No Crabgrass, very little weeds and lawn looking great. Of course some of that has to do with the amount of rain we have had. What do you recommend for the next application?
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