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  1. What ranges/facilities here in NJ have members had good experiences completing their required training for their application process? I am located in monmouth county. My current DL and FPID have my current address listed on them. I will be moving most likely within the next 90-120 days, and will likely stay at that address for at least 24 months. Ill get my DL updated once i move of course, and will update my FPID just for the hell of it, even though i likely wont be purchasing anything new. I will be staying im monmouth county with this move. Wondering if it makes sense to wait until after i move (within 90-120 days) to go through the process for my ccp to avoid any issies with having to change address on any paperwork
  2. I used to order all my IWB from a small company online called Ozarks Holsters. They were made to order and was a 1 man shop. Years ago they shut down, just took the site down and stop responding to emails. Their product is top notch. I ordered all my IWB glock holsters from them. Material, fit, clip, etc all top notch. They made me a little nervous to go with any high production or off the shelf brands. Anyone on here know of or used any smaller MTO holster companies?
  3. Looking for best pricing options on the following: - Zero Tolerance 0350 - Black blade - Emerson Sheepdog - preferably black blade bowie but open to others - Benchmade Mini Adamas - open to color options Cant really find any good deals on pricing right now. I missed a promo on Amazon for about a day they had the ZT for $109. Bummed.
  4. Good morning all, Its been a very long time since i have been active on this board. I used to frequent the forum back when i got started purchasing my first few guns amd was pretty in tune with everything. Needless to say, since that time, i have moved, changed jobs, had 2 kids, and about to move again. So my gun purchasimg and research has seriously been put on the back burner. I am going to spend some time this weekend going through the forum to get caught up on as much as i can. However, wondering of yall can address 2 main topics i have regarding changes in NJ gun laws so i can make sure i am up to speed. I have alot of reading to go through, and i see some of these threads are 100's of pages long, so i have a long weekend ahead. - Regarding NJ CCP - it looks like some members on here have had success applying and being approved, correct? I waited once the new law was passed as i didnt want to risk being declined right when it first changed for no apparent reason. - Anyone have a link that outlines exactly what additional liability insuramce one is to have? Any suggestions on policy providers? - each time you change addresses, are you required to reapply through the township you now live in, or is it just a request to update your existing permit? - Do you still need to specify the exact gun you will carry, and are limited to only carrying that 1 firearm as indicated on your application? - Have there beem much changes regardimg possion of hollow point ammunition? I know that there was always the limktation around traveling with it or using it in a crime, but has restriction tightened now that you cannot even possess it in your own home? Really appreciate you all getting me caught up while i sift through all the recent threads. Glad to be back!
  5. Any insight on the quality of this barrel? Looks like the use an FN in this set up. https://palmettostatearmory.com/psa-16-chf-1-7-m4-carbine-556-prem-classic-ar15-upper-assembly-no-bcg-ch.html
  6. Thats why i qiestioned if they were legal under current ban. Since the wording essebtially states permanent and not temporary, pin not being acceptable.
  7. Ok great, i like them much better than the actual 10 round mags
  8. Totally seperate question since we are on the topic of legality: and my apologies, as mentioned i have been out of the loop a while. Off the forum and not in the market for new guns over the last couple years. Regarding magazine - is it legal to own the hex mag ar magazines that are a 10 round capacity in a 30 round shell? Since they come directly from the manufacturer structured to accept only 10 rounds? I know wording in current ban states it must be permanent and a pin is not acceptable. Not exactly sure how hexmag restricts them to 10 max.
  9. Yup i did eye the colt uppers on brownells but looks like all the front sight posts have the bayonet lug. Trying to avoid the hassle of somehow removing the lug.
  10. I did pick up an aero complete lower on bf.
  11. Justbto clarify, you are still able to do a 14.5 barrell with a break long enough to bring you to compliant length, correct? I dont see in the description but does this have the bayonet lug as well? Really not looking to go through having to remove it but i do want a front sight post. https://www.brownells.com/rifle-parts/receiver-parts/receivers/upper-receivers/m4-5-56-upper-receiver-groups-prod69545.aspx
  12. Also open to some suggestions from you guys on a quality complete upper that wont break the bank. Keeping this rifle somewhat affordable. Want it to be carbine length with a 1:7 twist. 7 inch handguard with a mounted front sight. If it doesnt come with handguard or charging handle that is ok as i plan to replace with what i want anyway. Also ok of no bcg. Preferably no more than $800 and only willing to go that high if it does include rail, charging handle, and bcg that i like and wont have to replace.
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