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  1. When you say a strategic action to safeguard your property, or refer to storing your firearms I a way to help against things like this, what do we mean exactly? If the guns are not physically at your home at the time anyone came knocking, there is nothing they can do? They can only take what they can find in the home, and not issue anything else that would cause it to then be illegal to own firearms moving foward, or something to prevent you from purchasing more?
  2. So that's it? No hope or potential for anyone or anyway to see that this is broken and intervene?
  3. What I am referring to is the ability for a family member or friend to have a voice in saying that someone should not be allowed to legally own firearms. From what I gather on the doctor aspect of this is if even a general physician feels you are a risk to yourself or others (for whatever reason they deem appropriate), they have the right to call that in and poof, have your guns taken away. But what I am trying to better understand is the ability of an anti-gun family member who just doesnt like the fact that you have guns in your house, being able to ruin your hobby or your ability to protect yourself. Also, let's say you and the spouse are on the verge of separation and just out spite knowing how much you enjoy shooting and collecting as a hobby, decides to say to a lawyer that they are nervous about you owning guns, is that also an instant confiscation? What I'm trying to get at is there any actual investigating or understanding put into these decisions or all it takes is just about anyone saying you are a threat and no matter what, there goes your freedom of being able to protect your family and home. Is it that easy?
  4. Good evening, moved back to Monmouth County (Tinton Falls) and looking for some input and feedback on some nearby shops and ranges. Right now I am more interested in establishing a new range to go to, but also have a few toys on my wishlist that I’ll eventually need a shop for. I used to shot at RTSP in Randolph but looking for something closer. In regard to shops, I have no experience with any shops south of Union County, but am looking for stores with a large selection of product and not know to price gouge, like RTSP was known for.
  5. Now that I have some new additions to my life, I am looking into insurance that will assist me with fees and legal assistance in the event that I need to use a firearm in my house for self defense. I am looking to get all of my options on the topic and see if you all can share some feedback on who you use and why. What are the aspects of the policy you have, or the lack of benefits of their competitors, that make you chose who you have?
  6. The exact due date is October what? so realistically speaking, when we say watch the legal process take its course, what chances are there of this law being turned around? Haven’t there been cases in CA and NY regarding their bans? They are still in place for the most part, right?
  7. Now with the new 10 round limit, has everyone gotten rid of their mags over 10 rounds? I have a bunch of 15 rounders for my glocks that I am shedding tears over having to dispose of. I have a family member in PA who I may ask to hold onto them for me in the lucky event that this law gets over turned. I have read in a few posts on this forum people mention the possibility of this law being fought in court and overturned, but I won’t hold my breath. However, despite how cheap glock mags are, I’ll be mad at myself the day it does get overturned and I already got rid of all of mine. In the meantime, I have purchased a few 10 round mags to have on hand as well.
  8. Just to add - strength of blade and ability to hold an edge/sharpness are the priories in steel type.
  9. Looking for a quality all purpose knife for use around the house and whatever else may come up. My primary features are that the blade be less than 3.5 inches long and the steel be the strongest possible for under $200. I a, new to the knife world and trying to do my research on steel types, but much of this is over my head. Right now I have my eye on the Benchmade mini griptilian with cpm20cv steel, or the zero tolerance 0350st with cpms30v steel. I do prefer a more tactical look to the knife as opposed to just an ordinary everyday carry type of knife. thoughts or suggestions?
  10. So if I say I'm carrying it because I may need to open some boxes or cut some rope at some point in my life, I'm good?
  11. Assuming that the blade length is equivalent to what one would EDC on a folding bladeknife, are you allowed to carry a fixed blade knife here in NJ? Have my eye on an Essee and a Tops fixed. Would not be carried on my body but used as a knife to keep in my bag.
  12. I can’t really help you there, not familiar with Chase’s policy. Best bet is going to be to talk to the dealer, but may not be able to get far until your in the final 12 months to maturity.
  13. I work in lease end of term/Remarketing for one of the major US auto manufacturers. I agree that on 90% of the vehicles that we have, it does not make sense to buy out your lease. Reason being, that yes, residuals are purposely set high to come out with a low attractive monthly payment and compete with everyone else. However, there are a handful of vehicles where it is the opposite, and a lease buy out on those actually provide the consumer with thousands worth of positive equity on their purchase compared to current market values. With our process, if the consumer OR the dealer buy out the lease, the consumer is not charged for excess mileage, among other things. what kind of vehicle is it and who is the lease with?
  14. I have co workers in buffalo who shoot 30 rounds mags all day. I always thought the 10 round restriction was a NYC thing, not NYS. I’m probably wrong though.
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