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  1. "Carry" - no. Transport with limitations - yes.
  2. Do you have a carry permit?
  3. I am not concerned about any issues, just looking for user feedback
  4. Looking for some feedback from this with direct experience. I am looking into a new .45 cal and am considering the Walther PPQ 45 and the HK USP 45, as well as the Sig p227. However, mainly looking for insight on comparisons between the walther and the HK as I already have some experience with sig. this would be a home defense gun. also, from my understanding there were some rebates/promos on the two recently - I will be taking this into consideration if they are not yet expired.
  5. I have the trijicon night sights on a g19 and the he night sights on a g27. I like both, but may like the regular night sights a little better over the he's. purchased both on amazon, best prices I can find with free shipping and here the next day.
  6. I order all of my ammo from cabelas.
  7. I had an sr1911 in .45 and did not like the quality and sold it. It did not feel as quality in hand as some other 1911s in similar price range. You shake the gun and heard nothing but rattles and looseness, jammed up on me a handful of times at the range, and the slide and frame fit was not perfect. After the first time shooting the gun I developed marks on the slide dust cover from friction. I can't speak for the 10mm but based on my experience with the .45 I would not buy another 1911 platform from ruger. Just my 2 cents. I do know some people who had more positive reviews on it
  8. How do you like it
  9. Certainly seems like you are a fan. What scope is that on the m6?
  10. Thank you for that input. I agree with their pricing. As I have done more and more research I have come to see the same. I have bought a few glocks from them but you can't really rip someone off on a glock since they can be found at pretty much every street corner. i have kind of narrowed down my options the the LWRC, Colt LE6920, or a Spikes Tactical. I know that is quite a variety but I like all of them for one reason or another. The LWRC is a beautiful looking gun, and I have read awesome things about their BCG. Something about that spiral barrel though throws me off. I guess for my first ar I was looking to keep it a little more traditional style. But, that doesn't rule it out all together.
  11. What a joke
  12. Anyone know if house bill 222 was approved or not?
  13. I am assuming those 9 guns are at the address in FL?
  14. That's a beaut.