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  1. Yup I see. Looks like right now you can only purchase the 2023-2024 permit still. I assume won't be able to purchase 24-25 season permit until July.
  2. Just drove past Phillipsburg yesterday actually, not all that far. What is the name and location of your site?
  3. Can anyone share some recommendation of places they have used or know of? GFH is $275 for non members, really looking to keep it under that if possible.
  4. I was aiming to get there at 830am but ended up parking shortly after 930. It was surprisingly not crowded. A couple benches taken but I had no issues getting spots and was pretty quite as well as most people were shooting precision so no real rapid firing taking place at any point. It was a nice day.
  5. Thought I'd throw up a few pics from my trip this morning. Signed up for membership last month, the place is awesome. Weather was perfect this a.m.
  6. Seperate question - I have a Magpul STR stock on this gun. There is no pin or hole visible anywhere on the stock from the pin job. They mentioned that they put something in between the little trigger piece on the stock that you squeeze to adjust it, so that it can't be moved. Mentioned that it can be removed if needed, although not easy to do with just your hands on the fly. They made it seem this was a better way to go about the pin, cosmetically anyway. It almost appears like that little trigger piece on the stock is fully squeezed in, and then some internal pin placed somewhere within that mechanism to keep it from moving. Anyone familiar with this method? Assuming since it makes the stock no longer adjustable, even temporarily, it solved the restriction around it. Or am I wrong?
  7. You're a pro welder? Or was that a sarcastic comment amount firing that guy? Where you located
  8. That pin hole is so far up the brake, I don't even know if it's notched into the actual barrel or sitting on top of the muzzle tip.
  9. My first ar so I didn't know any better when I picked it up, but knew it didn't seem right. Did some more research when I got home and then just got pissed. Worst part about it now looking back is how much of a dick this guy was and the stupid comments he kept making. I won't be going back there for anything. Chances you think something like this can be removed without destroying the barrel so I can have it redone?
  10. Never went in there when it was county line, so didn't have any prior experience with them. From my understanding they bought out one of the other owners and renamed.
  11. Disappointing. Glad it wasn't on an expensive upper and the cost for the compliancy work was also not expensive at all. Live and learn but for my first AR it's a bummer.
  12. I was originally going to use monmouth arms but decided to ise this place as it was the most convenient for location at the time. 1 guy there was cool but the other dude I dealt with a few times, who was the one who did the work, was an asshole. I'll never go there again.
  13. I'm not worried about the brake being ruined, it's a cheap basic a2 style brake. But I would feel better knowing I can have it removed and have a new one done by someone else, but I guess there is no way to know if it can be removed without destroying the thread until you actually try and remove it, and then may be too late of it was too deep to salvage.
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