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  1. There seems to be varying opinions on legality of building your own “other” or at the least a potential headache dealing with the laws in the state. From reading the forum I gather there are quite a few manufacturers (modern materials, lwrc ,Troy, DSI, delta defense, radical firearms, POF) selling nj compliant others. They seem to be solid builds and with that being said it is not an attack on any of these manufacturers or the product they put out. I just want to know if any one on the forum knows of a manufacturer or ffl that will build a compliant other with the parts from manufacturers of my choosing? Will the ffl building it require I have to use a lower receiver from one of the manufacturers I listed above or a total stripped lower from whatever company I choose? I am newish to shooting not by any means an expert but I did decent amount of research and I would like to have a Triarc, radian model 1, BCM or v seven build as an other. Is that possible? thanks in advance for any help
  2. Hello to all. Newer to firearms, own a few but should be training more. I will try not to ask stupid questions, but I can’t promise.
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