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  1. I can’t really help you there, not familiar with Chase’s policy. Best bet is going to be to talk to the dealer, but may not be able to get far until your in the final 12 months to maturity.
  2. I work in lease end of term/Remarketing for one of the major US auto manufacturers. I agree that on 90% of the vehicles that we have, it does not make sense to buy out your lease. Reason being, that yes, residuals are purposely set high to come out with a low attractive monthly payment and compete with everyone else. However, there are a handful of vehicles where it is the opposite, and a lease buy out on those actually provide the consumer with thousands worth of positive equity on their purchase compared to current market values. With our process, if the consumer OR the dealer buy out the lease, the consumer is not charged for excess mileage, among other things. what kind of vehicle is it and who is the lease with?
  3. I have co workers in buffalo who shoot 30 rounds mags all day. I always thought the 10 round restriction was a NYC thing, not NYS. I’m probably wrong though.
  4. I listened to this live in the car on my way home before. I was quite surprised as well.
  5. SOLD!
  6. When will these laws be effective (assuming approved)?
  7. So is it totally pointless to go out and buy your first AR right now?
  8. No worries, thank you for taking the time!
  9. Sorry, wasn’t quite sure the correct spot to post in. can a mod assist in moving this to the right section?
  10. Hi all, looking to sell two of my Brooks Brothers suits and thought I would open it up to you all on the forum. Both suits are Brooks Brothers 1818 series suits in 40S, Fitzgerald cut. One is Navy solid and the other is Grey with a light stripe. Both suits have been tailored but there is more room for additional adjustments if needed. I am 5’8” and roughly 165-170 pounds. Both suits have been worn less than 5 times each and always kept in a garment bag on a wooden suit hanger. Bag and hanger included with purchase. Both are clean and clear of any defects or stains. They are truly in new condition. I am asking $300 each, the Navy retails new for $1k and the Grey for about $1200. Photos are attached. I will ship to you but ask that buyer pay for shipping. Please let me know if you have any additional questions. Thank you! Sorry for the photo being in the middle of the text.
  11. Currently loooking to purchase a Spikes complete lower, and then after I save up a little more money will look to buy a complete upper. I like the set ups on the Spikes uppers, but they are pricey. Would anyone else suggest a comparable manufacturer for a complete upper that would compete with the Spikes but at a lower price point? I do want to keep it a 1:7 barrel.
  12. "Carry" - no. Transport with limitations - yes.
  13. Do you have a carry permit?
  14. I am not concerned about any issues, just looking for user feedback
  15. Looking for some feedback from this with direct experience. I am looking into a new .45 cal and am considering the Walther PPQ 45 and the HK USP 45, as well as the Sig p227. However, mainly looking for insight on comparisons between the walther and the HK as I already have some experience with sig. this would be a home defense gun. also, from my understanding there were some rebates/promos on the two recently - I will be taking this into consideration if they are not yet expired.