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  1. Does this apply at any FFL?
  2. Frustrating
  3. How is the quality of their safes? I have their 8 gun cabinet now, and obviously the 2 don't compare much. I am looking to move at some point this year and had planned on purchasing a liberty once we do. Was going to aim to keep cost under $1000 or as close to as possible.
  4. The factory plastic glock rear sights tend to pretty much be the width of the slot on the slide and take up the whole portion. However, many after market sights like the trijicon night sights are not as long and leave a little bit of room at either end where you can see the groove in the slide. Do you find that when removing or installing sights it is common for that rear sight to slide against the slide groove and scratch the finish while it is sliding In or out? I used a sight pusher tool to remove mine and noticed some scratches on either side after the new sights were mounted, but felt that I did everything correct. I am referring to inside that groove on the slide, not on the body of the slide itself.
  5. How does the yellow compare to the orange? Most people I chat with prefer the orange, I can't seem to decide myself
  6. Sweet deal. I am looking for a gen 4 19 frame though, they are $100 from Glock.
  7. Ok, so the number on the slide/barrel does not have to match frame them?
  8. My frame, slide, and barrel all have the series number on it.
  9. If you order a new frame from Glock, will there be any sort of issues since your slide & barrel will have a different serial number than the new frame?
  10. If read into it slightly. How does it compare and match up to other insurance that is out there for carry purposes?
  11. Funny that you posted this - I have been on their site quite a bit this week looking at some mag plates and extended mag releases for a glock. Haven't pulled the trigger yet
  12. RTSP in Randolph usually has a decent supply of Legions.
  13. Thanks all!
  14. Lol just to be clear - I was never concerned about it not looking nice. It's just something that I have not seen before and was making sure it was not a flaw that would cause other issues.
  15. No - it is there for anyone to see and read in case they are considering the purchase themselves. Thought I would be nice and share my feedback, as it was certainly useful for me when iv made all my purchases. Thanks for the conversation.